Saved By The Music
A Glee Fan Fiction
Chapter 9

Don't stop believing/Hold on to that feeling


"Berry, I swear to god if you don't stop that thing from making noise within the next three seconds, I'm going to throw it out the window," Santana's voice was a low growl, coming from the back of her throat as she spoke.

Rachel sighed, rolling over in her chocolate brown and pink sleeping bag, burying her face in her pink, Victoria's Secret GIMME MORE body pillow to ignore her friends. Santana was on the living room floor besides her, her own brown and blue slewing bag tangled up and twisted from her contortion act to get comfortable the night before and her HIT SNOOZE Victoria's Secret mint green body pillow running the long way so that most of her body was resting on it. Brittany was on Santana's other side, grumbling in her sleep, but still curled up on her pink and yellow sleeping bag, black and white BE PINK Victoria's Secret body pillow stacked over a polka dotted one.

"BERRY!" Santana snapped, shooting upright, her sectioned off ponytail bouncing over her shoulder as she moved, kicking her bare legs to free herself from her sleeping bag.

"Leave me alone, Satan," Rachel grumbled, curling back into her ball.

"God damn it, Rachel, you had better get up right this second and answer that god damn phone that kees going off right this second or I am going to destroy you!" Santana threatened, kicking her feet into her VS, black and white slippers and storming across the room in her skin tight, incredibly short yoga shorts with the cheetah print font.

Rachel sighed, burrowing herself deeper into her sleeping bag.

"Fuck you," Santana growled, reaching into the top of her black on white Victoria's Secret Fashion Show baggy tank top and removing her phone, tossing the turquoise and black leopard print case at her friend.

"Ow," Rachel grumbled, finally forcing herself to sit up in her sleeping bag, high ponytail dangling down her back.

She kicked her sleeping bag off of her legs, grabbing her furry, pink slipper boots and slipping them on over her feet. She rose to her feet, pulling down the legs of her tie-dye pink yoga shorts so they covered her butt and straightened her pink and white baggy tank top. Then she made her way towards the table where her charging phone was sitting in it's pink and white striped phone case.

"Are you two done yet?" Brittany sighed, poking her head up from her hiding spot, braid falling out at random places, frizzy and wild. "Or can I get some sleep?" She asked.

"Of course you can't," Santana rolled her eyes, throwing a yellow slipper at her friend. "It's time to get up and enjoy our weekend," She insisted, dropping her colorful phone case onto the blonde with a giggle.

"You both suck," Brittany whined, sitting up and reaching up under her shirt to adjust her cleavage beneath her french slogan, bright yellow, tank top. She rerolled the purple waistline of her yoga shorts before she climbed to her feet and made her way towards her black and white, wheeled duffle bag.

"Blame Berry-she's little miss popularity this morning. Who the hell was texting you this early?" Santana grumbled, turning her attention back towards a blushing Rachel.

"It's not early," Rachel insisted. "It's ten o'clock," She pointed out.

"You're hiding something. That means it's a dude!" Santana beamed.

"It's Finn," she admitted sheepishly.

"What's he want?"

"He wants to know if I want to go and grab lunch. Is it cool with you guys if I go?" she asked, already making her way towards her own duffle bag.

"I thought the rule was chicks before dicks?" Brittany asked, a teasing smile on her face as she stuck her tongue out at Rachel.

"Hey-who are we to stop young love? Go and have a good time. God knows you deserve some fun-especially with a boy," Santana flashed Rachel a grin.

"You two are the best friends ever, did you know that?" Rachel asked them.

"We've been told a few times," Brittany bragged.

"But that doesn't mean you can stop telling us," Santana added.


"What?" Rachel asked, pausing with her hand resting on the door handle, looking down at her outfit nervously. "Do I look okay?" She wondered.

"You look….wow," Finn smiled.

And she couldn't help it. She burst out into a bright smile, slipping into his car and closing the door gently besides her, dropping her black satchel styled purse onto the floor besides her, after pocketing her pink and black key chain that had just had Santana's house key added to it.

She shot Santana a quick thank-you text for helping her to get ready before putting her phone down, pink and black comic-book styled case facing upwards so no distractions were offered. Then her gaze was locked down on her black belly button ring, wondering what she should say or do next.

"You seem nervous," Finn chuckled, reaching out and flicking her pink, feathered earrings beneath her straightened locks, held back by a pink, flowered head wrap. "Do I scare you or something?" He asked.

