Dinozaurs: Our Home

Chapter 2: The Dino Crystals

Two days had past since Tetsuya met the DinoKnights.
And he was biking along with a grocery bag.
"I wonder if Tyranno and the others would like these, as they were asleep for millions of years." He told himself.

He thought of yesterday, talking to Tyranno and the others at the Dinoseum.
How he wanted to know more about them.
They said that they were protecting the earth from Dragozaurs, along with the leader of said Dragozaurs, Diamond Ryugu.

And that he should he should not tell anyone except if he trusts them.
Which was kind of a drag since he wanted to tell his friends.
But that was sort of okay with him.

But his thoughts were interrupted when he saw a toy truck, thinking it was a little kid's
He lost control, and hit the ground.
With the toy truck coming near him.

And the toy truck belonged to someone that Tetsuya knows, but hates.
He got up, seeing the school bully, only to the ones in his grade though.
His name was Tsuki, His dark blond hair looking like knives.

His blood red eyes looked at Tetsuya with evil glee.
And his clothing had a chinese dragon printed on them.
And his crimson shoes stood still for a moment.

"Did the poor little kid fall down? Boo hoo!" Mocked Tsuki, as Tetsuya tried to get the food into the bag again.
On the inside, he wanted to cry, but tried to stay strong.
"Please knock it off Tsuki..." All Tetsuya could say, as he put the groceries back into the bag.

All it made Tsuki laugh again.
"Knock it off? That's a laugh!" Tsuki mocked at him.
Tsuki was the one guy who could make Tetsuya cry.

Since he was the weakest of the kids Tsuki could look for, he bullied him until the teachers could break it up.
He continued laughing until Tetsuya looked at two familiar yellow roller skates.
"Hey, can you stop picking on him? It's annoying..." said the person who owned the yellow skates.

The young man was a grade older then Tetsuya and Tsuki, his bright red hair almost to his neck.
The light purple eyes gave Tsuki daggers at him.
His dark blue shirt was baggy. And also his dark purple pants were also shaggy.

"Satoshi!" Tsuki called out, surprised.
Satoshi's eyes had a bored look. Knowing that this wasn't the first time he saw it.
"You were beaten at an arcade game by a girl, and you lost...Yet you are using your anger on poor Tetsuya." Satoshi told him.

Tsuki was mad. But decided to leave.
"Whatever, I'm a man! I can handle it!" Tsuki called out.
But Satoshi decided to have one more fun. "Beaten by a girl!" Satoshi called out, making the bully run away as fast as he could.

Then the older teen looked down at Tetsuya, who was getting the last of the foods back into the bag.
"Thanks Satoshi..." Tetsuya thanked his older grade friend.
Satoshi laughed, as he put the last fruit back into the bag.

"So who're these for?" Satoshi asked, looking at the bag again.
Tetsuya looked away from him, trying to lie.
"They're for me, just thanks. Trying to be healthy!" He told him.

But one thing surprised him the most.
Satoshi was so mad, it looked like he was on fire.
"Are you lying to me again?" Satoshi angrily asked, pissed off.

"We were friends when you were in grade one, and I was in grade two!" He yelled at Tetsuya.
Tetsuya sighed, he knew he had to tell him about the DinoKnights.

Meanwhile, at the Dinoseum...

"So are these the rocks you told me about?" Asked a scientist. Looking at two rocks.
The curator nodded. Also looking at them.
"Of course, they were also near the dinosaurs, mammoth and saber tooth tiger they found at the site." the Curator told him.

The rocks were big as a baseball.
Nobody knew what it was...
Except for the DinoKnights.

"Can you slow it down please?" The curator asked with caution in his voice.
"Don't worry about this! They'll handle it with care." The head scientist told him.
"Then why using a sledgehammer?" "It's a wooden mallet..."

"What are they doing! ? They're taking the Dino Crystals!" Stego called out, with shock in his voice.
"What'll we do?" Ptera asked, knowing full well that they're suppose to protect the humans.
And then, Sabre got a (Very stupid) Idea. "I know! We could scare them!" He called out.

