Piper ran towards Alex as fast as she could. She slid on to the floor and pushed the officer off of her, covering Alex's body with her own, " Please no, she is an assault victim, please don't manhandle her, please please, she was scared for me, afraid something happened." Alex stopped struggling as soon as she felt Piper's body and heard her voice.

She mumbled Piper's name as her lover begged them not to arrest her. "Look you were called for a disturbance, it is over there in the conference room...she was just scared, please...we are visiting and not causing a problem."

One officer came around to grab Piper when the receptionist called out from her desk. " She was visiting a work friend! She's right the disturbance is over here, please hurry...he doesn't want to be admitted and has assaulted his parents." Her tone was derisive and full of authority.

"Both of you stay right here! Come on Hudson," the older of the two policemen said as he started towards the conference room. Piper could hear renewed shouting. Alex sat up, pushed her glasses up on her head and took Piper's face in her hands. Her eyes were bright with tears as she looked into Piper's gaze with such intense emotion.

"I'm fine...they're not here for...just shhh love, I'm here..I'm safe, we're safe," Piper murmured as she brought her own hands up to hold her face. Alex pressed her forehead to hers for a moment, and then stood quickly, pulling Piper up by her hand and moving them out the door with determined speed. Piper followed as she was yanked out in to the parking lot towards an Audi sedan.

"Nice car...they said to wait Alex, we should wait...what," Alex turned and scanned the parking lot. She then brought her phone out and quickly used her thumb to look up something.

"I"m letting go of your hand, so you can go get in your rental and follow me to the nearest drop off location. Then you will get in to Roger's car with me, is that understood, Piper Chapman?" Her voice had that tone that let Piper know she was in deep shit. She had lied and Alex was scared to death. Piper just stood there frozen ." Answer me God Dammit, Piper, we don't have a lot of time!" Alex looked towards the door and Piper shook herself to wake up out of a daze.

"Uh yeah...I'll follow you," She turned and started to sprint to her car. She had parked close to the door so it wasn't long before she was inside and backing out of her space. Piper kept bouncing her eyes from the bumper of Alex's car to the door of the facility in her rear view. She saw the two officers emerge with a very large man in cuffs, right as she pulled out of the lot. With any luck, they didn't see her car.

Piper followed Alex up on to the interstate and over a few exits. Her mind raced with the implications of Alex's eyes. She had scared her so much that she was in a state of quiet fury. She had done that only once before, long ago. Well, perhaps she had done that a few other times while at Litchfield, but due to their incarceration, Piper wasn't near Alex when she went super iceberg cold. But she was that time in Cardiff.

Alex had pulled out a globe and told Piper to take a spin. She promised to take her where ever her finger landed. She had made a ton of cash recently and was going to actually take a weekend trip with her. Alone.

Piper spun the globe and kissed Alex. Her finger landed on a spot and she didn't even look. They just kissed. Piper tried to tell her how much she loved her gift. When Alex pulled back she brought her hand up and caressed her face.

"That was the most intense kiss you've ever given me. I think you like your present," Alex said in a sultry sexy purr that made Piper's legs go weak. She reached out and put her arm around Alex's waist. She was steady now and thoroughly aroused.

"I love it. Thank you, we're going to have fun, even if it is po-dunk-tim-buk-four," Piper predicted and looked down. She didn't want to show that much emotion in her eyes. She was falling fast and hard. Piper looked at the globe and was surprised her finger was actually on a Continent. It was Europe. She was pleased immediately. Tropics are great, but it was Fall and Piper was missing seasons without typhoons.

"Cardiff. Wales. I've never been. Have you?" Piper looked up as she asked.

"Yeah, I was there for a wedding of a friend of Fahri's awhile back. Just a weekend thing, it is a rather large city and I love the Bay area. You landed right on it..must be fate," Alex explained as she kissed Piper's lips again.

Piper moved back some out of the kiss, "Um, did you bring a date to that wedding?" Piper hated that she asked. She tried to sound casual. Alex immediately grinned a "know-it-all" grin that told Piper she was well aware that her jealousy was showing.

"Actually, I was his "plus-one". It was boring and people talked about Rugby. A lot. You know him, we also set up some business while there. Everything is work with him." Alex shrugged as if to say she wasn't just like him. Piper's eyebrow shot up when she heard about the work.