"No," She answered quickly, pushing her aviators back up against the bridge of her nose. "It's just…besides Michael, I've never really hung out with a guy one on one before and it's….different with him," Rachel explained.

"Is it different 'cause I check out your chest?" Finn asked, flashing her an amused half grin as he cocked an eyebrow.

She giggled, crossing her arms over her heart breaker, high-low tank top paid with dark wash denim shorts and black wedged sneakers. Finn took the car out of park and started pulling out of Santana's driveway.

"Okay, so I have my answer there," he laughed, nodding towards her crossed arms.

"I didn't mean it like that," Rachel giggled, immediately uncrossing her arms. "It's just a sort of reflex….god, what happened to how we were last night?" She asked, leaning her head back against the seat.

"You're not pissed off at the sight of Quinn and Puck,"Finn pointed out.

"You just said their names. You wouldn't do that last night," Rachel observed.

"I'm kind of over it…or, at least…I'm getting there." Finn said, flashing her that smile that had managed to make her smile right back every time he'd directed it towards her.

"Okay," Rachel said, reaching towards the radio and turning it, twisting the dial until she found a pop music station. "Let's have some fun-no more serious nonsense. Let's…go get some greasy fast food and-"

"Drive by Puck's house and let him see how fine we're doing?" He asked.

"Finn Hudson…I love the way you think," She smirked.

Quinn Fabray walked out of Puck's house just as she saw Finn's car speeding down the street. And as soon as she saw it racing towards Puck's house, she stood up straighter and adjusted the pleated bottom of her pink and grey romper, layered over a white crew neck.

She reached up, toying with the infinity pendant on her silver necklace, matching the dangling earrings from her ears. She wished that she'd worn something to show off her belly button ring-the silver and pink that had always been Finn's favorite.

She lowered her gaze for two seconds, dropping her silver, teddy bear key chain into her pink leather purse and then covered her eyes with pink sunglasses, to block out the sunlight and ensure that Finn couldn't see that she was watching him intently.

But..what was bothering her was that her pink covered iPhone wasn't going off with a call from Finn begging for her to take him back. She reached up, tightening her low ponytail and kicking a pale pink ballet shoe into the ground as she moved closer to the road, wondering if maybe he wasn't able to see her.

And that was her mistake, because that was when she saw who was in the passenger's seat of the car.

Rachel god damn Berry, laughing her head off with her head tossed back, hair dangling out the window as she leaned against the door, face turned towards him. And Finn was singing to her-actually singing. He was on pitch and he wasn't trying to make her laugh. He was just…singing to her, stopping every so often to apologize for how horrible he was, which was why she was laughing at him.

She couldn't stand watching it. She turned around, storming back towards the house and inside, calling for Puck as loudly as she could, not caring what his mother or his sister would think of her. They already hated her.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Puck growled as he stormed down the stairs, walking towards her. "I told you I'd be ready to go in a few minutes," He rolled his eyes.

"Finn just drove by with Rachel in the front seat. He's singing to her-and he's good. And she's laughing and they're talking." Quinn said, a quiver to her voice.


"What did I do, Puck? I loved Finn…I love Finn. Why did I do that to him?" She asked, voice soft as she allowed the tears to fall freely for the first time for something other than her own selfish reasons.

He wasn't sure what to say-how he could possibly reply to such a statement. So he just stood there, staring down at her and waiting for to go on. He knew that she'd keep talking for as long as he'd let her, and he actually sort of wanted to hear what she had to say, for the first time in a long time. For the first time in forever.

"It's just…I was stupid. I was bored with our relationship and I messed everything up. I ruined everything just because I was too afraid of what was going to happen next to really do anything. Why am I so stupid?" She asked, the tears falling freely down her face by this point.

"Come here," Puck instructed, reaching out for her.

"No," Quinn said, taking a step back, shaking her head. "I can't ask you to do this. I can't force you to act like we're in love and we're happy together, because we aren't-it's all just a lie," she insisted, her voice stern and insistent, the tears still falling but her face completely lacking the pain it had had before.

Her expression had hardened, her heart shaped lips forming a stern scowl. Her bright, sparkling eyes glossed over, and despite the tears falling, they were narrowed and dark, glaring intently at him. Her arms were crossed tightly over her chest tightly, in a manner that would normally excite him but only started to scare him.

And Quinn really shouldn't scare him. She was short and skinny, even with her muscles from cheerleading. She was petite. She definitely wasn't as short as Rachel was, but she was even skinnier than the brunette, lacking the same curves that Rachel had only just recently started to show off.

