Phantom Fan 21: Here the start Celestroid Fusion. This won't be a full story until the vote is over. So these are test chapters, they might change after the voting is done, so enjoy what I have for now. Please vote on my home page on who you what to see do a crossover with Metroid games. This one is Rainbow Dash's.

'Space. I can't believe I am in space.' A Pegasus with light blue fur coat and a rainbow mane and tail thought.

A few days ago, the Pegasus name Rainbow Dash was ask by Princess Luna if she want to see some that will amaze her. She said yes without a second thought. She was surprise that Luna had something that she call a ship. She explain that during her time in space she discover many things and secretly build a ship that will take any pony to space. She just finish it and told Princess Celestia about it. Celestia agree as long somepony went with the flyer. Luna has chose her two guard to go with Rainbow Dash. All of Rainbow Dash friends come to see the ship and was just as surprise as Rainbow Dash to hear that she was going to outer space. Rainbow was given a suit to wear.

Luna has told her there no air in space and her body can't last one second in space with out the suit. And so here she was, flying in her own ship, in space. Rainbow move her hoof to the side of her helmet and hit an button. Static was heard before Rainbow call in.

"This is Cool Flyer 1, calling Egg-Head 1, come in Egg-Head 1." Rainbow said using her nickname for her friend Twilight.

"Very funny Rainbow Dash.", Twilight voice spoke through, "Is some wrong?

"No, just I wish you and the other can see what I'm seeing right now." Rainbow said look over the starry night that was every where.

"Ya not bagging again are ya Rainbow?" Apple Jack voice said next.

"No, I really mean it, you guys will love to see this place. I never thought it was possible something was beyond Celestia sun." Rainbow said again.

"Incoming planet! Scans show to be know as SR388." A voice call out.

Rainbow look and saw an yellow-green planet with clouds moving around it.

"Request to land and search the planet?" the same voice said again.

"Request granted. And do be careful, I never hear of this planet." Luna voice spoke up.

"You got it Princess Luna!", Rainbow said, "We be on that planet to look around and be back in no time!"

"Rainbow Dash, don't forget you hoof cannon. It will help you deafen yourself." Luna spoke up again.

Rainbow turn to her right hoof and rise the cannon. It was long and cover most of her upper leg. Luna has told her the Hoof Cannon was an idea she got when she met strange creatures. Some of them had cannon for hoofs and wear a strange armor. After studying about the cannon, Luna made her own to go with the suit Rainbow was now wearing. It can fire short, small but quick magic blasts. It was Rainbow only means of defense and she knew to relies on it then her wings. Sadly the suit cover her wings but Luna made it up for making her suit blue like her.

"Now Rainbow Dash, Please remember, your just going to look not to mess around." Twilight voice spoke up.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it.", Rainbow said rolling her eyes, "I don't what to go flying until I know it safe, relax Twilight."

"Well after you return make sure to tell us what you fond." Twilight voice said again and the connection was cut off.

Rainbow turn to the controls to ship and said, "This is Rainbow Dash! We going in!"

After landing on the planet, Rainbow and two of Luna's guards walk round the rocky surface and came to a cave.

"Just we should look in there? We having seen anything out here." Rainbow ask the Guards.

"I don't see why not." The first one said.

"Well just be on guard, who know what in there and if it friend or foe." The second said holding up his own hoof cannon. It was smaller the Rainbow's but could fire just as quick.

"Then let's go!" Rainbow said and walk into the cave with the two Knights following her.

After exploring the cave for a while one of the Knights spoke up.

"There noting here, We better back to the ships." He said.

"I have to agree, there noting here at all." His friend agree.

"Yeah! Guess this was a dun...Huh? What that?" Rainbow started to agree when something jump out of the shadows.

It was small, standing on four feet. It was red in the top and yellow on the bottom. It look like a toad but had horns on top of it head. It look at the three ponies and sat there.

"What is that?" The First Knight ask.

"Hm, from Fluttershy words, I'll to say it looks like a toad, but toads don't have horns." Rainbow said looking at the creature.

The Three ponies look at some more before they turn to walk out. Just as they did, the toad creature jump at them and show it teeth. Rainbow was the last one to turn and caught what it was going to do. She rise her hoof Cannon and fire at it. The short destroy the toad and it steam to flicker before turning into a yellow floated goop. The Knights heard Rainbow fire and turn to see the creature.

Rainbow fire more shots as if it was going to attack them, but her shots just went right through it. It spin around for a few seconds before head to Rainbow Dash. As soon as it touch her, it went in body.

"Lady Rainbow Dash! Are you alright?!" One the Knights ask when he saw what happen.

"Yeah, I feel just...fine." Rainbow answer confuse.

"We better get back to Equestria and report this and maybe to you to the hospital just to be safe." The second knight spoke up.

"Yeah! Let get out of here." Rainbow agree.

Some time later, two ships were flying though space, on their way back to their home planet.

"A toad?" Twilight ask over the com.

"Yes, but it was different, when we turn around it try to jump us and it even had teeth." The Knight said.