"Don't tell him where we are going. If he calls, which I know he will, please just tell him we're in the middle of no where hiking." Piper asked. Alex said she would with a grin and Piper tried to believe her.

They had a blast. Alex took her out to a club right after they got off the flight. They had opted to fly to London the night before to rest in their favorite hotel. Piper loved London. They had spent the entire night in bed. Once in Cardiff, Piper was the consummate tourist. Alex indulged her and Piper ate up the attention. They visited Cardiff Castle and were on their way back to the Park Inn. That was when Alex got her first call. She took it, spoke to him for about five minutes as they walked. She hung up and took Piper by her hand and walked her in to the hotel. For just a little while, Piper walked with her in a glow of happiness. She forgot that her girlfriend was a criminal and her happiness...this trip was provided by ill-gotten gains. Piper just watched Alex. Her snarky commentary and views of the people they passed or Roman architecture. She wasn't as fond of history as Piper but she did enjoy watching people, so she could go anywhere to have fun. They developed little games together and would have entire conversations with each other without saying a word. Piper's face hurt and she realized it was from smiling all day.

"You look brilliant and happy. Run a bath while I open the wine," Alex said. Piper was happy to oblige. She filled up the huge tub and used sandalwood bath beads in the water. She had it the way she liked and still no Alex. Piper walked back in to the main room area and saw Alex putting on her jacket. She froze.

"I have to make a quick trip out. I got a call. I'm sorry Piper, I know what I said but he called and.." Alex began.

"And you jumped. How long? Is it just to pick up someone at the airport? Or get some wired money?" Piper asked trying hard not to whine. She decided immediately, that she was going out. She would not be in this hotel room when Alex arrived. She would entertain herself and show Alex she didn't need time alone with her. She was so disappointed she had to fight tears. Best thing for that was to push it down, buck up and get busy. She switched to acting mode immediately.

"I have to go to a certain house and conduct business. Apparently, if I seem professional enough, it will help me advance, get more area. That means more money and not having to do as many money transfers." Alex explained as her mind fired quickly. She ordered a taxi by calling the front desk. Piper went back in the bathroom, pulled the plug and blew out the candles.

"I won't be long and we'll get a later dinner. I'm sorry Piper, I'll be back soon as I can." Alex explained. She kissed her and Piper sighed dramatically but hugged her back. She had a moment of fear that Alex was just going to a strange house in a foreign country on the word of one man. It didn't do a thing to stop her from feeling betrayed. It was totally random. Yet, she told him. She thought about what it may do for her career and she couldn't help herself. Piper knew she was driven, it was one of the things she found so exciting about her girl friend.

She dressed and went out within fifteen minutes of Alex leaving. She had money in her purse and she was determined to have fun. She started out at a pub, just sipping a beer. Piper waited for the sun to go down, watching Rugby on a the screen and turning down most of the drinks. She did start to accept the shots, right before she decided to head out to a club. Her phone, was on the bed. She left it there in the center of the large bed on purpose. She can fuck her phone tonight.

Piper pushed herself away from a guy with big paws that wanted to "help" her to a cab. She enjoyed his accent but he wasn't her type. She dodged away and darted in a cab. She asked him to take her to a club with good music. He dropped her off at Pulse, she tipped him with kindness and then used two hot gay men to get her in the door. It had a wonderful feel and immediately she started dancing. She missed her girl but enjoyed the press of bodies against her. She let her mind relax and just focused on her breathing. She would dance, get thirsty, have a few drinks...she never paid, then back out dancing again. At a certain point, she told the bartender her hotel name. She gave her enough money to insure she'd be poured in to a cab with the correct location. After more than a few hands on drunk men kept interupting her vibe, made use of the bartender. She was a lovely girl with dark hair. She wasn't Alex but she was gentle when she helped Piper to the cab. The cab took her directly to the Park Inn. Piper was able to remain upright without wobbling too much. When she got to the room, Alex was standing by the window looking out. She had to try a few times to open the door so she knew Alex was aware she was at the door. Piper kicked off her shoes and glanced over at Alex.

"I hope your work went well. I had a great time dancing." Piper said softly. Alex turned around and looked at her. She walked over and pushed her glasses up on her head.