He was a football player-he was tall and thick, completely terrifying every single person that he went to school with. He was the type of person who struck the fear of god into everybody that he saw and always got his way.

He shouldn't be afraid of a tiny little blonde cheerleader, yet he couldn't hide the fact that he was absolutely terrified of her at that moment in time, and he couldn't find a single reason to explain why, but he was.

"What are you saying?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows together.

"That I can't force you to be my boyfriend just because you knocked me up. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to me. I messed up my chances with Finn. I ruined my own experience with my first love, but…Rachel's that girl for you, the way Finn was that guy for me. I can't make you give up your chances with her. You can support me and help me, while dating a girl you really love. And I'm not going to have you resent me just because of what happened between the both of us. It wasn't just your mistake. You shouldn't be forced to give up your best friend and your girlfriend because of me," Quinn said, rushing everything out all at once, as though she had to get it out quickly or it would never be said.

"Quinn, you lost everything because of me. I can manage-"

"It's bad enough that I had to give everything up. I'm not going to stand by and let us both throw our lives away. Because I'm going to manage to make it out of this town. With everything happening right now, you're going to trap yourself here even more. And I saw the way you were for the short while Rachel was considering you. You were different and you had confidence in yourself. You deserve to feel that way." She instructed, moving her hands to her hips.

"Really?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

He wasn't going to allow her to set him up and trap him. And he wasn't quite sure that she was being honest with her feelings. He was fairly certain that she was trying to walk him right into a trap so that he would give her a reason to earn pity from the school.

"I'm not completely evil, Puck. And I know how I felt seeing them together. It sucked. You're too sweet to feel that way. You let me move in, you took Finn's punch and you gave up on Rachel for me. You stuck around that party last night with me because I asked. You're not that horrible guy people try to make you out to be." Quinn said, flashing him half of a smile.

"So….I can go and find Rachel and try to win her back?" He asked, one corner of his mouth turning upward.

"Go, you big loser," She giggled, reaching out and tugging on his arm, sending him towards the door. "You better hurry, because I don't know if they were planning on sticking around your street very-"

But he was already gone, racing out the door and down the street, chasing after Finn's car which had clearly taken about three to five laps around Puck's block to ensure that both Quinn and Puck were forced to see them together. Just as Puck exited the house, Finn was passing his house.

And then Puck started sprinting even harder, racing down the street and after the car as fast as Quinn had ever seen him run. And she started to laugh-a cheerful, hearty laugh-which was something she hadn't done since she had first gotten the news.

"Holy shit!" Finn laughed, glancing over his shoulder and falling forward in his seat, slapping his hands against the dashboard.

Rachel was behind the wheel, giggling despite her tense shoulders, white knuckles from clenching the wheel.

Finn had allowed Rachel to drive his car, to get some practice behind the wheel, as their excuse for circling Puck's neighborhood so many times. As soon as she'd gotten in, she's started to adjust the seat so that it was as far up as possible and she was sitting on a stack of his football equipment so that she could see over the wheel in his car-he was a foot taller than her, after all.

And Finn had had to adjust the passenger's seat before even getting into the car, grumbling about how Rachel could possibly be that small.

"He's chasing the god damn car down-pull over, I don't want you crashing the car over him. Damn, he's an idiot," Finn shook his head, still laughing as Rachel did as she was told.

It wasn't that she was a bad driver. It was just a good thing that Finn was always so calm, because Rachel had a tendency to slam on the brakes, drive with a lead foot and consider stop signs to be option, which shocked Finn since she seemed to start everything else she tried with a flawless ease, as though she were born to do everything perfectly.

She pulled over, just barely hitting the curb and switching the car into park-with Finn muttering under his breath to try and remind her without angering her to put her foot on the brake while switching gears.

"Okay, now I want you to get out of the car like we didn't even see him. Just be talking about something-anything-else, okay?" Finn instructed, taking his seat belt off.

"Got it," She nodded, taking off her seat belt and opening the door, slipping out of the driver's seat and putting on the best acting experience of her life. "Finn, you're the absolute best friend in the entire world," she giggled, racing around the hood of the car and throwing herself into Finn's arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, jumping up which forced him to wrap his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground about a good foot. He twirled her around, laughing at her excitement before he set her back down.

"It's not a big deal, Rach," He shook his head, reaching up and running a hand through his hair self consciously.

"I totally could have totaled your car, Finn. I know I'm the world's worst driver, okay? That's why my dads refuse to get in a car with me behind the wheel. I got kicked out of driver's education," She giggled.

