Life Looks Better Upside Down

Chapter 12

"So Danny, take a seat."

Danny couldn't help but swallow thickly as he entered into his sister's room. His eyes darted over to the small couch that she kept for when other kids use to come over, and felt his heart hammer a little bit more at the unknown thoughts that were probably going through her head right at this moment. He didn't want to be one of the people who she was going to evaluate, he didn't want her to be telling him everything that was wrong with what he was doing. When he heard the door shut solidly behind him however he felt his panic seep in as he spun around to face her.

"Jazz could we maybe do this later? I-I've got school and um, I- uh..."

"This won't take long." She said, her voice eerily calm for the situation, and her face not portraying anything that could have been going on in his mind. Not even her eyes were giving away a hint of what he was in for. "Just sit down."

Not bothering to deny her the simple request anymore Danny clenched his fist tightly as he walked over to the couch and sat down on it. He wasn't going to lay on it, he might be going along with it, but he defiantly wasn't going to relax any for this. Not that Jazz seemed to mind though as she walked over to the chair set up next to the soft plush couch and sat down on it, crossing one leg over the other before placing her intertwined fingers on one knee.

"So Danny..." She said calmly as he looked down at his own hands that had balled up his jeans in tight fists as he bit down harshly on his bottom lip. "oh, little brother."

Danny nearly jumped when he felt her wrap her arms around him tightly and sit down next to him. For a moment he didn't know what to do as he just sat there stunned, before he could do anything though Jazz pulled back and frowned at him.

"You've screwed up big Danny." She muttered, not easing his feelings any as he curled in on himself. "What happened?"

"I don't understand...?"

"Don't play stupid with me Danny." She growled while the boy flinched slightly at her tone. "You don't go from fighting ghosts to protecting one and than dating one!"

"We're not dating!" Danny protested as he crossed his arms firmly over his chest, his whole face lighting up bright red as he turned his sharp gaze away from her. "We're not, I just... I don't know Jazz, I do still fight ghosts, you know that." He mumbled as he stared at her from the corner of his eye, looking away when he saw the look of disappointment written clearly over her face. "I just... well, Nights...he's different. I know you heard me saying this before but he's, well, he's just, he's just so human."

"No Danny, he was human." Jazz corrected as she placed a hand on his shoulder,gathering his attention back to her as they both mirrored the frown across the others face. "He's not human anymore, this won't work."

"Well, why not?" He grumbled as he shook off her hand before squirming over enough to give them some more space between each other.

"Danny! This is basically necrophilia!" Jazz spazzed as she threw her hands up. "He's dead Danny! Dead! D! E! A! D!"

"I know that!" Danny snapped as he glared at her.

She matched his glare evenly though as they both stayed silent and tight lipped about the situation.

He knew that Nights was dead. He was a ghost so it just went without saying, but it was just... Nights didn't feel dead. He just seemed to alive. He was just so lively, he was fun to hangout with and Danny found that he liked the ghost more than he was starting to even like people. There was just something so- so real with Nights that he didn't want anyone to hurt him, he didn't want anyone to bother him, he didn't want anyone to say anything bad about him. It wasn't Nights' fault for what had happened to him. And so what if he was dead? Why should that have stopped them from being together? Yeah sure, it wasn't highly looked upon, at all, and Danny could completely see why, but it's not like he was making out with a rotten corpse or a dead person. Nights didn't just sit there rotting away, hell, technically he wasn't even a body, just a spirit. There wasn't anything wrong he was doing because if Nights wanted him to stop than he could say so. He could tell Danny to hit the road for all he knew, a cadaver would just sit there, void of anything that made it human.

Danny nearly hurled at the thought. Slapping a hand over his mouth he had to seal his eyes shut as he wiped the very idea of it from his mind. If that's what everyone else saw than he could understand why they were so disgusted and upset, but it wasn't that way at all. In away it seemed that Nights was more human than they were, because really, what were empty bodies after their souls had left? They defiantly weren't all that human anymore. Than again maybe he was just over thinking it.