"You scared me and you don't fucking care. You got pissed and went out, fine. Leave me a note or at least take your fucking phone. It didn't go as I wished. I got wigged out a bit by the area I was in...by the fucking people I spoke with and they knew about you. They asked me why I didn't bring my girl. Asked me if I liked my hotel...I came back and you-" She clenched her teeth and stared at Piper with cold eyes.

"How was I supposed...look you're the one with the criminal career. I suggest ya get used to it." Piper mumbled. She wilted though under her gaze. That look from Alex scared her more than anything.

"I suggest you remember to Always let me know where you're going and never forget your phone. I mean it Piper, never." Alex said in a cold resigned voice. Piper swallowed and nodded. She then went in to the bathroom and closed the door.

Piper waited a half an hour before she moved in to the bathroom. Alex was sitting on the toilet with her hands in her hair. Her glasses rested on the sink. Piper walked to the tub and started the water. Alex looked up and over at her. Piper stripped her clothes slowly and stepped out of them.

"I'm still half drunk...I still want that bath with you. So, if you want to get in here...and make me cum until I can't even imagine running off alone again...then that would be fantastic," Piper looked back at her with a coy expression. It took a few minutes but Alex joined her in the bath.

Piper pulled in to the rental car establishment. It took her about twenty minutes to walk out and get into the Audi. She buckled herself in and Alex pulled out. She liked it when Alex drove. She used to always drive when they would drive anywhere. They headed towards the freeway and Piper started to tell her which way to go to head back to her grandmother's house.

"I know where to go Piper. I had to choose whether to go there or to the rehab facility first. Why...why didn't you pick up...tell me, did you give them your name?" Alex said as she took the right exit. Piper cleared her throat and started to speak but nothing came out. " I've waited long enough, Piper. Tell me!"

"Okay, no..no I gave them a fake name," she began.

"What did you do? Should I be driving towards a border Piper? Tell me!" Alex raised her voice and Piper heard her it laced with fear.

"I...let me just let me...Alex..I just saw him. I didn't do anything, it's okay. NO one is..pull over, please," Piper begged.

Alex took a few deep breathes. She didn't pull over but she did calm down some. Piper looked at her hands and tried to remain quiet. She plugged her phone in with the charger as she drove. Alex looked down.

"I didn't ...it wasn't charged. I bought this um, on the way there. I'm sorry Alex. I'm sorry I lied to you." Piper looked at her as she said the words. Alex kept her eyes on the road and Piper couldn't tell if she was still furious or scared. They rode in silence the rest of the way. Alex had to be directed once in the neighborhood but she was able to drive up to the house with little instruction. Piper saw Steve's truck in the drive and stifled a groan.

"Steve is here. He helped with the lawn. I need to just lock up and we can..." Piper explained as she got Steve came out of the side garage door.

"Hey Pipes, I got the snow blower working, even Cal could run it," he said as he gave her a hug. Piper thanked him and then turned to Alex.

"Um, Steve this is Alex Vause, my fiancé," Piper said as she reached out for Alex's hand. She looked down at their hands and Alex closed her grip. It was a little tight but it made Piper feel a hundred percent better.

"Ahhh Alex...oh..Alex ," he said as her identity seemed to dawn on him. Piper's cheeks felt hot. Alex reached her right hand out and shook his hand. She met his gaze and smiled at him.

"I've wanted to thank you for some time. My own stupidity cost me time with Piper. I understand you were a good friend to her when she needed one. Please if there is anything I can do for you, let me know." Alex said in a soft voice. Piper was immediately surprised and her body flushed with pleasure. She knew Alex was furious with her but she still had the grace to acknowledge a friend.

"I wasn't her friend for payment. I will however, offer you the same friendship. I know you have no intention of ever being that stupid again."Steve said in an equally direct manner. He dropped his hand as he spoke but never looked away from Alex.

"To quote Forest Gump, "Stupid is as Stupid does" and by that account, I'm a blithering idiot as of late. The yard looks great Steve. Please give my best to Owen. If we decide to spend Christmas here, I'll give you a call...as a friend, not for lawn service." Piper smiled as she said it. She put her hand on his shoulder and let her soft expression know she appreciated his words.