But Brachio disagreed with him.
"No, we cannot scare them. And besides, we agreed with Tetsuya and Tyranno that we cannot reveal ourselves except to those Tetsuya trusts." he told Dino Sabre.
Tyranno knew that they needed someone to protect the Dino Crystals. And he probably knew who else to turn to.

With Tetsuya and Satoshi.

They were at a park, about near the Dinoseum. And Satoshi was eating some of the fruit.
As Tetsuya knew, he was a big eater. Yet he wanted to save them for the DinoKnights, but it looks like he can't now...
"So what you're saying is... Dinosaur bones came to life, and saved you from aliens?" Satoshi asked, with a piece of watermelon in his mouth.

"Well, yeah! They're called DinoKnights, saving the earth form aliens!" Tetsuya told his friend.
But Satoshi ruffled his hair like a brother. "Please stay out of the clouds Tetsuya, and come back to earth." He told him.
This angered Tetsuya a little bit. "You want proof? I'll show you proof!" he told Satoshi.

Later, the two teens went to the Dinoseum.

Two vehicles were outside, One van was for the Dino Crystals and the scientist. And the other one for the Curator and Daisuke.
Daisuke then saw Tetsuya and Satoshi, heading towards them.
"Hey Tetsuya!" Daisuke called out to him, waving.

"Hey, Dr. Bones." Tetsuya called him. It was pretty much a nickname given to him.
Daisuke clapped his hands together in a apologetic position.
"We're kinda closed now, but you and your friend can go in if you want." He told Tetsuya and Satoshi.

"Hey, can we see those creatures that walk and talk...?" Satoshi asked, before Tetsuya shut him up with a peanut butter sandwich, Satoshi's favorite food.
It made Daisuke curious, wondering what he was talking about.
Until the Curator called him to come.

"See ya!" He called out, going to the van that drove first, with the Scientist's and the Dino Crystals second.
Tetsuya laughed nervously, while Satoshi finished his sandwich.
"Don't say anything like that again." Tetsuya ordered, Satoshi wondered why he wanted it a secret.

When Tetsuya and Satoshi went into the Dinoseum to see the DinoKnights.
They heard Stego and Sabre arguing, with one of them saying he wasn't 'born' but hatched from a hard boiled egg.
"Hey, didn't what's his face say that this place was closed?" Satoshi confusingly asked, wondering who was talking.

Tetsuya sighed, knowing full well who it was.
"I told you who it was, but you were not listening." He told Satoshi.
He then ran to the Dinozaur's room, with Satoshi following him.

Inside the Dinozaur's room, Tyranno and the others saw that both Tetsuya and Satoshi came in the room.
"Tetsuya, glad you're here. We need you!" Tyranno told him.
When Satoshi saw them, he was sputtering some words.

"I must be dreaming..." Satoshi told himself as he shook his head.
Tetsuya ignored his friend's statement.
"Sure, what is it Tyranno?" Tetsuya asked, wondering what was wrong.

Tyranno started to explain Tetsuya about the Dino Crystals, making both Tetsuya and Satoshi curious about it.
"So what your saying is, there are these things called Dino Crystal? And they're your source of energy if your tired?" Tetsuya asked.
"Of course, and we need your help." Dino Brachio told him, making Tetsuya confused.

Tetsuya couldn't know what to say. But being both confused and scared.
"What do you need my help for?" he asked, pointing to himself.
It was Dino Mammoth who answered.

"Because, you're the one we can trust..." he told him.
Satoshi turned around, with a determined face on himself.
"Let's do this Tetsuya!" Satoshi told him.

Tetsuya was silent for a second.
And then pinched Satoshi's hand.
"Satoshi...This is not a dream. It's real life, we could get hurt." He said, looking away from him and the DinoKnights.

Satoshi crossed his arms, looking at his friend. Knowing that he's scared.
"Look...It's saving the world, or die." He told him.
This got Tetsuya looking at him, with determination in his face. "Let's go."

