Life Looks Better Upside Down

Chapter 12

"And he fakes left, and goes right, and than he makes a shoot from halfway across the court and..." Danny tossed the ball over Valerie's head a huge grin on his lips as he watched it sail straight. "Nothing but net."

"Show off." Val snickered giving him a roll of her eyes before she jogged over to retrieve the ball.

Danny chuckled as he followed after her, making sure not to bump into any of the other kids and disturb them in their own games.

The gym always got a little crazy when the teacher gave them a 'Do as You Like' period. Mostly he figured that these classes were just so the teacher didn't have to teach but he'd been watching her carefully whenever they did. He saw that marking book of hers. He knew that she was taking notes on who was participating and who was just sitting in the bleachers. It always came as quite a shock whenever he noticed that Fenton's group was always there.

There had been plenty of times in the past five weeks where Danny had found himself in awe over Fenton's athletic ability. While Danny relied on having to do certain things through his ghostly ability, such as strength, speed, and a whole list of other things, Fenton never seemed to have to much of a problem keeping up with him. If anything Danny would have to say that Fenton was one of the best examples of top fitness he'd ever seen and yet the boy never showed any interest in making that known to everyone else. It was to bad really, he could have been the dream player that every coach was looking for, but in away he supposed that it made sense. If Fenton was trying to keep as low a profile as he could in order not to be recognized as the younger ghost hunter than keeping any talent that he had to himself would be best. After all it wouldn't take to long for some people to realize that they moved similarly and he's already seen a fair share of websites dedicated to finding out who he was.

He turned his attention back to his friend when he heard her dribbling the ball, green eyes watching as she set up her shot before taking it. The ball bounced off of the backboard, rolled around the ring twice, and fell straight in. Turning back to face Danny with a smirk she placed a hand on her hip. "Two points Valerie." She grinned while he brought a hand up to his heart.

"Foul play." He mocked as he bent over to scoop up the ball. "You didn't even give me a chance to steal the ball."

"Oh no, I did." Val said, her eyes shifting over to the bleachers as a small smile tugged at her lips. "You were just a little...distracted."

Quick as a whip Danny felt his whole face flush and embarrassingly bright red. He had no idea why it happened, really it shouldn't have been that embarrassing that she called him out on it. From her tone and the look on her face however he could tell that she was thinking that he was checking out one of the girls that had taken residence there, which would mean that if she could have been able to tell than that would mean that she thought that he was checking out Fenton. That thought alone should have made his heart jump in his throat, but it did.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He muttered, tilting his head towards the ground so that she wouldn't be able to see just how red his face was. He could have sworn that he was giving off steam at this point.

"Wait a second, are you shy?" She snickered, ducking her head so that she could peer at what he was trying to hide. "I never thought you would have been the shy type."

"I'm not." Danny shot out quickly, holding the ball to his chest while he gave a loose shrug of his shoulders. "Just, you know, I've been running around a lot and my face gets red when I work hard."

Obviously not believing him Val continued to smirk as she looked towards the bleachers again.

"So who is it anyways?" She asked while Danny found himself rolling his eyes at her nosiness. "Please tell me it's not Sam. That girl is smitten with Fenton and I think that they're going out. You wouldn't want to cause problems there."

"They're not going out."

It took him a moment to realize that the had said those words out loud. He pressed his lips into a thin line as Valerie turned her attention back to him with a skeptical brow and a smirk over her lips. The look over her face made it seem as if she had won something, but Danny couldn't begin to tell her how wrong she was. Not only did he not have a thing for Sam, seriously she was scarier than Fenton when it came to hunting and fighting, but he also didn't have a thing for Fenton. If anything their actions and taunts were playful. Nothing else.

So why did he feel like something had tightly coiled in his stomach at the thought of Sam and Fenton dating?

"Oh really?" Valerie questioned, her voice to light and airy for there not to be some sort of interrogation coming up. "And how would you know that?"

Taking a shot at the net Danny scowled when it bounced off the back and fell to the side. "He told me."

Neither of them said anything as he went to jog after the ball. His mind was in such a frazzled state that he didn't even notice that someone else had picked up the ball until he nearly ran right into them. Really he couldn't help but wonder just how he could have been so blind. Considering that Dash had been the one to pick it up and he was as big as a mountain Danny must have really been out of it.