Steve took the hint and said his goodbyes. They watched him walk off and get in to his truck. He pulled away and she turned to head back inside.

"He seems nice enough. Rugged...menial...you said he was a life-long student?" Alex said as she walked. It made Piper smile and she felt hope. Alex used a calm tone but her choice of words showed she didn't like the way he looked at Piper.

"He finished, he is a professor now." Piper said as they went inside. Alex looked around as she turned on the lights. Piper checked the maid's job. The walls and baseboards looked great. She wasn't concerned about anything else at the moment. She locked the door to the garage and then she walked back to the kitchen and checked the door. Alex followed her and looked around the expansive house.

"I'll just get my bag, then we can...you know." Piper said as she tried to go around Alex.

Alex laughed and turned, reaching out to take her arm. "No. We're alone and I'm not driving. You will explain to me right now." Alex said.

Piper sat at the kitchen table. She sat where she always sat when she would stay with her grandmother. Alex remained standing with a rigged body. "How did you figure it out?"

Alex snorted, "Evading my questions...fine...I knew something was up. I had many theories about the sudden trip...but I remained quiet and waited on you to tell me what was going on. I didn't sleep...I called Dr. Speer and told her about your trip. She asked me right out, if you knew the name of the man that attacked me. I almost threw up when I realized she was afraid you were after him. I said, no ...there was no way. But I called you. You were strange, distant and purposely left out all detail about what you were doing. Then I got a call from Cal. He wanted me to get in touch with you and find out why you used your joint account to pay a maid service. He was a bit worried." Alex clenched her jaw. Piper imaged how it must have felt to suddenly realize where she had gone.

Piper cursed Cal in her head. Figured now that he had wifi available, living with at her place, he checked his accounts regularly. "I should of paid cash. Grandma had the right idea," Piper replied. Alex growled in anger and frustration. Piper just sat with her back straight. Piper winced and then turned her head to look at her.

"I apologized for lying. I had to see him. I didn't know he was in rehab, all I had was an address. " Piper began.

Alex walked over and leaned against the sink, directly before Piper, "Tell me what you were thinking Piper. Tell me what you did.." she got quiet and Piper rubbed her face looking down.

"I just wanted to see him. I wasn't thinking clearly. My mind considered all kinds of things..I saw he was hurt...attacked, by the looks of him." Piper looked up at Alex as she said it. Alex was looking in the kitchen sink. Piper blanched. She rose and walked over to the sink. Quickly she disposed of the syringe and draino. Alex just stared into the empty sink even after Piper pulled up the trash and carried it outside to the big can. She pulled it to the curb, though the trash didn't come for a few days.

Piper walked back in the house and found Alex sitting at the kitchen table with her head down on her arms. Piper walked up to her and bent over to cover her. She reached around and just held her there; half afraid she'd toss her off in a fury. Alex was quietly crying. Piper could tell by the way her body shook softly in her embrace. She didn't know what to say, so in Chapman fashion, she pushed it all down and remained quiet. After awhile, Piper stood up and mumbled about going to get her bag. She had to struggle as she ran up the stairs. She didn't want to start crying outright. If she let it all go, if she started to cry and wail against everything that happened to Alex...against everything she had thought to do...Piper knew she'd never stop crying. It would swallow her whole. She checked the upstairs rooms, gathered up her things and came back down the stairs. She was more composed but kept clenching her jaw to maintain her control. Alex was waiting in the foyer. Her eyes were red rimmed but she stood straight and watched Piper descend the stairs with a look that Piper couldn't decipher. Alex went out the front door, Piper set the alarm and locked up. She put her bag in the backseat and got in the car with Alex. They drove out of the neighborhood in silence.

"Are you hungry?" Alex asked. Piper could tell she was trying to speak carefully. Piper knew she owed her more of an explanation about the syringe...the rehab facility...all of it. She just couldn't make her brain work.

"No, I'm not hungry," she replied with surety.

"When did you eat last?" Alex asked her as she turned on to the freeway, heading towards New York. Piper thought back. She was going to order pizza, but didn't. There wasn't food in the refrigerator. She frowned not remembering. Piper just shrugged and looked away.

