Sheamus drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he waited for the light to turn green. Today was the day. He was going to go on a date; not just any date but a date with the most beautiful girl he's had the pleasure to lay his eyes on. Also, the strongest but that didn't matter at all to him. She was gorgeous. Something about her just told him that she was what he's been inadvertently looking for.

"Turn left." The GPS spoke.

Sheamus looked down at the small device to see his destination only a turn away. To say that his nerves started to kick in was an understatement. His nerves roundhouse kicked through and before he knew it his heart was speeding up and his hands started to grow clammy. Be calm, Fella. It's just a woman. He told himself, feeling like a teenage boy going on his first date.

Quickly parking his car, he wiped his hands on his jeans and started to make his way up her porch. The house looked small and cozy. It even had a garden gnome in the front. Sheamus let an easy smile spread on his face before taking a deep breath and knocking on Kaitlyn's door.

He heard feet quickly patter to the door, causing his heart to skip a beat. He watched as the door swung open but his smile flattered slightly when he saw brunette hair and not blond-black.

"Hi! You must be Sheamus!" The small brunette spoke excitingly, her voice rising at his name. She stuck a hand out with a smile on her face. "I'm AJ."

Sheamus took her hand in his and shook it. "I remember. You were amazing; you know fitting in the box. Quite impressive, lass." He complimented.

"Thank you." She reached over and grabbed a purse and slung it over her shoulder. "I'm gonna get going, but you can step in and wait for Kaitlyn in the living room." She said, pointing a thumb back to the very room she spoke of.

"You sure she wouldn't mind me entering?" Sheamus asked, rubbing the back of his head.

AJ simply waved the question off, opening the door wider for the big man to get in. He hesitantly walked in, taking note of the inside of Kaitlyn's home. It looked exactly like it did outside, cozy.

"You can just sit on the couch." AJ said before rounding her head around the short hallway connecting the front door and the living room. "I'm leaving Kaitlyn! Don't leave Sheamus waiting too long!" AJ called out before waving a goodbye one last time and walking out of the house.

Sheamus heard what sounded like heels clicking on the ground before seeing a head poke out of a bedroom. "Hey!" Kaitlyn said with a smile on her face.

"Hello!" Sheamus greeted back with a big smile of his own.

"I'm sorry, I'll be right out. I just have to finish something real quick." She apologized causing Sheamus to wave her off.

"Take the time you need, lass. But please, not too long." Sheamus said with a grin. Kaitlyn's face blushed slightly before poking back into the room.

Sheamus took the time to examine her living room from where he sat. It looked like a regular living room; TV, couch, end table, etc. He saw a few knick knacks here and there that he found endearing. His eyes landed on a few pictures near the TV. Wanting a better look, he walked closer and bent over.

The pictures showed a few of Kaitlyn with an older woman who he could assume was her mother. There were a few of her with other people that he didn't know. But, his eyes landed on one that featured Kaitlyn sitting under a tree and smiling up at whoever the photographer was. She looked beautiful in it. He couldn't tell if it was the light or her smile but she looked almost heavenly.

Sheamus scuffed at his own thoughts; he couldn't believe how gushy he was getting because of her. He hadn't even properly met her and yet here he was falling for her. Sheamus continued to stare at the photo until he heard a click from a door. He quickly straightened up in time to see Kaitlyn walk out in a skirt, sheer on the cleavage shirt and black heels.

His face instantly heated up at the sight of her. "How do I look?" She asked almost timidly.

"You look great…beautiful." He complimented, running his hands through his tuffs of hair nervously. She smiled at him, causing him to smile back. The two smiled at each other for a few seconds before breaking into soft awkward laughter.

"We should get going." Sheamus said, looking at his wrist watch.

"Alright, let me just grab my bag and we can go." She said, quickly grabbing her bag and keys before letting Sheamus lead her out to his car.

Always the gentlemen, he opened the door for her before going over to the driver seat and driving off into the streets.

"Where are we going?" She asked as her hazel eyes looked over at him.

Chancing a quick glance over at her he answered, "A Drive-In movie."

Kaitlyn's face lit up. "I've always wanted to go to one of those! I didn't know they had those around here."

A victory smile appeared on the red heads face as he took in her excitement. "I didn't know either. My friend told me about it." He said.

The pair rode the rest of the way with conversation and jokes, it was apparent that chemistry was growing between the pair or well Sheamus thought so. The awkwardness cleared off as they entered the drive in. He didn't know what movie was paying tonight but he really didn't care so as long as he was able to be with her tonight.