"How do you-"


The pair turned around, Rachel putting on a surprised face as they saw Puck come running up, skidding to a stop right in front of them both, flashing a smile down at the girl.

"Yes, Noah?" She asked.

"Do you think I could talk to you for a little while? Alone?" He asked, words coming out choppy and broken up as he tried to catch his breath.

"We're sort of-"

"Rach…you should talk to him," Finn said. "I'll wait right here, in the car, okay? I'm here if you need me. Promise," Finn said, flashing her a reassuring grin.

"You have ten minutes," Rachel sighed, stepping up onto the sidewalk.

Puck jumped up besides her and they started to talk down the street, side by side.

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I never wanted to be with her and it was a stupid mistake that I wish I could take back. But, it happened and it's happening. I can't do very much about it to change what happened." Puck sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he walked.

"I didn't need to take time out of my day to hear you tell me that. I already knew all of that," Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I can't change what happened," He repeated. "But I can change what's going to happen next. I can change how I react to everything and I have a little bit of power over what I choose to do with my life now," he explained.

"And you're going to be with Quinn and help her with the baby," Rachel deadpanned.

"Wrong," Puck shook his head. "We were actually just talking about that-Quinn and I," he explained, flashing her a quick glance.

"What exactly were you talking about?" She rolled her eyes.

"Quinn saw you two together. And it crushed her. She came in crying, and when I went to make her try and feel a little better, she told me that she wasn't going to force me to be with her and do to myself what happened to her. She said that she ruined her chances with Finn, but she didn't want me to ruin my chances with you," he allowed himself another glance, trying to figure out her reaction.

"Quinn Fabray said that? The biggest bitch in the entire school who's never wanted to do anything nice for anybody else without having something in it for her?" Rachel asked, raising her eyebrows. "How do you know that she isn't doing this so that everybody will turn on me for stealing her boyfriend?" She asked.

"I considered that," He nodded. "But…nobody's going to take her side. She knows that. She ruined her reputation too much for that," he explained.

"So…since Quinn suddenly wants to be a good person and help you be happy, I should forgive you and forget what happened? I should forgive you for making it seem like you actually wanted to be with me and were a different guy when you were secretly hooking up with your best friend's girlfriend and knocking her up? And I should forget that you're the father of Quinn's baby?" she asked, stopping in her steps, turning around to face him with a blank expression.

"Why does that matter for our relationship?"

"Because I'm tired of being second fiddle to Quinn and for the first time in my life, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm not coming in second to her. I'm surpassing her. And I'm happy. If I'm with you, I'm just going after Quinn's sloppy seconds, just like loser Rachel always did," Rachel rolled her eyes, starting to walk again, not caring if he followed her or not.

"And dating Finn Hudson is going to keep you from settling for what wasn't good enough for Quinn?" He snapped, footsteps heavy and harsh as he tried to catch up with her.

"Are you an idiot? I'm not dating Finn-we're just friends. And here's the thing about that-guys and girls can be friends without wanting anymore more," Rachel laughed, her words bitter and harsh, something Puck wasn't used to hearing from her.

"You're the one acting like an idiot, Rachel, and you know I don't like to say things like that to you. But, if you don't see the way he looks at you, you have a whole lot to learn about guys," Puck rolled his eyes.

"Finn does not-"

"Are you going to stand there and tell me about Finn Hudson? The kid was my best friend for years. Nobody knows him better than I do," Puck glared, narrowing his eyes at her.

"You think that Finn wants to be with me?" She asked, turning on her heel and walking back towards the car.

"Where are you going?"

"To prove a point! You don't know everything, Noah Puckerman. And you especially don't know me," she snapped, turning to look over her shoulder as she approached the car, opening Finn's door quickly and pulling him out.

"What's going on? Did he do-"

"Will you tell Puck," she smirked as she said his nickname, something she rarely ever called him. "That you don't want to be anything more than my friend so he stops acting like some sort of genius?" Rachel asked.

"You want me to tell Puck that I don't want to date you?" Finn asked, confusion stretching across his face.


Finn glanced between the two of them, taking in Puck's angry, harsh, and jealous expression. On any other occasion he'd wince at the harsh darkness behind his ex-best friend's glare. He'd start to quiver on the spot when the stronger boy snarled his lips and clenched his fists.

But Rachel was standing there, looking at him so expectantly and knowing that he was going to be honest, no matter how hard it was. And she looked like she needed a certain answer-that he would do anything to make sure she was happy, despite the slight look of fear she had that showed that he wouldn't lie to her to protect her feelings.