Alex growled and took an exit. "You barely ate all weekend. I bet the bagel I made you eat before you left for the airport was the last thing you ate. Wasn't it?" Alex asked her as she darted in to a cafe parking lot. Piper just nodded and kept her eyes down. Alex got out of the car as Piper swallowed her nausea. She wasn't sure she could eat in the middle of a fight..or whatever it was they were having. She half expected Alex to just call it all off...she should, Piper reasoned...she lied to her face.

Alex opened the car door and waited. Piper darted a mad glance her way and unbuckled her seatbelt. She got out of the car and Alex closed the door. She didn't put her hand at the small of Piper's back as they walked. She was a few strides ahead of her though and did open the door. Piper frowned more. She didn't like being treated like a child, marched off to eat her lunch. The diner was a typical road side diner. It was filled with truckers at the bar and a few tables filled with families. They sat near the door and Alex smiled at the waitress as she approached.

"Two coffees to start with cream and sugar, please...she'll take some ice water with hers as well. Do you serve breakfast all day?" Alex asked politely. She said that they did and walked off to get their coffee.

"They have pancakes. You like pancakes," Alex suggested.

"I also like ordering for myself." Piper retorted. She couldn't help the anger that bubbled up in her throat. She didn't want to take it out on Alex, but she also didn't like her words totally ignored. She said she wasn't hungry. Her point to herself was immediately disputed by her stomach. The smell of the diner food had triggered her body's needs. Her stomach growled and showed itself to be more than the pit of acid she was used to carrying around lately.

Alex smirked at the sound.

"Fuck you." Piper replied, mainly to her stomach but it worked for Alex's smirk as well. The waitress brought the hot coffee and water to their table. Alex ordered a BLT on rye. Piper was really unable to focus on the menu. The waitress waited while she read through the same thing a few times.

"Um..I'll have what she's having," Piper finally said, giving in to the pressure of her tapping pen. She scribbled something on the pad, took their menus and left. Piper occupied herself fixing her coffee and sipping it. It was hot so she winced.

"Its hot, got my lip," Alex said casually. Piper's eyes darted to her lips. She regretted that because it made her want to kiss her lips. Her eyes then looked about the diner for anything to latch on to that would distract her from Alex.

Alex sighed at her avoidance and started to speak in a low voice, "When he was suspended and I opted to stay in the program that is when I was told he had connections. I asked if he'd return while I was there and they said it was unlikely. So I stuck it out, terrified he'd return and get me back for fighting him, for telling that he attacked me. When I got to the second part of the program, working on the houses...going out each day and working a job and coming back at night to be locked up...it made me long for revenge. I dreamed of sneaking away from the worksite and bashing his head in with various tools. It would occupy me for hours. I could work, function but it was always in the back of my mind. Is that what is happening to you?" Alex asked softly as she reached over to hold Piper's hand.

Piper swallowed and didn't look up. She did finally nod her head. The waitress brought their sandwiches and asked if they needed anything. Alex asked for ketchup for Piper's fries. Alex never ate the stuff but loved watching how Piper made small dollop piles on her plate and dipped her fries in, one by one. Piper started to eat her food and her hunger kicked in, she felt like she had just returned from SHU. She made herself eat at a regular pace but didn't turn down the extra fries Alex offered from her own plate. Alex sipped her coffee as she watched Piper eat her French fries.

"I should have seen it in your eyes but you've always been rather good at hiding things from me," Alex continued. Piper looked up at that and swallowed her mouthful.

"No I'm not. You knew something was up. I couldn't even bring up Chicago again because I knew you'd figure out I was lying. I'm...sorry. You were so adamant that I not find out who he was or do anything about it. I..just felt I had to see him. I wasn't ...I mean I didn't take anything with me. I left it in the sink, Alex. I realized what I was doing and stopped. "Piper finally explained. She put down the French fry she was holding and Alex nodded at her but Piper could see anger in her eyes.

She clenched her jaw and sat back. Reaching in to her purse she pulled out enough money to cover lunch and a tip, tossed it on the table and left. She took deep breaths of air outside by the car. She wasn't going to throw up her food. Though, if she did, in Roger's car, it would serve Alex right! Alex joined her after a few moments and they got in the car.

