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Summary: Danny Fenton has a secret life of protecting the city of Aditmy Park from ghost with his mother, the number one ghost fighter, Maddie Fenton. Danny Phantom is a ghost hybrid with an over protective father, number one ghost researcher, Jack Phantom. When Jack drags his son back to his home town and falls for his old flame what will happen when Phantom develops an interest for the hard to get Fenton?

Warning! Phantom X Fenton !

Chapter 1

Danny frowned as he pounded a few more keys into the keypad at his fingertips, his eyes darting over the huge, illuminated screen as file after file popped up at a dizzying pace. There was something he was missing, he knew that much, but no matter how often he checked the files he couldn't find what he was looking for. There must have been something going on though, after all the ghost appearances had been happening more and more often but he was at the end of his rope with how it was possible.

Him and his mother had checked every single place that they knew and couldn't, for the life of them, find the leak where the ghost were slipping in between worlds. It was becoming more and more aggravating too since the more that spilled into the world, the cockier they seemed to be getting, and smarter too. Not to long ago he'd had to fight three ghost alone since they had managed to separate him and his mom when they'd tricked them into a haunted house. Not that he couldn't handle himself, he did countless patrols alone, but not with ecto-beings that were that strong.


His sharp blue eyes drifted from the screen as they fell upon the small ear transmitter sitting next to the coffee mug that had lost all source of it's heat hours ago. Sitting up and popping the sore muscles in his neck with a sigh, he rubbed the stiffness out as he reached with his free hand for the ear piece.

"Please tell me you guys have good news." He mumbled as he dropped his heavy head into his open hand, his body feeling heavier as he slouched forward.

"~Sorry man.~" Tucker's voice heightened slightly with sincerity before he continued. "~We've looked everywhere Danny but we can't find out anything here.~"

"~No one I've asked has seen anything either.~" Sam's voice cut in as the young male groaned before dropping his head down onto the built in board and winching when he heard the computer screech at him in protest.

With yet another sigh he lifted his head up and scowled when he saw that he'd messed up some of the files with his action. After typing in the correct information swiftly his pressed the palm of his hand against his tight lipped mouth while he drummed his fingers on the steel table in thought. After a few silent minutes though he came up blank and snapped his head up when he realized he'd been only seconds away from drifting off.

Another thing he hated about all these ghost breakouts; he was getting next to no sleep.

"Okay guys," he mumbled as he flopped back in the swirling chair, his eyes already scanning the screen without thought, "thanks but I think we should call it off for the night."

The line was silent once more as he waited for their reply, already knowing what they were going to say.

"~You're going to get some rest too right?~" Sam asked, and he chuckled silently when he thought of the sceptical look he knew the girl would be giving him right now.

"Of course." He lied as he rubbed at his eyes with his thin fingers.

He really needed to eat more...

"~That's what you said last time Danny.~" Tucker's voice scolded, just like a parent would with their misbehaving child. "~And than you collapsed at school from exhaustion remember?~"

"It was just that one time." He argued back as something caught his eye and made him lean forward, he rolled his eyes a moment later though when he saw it was just a smug on the screen. For a moment he'd really thought Technus had hacked into his computer.

"~Yeah, that one time in the past week.~" Sam growled, her voice sounding even more intimidating with the fact that it was so close to his ear, almost as if she was going to be right behind him with knockout gas.

"~Yeah, seriously man, you need to sleep.~" Tucker chipped in as Danny let out a silent yawn.

"You guys know I can't. My mom's been stressing out about this one, it's really starting to get to her. I've got to find out what's going on as soon as possible."

"~You'll be useless to her if you're to tired to help her look later, and to weak to help fight with her.~" Sam pointed out evenly.

Danny opened his mouth to protest before snapping it shut when he couldn't think of anything. As much as he didn't want to admit it, his best friend was right. Still though, he could go just a little longer...

A scream nearly tore out of the boy's mouth when he felt two pairs of hands grab firmly at his shoulder's. The only thing that kept him silent was one of the hands snaking out to slap over his mouth, stopping the sound before it even had a chance.

"Wow, You're jumpy." Tucker snickered as he patted the boy on the shoulder while Sam removed her hand and didn't try to hid her smirk at all.

"You were so about to scream like a little girl."

Danny frowned at his two friends as he spun the chair around to face them, not finding their little joke to be very amusing in the least. He couldn't be angry at them for long though and soon he felt his lips twitching up at the corners against his will.

"How did you guys get here so fast?" He asked as he forced himself to leave the comfortable chair and to stand on his aching feet. "Wasn't I just talking to you?"

"Well yeah." Tucker shrugged as he removed the ear piece and placed it in his pocket, Sam mirroring his movments. "But you can move with them Danny. We were already heading to your house."

"Thanks to your upgraded electric bike we were able to get around a whole lot faster without having to use as much energy." Sam grinned as she twirled the strap of the helmet around her finger for a moment before resting it on her hip.

Danny smiled proudly at that as he nodded his head in contempt. He knew he could get the gears to go higher and lessen the stress on the riders leg's. He'd made the original model for his mother for that specific reason. It seemed it had been a good idea for Sam and Tucker to try out the latest upgrade though and he was happy to see that after all the failed attempts he finally had one that seemed to work.

Putting that thought aside though he crossed his arms as he raised a single brow at his friends.

"What are you guys doing here though?"

Sam and Tucker turned to each other with a smirk before turning back to Fenton and each creeping towards him.

"We're here to force you to sleep." Sam said as his head quickly snapped back to the screen, pulling out the ear piece and turning so his fingers grazed over the keys quick enough to set the huge computer into it's shutting down program.

