you see jimmy on a hover board followed by devon and pen "COME ON GUYS DAD SAYS HE HAS A SURPRISE FOR ME" screamed jimmy who looks like ben with a dirtier face blond hair and a blue shirt with a green 10 on it

"WE'RE COMING" screamed devon and pen the levin twins orange kevin style hair a semi muscular body boots a black t shirt with a red skull on it and black jeans devon inherited both kevin and gwen's powers while pen is super smart and is in high school

all 3 cousins are 10

"wait devon pen" said jimmy while devon and pen stopped "what" they both said "someones being robbed" said jimmy racing to a dark ally "that boy" said devon "tell me about it" said pen both following when they get down there jimmy's under ones foot and he smashes his hover board and throws it at pen who falls to the ground "your gonna wish you didn't do that" said devon jumping on the ground and touching the building then becoming concrete as he runs at the man to punch him another one jumps out and throws a bomb at him that blows up and zaps him

"NO DEVON PEN" said jimmy grabbing the mans leg then flipping him to the ground then gets on pen's hover board and rams at the other one smashing him into the side of he building then the hover board blows up then he gets tackled by the thief "i'm gonna-" said the thief getting cut off "your gonna do what" said jimmy's dad going 4 arms then throwing the man away

the 3 wake up at jimmy's house "OH MY GOSH DAD THE THIEFS-" "i know son and i took care of it" "hey do any of you know what happened to them" said pen "i called the cops and they picked them up" said jimmy's dad "and jimmy's surprise " said devon "oh ya" he said walking to a table and bringing jimmy a ball "i got it from azmuth for you your the age were it's time to get your own" he said as jimmy opened the box and an omnitrix jumped onto his wrist

i know it's short just a story starter now i need 10 aliens not in the show so send me suggestion powers appearance and name then i can really start this story