She headed back on the freeway and drove in silence before she turned on the radio. There was a country or bluegrass song on and to her surprise, Alex didn't turn it right away. Piper recognized it from music her brother played. She had actually liked that artist, um..Nugent was her last name but Piper couldn't remember the rest. The song was "Don't Tell Me" and it was very beautiful. Alex listened through most of the song before she changed it to another station. Piper's favorite holiday song came on, Winter Song, by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Alex started to change it but stopped. She let her hand drop as if leaving it on a song that Piper liked had cost her something. Piper's palm itched to reach out and take her hand. Yet, she wasn't sure she could. She had fucked up royally and they were all messed up. She looked out the window instead and let the music float over her. Long ago, Alex had the strength to reach out for her hand while she sat sick in her bunk. Piper looked again at her hand and started to reach over for it. Alex brought her hand up to the steering wheel, clutching it tightly. Piper sighed and looked back out the window.

Alex listened again for almost the whole song before turning it to a new station. It was in NPR and they listened to All Things Considered as they drove. It was better than music to Piper because it allowed her mind to focus on the topic of the show and not the memories associated with the songs. With food in her belly and the lull of the conversation, Piper fell to sleep with her head against the window.

She woke when she felt the tires on gravel and opened her eyes to see a sight she detested. Three rolls of thick razor wire. She recognized the trees right away and sat up in a panic.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she asked. They were pulling in to the visitor's parking lot of Litchfield Prison. Ironically, they parked in the exact same spot Piper had parked the day she learned Alex had left.

"I've driven us to Litchfield," Alex said as she turned off the car. Piper looked around frantically, for what she wasn't sure. An officer to force them back in? Someone she knew? She felt fear course through her and she wasn't sure why her love was subjecting them to this.

"I know that Alex, why the fuck did you drive us here?" Piper asked through clenched teeth.

Alex took a deep breath and turned to look at her. "I figured we should get used to it. I mean, if you keep going like you are, I'm most likely going to be visiting you here...or you me. You must want us back inside or you wouldn't be trying to KILL A MAN!" Her last words were shouted at Piper. She could see on Alex's face the fury and helplessness she felt. Piper had acted without thought and it nearly cost her everything.

Of course, Piper fought back because, rational thought wasn't her strong point at that time. "ME? You attacked the man and put him in the hospital. YOU have a motive for said attack on the record! You didn't think this was something I needed to know? You think I WANT to be back inside? I visit prisons all the time with my work. I hate it. I hate the feeling I get when I am patted down, I hate the feeling of hopelessness that claws at my throat until I have to take a deep breath. I have to remind myself, over and over, that I can just walk out! I am free. So don't tell me I want to return here. "Piper shouted back and opened her door. She got out and stomped down the parking lot towards the road. She had no idea where she was walking; she just knew she wasn't going to stay in that car any longer.

She turned right at the main road and kept walking. It was cold and her jacket was in the backseat of the car. Piper didn't care. Her temper heated her blood just fine. She couldn't believe Alex would drive her back to Litchfield to make a point. Did she have any idea what it took for Piper to walk back in there to see her after the trial? No! She was too busy being self righteous at Danbury! With Becca! Piper stomped harder and started to run.

In the year she was at Litchfield, she had often visualized running down this road. Just leaving the track, fences would magically disappear and she would run away. She would run down this road and into the waterscape, completely free. Piper ran faster. She pumped her legs until her thigh muscles started to burn. She turned up the gravel road when a car whizzed by in the other lane. She was like a skittish colt, running without any thought other than flight. Piper ran as hard as she could from the reality that her fiancé had been raped. Piper ran as hard as she could from the fact that while she was suffering to return to her, she had basically given up on Alex. She had went away, wrote her book and started her own redemption trail. Piper ran from the fact she can never have the feeling of satisfaction she craved from making him pay for touching her woman. It was the only thing she thought might make her feel an ounce better. She ran from the fact Alex lost a child. A part of her will never be...never exist or be loved. Alex had to live with that fact and it will most likely keep them from ever having kids. Piper felt her stomach twist and she actually groaned as she ran.

Piper heard a honking that finally got through to her brain. She looked behind her and saw Alex leaning out the Audi window. It was behind her and Piper saw other cars as well. She veered off the road and on to a path. She heard Alex accelerate and then get out of the car. Piper ran through some trees and stopped dead in her tracks. Her forward momentum pushed her body forward until she fell on her knees. She panted, drawing in deep breaths as her eyes drank in the sight before her.

