Chapter 33

The week seemed to fly by for Antonio, but he'd yet to figure out where to take Lovino on their date. On Friday morning he was sitting on the steps to the school with Gilbert and Francis, listening to them complain about the project they had to do in government class which he'd opted out of in favor of phycology.

"Toni! Stop spacing out!" Gilbert ordered, flicking the brunette's forehead to wake him up. "Gil, don't be so mean. There must be something on his mind if he's so deep in thought." Francis chimed in, leaning over to slip his hands into the warmth of Antonio's pockets.

"Sorry Gil, I was just thinking about this weekend… Lovi's letting me take him on a date but I don't know where to take him!" Antonio sighed, allowing Francis to invade his space since he appreciated the heat it offered in the cold morning.

"A date? That's easy take him someplace with a bed!" Francis suggested while Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Not everyone has sex on their first date Franny. Take him someplace that he'd like, I take Maddie to that little waffle house near the library; she loves it there."

Antonio sighed and shook his head, frowning slightly as he tried to concentrate. "I don't think Lovi would like either of those ideas… He'd probably punch me for one and yell at me for the other… Or both. I need something that he'll like, but all I can think of is stuff to do when it's warm out!"

The three boys sat in silence for a moment, all trying to think of what Lovino would like out of a date. One of them would open their moths to suggest something just to close it again without speaking, deciding that their idea hadn't been good after all.

Finally Francis spoke, leaning more into Antonio as he did to get warmer. "Does it have to be original? Movies are always easy, it'd be inside where it's warm and with it being so dark you could defiantly try to-" "That would work, but what movie should we see? Nothing good is out and I don't want to give him the wrong idea if I choose a bad one!"

"Just let him pick! Say it's 'your treat' and that the two of you will see whatever he wants to see." Gilbert said, pulling his hood up to try and keep a little warmer as the wind picked up. Francis nodded in agreement, not upset in that he'd been cut off. "Yeah, and whatever he picks you can find an excuse to put your arm around him! Like to comfort him in a scary or sad movie or to hold him during a really sweet part, it'll be easy."

Antonio thought about it for a moment before slowly nodding, letting the idea sink in as the possible scenarios went through his head. "Yeah… Yeah! That sounds like a great idea! You guys are great, what would I do without you?"

"Be hopelessly lost in the ways of love and probably be sitting all by yourself crying?" "You'd be stuck with some losers who aren't as awesome as us." They both said at the same time, smiling and laughing with their friend.

Time passed quickly after that and in no time the bell was ringing. The trio hurried inside to escape the bitter cold even if it meant going to class. They had to eventually split up but Antonio didn't mind, too excited for the date his friends had given him the idea for.


At lunch Lovino was sitting in his usual spot, frowning at the table as the rooms volume multiplied from students coming in from their classes. His brother was sitting next to him, humming a soft tune under his breath as he waited for Ludwig to come from gym class.

Arthur stomped over and sat down with a huff, not meeting either of the Italian's eyes as he angrily took a bite of his sandwich. "What's gotten your panties in a bunch?" Lovino sneered, trying to hide the actual curiosity in his voice.

"It's none of your damn business." "Aw, Arthur what's wrong?" Feli asked, watching him worriedly. Arthur threw his food back on his tray to glare at Feliciano, "I said it's none of your damn fucki-"

"Kirkland. Don't you dare talk to my brother like that. If you're going to be a mopey asshole then go sit somewhere else, I'm the only one allowed to act like that." Lovino growled as Feli shrunk back from the Brit's harsh words.

Arthur glared back at Lovino for a moment before clearing his throat and looking down at his lap. "You're right. I'm sorry Feliciano, I'm just a little upset at the moment. That wasn't very gentlemanly of me at all."

Lovino sighed and leaned back, satisfied with the apology to his brother. "No what the fuck has gotten you so pissy? That dumbass you call a boyfriend isn't even here to cause problems." "That's just it, it's Alfred's fault I'm upset. Everything is his fault actually! Everything!"

Ludwig came up and sat down with a raised eyebrow, not asking why Arthur was blaming Alfred for everything. Feli's face lit up at the sight of his own boyfriend, quickly putting his arms around him and cuddling into his chest with a quiet 've' of happiness.

Arthur looked away, his neck and cheeks starting to get red from embarrassment at his own outburst. "I- Hm, sorry about that. Just ignore my foolishness." Lovino rolled his eyes and took a bite of his greasy school-bought pizza, "You never did say what's bothering you. Or where Alfred is."

"I don't know what's bothering him but Alfred's gone. He left early this morning with the rest of his family, both him and Miss Madeline will be gone until after Christmas break." Yao explained as Ivan and he arrived and sat down.

"What? That's like… almost 2 whole months! Where the fuck did he go?" Lovino gasped, not even registering when Antonio sat down next to him. "On a fucking tour with his fucking father." Arthur scowled, picking up his tray abruptly. "If you'll excuse me."

The table was silent as he got up and left, Lovino just turning toward Yao once he was gone. "His father's running for reelection as senator and needs to tour around the state canvassing and the like. I do not know for sure, but Arthur's most likely upset because he won't be back for Christmas. Even before the two of them were dating their families always got together to celebrate, ever since they were children. It'll be the first time one of them misses it, it's also the first one they would have celebrated as a couple."

"That's a dumb reason to get so bitchy! I thought it was something important." Lovino rolled his eyes. Antonio pouted and slipped his arms around Lovino's waist, "Be nice! That's something to get upset about! I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't spend the holidays with you."

"W- What! We're not even celebrating together! Dumbass get off." Antonio shook his head no and hugged him tighter, "It's so sad Lovi! It's always nice to hold the one you love during the holidays and now Arthur will be all alone."

Lovino huffed and gave up trying to push him away, "Yeah yeah, alright it sucks. Whatever, just eat your fucking food." The table was much quieter than usual as they ate, missing a certain loudmouthed American and snappy Brit.

Towards the end of their lunch period Antonio turned to back to Lovino with a smile, "So Lovi, for our date, would a movie on Saturday be alright? I'll let you pick the movie and everything! It'll all be my treat."

"I-! Whatever. Are you picking me up or am I driving myself." Lovino mumbled, not meeting his eyes as his cheeks heated up. "I'll pick you up, alright? See you then!" Antonio chirped, smiling widely as he took care of his mess from lunch.

The bell rang and the room emptied quickly, the blushing sophomore quickly hiding himself in the crowd. He didn't know what to think, he was nervous but still excited about that weekend. It would be strange going on a real date with Antonio but it was too late to back out now after avoiding it for so long.


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