"Jazz... I know it seems really wrong, but...I really..." Danny trailed off as his gaze fell back to the plush carpet of her floor. His words seemed to be stuck in his throat as he uncrossed his arms and instead clung to the cushions underneath his finger tips. "I just,I think that I really like Nights."

His eyes burned as he rubbed at them roughly with the back of his hands. He didn't want to cry in front of her, but he didn't want to see the look on her face either. If anyone found out about this he was screwed. He would lose everything, his family, his friends, Nights. They would send him off somewhere and never speak his name again without the accompaniment of disgust added to their tone at the very least. Not only that but than someone would catch Nights and he would fade away at their hands and Danny wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He didn't want to lose anyone, but there was no way that he was going to be able to get out of this without any scratches.

"Danny," Jazz sighed as she wrapped an arm tightly around his shoulders and pulled him in close while petting his head with her free hand, "I don't understand what you're going through right now." She said as he sniffled slightly, still refusing to meet her gaze. "I'm just worried." She mumbled as she pulled back only enough to cup his face in between both of her hands and forced him to look at her. "Nights is dead, and from the looks of it, he likes you. I just... what happens when you start to grow up even more? The idea of you getting older while he's stuck at the age he's at might frustrate him. Or what happens if he decides that he doesn't want to wait around for you to die anymore and he..."

He kills you.

The last words weren't spoken, but they didn't need to be. Danny could feel his blue eyed gaze widening as his mouth slipped open as Jazz's brows pulled together and a small frown was set firmly on her lips.

"I don't want to lose you little brother."

Would Nights kill him? As a ghost he could have killed people before, especially as a ghost who protected other ghosts, but would he? If Nights wanted to be with him, would he kill Danny to be able to do so? Would he be able to be with him if he was human? Could a relationship between them even work? He'd been trying to figure out thee questions for so long but oddly enough he'd never really thought about what Jazz was talking about. He'd never thought of Nights as a threat in that kind of way before.

"I know I can't stop you from doing what you're going to do Danny, but," Jazz trailed off as she dropped her hands back into her lap and slid her gaze away to the side, "but if he does anything to try and hurt you or threaten you than I will lock you up and I will get Mom, Vlad, and Walker to handle him." She said as she brought her sharp gaze back up to meet with his, the pure truth that laid behind them enough to make his heart stop. "Do you understand?"

With a quick nod of his head Danny shot off the couch and nearly crashed to the ground when the world seemed to spin. He managed to catch himself though as he stood up straight, his breath coming out a little quicker as he ran a hand threw his hair. Without another glance back to his sister he was grabbing his bag.

"You won't tell anyone about this, will you?"

He waited to hear her answer for the longest time. The seconds ticked by slowly as his heart beat faster and faster in his chest.


Letting out a long sigh of relief Danny shook his head and was out the door in a matter of mere seconds.

His mind seemed to be swimming from one place to the other as he made his way down the stairs and out the door of his home. He'd never wanted things to get this complicated. When he'd met Nights for the first time he didn't think that the cocky little prick would lead to this much trouble. Yet something in the back of his mind made him feel as if it was all going to be worth it.

He wasn't stupid, he knew that sometimes no matter how bad you wanted something you just couldn't get it, but if he stopped trying and never bothered to find out than he would hate himself for the rest of his life, cursing the what if's of his regrets. How long could he keep doing this though? How long could he protect Nights and lie to his family? How long did he have until everything was bound to blow up in his face and he lost his family or Nights or both? What was he going to do about any of this? What could he do?

Sighing at his luck of being born into a family of ghost hunting and falling in lo... in like, he guessed is what he would call it, with a ghost, Danny shook his head as he let his shoulders drop under the weight of all of his books in his bag. At some point he was going to have to pay the consequences of his actions, and they were defiantly going to be more than just a sit down intervention thing with his family, but that didn't mean that he was going to try and dodge it anymore than necessary. He just wanted to have fun a little bit longer. There was nothing wrong with that. He was going to have to make plans though. He was going to have to figure out how they could all get out of this unscratched. He just didn't know how yet...

"You know you really should stop zoning out in public. It makes it way to easy to sneak up on you."