Tetsuya got onto his bike, and Tetsuya got his roller skates on. Ready to go get the Dino Crystals.
"So you're giving the two humans to get the Dino Crystals? Why them! ?" Stego asked, wondering why Tyranno sent them.
Tyranno was silent for a moment, and answered his fellow Dino Knight.

"They may look weak, but they're strong not by looks, but by their will. And I know they will get there." Tyranno said.
And the others, (Minus Stego) agreed.
So they waited until Tetsuya and Satoshi can get the Dino Crystals.

Tetsuya knew where the two vans were going to.
It was somewhere in the city not faraway where they are right now.
And needed to get there fast.

Meanwhile, the van that had the Dino Crystals were headed to the city to get the Dino Crystals examined. (Daisuke and The Curator's van was ahead of them)
But what they didn't know that near the cliffs, a rock was cracking. And had the Lifeforce coming out.
Which is not a good sign.

At the Dragozaur's hideout, a certain bat dragozaur smelled the Lifeforce.
He then ordered the Dragozuars.
"The Lifeforce has come! Move your tails!" Drago Wing called out.

The Dragozaurs headed straight to earth towards the source of the Lifeforce.
But a new enemy has awoken, knowing that an old enemy of his will be coming for them.

Back at Earth, Tetsuya and Satoshi were still chasing the van.
Satoshi heard something from up above.
He saw the Dragozaurs head down to Earth.

Tetsuya also saw this, knowing that this will not end well.
"We have to get the Dino Crystals fast!" He called out.
Both of them then used the downhill to go faster!

Not a moment later, a couple of people from the van the Dino Crystals were in were running away.
"Run away boys! It's very dangerous!" The scientist called out, running away.
Tetsuya looked on ahead and saw the crashed van.

The boys wondered what happened.
Making Satoshi look up; and saw the Dragozaurs.
"Wait! are those the aliens you told me about?" Satoshi asked, not knowing he's been ignored.

"Can you help me out here please!" Tetsuya called out. Trying to break the crate.
Satoshi looked around for something to get the crate open.
Of course, he found a crowbar on the ground next to an opened door.

He grabbed it, and helped out his friend.
But as they tried to get the Dino Crystals, a boulder was above them.
It was shaking badly, and near the edge.

A few tries, and the crate was opened.
Both Tetsuya and Satoshi cried out their happiness as they got the Dino Crystals.
But a drop of a pebble changed that.

They both looked up, and the boulder almost killed them.
Tetsuya and Satoshi closed their eyes as their end had come.
But nothing happened.

Tetsuya heard a familiar growling.
Satoshi wanted to know where that growl was coming from.
So both of them looked up to see Tyranno overshadowing them.

"Tyranno!" both Tetsuya and Satoshi called out to the leader of the DinoKnights.
"Holy cow you're amazing!" Satoshi said to the tyrannosaurus.
Tetsuya then held one of the Dino Crystals up so Tyranno could see them.

"Hey! We got the Dino Crystals!" He called out to Tyranno as they both held the Dino Crystals up high.
The Tyrannosaurus nodded. "Excellent! Now go back to the Dinoseum and give the other Dinozaurs the Dino Crystal's power!"
And as soon Tyranno said that, the Dino Crystals began to crack.

And out of the fossilized Dino Crystal, became an orb full of Lifeforce!
The two Dino Crystals went around Tetsuya and Satoshi's wrists. The glowing stopped and appeared to be wristwatches with Tyranno and Brachio's faces.

Both of them were amazed by all of this. "This is ultra cool!" Satoshi shouted with glee. They looked at Tyranno waiting for an order. "Now go to the Dinoseum and help the others!" Tyranno told them. Tetsuya and Satoshi nodded.

But as Tetsuya went to his bike, he saw that it was destroyed by one of the rubbles. "There goes my allowance..." Tetsuya told himself, looking at the damaged bike. "Don't worry! I'll get to the Dino Knights while you help Tyranno!" Satoshi told him, heading back to the Dinoseum.

Satoshi skated past the other people who were taking the Dino Crystals to research them but he didn't have time to say hello. Trying to get to the Dinoseum as fast as he could. And Tetsuya was climbing up the cliff "Why did I ever agree?" he told himself as he was climbing.

