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Summary: Danny Fenton has a secret life of protecting the city of Amity Park from ghost with his mother, the number one ghost fighter, Maddie Fenton. Danny Phantom is a ghost hybrid with an over protective father, number one ghost researcher, Jack Phantom. When Jack drags his son back to his home town and falls for his old flame what will happen when Phantom develops an interest for the hard to get Fenton?

Pairings: PhantomXFenton, MaddieXJack, others may appear...

Life Looks Better Upside Down

Chapter 1

Danny found a tight lipped frown pulling at the corners of his lips as he pounded down on a few more keys. Sharp baby blue eyes darted over the huge screens of the computer that illuminated the otherwise dark lab with an eerie glow. File after file popped up into sight and was gone again moments later, and while it would have made any other person sick to watch Danny had become accustom to the dizzying pace years ago.

There was something that he was missing. He knew there was, he just couldn't place his finger on what it was. It didn't seem to matter how often he checked his files or cross referenced new material, he still couldn't find whatever it was he was looking for. He supposed that knowing just what he was looking for would help immensely, but unfortunately the universe didn't appear to want to grant that type of information. -And why would it? It was obviously so much more fun to watch him struggle.

Still, he had to find out just what was causing all of the sudden massive amount of ghost sightings that had been happening for the last few months. He was drawing close to the end of his rope on all of his theories but none of them were drawing any results.

When the problem had first started to show Danny and his mother had spent countless hours checking up every single hot spot they knew of. Even after days of thoroughly investigating each area they still couldn't, for the life of them, find the leak where the ghosts were slipping between worlds. The longer the problem continued to slip through. If that wasn't bad enough on its own, Danny had become floored when he realized just how intelligent they were growing as well. While he found that he quiet enjoyed the challenge sometimes it become a major nuisance.

Not to long ago in fact he'd had to fight a group on his own once they had tricked his mother and separated the two. Danny had managed to hold his own-barely-but he wasn't to thrilled with the idea of a repeated performance.


Sharp eyes snapped from the screen and quickly fell on the bright green ear piece sitting next to a stone cold cup of coffee. When he sat up to snatch up the transmitter he could feel just how sore and stiff his body had become. Letting out a long groan he rubbed the kinks out of his neck, reaching out for the item with his free hand.

"Please," he mumbled, moving his hands up to rub the burn from his eyes, "tell me you guys have some good news." Without even realizing it he found that he'd slumped forward, his head resting heavily in his hand.

~"Sorry man."~ Tucker's voice gave a slight echo in his ear as he spoke. ~"We've looked everywhere Danny, but we can't find out anything here."~

~"No one I've asked has seen anything either."~ Sam's voice cut in.

Danny groaned and dropped his head down onto the built in keyboard. When the computer screeched at him in protest he slowly lifted his head to see what he'd messed up. When he saw that it was just a few easily fixed files, he quickly typed in the correct information with a few swift clicks. Once he was finished he pressed the palm of his hand against his tight lipped mouth and than drummed the tips of his fingers against the steel table in thought. After a few minutes of silence, and no new information, he quickly shook himself out when he realized he was seconds away from falling asleep.

Another terrible side effect of all these ghost breakouts; he was getting next to no sleep.

"Okay guys," he tried to cover the sleep in his voice with a dull tone as he flopped back in the swirling desk chair, his eyes already scanning the screen without thought, "thanks, but I think we should call it off for the night."

The line on the other end was silent as he waited for their reply. Although he could bet that he already knew what they were going to say.

~"You're going to get some rest too right?"~ Sam asked.

Danny found himself chuckling silently, picturing the skeptical look he knew that she would be giving him if she was here.

"Of course." He lied as he rubbed at his eyes with thin fingers.

He really needed to eat more...

~"That's what you said last time Danny."~ The voice of Tucker scolded. ~"And than you collapsed during your update from exhaustion remember?"~

"It was just one time." Danny argued back giving a roll of his eyes. The moment allowed him to catch something and made him lean forward. When he realized that it was just a smudge on the screen he gave yet another roll of his eyes. For a split second he'd thought that Technus had hacked into his computer. Again.

"~Yeah, one time this week.~" The low growl in Sam's voice was even more intimidating with the fact that it was right in his ear. He almost felt like he could feel her right behind him with a can of knockout gas.

"~Yeah, seriously man, you need to sleep.~" Tucker put in while Danny pressed a hand to his mouth to stifle an on coming yawn.

