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Freak's Playground

The smell of cotton candy, corn dogs and sweet treats hit the nostrils of Sheamus as he walked through the small carnival. He passed by running children and young teen lovers as he bit into a heart attack inducing funnel cake.

The red-haired man hadn't intended on going to the carnival today, he ran into it while he was driving down the streets. He hadn't paid much attention to it but as the sweet smell of cotton candy made its way into his car it brought back a sense of nostalgia in the Irishman. Before he knew it, he was buying a ticket to get inside. It wasn't much, just a measly 7 dollars.

"Mommy let's go there!" A young voice cried out as he tugged his mother's hand. Tired eyes landed on him as she let her son drag him towards a colorful tent pitched up at the center of the carnival.

Sheamus' eyes scanned the tent, landing on the sign that simply read "Freaks Playground Sideshow" in big bright letters. On the outside of the tent stood a few photos that showed different unusual individuals. The posters read "Elastic Lady", "Sword Swallower", "Quarter Man" and "Bearded Lady". There were a few other signs but they were too far off for Sheamus to see.

A scuff fell off of Sheamus' lips as he rolled his eyes at the tent. Why would he want to go to that? He went to turn around when he heard another kid's voice speak of the show. "It's almost starting!" The voice called out as they ran with another friend. Was this show popular? He found himself growing interest. Ah, fuck it he already made it this far! Taking a final bite of his funnel cake, he walked over to the ticket booth and purchased a ticket.

He walked into the tent, his eyes adjusting to the dimness of the tent. He found himself behind a crowd of people who were all looking up at a stage in front of them. On top stood a man who looked eccentric in his top hat and heavily tattooed body.

"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Freak's Playground!" He called out with a wickedly big smile on his face. "Tonight you well witness things you've never seen before. Men that can swallow swords, women who can breathe fire, creatures with two heads and much more extraordinary things. Don't be fooled by their unique talents, they're just like you and me. First introducing AJ the Elastic Girl!"

Sheamus clapped his hands as a petite woman entered the stage. He watched as she bent her body in seemingly impossible positions. He looked on in wonder as she fit herself into a small box. He couldn't believe people could do stuff like this.

Soon after her came a few other acts that really shocked the pale man. There was Punk the Sword Swallower, Daniella "Daniel" The Bearded Lady, Bray the Knife Thrower and a few others that made Sheamus feel uncomfortable yet completely amazed.

"Finally we've come to our last performer. She has beauty and muscle, Kaitlyn the Strongwoman!" The host said as he opened his arm out towards the curtain. Her whole entrance seemed to happen in slow motion to Sheamus. He watched as a beautiful woman with blonde and black hair entered the middle of the stage. She looked gorgeous in her light blue ruffled dress as she smiled and waved at the audience.

She quickly got into her act, lifting up weights and heavy objects. She even rose up a solid cube of concrete with seemingly no trouble. Sheamus watched in pure wonder as she called up a man on stage, wishing it was him. She lifted him up with no problem as the people cheered for her. In his inner mind, he knew he shouldn't be falling for someone who could arguably enough be stronger than him but here he was basically swooning over her.

She flashed a final smile, her eyes searching around the crowd until they landed on Sheamus. Her smile grew a bit softer before turning around and exiting the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen you have been a delightful crowd. I hope we have awed you guys with our unique display of talents and individuals here! Please do come again and tell you friends!" The host called out before dramatically exiting behind the curtains himself.

People started to pile out of the tent, speaking enthusiastically about what they saw. Sheamus found himself thinking of the girl as he walked. She was absolutely gorgeous; if looks could kill he'd be dead right now. Her smile and presence was wonderful. He found himself wanting to see her again, but how could he get to her? Ah fella, are you really going to go look for a carnie? He thought to himself as he walked around the carnival once more.

Sheamus sighed out as he walked through the carnival for what felt like the 100th time. His feet were starting to feel sore and rational thinking started to kick in. He couldn't believe he was doing all of this for a girl he only saw for a few minutes. She probably had a boyfriend or maybe even a husband! He instantly started to feel silly as he decided that going home would be best.