Tyranno growled at the Dragozaurs, making them turn around and cower in fear. "Still trying to get the Lifeforce?" Tyranno called out to them. One of the Dragozaurs noticed that he was alone, and decided that they would try to defeat him.

Tetsuya got up on the cliff, seeing Tyranno defeating the Dragozaurs one by one. With some of the Dragozaurs cowering in fear as the Dino Knight roared. "Amazing!" Tetsuya called out. As he was on the ground.

Then came the thundering sounds both Tyranno and Tetsuya looked up. Seeing something coming out. "So we meet again Tyranno!" Called out the being who came out of the swirling vortex. It was a skeletal like dragon, looking evilly at Dino Tyranno.

"Over Sixty million years, but counting this one Gigano Dragon!" Tyranno called out to the dragon flying overhead. Tetsuya probably knew that Gigano Dragon was another Dragozaur seeing as he appeared in the sky.

Both Tyranno and Gigano Dragon transformed, and were ready to battle. Tetsuya noted that both of them seemed strong this point. They were blocking each other attacks, this was how strong they were.

about a few clashes and stare from the Dragozaurs and Tetsuya. As Tyranno and Gigano was facing away from each other, seeing who would fall first. To one of the Dragozaurs, he was inpatient!

One of the Dragozaurs told the others to eat the lifeforce. Tyranno noticed this. "Get away from there!" he shouted to them. But Gigano Dragon attacked Tyranno from behind. Tetsuya was also surprised. But decided to shout at the Dragozaurs.

"Get out of here right now! You guys are wrecking our planet!" He called out. But one of the Dragozaurs flipped their tail knocking Tetsuya half ways towards a tree. Tetsuya coughed a little. He was hoping that Satoshi had made it to the Dinoseum yet.

Back at the Dinoseum, Stego was being inpatient yet again. "Why couldn't you sent me? I would've destroyed them!" Stego complained. Waiting was getting tiresome for him. "Don't worry! The boys will be here yet." Ptera told him.

There was a slam a the door, the dinoknights looking towards the door. Seeing Satoshi at the door, looking tired from skating to the Dinoseum. "Don't worry! I'm here." Satoshi huffed between breaths.

"Did you get the Dino Crystals?" Dino Mammoth asked towards the young boy. Satoshi looked up, showing the now transformed Dino Crystal. "Don't you mean Dino Watch?" He asked with a smug look on his face.

"Good, now concentrate to get us to full power on the Dino Watch." Brachio told him. Satoshi nodded, held the newly dubbed Dino Watch up high, and beams of light went to each Dinoknight, healing them.

Back with Tetsuya and Tyranno, things weren't going so well. the young man looked up; seeing Gigano Dragon curb stomping Tyranno, and the Dragozaurs sucking the lifeforce. His hands were in front of his face, trying to hold back his tears.

"tetsuya...Tetsuya! Are you there?" Satoshi called out from Tetsuya's Dino Watch. The young man tried to dry his eyes, "Yes, I hear you Satoshi. What is it?" Tetsuya asked. Wondering what his friend wanted to tell him.

Satoshi was on Brachio's back, calling his friend while riding. "I'm calling you to say that the Dino Watches may act as some kind of walkie talkies! They can help heal the Dinoknights too!" He called out to his friend.

"Really?" Tetsuya asked in a broken-like voice, as he is seeing Tyranno getting beat up by Gigano. Satoshi noticed the tone of Tetsuya's voice was. This was when he's scared of doing anything!

"Listen Tetsuya! I know your scared and all, but our planet is at stake here! Don't listen to what the Tsuki who's in your head berating you. You need to help Tyranno now!" Satoshi called out to him.

"We're still faraway, so it's your job to help Tyranno now." Brachio told Tetsuya. The young man got up, getting Tsuki's voice out. And his friends voices in. Pointing his Dino Watch towards Tyranno.

"Dino Power!" Tetsuya called out, with a Beam of light heading towards Tyranno. The leader of the dinoknights knocked his rival off of him, feeling much better. "Now that you're stronger now! We still have to fight!" Gigano told him, readyIng his weapon.