"And I will," he promised, "just as soon as I find out what's going on. My Mom's been stressing out about this one big time. It's starting to really get to her."

"~You'll be useless to her if you can't keep your eyes open when she really needs you.~" Sam pointed out evenly.

Danny opened his mouth, ready to defend himself from her accusation, only to quickly snapped it shut when he realized that she was right and that he couldn't think anything to say otherwise. As much as he didn't want to admit to the fact, his friends were right. If he could figure out what was going on, if the answer jumped at him all of a sudden out of nowhere, he was to tired to do anything.

Maybe he could go on just a little bit longer though. Maybe...

A scream almost tore out of his throat, only to be muffled when a hand was quickly placed over his mouth. Just as he made a move to struggle, to get out of the grip of whoever was holding him, his chair was spun around with a snap. It was jerked so quickly that his whole body was nearly pitched over the side. By the time he could gather his barrings around him again he found himself looking up at the smiling faces of his two best friends.

"Wow, you're jumpy." Tucker snickered as he patted Danny's shoulder, as if to apologize for the sneak attack.

Sam didn't bother hiding her smirk at all. "You were so about to scream like a little girl."

Danny couldn't help the frown that he shot to the two for their little joke. He hated to be startled at the best of times, and if they were here to try and force him to get more sleep well, that wasn't going to happen. His body was pumped full of adrenaline now, and even though their actions had annoyed him, he couldn't find it in himself to be mad. Instead a small smile soon worked its way over his slightly chapped lips against his will.

"How did you guys get here so fast?" He questioned as he forced himself to leave the comfort of his chair and to stand on his still aching feet. "Wasn't I just talking to you?"

"Well yeah," Tucker grinned as he removed the transmitter from his ear, Sam mirroring his movement, "but we were already heading back to your man. We were like, right outside your door."

"Thanks to those upgraded electrical bikes we were able to cover way more ground twice as fast." Sam grinned, twirling the strap of her helmet around her finger before resting it on her hip.

Danny couldn't help but smile at the praise of his work while he gave a nod of his head. He knew that he could get the gears to go higher with next to no strain on the riders legs, or knees. He'd started working on the project just for that kind of reason for his mother.

Having Sam and Tucker testing out the different models during their patrols had given him all kinds of feedback. After all of his attempts however it appeared he finally had one working just the way he'd hoped.

Pushing his thoughts aside for now Danny crossed his arms over his chest as he raised a skeptical brow to his friends.

"What are you guys doing here though?"

When Sam and Tucker turned to smirk at each other before turning back to him he knew that something was up. As they slowly crept towards him he felt his stomach drop.

"We're here to force you to sleep." Sam said as his head quickly snapped back to the screen.

With one hand he removed his ear piece while his other hand flew across the keys, saving any open flies before setting it to shut down.

"Insomniac Intervention!" They both yelled, jumping at him in his chair.

They all let out a screech when the old chair tipped over. Not use to having so many bodies in it, it gracelessly dumped the teens onto the ground without a single care. When they crashed into the floor Danny found himself surprised by the realization that it was a lot less painful than he'd thought it would have been. Unsurprisingly on the other hand it was very loud. For ten long, tense seconds, none of them so much as twitched a single finger. All of their ears were strained, trying to hear if they had woken up any of the other two people in the house. Collectively the each clamped their hands over their mouths as laughter erupted from the group when the house remained silent.

Danny found it kind of funny how even at seventeen they were still afraid of being scolded for waking up his mother.

Sam was the first to compose herself, easily pushing herself to her feet and than reaching out a hand for each of the boy's. Once they were pulled to their feet Danny brushed some of his raven hair out of his eyes. Deciding that he wasn't going to win this fight he nodded his head towards the closet that stood proudly in the wall next to the computer screen. The adrenaline he'd gathered before was quickly draining from his body, leaving all of his limbs heavy. Each part of him felt as if it weighted ten extra pounds, and his eyes were burning from starting at the computer screen for so long. Sleep was starting to sound really good right about now.

"In here for the night?" He asked, earning a head nod from each of them.

He allowed them to run over to the closet. He was to tried to even lift his feet to follow after them. Instead he just watched as they pulled out fluffy blankets, puffy pillows, and a few foam mats. Sam made sure to close the door before they both made their way back to Danny.

"To be honest, I'm way to tried to take all of those steps up to your room dude." Tucker grinned sheepishly as he handed over a piece of each item to the home owner.

