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Remedy's Melody 109


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(Camren's P.O.V)

After getting a good distance from the prison and making sure Carmelita didn't kill sly, she told us how she got here.

And once again I tuned it out already knowing. After she was done we got back to the hide out for a new plan.

Bentley then explained the information he got from the bug in Toothpicks office. Toothpick was going to move the gold with his train that was being charged from the van. Toothpick also picked up security cause of our escape. And now we have to get four keys for a switch on the railroad that will allow us to get on the train easier.

The four keys were given to toothpicks closet henchmen. And the only way to get the key was to win a few competitions.

Murray in a wrestling match.

Sly in a race.

Carmelita in a shooting game.

And my key became a prize for a preforming contest when the guy who had it gave it up to the owner while he was drunk.

We all then got to our station but Carmelita helped put on my costume for the show before she left.

And I gotta say, I looked good! (Kind of imagine Tanya's outfit from the movie 'Fivel goes West' when she sings). Tennessee was also in the crowd to make sure nothing went wrong.

I peeked through the curtains seeing the booing at some performer who was juggling. I even saw Tennessee shaking his head.

''Chica! Your on in two!'' I herd the stage hand tell me as I got into position.

The curtains opened and I saw the crowed not even looking at me. 'oh so that's how it's gonna be!'

I cleared my throat.

Do you ever miss the girl you left be- hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnddddd!

And that glass breaking note finally got their attention as they looked at me amazed. I saw Tennessee also looking at me with wide eyes and mouth agape.

I nodded to the band and music started to play.

Is the girl you left behind out there tonight romancin'?

Makin' eyes at someone else and singin', is she dancin'?

Only the girl you left behind is real when you're sleepin'

Puts the teardrops in your eyes from secrets she is keepin'

Happy just playin' a tune and dance the whole night away

Hope the girl you left behind will be there for you someday

Lonely is the wind that blows, you know you'll always miss her

Lonely is a lover's heart, if only you could

Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her

I blew a few kisses into the crowed making them cheer louder. And I didn't even notice that I gave one to Tennessee to! I was moving with music as everyone tapped their boots getting into it.

All the girls you left behind could fill up California

Please don't leave them too darn long, I think I oughtta warn ya

Absence makes the heart go cold and makes a heart to wander

If you stay there by their sides, you'll feel their hearts grow fonder!

The crowd (besides Tennessee who was cheering me on) decided to join in the song!

(Hope you see her someday

Hope I find my way

Back to the girl I left behind)

So tell me you will never roam

(We swear we won't go roaming)

You'll be by your fireside

(We'll all be home sweet home and kiss her, kiss her, kiss her)

So where's the girl you left behind?

She's waitin' for her sister

We won't stop until we're home we'll hug and hug and kiss her

I'll find the girl

I'll find the girl

I'll find the girl

I'll find the girl

You'll (I'll) find the girl

You'll (I'll) find the girl you (I) left behind

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

That's right


The crowed exploded into cheers! There were even some flowers getting thrown onto the stage. The owner handed me the trophy that had the key on the bottom and giving me a congrats.

Once the trophy was in my hands I bolted out the door with Tennessee behind me. I turned to him after we stopped only to be lifted off the ground spinning.

''That was amazing! Incredible! It was just… wow.'' He set me down after his rant but kept me in his arms.

I gave him a smile. ''Well I aim to please!''

''That you do.'' He said softly looking at me with a gaze I didn't recognize. I then finally notice how close we were as he began to lean in.

Our lips were only an inch apart as my eyes began to close…


We both jumped away from each other startled as we herd Bentley's voice through our ear pieces.

Whats the hold up you two! Hurry up and get back to rondeview point!

''On our way Bentley.'' I replied hanging up and looking at Tennessee who seemed a little upset.

''We should..''

''Get going yeah.''

The trip there was in silence with me thinking one thing.

'Bentley you are a dead turtle!'

And thats it! Bad Bentley! Ruining the perfect moment!

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