Santana and Brittany were still in their pajamas, curled up on the couch under a large quilt as they had a Bring It On movie marathon, Santana drinking a bottle of beer and snacking on a sticky, messy bowl of caramel corn while Brittany picked around a large bowl of candy, trying to find her favorites and sipping on some ginger ale to help settle her stomach.

"We have to do something about Rachel," Santana said.

"What do you mean?" Brittany frowned.

"I mean," Santana sighed, tilting her head back and finishing off her beer. "That we have to do something to make her happy-like, truly happy. And completely over Puck," Santana added on quickly, tossing the empty bottle over her shoulder and reaching towards the six pack on the floor besides her for another.

"I don't get it. I thought she was happy and I thought she was over him," Brittany asked, unwrapping a Hersey Kiss slowly.

"She's as happy as she was before, minus the fear. She was truly happy that day at the mall, before Puck called her and her world came crashing down around her. The closest I've seen her come to being ecstatically happy since then was last night and when she ran out the door with Finn this morning," Santana explained, biting down on her bottle cap and snapping the top off.

"Well, I don't want her to be sad. I like Rachel," Brittany said, hurt etching her voice.

"I know, Britt-I do, too," Santana said, flashing her a smile.

"What are we going to do?"

"Well, we can either get her back together with Puck….or get her with somebody else," Santana trailed off, ending her statement with a long sip of beer.

"I like Puckleberry," Brittany whispered.

"Me too, Britt, me too," Santana said softly, nodding her head as she took another long sip of beer.

Quinn hadn't been lying when she'd said all of that to Puck.

She did want him to be happy and she really didn't want him to resent her. She thought that he deserved the best. She wanted to allow him to experience the love that she had had with Finn, and she accepted the fact that Rachel was going to be the girl that gave him that opportunity.

She knew all of that.

The problem was that she really didn't want to give Rachel yet another reason to be better off than herself. Rachel had already taken Quinn's only friends-or, at least, the closet things she'd ever had to friends. She had earned Quinn's spot on the cheerleading team and taken Quinn's popularity before Quinn had even finished her fall from grace.

And from what she had seen earlier that day, Rachel was starting to sink her teeth into Finn. Quinn's Finn. The boy who was the love of her life and would always be the one who got away. Finn Hudson-her first love and the one who had broken her heart, despite the fact that she had broken his first.

And that was her real reason for sending Puck out after Rachel. Puck was hard to resist-impossible to resist, actually. Quinn hadn't been able to stop herself for falling for his charm. She hadn't been able to control herself when he'd made his move on her.

No way was Rachel, who already had feelings for Puck, going to turn him down. Even if they just had something-a simple kiss or a one time hookup-it would be enough to turn Finn away from her for good.

Quinn knew that one day she'd have to see Finn with somebody else. But, for as long as she could prolong things, she was going to make sure she didn't have to watch it anytime soon. And she really wasn't going to allow Rachel, the girl who had already started to take over Quinn's life, to take anything else from her.

Maybe it was wrong of her. Maybe it was selfish. And maybe it even made everything that everybody had been saying about her lately true, but she didn't care. She needed to do it. It was the only way that she could still have some sort of control over her life.

She shook her head, making her way back up towards Puck's room and collapsing on the bed face first, burying her face in the pillows and taking in the scent of the cologne filling the fabric-the strong, musky scent that she had dealt with the entire time she and Puck had been wrecking both of their lives.

But it wasn't the right cologne. It was too manly, too masculine and far too strong. It was almost the exact opposite of the cologne she'd prefer to be smelling-the one that was sweet and chocolaty-the type that she could wrap herself up in all day long and be comfortable.

Puck's cologne gave her a headache and made her feel sick. She couldn't stand it and it sort of disgusted her. But Finn's had always made her smile and be comfortable. It soothed her and calmed her down, relaxing her enough that she couldn't even remember what her problem had been in the first place.

But she had given up her rights to that. She had made her bed. Now she had to lie in it. There was nothing she could do to change that.

She would have to suffer-luckily, she had Puck to sit around and suffer right along with her. Maybe it made her a bitch, but the thought of not having to suffer alone actually cheered her up a little bit and made her smile.

She might hate herself a little bit, but she was sure that everybody in the world hated themselves from time to time. That was normal. As long as she wasn't sitting around hating her life on her own, she was going to be able to cope and be happy. As sick as that thought was-Puck's suffering right alongside her made her hopeful that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't completely alone in the world.