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Chapter 1;

It was a relatively normal day in Amity Park. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, Danny Phantom and another ghost known as Vlad Plasmius were attempting to beat the crap out of each other while the news reporter Lance Thunder and his camera man attempted to get live footage of the fight from below for the evening news and not get caught in the crossfire.

Yep, normal.

Lance Thunder, finding a spot in a clump of trees where he'd be able to have his camera man film the fight- and more than likely not get shot at- smiled to himself. The public loved anything Danny Phantom, and footage of his fights would be sure to bump up the ratings. And better ratings meant a better paycheck.

Now he just had to hope that the other ghost wouldn't be thrown into where they were stationed. That had happened to him before, and Lance Thunder was not the type of guy who liked getting ghosts thrown at him.

His camera man, David, gave him the countdown until they'd go live, Lance did his introductions, and then they zoomed in on the fight going on above the city. The two ghosts were exchanging their pink and green ghost rays, were those what they were called? Uncreative terminology, if I do say so myself.

A blast from the other ghost managed to knock Phantom to the ground, and Lance flinched slightly as the ghost landed a little ways away from him. He couldn't be more than a few yards away, and Lance made a motion for his camera man to zoom in on the young ghost. The two of them watched Phantom stand up with one hand on his side, though his back was to them so they couldn't see his face. The other ghost landed in front of Phantom, and looked over at the two men behind the trees. He gave them a fanged smile that caused Lance's face to pale before placing his hands on Phantom's shoulders.

"You know, dear boy, if you'd just agree to let me train you-" The ghost's speech was cut off as Phantom shot a blast at the ghost's midsection.

"Hands off, Dlad!" Phantom shouted, floating into the air and covering his hands with the green energy. Dlad? What on earth is a Dlad? Maybe it was a slip of the tongue? "There is no way I'd ever do that, especially with all your stupid evil plans!" What could he have meant to say? Dlad... A name? No, that can't be right; I've heard him refer to that ghost as Plasmius. Never Dlad, maybe that's another name for the ghost? Or the strange nonsense I've heard him slip into before while talking to other ghosts? No, this is new, I've never heard it before and I'm on scene for nearly every- wait. Dlad. Dad. Dlad, Dad. Dad, Dlad. He didn't misspeak- I misheard!

"Danny Phantom just called that ghost Dad." Lance muttered, watching Phantom and his Dad fly off into the air, still firing blasts at each other. David turned himself and the camera towards Lance, a confused expression on his face.

"What?" He asked, and Lance stared straight into the camera.

"Danny Phantom just called that ghost Dad." Lance spoke slowly, "That ghost is Danny Phantom's Dad; his father. Phantom was fighting his parent!"


Jack and Maddie Fenton had been watching the live news broadcast with their daughter, who had refused to let them go after the ghosts. According to her, that was what had been pushing their son away from them. Though Jack couldn't see how keeping his town safe from those ectoplasmic manifestations would harm his relationship with his son, but still, Danny was growing apart from him and Maddie... Granted, he had always been closer to Maddie, but still...

Though, what he had just witnessed on the news was the most infuriating father-son relationship he'd ever seen. He had seen this ghost try to kidnap Phantom or have others do it for him, beat him with ectoplasmic blasts, and do things that all around weren't fatherly. Why, if they had been human, Jack would've considered hitting the other ghost with the Fenton RV.

But they weren't, they were ghosts. And it was physically impossible for ghosts to feel enough emotion to form family bonds. They could feel hate, rage, and any sort of malicious intent. By that logic they could very well be family by birthright- or would it be death right? -but neither would feel to bond of family.

Jack look over to his wife, who looked thoughtful, to his daughter, who looked horrified.

Fans of Phantom would be going crazy with this soon, and Jack knew he'd have to set the record straight before then; ghosts couldn't form the emotional bonds to have families. They weren't able stay attached to the families they had in life, or the ones that joined them in death.

It wasn't scientifically possible, all evidence pointed against it.

"Maddie, where's the phone? I'd like to give the news station a call about Phantom's... Dad."

Jazz looked even more horrified as Maddie produced the phone from a table, "Don't take too long, dear. Just let them know that ghosts are unable to have family bonds and move on."

Jack nodded, and Jazz stood up. She hurried up the stairs, calling something back about being in her room.

She thinks of Phantom as a hero. Finding out he has a family must be big news for her. With a sigh, Jack reminded himself to go talk to her about this later. It looked like she needed more convincing that all ghosts were evil, no matter what show Phantom seemed to put on. In the end he'd be nothing but another evil specter.

Pushing the thought to the back of his mind for the time, Jack stood up and made his way into the kitchen. From on the fridge, he pulled off a list of numbers and ran his finger down the list until he found one for Amity Park News. It had been released a few years ago, so that citizens of Amity Park could call in with their opinions about a news story or let the reporters know if there was a news story they should be looking into. There were several rings before somebody picked up, their voice sounding annoyed.

Jack made his voice loud and cheery, "Hi! This is Jack Fenton of Fenton Works, calling to remind everyone that ghosts..."


Valerie nearly dropped her TV dinner out of her lap as she stared at the screen. Vlad Plasmius, also known as Vlad Masters, being Phantom's dad?

It isn't possible. It can't be! Mr. Masters is human and ghost and Phantom's just a ghost! No, it can't be possible. No. No, no, no, no!

