Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Or at least that's my name in this reality. I'm the personal student of Princess Celestia, the co-ruler of Equestria, learning all that I can about magic. Recently, she sent me to Ponyville to oversee the preparations of the 1000th Summer Sun celebration, after brushing off my concerns about the return of Nightmare Moon and telling me to make friends. In the end I did make five wonderful friends, and I was right about Nightmare Moon's return. And through the Magic of Friendship, and the use of the Elements of Harmony, the six of us managed to cleanse Nightmare Moon of her evil taint, bringing about the return of the Princess of the Night and younger sister of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna.

After our little adventure, we became bound to the Elements of Harmony and the best of friends. So I moved to Ponyville to be with my new friends, and to start my studies on the Magic of Friendship, as well as continue my other studies. But shortly after becoming bound to my Element of Harmony, I noticed something strange happening to me. I would get these weird feelings and have these strange dreams. At first I thought it was me simply adjusting to living in Ponyville, but then one day I woke up and I was me, but I wasn't me. I mentioned that my name is Twilight Sparkle, at least within this reality. When I woke up, I wasn't Twilight Sparkle. I was in another reality and I was a stallion by the name of Dusk Shine.

I was shocked. I mean who wouldn't be? To be a mare one day, only to wake up as a stallion the next. Yet when I searched my recent memories, I found those of me as a stallion. Princess Celestia sending me to Ponyville; making friends with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack; trekking though the Everfree Forest in search of the Elements of Harmony; defeating Nightmare Moon; moving to Ponyville. In all those memories I found that I was a stallion. I was Dusk Shine. Then I thought of them a second time, and found them as me being a mare, Twilight Sparkle. Then a third time and I got mixed memories.

My first instinct was to send a letter to the Princess, telling her and asking her about this. But I dismissed that thought, realizing how crazy I sounded halfway though mentally composing my letter, thinking that I, as Dusk Shine, just had a really vivid dream about being a mare named Twilight Sparkle and was still in that confused state between dreaming and being awake. Then I went about my day and began noticing things were progressing just as they had in my dream as Twilight Sparkle. I merely thought it coincident, eery coincident, but coincident all the same. Then I went to sleep and woke up as Twilight Sparkle.

Needless to say, I had a mild panic attack. I went through my recent memories again and found both sets of identical memories there with the only difference being me being either Dusk Shine or Twilight Sparkle. I wanted to tell somepony but again I thought I'd sound crazy and that I just had a vivid dream. But after going to sleep, waking up as Dusk Shine, and going through the day that Twilight Sparkle just did was enough to convince me that, for some reason, I was living in two realities. I didn't know why, I didn't know how. All I knew was that I was living in two realities, and that I shouldn't tell anypony about it, not even my friends, lest they think I'm crazy.

I spent half the day thinking about my predicament and came to a few decisions. One was that, since I as Twilight Sparkle experiences things first, I should just live my life normally, while taking note of anything important. Then, as Dusk Shine, I can use what I've learned and experienced as Twilight and try to go about things better. The second thing was that I essentially have twice the time now for my studies, and I'll be able to learn twice as much. Shortly after that I decided that it actually gives me extra free time to spend with my friends and, even if I were to cut back on my studies to 75% of what I do now in each day, I'd still be learning 50% more than before.

And the last thing I decided was that I should use a little know spell, Magic Quill, to keep a magic journal, such as the one I'm writing in now, where what is written down isn't written with ink but with magic and is stored in your magic where you can have it displayed on any blank pages or surface so that I might be able to keep it as both Twilight and Dusk. Though I am unsure of if what I've written down as Twilight will be visible as Dusk. But I won't know until I try. And if it doesn't work, then I'll simply have to keep a regular journal in each reality.

And on that note, I've caught up to the present. Roughly six days of living in Ponyville, even though it seems like eight after having spent two days aware of being Dusk. Just a few quick notes in case I, or rather Dusk forgets (since I've noticed that I seem to forget a few things while as Dusk), and assuming this actually works; Applejack is going to ask me for help with some work on the farm in two days. Also, I should go buy some new quills at any time that isn't between 4:30pm to 5pm or else I'll have to deal with Rainbow Dash crashing me into a mud puddle.

-Dusk Shine-*

Yes! It worked! The magic journal worked! Twilight, or Dusk, or whoever I am at the time of reading this, you're a genius! I'll be able to record everything now. I tried it out this morning when I woke up and saw everything that I, you, whatever wrote. Waited until tonight though to put my journal entry in. And thanks for the heads up Twilight, er me, whatever. You, I, whatever, were right, I did forget about Dash until after I read what I, or I guess you or, well... You know what? I think it'll be easier to reference each other as individual ponies, despite sharing the same consciousness. I mean after all, we do exist in different realities. Let me know if you agree with me in the notes section.**

I ask because I'm not sure if you've noticed yet or not but, as a mare and a stallion, we actually have some different perspectives on things. Such as when AJ asked you to help out with some work down at Sweet Apple Acres, you were just happy to spend time with your friend and help out. But when she asked me, I felt a twinge of pride that, out of all her friends, she choose to ask her stallion friend for help with manual labor. Now I know AJ could easily kick my flank in a fight if I were to not use magic... hay, she could kick it even if I did use magic, not that I'd actually admit that. But that doesn't change the fact that I was glad to know she choose her stallion friend over somepony like Rainbow Dash, who could also kick my flank. Again, I'd never admit it.

And there's another thing. I've noticed that I'm a bit more laid back that you are. I know it's only been a few days to make such an observation, but I notice that I prefer to use nicknames for our friends. Like AJ for Applejack, or Dash and RD for Rainbow Dash. While you use their full names most of the time, with Pinkie Pie being the only exception, sometimes simply referring to her as Pinkie.

Um... there... I'd like to point out... Sorry, false starts. I just wanted to say that it's a good thing for you to take note of certain things that happen and write them down. I say this because I, too, have noticed a few things about today that I 'remembered' after they happened. It seems that in the transition from Dusk to Twilight and back, some things are lost to the other unless mentioned.****


* We should put headers of who is writting down, if only to help separate the next journal start from the notes, seeing as we seem to have inherently different horn writing.**

** Yes, I do agree with you on that note. Much simpler. I also agree on you following point and since you mentioned it, I notice it too myself. I also agree that putting headers down will certainly help with organization.***

*** I must say, it feels weird to say that I agree with myself, even though I was the one to think it and yet... it also feels right to say so, since we're two separate beings, just sharing a consciousness.*^5

**** I have the feeling there's something you want to tell me that you're aware that I don't remember, but for some reason are not.*^6

*^5 I'm glad you agree.

*^6 Yes, there is something I have noticed that you don't. But I don't feel it's the time to tell you yet.