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Sam: Hey Sarge.

Greg: Hey. You okay?

Sam: Yeah. You?

Greg: Sure.

Sam: Yeah?

Greg: No. No.

Sam: Review?

Greg: Yeah. I'm just trying to figure out where I lost the connection.

Sam: Didn't think you did.

Greg: Well, a guy's dead.

Sam just looked at him for moment, trying to figure out how to put voice to his thoughts. ''It takes two to tango, right?''

Greg, caught off gaurd with Sam's train of thought, spun around in his chair to face the newest member of his team. ''Come again?''

''Look, I have very few deep moments, so just roll with me for a minute. Please?'' Sam moved to stand behind a chair closer to his boss.

''Yes, it takes two to tango,'' he said, still confused as to where this was going.

''It would look a little odd if someone was tangoing by themselves, wouldn't it?'' Sam grinned, getting distracted for a second as the picture came to mind. ''Anyway, back to my point. So it takes two. Okay. What do you call a one-sided relationship?''

''A one-sided relationship would be unrequited love. Is that what your getting at?'' Greg gives a slight frown as he recalls a conversation he overheard involving Sam, burritos and someone he considered to be a daughter, Jules.

''Kinda. Look, I meant what I said, I don't think you lost the connection with George. Unrequited love means only one person was trying in a relationship. That's what happened out there, boss. You had an unrequited connection with George. You were trying, and you made a connection with him boss, you did. He just, I don't think he was connecting back. It takes two, remember. Does that make any sense to you, cause listening to myself just now, it doesn't seem to make sense?'' Sam asked Greg hopefully, wringing his hand on the back of the chair.

Greg was slightly stunned at his rookie. Was this the same Sam Braddock that had walked into the SRU a few months ago? Maybe he really is trying to get out of the military mindset of shoot first, ask later. He really is trying to learn to connect. ''Yeah. Yeah, buddy, that makes sense. Thank you,'' he gave Sam a reassuring smile.

''Good. You know, when you frown ... your face kinda looks like a one-sided tango?'' Sam teased, trying to steer the conversation to a lighter, more comfortable mood.

''Does it now, well,'' he said, chuckling along.

Sam: Do you want another pair of eyes on this?

Greg: Nah. Nah, I'm, I'm fine, thanks. ... But, you know, if you want...