Danny jumped at the arm that fell across his shoulders and the body that pressed up to his side like it belonged there.

"Nights?" He mumbled out for a moment as he turned to the ghost next to him who merely grinned.

"You told me to wait here so I did!"

Danny couldn't help the small smile that slid over his lips at that as he nodded his head.

"I did didn't I?" He muttered as he shook off the other before he raised a brow slightly at him. "This isn't going to interrupt your day or anything is it?" He asked, the idea just occurring to him now as Nights shrugged with a little smile of his own. He knew Nights was dead but that didn't mean that he might not have any ghostly things to attend to.

"Nope, trust me, around this time I'm pretty much bored out of my mind." He snickered, as if he was in on some joke that Danny didn't quiet understand.

Danny on the other hand just gave him a slightly tight lipped smile before he turned his attention back to walking to school. He wondered if maybe he should tell Nights what Jazz had said, or maybe even ask him the question that she had brought up. But he found that he just couldn't get his lips to move in the way that he wanted them to. Briefly he wondered if he asked if Nights would tell him honestly. Ghosts did have a habit of being tricky after all and he would hate to see that trick coming back to bit him to late.

As they grew nearer to the school Danny couldn't stop his gaze from constantly drifting over to the other boy who was just humming happily with a giant smile on his face and his hands in the pockets of his jacket. He looked quite happy to be there, even if they weren't doing anything, even if they were just walking together to school and not saying a word. He seemed content in just being around Danny. How could someone who was made so happy by something so simple be any threat to them at all? Sure he got in their way a lot and was a major pain in their ass, but Nights was a big softy once you got to know him. He was sure that if he could just get them to all sit down and talk things out than maybe things wouldn't have to be so bad and complicated.

Sadly though he knew his mother, and he knew Vlad. Even if Nights was interested in trying to explain their idea of the argument the two humans would never listen. They'd see Nights as a ghost, nothing more. He would be something wrong, something to study and than be thrown away. Looking over next to him though Danny just couldn't see it. He was sure he use to be able to see what they saw in these ghost but he just couldn't do it anymore.

Snapping his head from left to right as they drew even nearer to the school Danny made sure no one saw him as he snatched Nights' wrist and pulled in to the side of the school where he was sure no one would see them. When he was satisfied with their location he let the boy go and bit down on his bottom lip as he shuffled his feet for a moment. He wasn't use to being this well, just being like this. It seemed to come somewhat hand in hand with Nights lately and whether he liked it or not he had no idea.

"Going to confess your undying love for me yet?" Night snickered as Danny raised his head and glared up sharply at him.

That seemed to cut off the ghost's laughter quickly as he frowned and leaned in slightly closer.

"Hey? You okay?"

Instead of answering though Danny quickly closed the gap between them and softly placed his lips against the others.

This one wasn't heavy, there was no tongue or movement, just a little bit of presser that could give it its name as a kiss. But it felt good. It felt warm, and comforting, and alive. Danny carefully tilted his head to the side as he gave the boy another peck followed by another until Nights was pulled into the movements and their lips finally locked. Danny reached for the belt loops of Nights pants and pulled him close as he bit at the others bottom lip before sliding his tongue into his mouth and gently coaxing the other even more into it. Rubbing his thumbs into the v line of the others hips he pulled away from Nights mouth, giving him one last gentle peck before he turned his attention to the boy's neck. He couldn't really get to the side of his throat with his hood in the way so Danny moved down to the front of his throat, gently biting and sucking at the green eyed boy's neck while Nights panted sweetly into his ear.

He couldn't help but love how easy it was to make the normally cocky ghost squirm and the cute sounds he was making rather than his normal talks of smugness made Danny grin as he felt Nights' strong arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him in closer. He always wondered why Nights never bothered trying this stuff on him even though he flirted way more, but than he figured had the ghost tried the dark haired teen would have pulled back.

Sliding his hands around to the others back he ran his hands upwards, taking the jacket and shirt up with him as he shifted up just the slightest and pulled Nights in even closer while biting down even harder on his neck. Something between a squeak and a moan slipped passed the ghost's lips before he bit down on his bottom one to keep quiet. Danny pulled back from the spot he had been abusing,giving the red mark that would soon be a hickey an apologizing lick before he brought his lips up one more time to meet with Nights.