"Valerie?" Her father asked, reaching over and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Valerie forced a smile, "Fine, Daddy. Why do you ask?"

Damon Gray raised an eyebrow at his daughter, "Val, I know you want to be out there hunting those ghosts, but you know how I-"

Valerie's eyes went wide and she shook her head, "Oh, Daddy! No, it isn't about that." She frowned, "It's just... Phantom's a ghost, and that other one... He's not quite a ghost. They can't be parent and child, because that would mean Phantom's like him too. And he isn't." I hope- no. He isn't. He can't be. "I'd know if he was. Besides, the other ghost doesn't have a kid, much less a son." He doesn't, he can't, and I'd know if he did.

"If you're sure..." Damon shrugged, and after a few quiet moments spoke up again. "For the record, you're still grounded from ghost hunting and are not allowed to go ask them about it."

Valerie frowned, "But Daddy-!"

"Don't 'but Daddy' me Valerie," Damon replied, "We agreed that I wouldn't tell the Fentons about a ghost hunter they can 'train' as long as you obeyed household rules. Staying out all night hunting ghosts instead of being home for dinner is not part of the household rules. You can ask them in two days when you're done being grounded, do you understand me?"

Valerie gave the news broadcast, which was now showing a confused anchor lady, a short glance before sighing. ...If I left now I might still be able to catch him... But... "Yes, Daddy."


Edward Scrufarian, Janitor at Casper High, watched the news broadcast with one eyebrow raised above its partner. When had the news become so ghost focused and less so focused on actual news?

Though he had to admit, this was rather odd news broadcast. Though to him it had sounded more like Phantom had placed an 'L' in the word 'Dad'. The students would definitely be talking about this tomorrow.

Nonetheless, he reached over and picked up the tea cup he had set on the table beside him. "Well, this is an interesting turn of events." A small smile appeared on his face as he took a sip from the cup.


It was ten-thirty at night when Danny got home, and he was exhausted. From a little after school ended until then, he had been hunting ghosts with Sam and Tucker.

There had been Technus, the Box Ghost, a herd of cow ghosts who apparently hated the color white, Vlad, at least fifteen more animal ghosts, like twenty ectoplasm blobs with faces that wouldn't have been so hard to catch if it wasn't for the fact that they could morph around whatever was coming at them, and Danny was at least ninety percent sure Amorpho was back to troll around. Well, either him or Desiree, but either way it couldn't be good.

Though Technus had been the worst for Tucker- the ghost had stolen and drained every piece of technology from his friend- Vlad had been the worst for Danny. The Fruit Loop just couldn't seem to get it through his head that no, Danny would not be his evil little apprentice. Or son. Or... Whatever else he wanted. Danny didn't have a clue what was wrong with the man's head.

Combined with the fact he had gone ghost hunting last night and had been running on minimal sleep all of that day, is it any wonder that when Danny finally did finally get home, he all but completely ignored his sister's frantic pleas to talk to him, thus never heard what the rest of Amity Park had heard and just fell asleep the first chance he got?


It wasn't much later when Sam stared at her computer, a yawning video of Tucker on her screen. "Darn it! He's still not online!"

"It's eleven o'clock at night, Sam." Tucker replied, "We just spent god knows how long ghost hunting and Danny was about ready to fall asleep on his feet. I'm only online because of that... And I have no clue why you are."

"Because I'm a creature of the night, we covered this. Plus I wasn't doing that much of the fighting tonight." Sam replied, and clicked over to the link of the Amity Park news website that her friend had sent her. "Stupid Technus! If he hadn't messed up your PDAs we would've known about this before!"

"Don't rub it in!" Tucker groaned, "Five PDAs, gone, dead, thanks to one gho-!" He was cut off by his yawn, and Sam rolled her eyes.

"Go to bed before you fall asleep at your computer. We'll just find Danny and tell him tomorrow." She sighed, "Or maybe he'll know. Probably not, but maybe. Goodnight."

Tucker gave a small wave before his camera turned off, the icon beside his name on Sam's screen switching from green to red.

After a moment, Sam closed her computer. How had Danny messed up that badly? How had Danny called his worst enemy Dad?

I hope Vlad doesn't find out about this...


Vlad Masters couldn't believe his luck.

For at least the hundredth time, he replayed the lines of audio from Amity Park's evening news.

"Hands off, Dlad! There's no way I'd ever do that, especially with all your evil plans!"


"...Danny Phantom just called that ghost Dad."


"Danny Phantom just called that ghost Dad. That ghost is Danny Phantom's Dad; his father. Phantom was fighting his parent!"

Vlad had never, not in a million years, expected he'd be able to get everything he wanted from the younger hybrid just because Daniel said his name wrong.

But then again, why look a gift horse in the mouth? If I play my cards right and oh how I will, Daniel will be by my side and Maddie will come right after...

Oh, this'll be perfect! It just needs a little planning... And the fact that Jack Fenton seems to be trying to convince everyone that ghosts can't feel enough to have families... This can only get better.

Vlad let out a small laugh, "Oh Daniel, your little mistakes do amuse me. Soon, I'll be able to bring you and your dear mother to my side; and Jasmine if it so pleases you. All because you said my name with a 'D' instead of a 'V'."

Everything is going wrong because Danny pronounced Vlad's name with a 'D' instead of a 'V'.

/Slow clap/ Danny you fail. Well, at least it wasn't some pushing a button and Tucker having to pee this time!

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