He walked into the parking lot when he saw it; blonde hair cascading down a toned woman's back. Was it her? He watched as she spoke to a small petite girl that looks just like that AJ girl from the show. A laugh rung through the air as the two giggled over something before seeing the brunette wave to the blonde. Soon she turned to what he could assume was her car and there he saw black tuffs of hair.

His heart skipped a beat as he realized it was her. Feeling like he was a little schoolyard kid who had a crush, he made his way over to her. Sheamus stopped near her car; what the hell was he going say to her? How was she going react to a man talking to her in an empty parking lot? Oh, I should just leave! He thought to himself.

He was about to turn when he heard a female voice call out to him. "Do you need something?"

His green-blue eyes landed on hazel. He instantly felt nervous, something he rarely felt. Stuffing his hands into his jeans he let a sheepish grin land on his face. "I just…I wanted to say that I really liked your show, lass." He said lamely.

A bright smile flashed on Kaitlyn's face. "Thank you! I'm glad you liked it." She said, hands on her hips as she spoke. Sheamus offered a smile. He couldn't quite believe he had found her and that he was speaking to her now. Sheamus credited himself in being smooth but with her he found out real quick that smoothness wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Well…" Kaitlyn said awkwardly, making Sheamus realize that he had been silent for a while now. "I'm gonna get going, it was nice meeting you!" Kaitlyn said before grabbing at her car keys.

"Wait!" Sheamus nearly yelled, causing Kaitlyn to jump slightly. Her posture grew tense as her eyes widen as she looked over at him.

"Listen guy, if you're here to try and fight me or something I'm not goi-"

"No! No…nothing like that." Sheamus quickly interrupted Kaitlyn. "Do guys actually challenge you to that, lass?" He asked, surprised.

Kaitlyn nodded with a sigh. "All the time." She answered with an eye roll. "Like, I get it. I'm really strong and I guess my strength is some sort of unspoken challenge to men but I'm just so tired of having to kick another guy's ass! And, while we're on this topic what's so wrong about just accepting I'm strong? What personal benefits do you get? All you did was beat up and girl! And let me tell you something, that does not sound good on you, my friend!" Kaitlyn freely ranted, her hands flailing as the passion in her voice grew more intense.

Suddenly her cheeks darkened –which looked like such a pretty sight to Sheamus –before she coughed in her hand embarrassingly. "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to rant. I get really heated." She spoke, laughing nervously. "What did you want?"

Sheamus blinked his eyes at the sudden changing pace of the two toned girl in front of him before a smile crept on his face. "I uh…" A slight cough escaped his lips. "I think you're pretty cute and I just wanted to know if I could possibly treat you to a few drinks." He responded, stipulating confidence the best he could.

Kaitlyn's cheeks redden again as she looked at him with a surprised expression. A smile tugged at her lips as a hand ran through her two toned hair. "Oh um…" She snorted, causing Sheamus to let out a small chuckle himself. "Wow…sorry I don't really get that often."

"That's hard to believe." Sheamus thought aloud.

Kaitlyn blushed harder at the compliment. "Thanks…" She sheepishly said before nodding. "Yeah…yeah you can take me out to have drinks."

Sheamus face grew into a wide grin. "Great! Are you free this Saturday?"

"Yeah, I'm free. I only work on weekdays." She answered.

"So…Saturday at 8?" He asked.

Kaitlyn nodded with a smile.

"Okay! I'll pick you up then!" Sheamus said happily before turning, starting to make his way to his car.

"Wait!" Kaitlyn called out. "You don't know where I live!" She giggled out.

Sheamus turned around with a sheepish grin before going back to her. "Right."

Kaitlyn let out another giggle before scribbling down her address on a small sheet of paper before giving it to him. "See you on Saturday." She said.

"See you." He winked. He was going to leave again when he remembered something. "Oh and my name is Sheamus." He said before going back to his car where he proceeded to stare down at the address with a smile before starting up his car and going home

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