"Hm, I heard about those creatures, They are call Hornoads, they aren't friendly creatures. Rainbow did the right thing to attack it." Luna said.

"Rainbow Dash attack an animal?" Fluttershy voice spoke up scare her friend would do a thing.

"They are dangerous, Lady Fluttershy. They will attack any thing in sight." Luna explain.

"Yes, after that it turn into a strange goop and flew around before entering Rainbow Dash." The Knight continue.

"Is she alright?" Apple Jack voice ask.

"She says she is but has agree to go to the hospital just to make sure." He answer.

"Rainbow Dash? Agreeing to go the Hospital?" Twilight ask.

"I take it she only goes if she really hurt." The Knight ask.

"Yes, but Rainbow Dash, why did you agree to it?" Twilight ask.

There was no reply. The others fond it strange, but Rainbow wasn't giving them a silent treatment. During her trip back, some went wrong. Rainbow started to breath heavily and her eyes started to joint around. Finally her vision fade to black and she drop. Without her being awake at the controls, the ship steer itself off the path and headed for the asteroid belt they were passing by.

"Lady Dash! What wrong?!" A Knight said in his com, but was meet with static.

"What wrong?" Luna ask.

"Rainbow Dash's ship has steer of course and is heading for the asteroid belt! And she not answer her com!" The Knight said.

"WHAT!" Apple Jack, Twilight, and Fluttershy shouted.

They watch as the ship hit an asteroid and exploded. The Night Guards quickly flew to the wreckages. Hoping Rainbow Dash was alive. They careful look though the asteroid belt and soon fond a blue spear floated in space. Inside was Rainbow Dash but she was unconsciousness. They pick her up and send their course right to Ponyville.

The doors of Ponyville Hospital bust open as two unicorn doctors push stretcher carrying the unconscious Pegasus.

They ran into a room and Doctor Stable came running in.

"What do we got?" He ask and then then saw Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow Dash has just return from her trip in space and was attack by an unknown creature. We are going to take the Luna Suit off so we can see what wrong." One of them said.

"She better not be faking this." Doctor Stable said remembering what happen last time.

Soon all of Rainbow Suit was remove but what they saw shock them. In place of Rainbow's body was yellow liquid that move around. Doctor Stable was the first to get everypony to snap them out of it.

"Come on! We got a Pony life to save!" He said.

The Doctor pull out rubber gloves and mask and started to remove bits of the yellow liquid.

Outside in the doors were Rainbow Dash was, Apple Jack, Fluttershy and Luna stood waited for the news. Twilight ran off to get a friend who could help. Pinkie, Rarity and Celestia arrived there after hearing the news.

"How is she?" Rarity ask.

"We don't know." Apple Jack answer.

"What happen?" Pinkie ask.

"Rainbow Dash and two of my Knight arrived at a Planet call SR388 where they were attack by a creature I came to call the X-Parasites because of their shape. They steam to enter Rainbow's body and is slowly killing her." Luna spoke up.

Pinkie and Rarity gasp. Their friend was dying. Celestia then spoke up.

"Where is Twilight?" She ask.

"Twilight went to get Zecora. If any pony knows what to do, it her." Fluttershy answer.

"Yeah! Zecora will fix Rainbow Dash in no time!" Pinkie shouted.

"I do hope so, these X-Parasites had grow in all places of her body." Luna said worry about a Pony life that she just put in danger.

Then Twilight and Zecora ran up to them.

"Twilight! Oh Zecora please tell us you have something to help Rainbow." Rarity said and notice Zecora.

"Don't be a bash, I do have something for Rainbow Dash." She said and pull out a vial of green liquid.

"This new disease is quiet annoy, so here some cells of a Metroid." Zecora said.

"Metroid?" Everypony ask.

"Zecora told me this vial appear on her front door steps years before coming here and was told to keep it until she need it. She has no clue on what a Metroid is though." Twilight explain and stated that Zecora didn't know what it was.

"Then give it to the doctors, They will give it to her." Celestia said.

"Aloud me." Luna said.

"Sister?" Celestia ask surprise.

"It my fault, I shouldn't have told anypony pony about space, now a life is dying and I must help any way I can." Luna said taking the vial in a blue glow.

"Luna, It not your fault at all, you didn't know what was on the planet and send them there to look it over, now that we know what on the planet we can be on a look out for more." Celestia said.

"I know, but I must do this, for Lady Rainbow Dash." Luna said.

"I don't have any more, so make sure it goes to the core." Zecora warn that it was the only one she had.

The Doctors sat down and look at Rainbow Dash. They were able to remove the yellow liquid from Rainbow body but discover that it was also on her central nervous system. They were unable to remove it because they knew Rainbow won't live if they do. They gave her a few minutes before she will die. Doctor Stable was about to leave to tell her friends the bad news when Princess Luna show at the door.

"Princess Luna!", Doctor Stable said and bow, "What are you doing back here?"

He knew it was wrong to question one of the Princesses but he had to know.