"Insomniac intervention!" They both yelled before jumping at him in the chair.

This time they all let out a screech as the wobbly object fell over to it's side, not use to having more than one person not only sit, but jump at it. Crashing to the ground was surprisingly a lot less painful and a lot louder than any of them had thought and for at least ten long seconds none of them so much as twitched a finger, each of them listening to see if they'd woken up the two other house hold members.

They all clamped hands over their mouths as laughter erupted from them when the lab remanded silent.

Sam composed herself first, pushing her light body on to her feet before lending a hand to each boy and helping pull them to their feet as well. Shaking his head now Danny brushed some of his dark raven hair out of his eyes before he nodded his head towards the closet that stood proudly beside the monster screens of the computer.

"In here for the night?" He questioned as the other two nodded their heads quickly before rushing over to the closet and ripping it open, snatching fluffy blankets and pillows out of it's confinements before turning back to Danny.

"To be honest I'm way to tired to take all those steps up to your room dude." Tucker grinned sheepishly as he handed a pillow to the home owner.

"Me too." Danny said, this time letting out a large yawn as he covered his mouth with his free hand. "Thanks for helping me by the way guys." He said, his eyes tearing up from the lack of sleep as his smile just barely reached his tired eyes.

"No problem Danny. That's what friends are for." Sam said softly, a small smile pulling at the corner of her lips as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Now lets head to bed. I'm done for the night."

Danny chuckled as he dropped the pillow on the hard ground and laid next to his two friends, their heads creating a small circle as they each wrapped themselves up in the warm confides of their blankets. They had done this so many times before that even though the ground beneath them was cold and hard, digging into the skin and leaving them sore in the morning, they wouldn't have it any other way.

"Night guys."

"Night Danny."


Danny looked down on the sleeping homes of the people with a face as blank as a sheet of paper. He'd walked their streets and been dragged to go shopping with his father to countless malls and little home owned businesses in the last month, but no matter what he did or what his father said this place didn't feel like home. He still remembered the shock he'd felt when he'd gotten home from school in the much larger city he'd use to live in, his father almost in tears as he told Danny they were moving.

His mind had been panicking when he thought the tears were of sadness but his panic had been replaced by confusion quickly when his dad announced he was going to bring the boy back to his hometown. It took him even longer to realize that the tears were created by both happiness and fear. His father had always talked so fondly of his hometown and for the longest time Danny couldn't figure out why they hadn't gone back sooner. Now he knew why.

This place was like a ghost bacteria dish, and worse yet, there seemed to be ghost hunters, good ghost hunters.

He wasn't stupid. Danny knew how to avoid Hunters and the annoying spirits that always wanted to drag him into their games, but this place was crawling with them. From just the briefest glimpses on T.V and reading the titles in their newspapers he could tell that these hunters in particular were not going to be as easily shaken off, not only that but this place wasn't that big and he didn't know it's layout as well as they did. He was really going to have to watch himself here.

It made him sigh at his fathers choice to drag them back. Putting Danny in any sort of danger seemed to be the last thing the man ever wanted, in fact he was, in away, to over protective of the boy and half the time Danny was just happy to get some time to breath. This though? It just seemed like a bad idea all the way around. Terrible in fact. However Danny also knew he had to stop being so selfish.

His father had given up everything to take care of him after his mother had faded... his job, his friends, family, his life. Now that Danny was old enough though to take care of himself from others it seemed Jack was once again comfortable to go after what he wanted.

A job as the fringe sciences top researcher at the world wide known collage.

When Danny found out he'd been really proud of his father, sure sometimes his dad could seem a little dense and he was loud and could be almost to blunt sometimes, but no matter what the man said or did he was a genius and a good father. Danny wouldn't want him any other way.

It would have been nice to have a little saying in the matter though. Not that he had any friends to miss him back home, or a job, something which he had now to help keep him out of trouble, but it still would have been nice to at least pretend he had some control over this situation.

Letting his bright green eyes wander over the streets once more Danny cocked his head tot he side as he saw two kids about his age riding a little to quickly on low humming bikes.

Since when did bikes hum? Or move that fast for that matter? And what were they doing up so late? Deciding it was none of his business the ghost dived down towards the lamp lit streets and made a fancy loop with the snap of his tail before he entered into the open window of his new bedroom.

Shifting the form of his tail to two feet he landed on the ground softly and glanced at himself in the mirror. Hair almost whiter then snow, lightly tanned, flawless skin, and neon green eyes that still seemed to glow in the pitch black room stared back as he ran a hand threw his hair. In the bigger city no one had questioned why he'd looked so strange. They had all just assumed that he bleached his hair and wore colour contacts everyday, here though he wasn't so sure if he could pass it off that easily. Maybe he could lie and tell them he was an albino or something? Or maybe he could just dye it. It's not that he hated how he looked, in fact most girls had swooned over him in his old school, it was just with smarter and better ghost hunters they might be able to tell. After all he did look like a ghost. More living then the green spirits that flew around but it was suspicious.

Sticking his tongue out at his mirror image he just shrugged before kicking off his boots. Maybe they would just label it as a 'big-city-kid' thing and leave him alone about it. After all it's not like he was fully ghost, his father was human, his mother on the other hand hadn't been. Which left him. Just an awkward mix of the two and stuck with some weird looks and awesome powers. Not that he wasn't thankful for being born or anything, he loved his dad, and was sure he would have loved his mom had he met her, but he had learn to live with what he was.

"Night freak." He said to the smirking male in the mirror before flopping down on the bed, not even bothering to pull the coverts over himself before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep...or at least trying to... but something felt very off tonight...