"Me too." Danny admitted, lazily dropping his mat on the ground. A huge yawn that he couldn't cover up made its way out of his mouth before he could continue. "Thanks for all of your help this summer guys. I know that this wasn't really what you had in mind for it but I appreciate it." He said, his eyes tearing up from lack of sleep as his smile just barely reached his tired eyes.

"Oh please Danny, that's what friends are for." Sam said softly, a small smile pulling at the corners of her purple painted lips while she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Now lets head to bed. I'm so done for the night."

Danny chuckled as he dropped the pillow at the top of the mat and laid down next to his two best friends, their heads creating a small circle. He could already feel sleep pulling at the corners of his mind as he wrapped himself up in the warm confines of his blanket. He'd lost count of how many times his friends and him had done this over the years, but this summer had surely been a new record.

Although sometimes they could be a little pushy and a little bit much to deal with on the rare occasion, Danny couldn't have been happier that it had been Sam and Tucker who had found out that he was Amity Parks number one ghost hunter all those years ago. They had been the best of friends and allies that he could ever ask for and he couldn't imagine a life without them in it.

"Night guys."

"Night Danny."

With that he fell into a dreamless sleep with a smile on his face.


Danny looked down at his new home with distaste. While this town wasn't small by any means- if it had enough people in it for stores to cater to certain subcultures for young people it couldn't have been all that small- it was still a far cry from how big his last city had been.

The building he was staying in wasn't all that bad in itself. Sure there was pipes sticking through the walls, most of the drywall had long ago fallen away and the building appeared to be on its last leg, but it really wasn't that bad. He'd stayed in worse before. It was more the town itself that he had a problem with.

He'd walked their streets and been dragged to go shopping with his father to countless malls and little home owned businesses over the passed few months, but it still didn't feel like home. While he had to give credit to his father for trying to get Danny excited for the upcoming school year, he could only fake his enthusiasm around the his Dad. The moment that he had his back turned was the moment that Danny was allowed to drop his act.

The shock he'd felt when he'd gotten home from school all those months ago was still fresh in his mind. He could still remember the panic that had fallen over him when he'd seen the tears in the older man's eyes as he said that they were moving. Now at first he'd thought that his father's state was due to some type of negative reasoning. He'd thought that they had been found or that his Dad had been fired. Shock had reemerged with a vengeance when his father had said that he was asked to go back to his old home town to rejoin an assignment that he'd left years ago.

Every time that his Dad's home town had ever come up in conversation the large man had always talked about it fondly. Danny could give word for word retelling of his Dad's tales off by heart, but even at his best he would never be able to muster up as much passion for anything as his father did with even his simplest stories of Amity Park.

Seeing as how his father loved the town so much Danny could never find out why he would wait so long to go back. He couldn't understand why his father had stayed away if he'd loved it so much. Now that Danny was here and seeing it for his own the answer became very obvious, very quickly.

This place was a ghost bacteria dish, and worse yet, there were hunter.

He'd seen them himself on some of his outings with his father. He'd watched them carefully and studied them, putting away bits and pieces of information for later. From what he could gather it was a young male, probably closer to his age, and an older female. From everything that he'd been able to pick up with his sensitive hearing he could tell that they knew each other very well. From watching them work together he could see that they obviously had years of training together. If he was going to have to take a guess he would say a mother/son team. Danny had run into enough of them in his years to be able to spot them, but he'd never seen ones this good before.

When they had managed to catch their ghost, locking it away in a mug like container, something that left his blood boiling to witness, neither him nor his father had joined the cheering crowd as they mobbed the hunters with screams for pictures and autographs. As far as he could see the ghost they had attacked hadn't been bothering anyone until they attacked her. He didn't cheer for bullies.

After the sighting of these two became more often than not his father had started to want Danny to stay in more.

Now, Danny wasn't stupid. He knew how to avoid both hunters and spirits. It was a skill that he had picked up to ensure his survival after all of these years, but this town was just crawling with them. They were both all over T.V, in the papers, and even had sites on the web. While some were more dedicated to the towns haunting visitors Danny was sickened to see just how much there was out there praising the hunters. Even so he could already tell that it was going to be harder to keep everyone off of his tail and he wasn't looking forward to it. He was really going to have to watch himself here.

Which probably meant that while floating above the town late at night like he was doing now might have been giving him a nice view, it was also very dangerous. He let out a long sigh as he gave a small flip of his tail that directed him back towards the apartments that he was now to call home.