The movie ended up being World War Z. The pair had been engulfed in the movie, occasionally commenting on things here and there but generally just watching the film. Sheamus had managed to get his arm around Kaitlyn doing the 'ole cough trick. She had giggled at his silly antics but she ultimately leaned into him. She smelled of Vanilla and a flowery smell he couldn't put his finger on. All he knew was that her scent was intoxicating.

Soon the movie was over and the pair started to roll out of the drive-in. Not wanting to go home just yet, Kaitlyn had suggested they drive around for a while. So that's what Sheamus did. The pair spoke of the movie, critiquing and exchanging ideas on how they would survive a zombie apocalypse.

"Oh! Dino's Ice Cream!" Kaitlyn said, nearly squishing her face on the window's glass. "Can we go in? Please?" Kaitlyn asked, pouting her bottom lip out.

Sheamus let out a laugh before making a U-Turn into Dino's parking lot and entering inside with Kaitlyn. The pair decided to share one huge sundae. They sat in a booth in the corner, taking no time to devour the ice cream.

"This is so good." Sheamus commented, taking another bite of the ice cream.

"I know. I come here all the time with my co-workers." Kaitlyn said as she scooped up ice cream. "I actually use to come here when I was younger too."

"You've always lived in this town?" Sheamus asked.

Kaitlyn nodded.

"You never moved or anything?"

"No. Why would I want to? My family is here." Kaitlyn said. "Not just my biological family but my work family."

Sheamus nodded. "When did you start working there?"

"About 6 years ago. I use to be real into body building and stuff like that. I liked being strong, you know? But, other people didn't like that I was strong or something because I use to get slack from it…but when I met Vince he thought I was amazing. He brought me back to the Carnival where I met everyone." She took a bit of ice cream. "I didn't want to do it at first. I didn't want to be called a Carnie or something. But, soon I realized I belonged with them. They liked me for me…they didn't care about my strength. And well…you can say I see them as a family away from family." She explained, realizing that she explained more than he asked for.

"I think it's a good thing you decided to join." Sheamus said, leaning back in his chair some. "I wouldn't have met you if you didn't."

Kaitlyn's face grew red at his words. She let out a giggle that quickly turned into a snort, causing Sheamus to chuckle at how adorable it sounded.

"You know…I think I'm pretty lucky right now." Kaitlyn spoke.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I don't usually get asked out on dates; I intimidate guys I guess. And the guys that do ask me out tend to be real meathead assholes." She smiled up at him. "But you…you're different. You've been kind to me and you haven't challenged me to an arm wrestling competition or anything. So…thank you."

Sheamus put a hand on hers with a smile on his face. "No, thank you for saying yes. I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see just how wonderful you really are. Not like I couldn't tell already, lass." He said.

Kaitlyn's face heated up again a smile tugging at her lips before her hands flew to her face. "My face feels so hot!"

Sheamus let out a chuckle before taking her hands in his and moving them away from her face. "Wanna get going?" he asked.

Kaitlyn nodded, going to move her hand when she noticed Sheamus take one to his lips and kissed it. He watched as her face turned a shade of pink once more. He was sure his face turned pink as well but in hopes of looking confident he paid the bill and escorted Kaitlyn out to his car once more.

The pair drove back to Kaitlyn's home, realizing that this meant the end of their seemingly perfect date. Sheamus walked Kaitlyn up to her porch, her slender hand in his.

"I had a wonderful time, Sheamus." Kaitlyn confessed as they stopped in front of her door. "It's a shame it has to end so soon."

"I'm glad you had a lovely time." Sheamus said. "Don't worry about it ending; we'll see each other again." He spoke with a smile on his pale features.

"Hopefully." She spoke quieter as she leaned into him a bit.

Sheamus smile faltered slightly as he started to lean down as she leaned up. He grew nervous as she got closer and closer. He could start to make out her hazel eyes. Don't be a sissy, Sheamus! He told himself, taking this pep talk and leaning fully in.

The pair's lips locked and he was sure –as cliché as it sounds –he felt the fireworks and butterflies and all that cheesy stuff you heard about in romance novels. Her lips tasted of the ice cream they had earlier. They pulled back slowly, a smile on both of their faces.

"See you around, Sheamus." She whispered.

"See you." He whispered back, watching as she opened the door to her house and slipped in.

Sheamus took a few steps down the porch before throwing his fist in the air with victory and happiness. A huge smile on his face, the big man got into his car and started to drive back to his home; thinking of the amazing entertainer he met at the Freak's Playground.

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