"Finn, can I talk to you?" Carole yelled up the stairs. Finn sighed, paused his video game, and ran down the steps to where his mother and Kurt were standing. "Burt and I are going on a weekend trip to Columbus."

"Why?" Kurt asked.

"We need to campaign."

"I get it. Have fun. Can I go now?" Finn wanted to get back to his game.

"No. I trust that you will make good decisions. Mr. and Mrs. Cohen-Chang are just across the street if you need anything. No parties, sleepovers, or disobeying the normal rules." Carole didn't trust Finn. She knew he would invite Rachel over.

"Cool. When do you leave?" Finn rolled his eyes.

"Tonight, actually, we need to be there tomorrow morning. Now I called Becky Anderson, Blaine's mom, and she said that she would make sure she stays home all weekend so she can keep an eye on Blaine and Kurt, if you're at Blaine's house, Kurt. And Hiram and LeRoy Berry know not to let Rachel out of their sight. Mr. Schuester knows that we will be gone and he said he will make sure there is no party planning going on at school tomorrow or Friday. Understood?"

"Mom?" Finn smirked.


"We won't do anything you don't want us to do." He winked at Kurt.

"Alright, I trust you. We need to leave soon so be good!" Carole hugged Finn and Kurt and grabbed her suitcase that was sitting by the door. Burt showed up, hugged Kurt, and grabbed his bag as well. Once Kurt and Finn made sure the car had turned the corner, they looked at each other mischievously.

"I say party Saturday and each of us gets a romantic night with our significant others. You can have Friday with Rachel and I'll take tomorrow night with Blaine." Kurt sneered again.

"Awesome. I'll hang out at Puck's house tomorrow so you and Blaine can have the house to yourselves. I think Mike, Sam, and Artie are having a Halo marathon or something so I can just go over there." Finn chuckled. How did his mom think he wouldn't throw a party and make a way for him to sleep with his girlfriend?

"And Friday night I'll go over to Mercedes's house and have a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon with Tina and her so you and Rachel can have some privacy. I don't wanna walk in on you on Saturday morning again, though," Kurt laughed with his brother as they fist bumped.

"That was one time, dude," Finn blushed. One time Kurt came home early on a Saturday morning while Carole and Burt were out of town and found Finn and Rachel naked in the master bed. "But that sounds like a plan."


The next day, Finn sent out a group message.

To: Artie Abrams, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mercedes Jones, Noah Puckerman, Brittany Pierce, Mike Chang, Quinn Fabray, Sam Evans, Blaine Anderson, Sugar Motta, Joe Hart, and Rory Flannagan

No parents this weekend. Party Saturday at 7. Bring your own drinks.


Everybody confirmed to be coming and throughout the day Finn invited a few more football guys and Kurt invited some kids in his classes. Rachel spread the word in all of her clubs and Tina told some cool underclassmen. Blaine called some warblers. Santana and Brittany texted all of the cheerios. Artie mentioned it to the AV club. Mike and Puck asked a few hot girls and popular guys to come. By lunch, almost the whole school knew that Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel were throwing the party of the year. But first, Kurt had to have his perfect night with Blaine and Finn had to have his perfect night with Rachel. Thursday night went by smoothly and perfectly. Blaine had to tell his parents he was sleeping over at his friend David's house (a guy from Dalton). He even made David pretend to be his dad and call Blaine's mom to make sure it was okay. Finn, as planned, went to Puck's house and spent the whole night playing Halo and texting with Rachel.

F- Hey babe! Excited 4 tomorrow night?

R- Absolutely! I can't wait! Tina and I went shopping and I bought a new swimsuit to show you!

F- I can't wait! ;) Luv u!

R- Luv u 2!

Finn slept over at Puck's with the other guys and went straight to school the next day. Just like every day, he walked to Rachel's locker before heading to class. "Hey babe," He kissed her lips and she kissed back while smiling. "How was your night?"

"Horrible. My dads made me watch The Great Gatsby again." She sighed as she pulled her AP English book from her locker.

"I thought you loved that movie?"

"I do but I had to read it for AP English and we watched the movie yesterday at school. Then last night my dads made me watch it again before we went to see the remake in the theater. I have no idea how I'm gonna get them to leave me alone tonight." She giggled.

"How about you say you wanted to spend some time at my house with Kurt. You could tell them I won't even be there," He suggested.

"Good idea," She smiled and kissed him again. "I better go. Meet me by my locker before lunch."

Finn admired Rachel as she walked away. "Dude, snap out of it. Rachel's butt isn't that great." Puck nudged Finn.

"It is when it's not wearing anything over it," Finn playfully punched his friend and walked to class.

After school, Finn drove home faster than he ever had before. He was in his bedroom searching for something romantic to do for Rachel. The flowers he bought were already on the table, he had made her an awesome dinner, and he made sure he smelled and looked good by taking three 15 minute showers. "Damn, what am I gonna wear?!" He swore as he fell onto his bed. He had a suit but that was too much. He grabbed a nice, plaid shirt and a pair of only slightly fancy blue jeans. After an hour of sweating and pacing, Finn figured out the perfect CD to be playing for them and an awesome plan to serve her dinner. He put a card table in the living room with a fancy tablecloth over it. A glass of sparkling cider was already waiting for Rachel's lips to touch it when she arrived. She was there at 6:45, exactly on time. "Good evening, Miss Rachel Berry. May I start you off with a drink?"

"That would be wonderful, sir. Now have you seen my boyfriend?" She giggled. Finn picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed again and made out on the couch for ten minutes before eating. "So how was football practice yesterday?"

"Fine, I guess." He shrugged and grinned to himself. He knew he hadn't said anything about Rachel's debate for speech club the day before. "So before I ask you how your debate went yesterday, can I make a guess?"

"Sure," She smiled.

"You won?"

"Yep!" Rachel laughed as she kissed Finn's cheek.

"What was it about?" He didn't really care about the debate, but he cared about Rachel.

"If kids should be allowed to have cell phones or not," She explained. "My side was yes."

"Makes sense," He smirked. All he wanted to do was rip off Rachel's clothes and 'get dirty'. "I have so many temptations right now, babe. You look so sexy…"

"Thank you, you don't look that bad yourself." She smiled. "This dinner is amazing!"

"Thanks!" He grinned, trying to resist standing up and kissing her. "I'm almost done…"

"Me, too," She rolled her eyes. "We can always come back later."

"You're right," He laughed as he picked her up and laid her on the floor. He had set up a blanket and two pillows on the floor for them to sleep on. She giggled as he crawled on top of her. "I love you."

"I love you, too," She smiled. "Do you have protection? I think I forgot…"

"I do, I promise." He kissed the bridge of her nose. "Would I lie to you?"

"No…" She admitted nervously.

"Ready?" He grinned. They had done this before, just not when they were all alone at his house.

"Definitely," She kissed him and everything was perfect for the rest of the night.

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