His Dad had never asked much of him. Other than to do his chores and stay out of trouble the man really didn't want much. If anything he was always watching out for Danny. Always making sure that he was safe and that he was well looked after. While Danny appreciated his Dad's hard work and attentiveness he would be the first to admit that sometimes it was a little much. Still, his father had given up everything to take care of him. He even kept himself away from other people lease they realize that there just wasn't something right with his son. Now that Danny was old enough to handle his own the man was finally able to go back to what he still loved even after all of these years.

Working as one of the top fringe scientist at a world wide known collage.

When Danny had found out he'd been very proud of his father. Sure sometimes his Dad could seem a little dense, and loud, and a little blunt at times, but no matter what he said or did he was a genius and a good father. Danny wouldn't have it any other way.

Although it would have been nice to have a little bit of a saying in the matter. Not that he had any friends to miss him, or a job, something that his Dad had insisted he'd get for the summer if only to keep him out of trouble until school started up for the year, it would have been nice to at least pretend to have some control in the situation.

His attention was drawn from his thoughts at the low hum and quiet murmurer of voices drifting towards him. Without a thought he concealed himself in the shadows of a near by billboard and watched as two teens about his age rode by a little to quickly on a pair of odd looking bikes. It appeared that the hum he was hearing was actually coming from there and he tilted his head to the side in confusion. Since when did bikes hum? Or even move that fast with no peddling?

Shrugging it off as they turned down a street and out of sight Danny lifted himself into the air once more. He looped himself around a broken lamppost, looking up and down the quiet street in utter boredom before he shot himself towards the window that lead to his new bedroom with a snap of his tail.

Shifting the form of his tail into two feet he landed on the floor of his bedroom softly. The last thing he wanted to do was awaken his father and make him aware of his nightly outings. His Dad would place him under house arrest if he knew that Danny was placing himself in potential danger so carelessly.

As he kicked off his boots he managed to catch a glance of himself in his bedroom mirror. His hair, that was normally whiter than snow appeared almost an orangish sort of colour thanks to the street lamps outside. With the help of his naturally tanned skin and bright green eyes his hair would become even brighter and more noticeable. While it annoyed him to no end about how much it stuck out he knew that he couldn't dye it. Every time he tried it would stay for a few hours and than slowly turn back to its original colour. While it didn't help him blend in much no one in the bigger city seemed to care. He'd even noticed a few people at his old high school following in his footsteps after a few weeks. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could get away with it here too.

Than the only thing he was going to have to worry about were his eyes.

Danny could still recall a time when he'd been younger. He was changing for gym class and someone had thought it would be funny to turn off the lights to freak everyone out. While Danny himself hadn't cared one way or another- he could see just as well in the dark as he could in the light- his classmates has all screamed and run out of the room as if the devil had been chasing them. Danny hadn't known it at the time, but he supposed he could understand just why a pair of glowing green eyes floating in the darkness would traumatize any group of seven year old's.

Even now they were glowing. Admittedly they were duller right now thanks to the small amount of light from outside his window, nut it was still obvious to anyone who could see. Only in full light did his eyes fade and look somewhat normal. With there candy apple green however they always managed to draw in stares no matter what he did. One time he'd tried to wear contacts. To say that it didn't it didn't work out was a bit of an understatement.

It had taken him years, but Danny was really quite comfortable with his looks, and if the long list of girlfriends he'd had over the years were anything to go by he knew that he could leave people swooning. As much as he was comfortable with it though, he was starting to worry that he maybe looked just a little to ghost like.

If these hunters weren't idiots than how long was it going to take them to realize? How long was he going to be able to stay here before they realized that there was something off about him? The only real hope he had was to stay off of their radar and if they did ask, well, lie. He was a big city kid. Would it really be so hard to believe that he bleached his hair and wore coloured contacts? Or maybe he could just tell them that he had some form of albinism?

Sending a wink to his mirror image he turned his back on it and made his way over to his bed. Hovering over it for a few seconds he dropped himself with a huge huff.

The only thing he had going for him was his lack of green or blue skin. Thanks to his Dad he at least wasn't oddly coloured or as freezing to the touch as his fully ghost cousins. Thanks to his Mom he got a load of awesome, and some pretty interesting looks. He was just a weird in between. A freak of nature that shouldn't have existed, and honestly, he didn't have a problem with that at all.

Now if only the rest of the world didn't either.

Letting out another sigh Danny roller over to his side and tried his best to fall asleep.