Tyranno began to clash his blades against Gigano's again. Tetsuya smiled as he helped out his friend. He wanted to thank Satoshi for lifting his spirit up, but he still wanted the other Dragozaurs to get away from the Lifeforce.

But just then, someone whistled to the Dragozaurs. Both Tetsuya and the Dragozaurs looked on and saw Satoshi looking at the Dragozaurs looking bored. "Am I too late?" He asked In a coy like voice.

"Satoshi!" Tetsuya called out to him as he ran towards his best friend. "Thank goodness you're here! Where are the others?" He asked his friend. Right on time, the other Dinoknights appeared and transformed to fight the other Dragozaurs.

It was the Dinoknights against the Dragozaurs! Tyranno against Gigano Dragon! Tricera attacked two of the Dragozaurs with his spears knocking them both out. Stego used skeletal revolution to make one of the dragonzaurs dizzy.

Ptera used her boomerang to attack one Dragozaur and confused the other one, thus making Dino Mammoth attack the other one by tackling him. Satoshi looked amazed at the Dinoknight's curbstomping the Dragozaurs.

Tyranno was now the one who was curb stomping Gigano Dragon. Tyranno backed away as Gigano Dragon was on his knees. He looked at his rival, clearly pissed off. "I will not lose!" the dragon shouted to his rival.

"Then clearly you're not the strongest now are you?" Tyranno told him. Just then, a familiar booming voice called out. "That point is good enough to me Gigano! You should have listened to me in the first place!" Diamond Ryugu called out to the impatient Dragozaur.

Gigano began to beg for Diamond Ryugu to release him, as he was being dragged back to the Dragozaur hideout. Thus making the other Dragozaurs back the hideout too. Thus giving the Dinoknights victory and sealing the Lifeforce for now.

Satoshi looked in awe as he saw the Dinoknights win in front of his eyes, happily jumping up and down with Tetsuya. Which was kind of embarrassing to him since that Satoshi is fifteen years old.

The two teens then looked at the Dinoknights who were victorious yet again. But Tetsuya was feeling low since he thought he couldn't help. "Tyranno... I'm sorry I couldn't help you earlier." Tetsuya told the leader of the Dinoknights.

Satoshi wanted to reassure his friend. But he knew that he need to reassure himself. "Tetsuya, don't worry about it. I'm alright now." Tyranno told the teen. Tetsuya looked up and nodded.

"Tetsuya, Satoshi. You now hold the Dino Crystals in your hands now." Tyranno told the two teens. Both Tetsuya and Satoshi gave the Dino Knights an army salute to them. "Of course! We'll always help and protect the earth no matter what!" Tetsuya shout. "And with the Dino Watches, help will always be nearby!" Satoshi also called out.

But of course there was a thing about Daisuke and the others who worked at the Dinoseum, as the two teens are currently the only ones who knew of the Dinoknights for now.

"Hello you two!" Daisuke called out the next week. He called in the day after Tetsuya and Satoshi received the Dino watches. He told them that, after a mysterious 'rock slide' had crashed down, and the Dino Watches were stolen. (that's what they thought) he asked Tetsuya and his father if they could watch the place when they we're stuck, and waited until the rocks we're cleaned out of the way and they could go back.

"Yeah, you're welcome." Tetsuya told him as the scientist went to one of the dinoknights, Dino Sabre and gave him a look.
Daisuke then turned around, to look at the two teens. "Did anything happen to the fossils while we were gone?"
Tetsuya and Satoshi both looked at each other.

"Nope, nothing happened." Tetsuya lied.
Daisuke looked around to look at the DinoKnights.
"Okay, Bye!" he said when he walked out.

The two teens sighed, and turned to the DinoKnights.
"I think it's for the best if you don't let Daisuke see you disappearing for a while." Tetsuya told them
Tyranno and the others all agreed.

The two teens said their farewells for now to the DinoKnights.
"Remember what we talked about Satoshi." Tetsuya told him.
Satoshi nodded. "Do not talk about the DinoKnights and other things, right!"