He allowed his eyes to slip closed as he rested their foreheads together and just breathed in the scent that was Nights.

"You know, either I did something right, or lady luck loves me. Two mind blowing kisses in one day." Nights snickered breathlessly while Danny simply chuckled at him.

The sound of the bell cut threw the air and Danny nearly growled at it as he held Nights a little closer. He didn't want to go right now. He just wanted to stay here with Nights and forget everything else that was going on. Sadly though, and with a sigh, he pulled back a bit and loosened his hold.

"I've got to get to class." He mumbled while Nights simply shrugged.

"I know." He chuckled as he dropped his arms from around the other and crossed them lightly over his chest. "If I don't see you later though than see ya Wednesday."

Danny couldn't stop himself from grabbing the boy's chin and tilting his head up just enough for him to nip at his nose.

"It's a date than." He grinned.

Nights just seemed to stand there in shock for a moment and Danny used that to his advantage as he turned on his heels and quickly left. He had no idea what was wrong with him lately, but he couldn't really say that he wasn't liking it. Sure he'd been trying to get Nights to back off in that kind of way for awhile but now he could see why the ghost liked to tease him so much. It was really a lot of fun.


Danny couldn't keep the scowl from his lips or the incredibly dark blush from his face as he walked into class without his jacket and with his hand clamped firmly over his throat. He had no idea that Fenton had left a mark on him until Val had laughed in his face about it. Thankfully she'd run into him before he got into the school, but he had no idea how he was supposed to hide it now, other than covering his neck anyways and that just looked weird and he was sure by the looks he was getting most people knew what he was trying to hide.

With a groan he dropped his head on the desk and whined slightly as the class started to fill in with people. It's not that he didn't think what Fenton had done wasn't really hot, because it really was and he really, really wished that the other hadn't stopped. But why! Of all the places! Did it have to be the front of his neck! He couldn't even borrow Val's makeup since he was so pale and the only other person in school as pale as he was, was Sam and there was no way he was going to ask her to borrow her makeup.

'Hey, mind if I borrow your coverup or concealer or whatever? I just need to hide a hickey that your best friend gave me when he thought I was that ghost guy you hate.'

Yeah, he had a feeling that wouldn't end well...

"You seem like your in an awfully good mood today dude."

Tucker's voice made Nights shoot up as he snapped his head around to see the school famous outcast trio walk in and take their seats on the other side of the room.

"W-what makes you say that?" Fenton stuttered as Danny scoffed.

Sure, now he was all shy and whatnot. Where was that personality when he was nearly grinding into Nights and marking him up for his own. Phantom scoffed at that as he carefully kept his eyes on the group.

"You've been smiling like an idiot since you got in this morning." Sam put in as she pulled her books from her spider bag while Fenton's face went beat red.

"It's nothing." He said quickly as a slow smirk came to Danny's face.

Nothing hm? He wondered what his friends would say if they really found out the reason for his good mood.

"You sure?" Tucker asked as he typed some stuff into his PDA without even glancing at it.

"Yup." Fenton put in quickly as he nodded his head a little to fast before he flinched when Sam shot him a look that completely called his bullshit.

Deciding to have a little bit of fun Danny cleared his throat loudly, catching the attention of the other three in the room while a smirk slid onto his face and he shot them all a wink.

"Sorry for butting in but maybe you should ask him who I saw him kissing by the side of the school this morning." He grinned while Fenton's face paled and both Tucker's and Sam's mouths fell open.

"What! Danny!" They both yelled as they tuned on him faster than a pack of hungry wild dogs.

The dark haired male shot him a glare so hard that he was sure the boy was trying to see if he could make his skin melt off his bones. Danny on the other hand grinned to himself as he waved at the boy for a moment before he remembered he was supposed to keep his hand over his throat. Quickly moving it back in place and hoping that Fenton didn't notice he couldn't stop the smile from forming on his lips as he turned to the front of the class while even more people filed in.

Pay back was sweet.

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