She heard Alex come crashing through the trees and stop as sudden as she had. There before her was the same small lake. There was snow on the banks and ice in places, but the water was a glossy mirror reflecting the infinite grey sky. Piper felt Alex's arms around her. She didn't struggle away but fell in to her, still struggling to catch her breath. The tears fell now like hot lava on her face. She didn't want to break down; she wanted to be the one Alex turned to for help. But she couldn't be...she had to make her love's life more stressful.

Piper sobbed and clung to Alex, "I'm so sorry baby, I'm a wreck and I've no right to be. I'm sorry, Alex, it's my entire fault. I'm so sorry, I left you, so sorry I didn't tell you about Larry, so sorry I didn't search for you harder. "Alex just whispered in her ear and let her cry. Piper felt a jacket go around her back and then processed she was cold. She was covered in warmth and in her arms.

"You always said this was a beautiful lake. I am finally looking at it with you. Piper, I forgive anything you did, if you forgive me. I pushed you away over a flimsy article I should have figured was a fraud. You are not responsible for what happened to me in prison. I am responsible for landing myself there. I am responsible for choosing that program; I am responsible for not coming forward sooner about ...Staton. If I had, they would have moved me and..."Alex stopped talking and bit her lip. Piper kissed her face all over and shook her head.

"Not your fault baby, you didn't know. If you had known, you would have made a good decision of your baby. You would have saved the baby, no matter where it came from...and if you didn't, well no one would blame you. Oh Alex, you were raped and it wasn't your fault. None of it..." Piper kissed her softly and then pressed their foreheads together.

Alex pulled away, "It's not your fault either. I know it sucks but there you have it."

"When did you...how did you hurt him like that?"Piper asked her. She looked around again to make sure they were alone. They knelt at the edge of the woods in the afternoon sun. No one was around. Piper could see the edge of the building she fixed up and the bank where she stood the day she was released. No living soul was near, no one but her Alex. She pushed hair out of her eyes and straightened up her glasses.

"I simply told Nicky. I told her I had been assaulted at the boot camp and he was connected enough so I couldn't get him back this time. She asked me if I wanted her to contact someone to deal with him. It was a simple quiet question. I said yes, rather quickly. She nodded, hugged me and told me I was the strongest woman she knew. Then she left and two weeks later, she came back to visit me with a paper. It was the local Texas paper with an article about a home invasion. Apparently, they broke in to his home while his wife was away, beat him up, sexually assaulted him and mutilated his face. The police said they thought it was a case of mistaken identity. He was in critical condition." Alex told her as she stroked Piper's hair and they cuddled on the cold ground. Alex pulled the jacket up more as she spoke.

"Did Nicky say how she did it?" Piper urged her to continue.

"She told me that Red said we were even. I had dealt with Mendez, Fig and their crew for the inmates at Litchfield, so she helped me deal with an animal. I kept tabs on what was happening by checking online news sources. I knew he had been moved to a rehab facility that deals with traumatic brain injury. " Alex continued. "In case they were searching people that made claims against him, I was under house arrest in Vermont. The police came by and asked me but I was cleared. There should be no way to trace it to me, but if there was you would be in the clear. We met for the first time at your signing, months after the assault. I kept you clear of it all." Alex hugged her closer as she said it. She had kept Piper clear, until she brought herself in the middle of it by going to see him. No wonder Alex was pissed.

"I'm sorry I lied to you and put you at risk. I think we're okay. I gave a fake name...I even took the pen so I left no fingerprints at the desk. I didn't go in to see him, just stood in the doorway while his nurses worked with him. I'm...sorry I lied to you...about Chicago. I promise I will not do it again." Piper looked at Alex as she said it and Alex looked back for a long while. She finally nodded and smiled. Piper knew she was forgiven. She snuggled back up to her and felt their love pulse strong.

"I saw the bandage being changed; they carved Rapist in his forehead. I bet that never made the news." Piper said with a hate laced voice that kind a scared her. Alex whistled a bit and then Piper saw her smile.