"I have something that will save Rainbow Dash." Luna said a hand him the vial.

"What this?" He ask.

"A vaccine. Use it on the core of the parasite that killing Rainbow Dash." Luna answer.

You heard the Princess! Let get this vaccine in Rainbow Dash's central nervous system!" He said and they doctor got back to work.

A few hours Later Everypony sat in the Waiting Room, hoping for good news. Finally, Doctor Stable walk in and saw them.

"Well I good news for you." He said and they all stood up.

"Rainbow Dash will live. The Vaccine destroy all the parasites as soon as we inject it." He said again.

"YEEEHA!" Apple Jack shouted throwing her hat in the air. Fluttershy started to tear up, glad her friend will live. Pinkie jump all over the room shouted, "YAH! RAINBOW GOING TO STAY!" Rarity pull out a tissue and dried her own tears. Twilight sign, she was glad Zecora had a cure for Rainbow Dash. Luna smile happily, she save a life without breaking the royalty rules.

"Can we see her?" Celestia said.

"Yes but the Vaccine also change Rainbow Dash." Doctor Stable said.

"How so?" Twilight ask.

"It better you see for yourself." He answer and lean the group to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow open her eyes to see she was in a hospital bed.

'How did I get here?' Rainbow ask herself.

The last thing she remember was being attack by a yellow goop and passing out in her ship and noting after that. Rainbow got out of bed and notices that her hooves look different. Rainbow wasn't sure but her fur coat was lighter blue then her normal color and saw part of her legs had yellow on her. She look over and saw a mirror. She saw her whole body was mix of Light blue and Yellow. When she stood up on her back hooves, she saw her belly was also yellow and stop at her chest. Her upper left hoof had some spikes come out of it and her upper right hoof was shape just like her Hoof Cannon from her Luna Suit only a little lighter. Her neck had a few yellow spots as if the light blue color was push back. The only thing that was normal was her head, Mane, and Tail.

She didn't have time to think about it when the door open and her friends and the Princesses came in.

"Rainbow Dash?" Twilight ask when she saw her.

"Like the new look." Pinkie said happily.

"Oh my, Rainbow Dash what happen to you?" Fluttershy ask.

"This is what I mean when the vaccine change Rainbow Dash." Doctor Stable said.

"Vaccine?" Rainbow ask.

"Yes, Rainbow. You were attack by a creature Luna has come to call the X-Parasite because it was shape like a X." Twilight explain.

"Yes, it was killing you and the doctors did everything they could." Fluttershy said next.

Rainbow eyes widen in surprise.

How am I still alive?" She ask.

"It because of the vaccine that was given to you." Doctor Stable answer.

"Yes, The vaccine was fond by Zecora, who said it was Metroid DNA." Twilight said.

"What a Metroid?" Rainbow Dash ask.

"I don't know." Twilight answer.

Rainbow Dash turn back to the mirror and look at herself.

"Could I be look alike of a Metroid?" She ask herself.

Luna heard and step up.

"No Rainbow Dash, we don't know what a Metroid is or what it looks like but, you are no Metroid." She said.

"For now, why do you rest?" Doctor Stable said, "The vaccine work, but we need to do some quick test to see how your body change."

"Ok, might as well." Rainbow said, She was tried. It took all her strength to get out of the bed but she didn't feel any weaker.

Her friends left and Luna stay behind whated to say a few more words. Doctor Stable aloud it and give her five minutes. Luna walk up to Rainbow Dash and sat next to her.

"Rainbow Dash, I'm sorry for what happen on the planet." Luna said.

"Hey! Don't worry about it. I fine now, thanks to the vaccine you and Zecora give me." Rainbow said.

Luna Smile and Rainbow smile back.

"After the test are done I like you to live your normal live. Celestia will tell all of Equestria of what happen to you and your new look. In the mean time, I'm going to build another ship for you and it going to take some time." Luna said.

"I'm going back to Outer Space?" Rainbow ask.

"The a station near the Planet SR388 call the PRL station. Once you recover and your new ship is finish I need you to go and check it out. Something is not right there." Luna explain before going deep in though.

"Ok.", Rainbow said, "I'll do it."

"That good to heard, now rest up and enjoy your days. I do fear I may be sending you to your death and I really hope am not." Luna said as she stood up and walk out of the room.

The now Light Blue and yellow Pegasus nods in agreement. She knew what Princess Luna was ask could be bad, but the dare-devil she was she could take on anything.

Rainbow yawn and lay in her bed, she had to do some test tomorrow and she needs all the rest she can get. Rainbow feel asleep think of what could await her in the next few weeks.

Well here you are go! The start of a different Metroid Game. Like I said, this is a test review, after the voting is over (if any one votes) I'll make this a real story. If you need help on picturing Rainbow Dash in the Fusion Suit, Just look up the Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion. Up next Rainbow Dash get her new helmet, ship and starts her Mission in the PRL Station. I'm sure you can all guess what that stand for. Please review and I'll get the next chapter up some time later.