"Fish sticks!" Chrom exclaimed as he was in Delfino Plaza, selling fishsticks. "I got chrome enhancing fishsticks here! Come expand your dong-"

"Get a room, you hedgehog obsessed freakazoid!" Petey Piranha exclaimed as he was selling popcorn nearby, which in turn caused Chrom to cause a fight with the mutated piranha plant.

Neither the Piantas or the Nokis cared as they just wanted to dance to the Shine Sprites spinning around, which wasn't possible as a result of Dark Pit suddenly snatching up the shiney objects.

"Ha! Now you'll never be able to shine in the sun again, losers!" Dark Pit exclaimed as he smacked his butt.

Dry Bowser, who was trying to sell carpets for some bizarre reason, shook his head as he noticed this. "Damn it, what is that edgy idiot trying to do this time...?"

"By the power of old sprouts, I have the power!" Toadsworth exclaimed as he ripped off his shirt, revealing his massive six pack chest as he grabbed one of Dry Bowser's ribs and used it as a sword, screaming as he lunged at Dark Pit, who screamed like a girl as the most epic conclusion was about to happen...

...or it was had Toadsworth not stopped just short of the black shadow of Pit and had a heart attack, making everyone wondering what the fuck just happen.d

But no one had time to think, due to Delfino Plaza getting submerged in lava from the volcanic Corona Mountain, due to Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans... of which she pooped her pants within the molten confines of the volcano.