"Seems one of the thugs was a Steig Larrson fan," Alex commented. Piper laughed. Of course, Alex would find a book reference in such brutality. They both had loved that series. That reminded her of something.

"Do you recall another time we were by a body of water and you covered me in your jacket?" Piper asked her, not lifting her head from her shoulder.

"When are you not forgetting your jacket? Are you referring to Toronto?" Alex replied.

"No, but it was Canada. Vancouver Island...we were on a weekend trip...anyway, you asked me what literary character you reminded me of...I never answered. It was always changing but Lisbeth Salander was one of them...another was the Artful Dodger," Piper admitted. Alex laughed and twisted her so she fell back on the jacket and Alex was peering down from above. She pushed her glasses back on her head, pushing back her hair and keeping it from falling forward on to Piper's face.

"Criminals each...but good at what they do. I see the resemblance. Any others? " she asked as she slid her thigh between her legs. Piper felt her pulse jump and all of the emotions of the last few days just slam in to her body in the form of intense lust.

She bit her lip and moaned. "Um..Gatsby came to mind..oh that feels great," she murmured as she reached up to pull Alex down. Alex kissed her with passion that equaled her own. She was pushing her shirt up before she even registered that she wanted to make love. Her thoughts were jumbled and full of need, want..just plan needing Alex to be inside of her.

Alex broke away from their kiss and somehow got Piper's shirt up and pants down before she delved in to kiss and bite at her neck. Piper's hands with to her back and the rippling muscles under the hot skin. She felt Alex's talented fingers on her sex and bucked her body up to greet her. It wasn't slow...or drawn out or anything but pure need. It was like their first time in the Chapel...pure ravage. Alex drove her over the edge with precision and strength. Piper was able to push Alex's jeans down enough to slide her raised thigh right where she wanted it to go. She last sensation her mind could register was the feeling of Alex's warm wetness on her thigh before she fell over the precipice into the shattering light of their orgasm.

Alex kissed her back to her own mind. Piper couldn't say for certain she didn't pass out. Alex picked her up and carefully straightened her clothes. She giggled as she did it because it tickled. Alex chuckled and put her jacket around Piper again.

"I used to dream about ravaging you by this water. I'd work all day and think about what it would be like. I could never get enough of you...I will never get enough of you." Piper said in a sex thick voice. Alex kissed her again and bit her lower lip.

"I envied you your job. I hated laundry. Come on though, it is cold and I don't want anyone giving us a ticket or indecent exposure," Alex joked as she pulled Piper up off the ground and quickly stepped to steady her with her arm. She pulled Piper against her body and she felt the thrill of being held by a strong arm.

"You weren't worried about that in Prospect Park! No one is around here," she kissed Alex's neck as she said it though and allowed herself to be led back towards the thicket to the car. Her legs hurt and she realized she didn't exactly stretch before her massive sprint.

Right before they got to the trees, Piper stopped and turned around. They looked at the lovely scene and Piper exhaled.

"You know, I once told you that you felt inevitable to me, do you remember?" Piper asked her.

Alex nodded and swallowed back emotion. "Yeah, it was one of the most amazing things you've ever said to me."

"Well, we didn't realize you have to work hard for inevitable," Piper looked at her and reached up to touch her cheek with her fingertips. "We're going to make it, aren't we Alex?"

"Yeah, Kid, we're going to make it," she responded with a smile that lit up her face. Piper smiled back at her.

"I love you, Alex Vause. Now, please take me home." Piper said to her. Alex did just that.

The End this story is continued in "Got this Covered" and now "Covered in Kisses". Please read on and review!

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Possession- Sarah McLachlan

Every Little Thing You Do (piano version-their last dance in prison)- Laura Pausini

Keep Me High-Adaline

Better Than Me-Hinder (suggestion of reader)

Clare de Lune- Debussy

Feels Like Home-Chantel Kreviasuk

No Light, No Light- Florence and the Machine

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Orange is the New Black- Piper Kerman

City of Thieves- David Benioff

This Town

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Skinny Legs and All

The Hotel New Hampshire

Marching Powder

The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Giving Tree- Shel Silverstein

Ms. Hemphel's Chronicles- Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

Short Stories by Alice Munro

The Miseducation of Cameron Post-Emily Danforth

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- Steig Larsson

Great Expectations- Dickens

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