"Can I have my ball back Dash?"

Although Dash had given him a hard time within his first few minutes of being in school he'd mostly left Danny alone after he managed to humiliate him in front of some of the other stragglers. Maybe he was done licking at his wounds now and wanted a rematch. While Danny wasn't sure he was in the mood to even bother listening to the guy if he felt like trash talking him or trying to rope him into a fight his only other topic of conversation with anyone was going to be Val and trying to figure out who he'd been eyeing at the bleachers.

"Well actually," Even the way that Dash started the sentence, his eyes turned away from Danny and an uncharacteristically nervous look over his face made Danny wonder just what was going on, "Me and Kwan were wondering if you and Valerie wanted to play a game of two on two."

Wait. Was he asking them to play with him? Didn't he hate both of them?


"Just so you don't get any funny ideas," Dash continued, his normal scowl over his face as he glared back at Danny, shoving the ball back hard enough in his chest to nearly wind the boy, "we're only asking since you two are the only ones worth playing here and we wanted at least even a little competition."

"A little?" A smirk curled over his lips while his bright green eyes flashed for the briefest of moments. Giving a click of his tongue he turned back to face Valerie to see that she had carefully been watching their interaction from underneath the net. "Hey Val!" He called, seeing her relax at the giant smile over his face. "You want to wipe the floor with Dash and Kwan?"

He took the sudden smile over her face as a yes and when she started walking towards them he turned back to see that Dash was now openly glaring at him.

"You've got yourself a game Dash."

Dash just glared at him, but soon enough his scowl turned into a smirk of his own as he crossed his huge arms over his thick chest.

"I don't know if I would call it that. I'm not expecting much."

Danny felt the blood in his veins sing in excitement for the upcoming slaughter he was sure was going to happen as Valerie joined his side and Kwan came up on Dash's side.


"Well it seems that Phantom has no problems fitting in."

Danny looked up from the blueprints his mother had sent him with at Sam's words. Looking across the gym he was actually a little shocked to see that she was right. Phantom and Valerie were in an intense looking match with Dash and Kwan, and yet, rather than looking annoyed or angered by the competition the two jocks were actually smiling. Even Paulina and Star had gotten in on the excitement, cheering for both sides while the rest of the class had chosen to sit out and just watch.

He'd always thought it was odd just how some people seemed to put no effort into getting noticed and yet they always seemed to be the ones to attract peoples attention the most. While he himself didn't share every class with Phantom he did have a fair chuck of them together.

Other than the fact of noticing that they looked just like one another Danny hadn't really given the guy much of a thought after that. That didn't mean that he hadn't noticed him however. He'd watched Phantom getting girls numbers within five minutes of talking to them and other than Dash he didn't seem to have any problems with talking to any of the kids from the higher social structure. Now that he looked like he was getting along well with Dash to however Danny could pretty much predict that he was going to be the most popular kid around the school in a little less than two weeks.

"You'd think that for someone who isn't even from around here they would give him a harder time." Tucker put in, not lifting his eyes away from his PDA while Sam scoffed.

"What did you expect? People are mindless sheep and that guy's a Shepard. He just pulls them in. The teachers don't even get mad when he ditches class to 'go to the bathroom'. They just let him do whatever he wants."

"That would be nice." Danny put in, his eyes staying on the one they were talking about as he thoughts. "I mean how many times have I had to get out of class to go fight ghosts and haven't been able to do so?"

"Speaking of catching ghosts." Sam said, drawing Danny's attention away from the game in front of them so he could face his best friend. "When am I allowed to go back on patrol?"

Oh, right. He'd been keeping Sam off of that for about a week now. His 'trying to strengthen her weak areas wasn't going to hold up forever. She was to smart for that and caught on to quickly. Still, he hadn't managed to get Nights to agree to get out of town and he really didn't want her out there with him knowing how much she despised that one ghost in particular.

"Just give me another week." He said, his eyes moving back over to watch as Phantom received a nuggie from Kwan to distract him, a giant smile over the boy's face while Valerie stole the ball from Dash. "Two weeks should be good for you behind the monitors."


Sam grumbled at his choice but she didn't push any. Tucker on the other hand shot him a knowing look that he all to easily ignored.