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This is my first fanfiction. No hate! This is the introduction for my story. If I get 3 reviews I will continue. IS SHORT BECAUSE IS INTRO.

Cato has me pinned up against the wall with one hand while using the other to hold his sword.

"I win," he says smirking.

"Not yet. What's the prize anyway?" I say rolling my eyes.

"I do deserve one," he says. Gosh, he never stops smirking does he? I wish I could think of a way to wipe that- I got it. Watch and learn.

"Yeahhh. Maybe I should give you one." I say. Cato's eyebrows shoot up questionably before I crash my lips into his. At first he is stunned but he quickly begins to kiss me back, dropping the sword. Cato lifts me up and I wrap my arms around his neck, using one hand to play with his dirty blonde hair. Lucky for us we came after hours. After a couple minutes I mange to get his back to the wall. As I stand on my tiptoes I find a ways to get a knife out of my pocket without Cato noticing. I push the knife against his throat as I break the kiss. This time I am the one with the smirk.

"Who wins?" I ask lingering my lips before his. I back away from Cato and walk out of the training center.

'It meant nothing' I repeat again and again in my head. He kissed me back.. We are careers, this isn't supposed to happen. I can't have feelings for Cato, can I? We are training partners, not lovers!

There's just something about the way it felt with his lips pressed against mine.

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