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~"Normal Speech"~


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Warning: This fic is Rated M FOR A REASON! It contains Lemon, Smut, NaruXMebu, and Milf. NSFW!

~Mature Bud~

"No Naruto, for the hundredth time I do not want to go out with you! Now please leave, my mother will be home soon."

Sakura's words rang in his ears as he left her home. 'Why do I keep trying? Do I really think the next time she'll say yes? I just don't know anymore' As he was lost in his thoughts, the blonde boy didn't see the woman walking towards him until they bumped into each other. The woman landed on her bum and Naruto was knocked back and out of his thoughts. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." As the woman looked up rubbing her bum, Naruto saw that is was Mebuki Haruno, the blonde mother of the girl, who had just rejected her.

"Oh that's quite alright Naruto-san. You looked very deep in thought."

"I was." Naruto helped the woman to her feet.

Mebuki dusted her dress off, "If I may ask, what were you thinking about?"

"Oh it was nothing, well it was nice seeing you Haruno-Kaa-San." He turned to leave sighing.

"Now hold on a second Naruto-San. You just walked out of my home, deep in thought, and now you're trying to leave without telling me why." The woman looked at her daughter's teammate with questioning eyes.

Naruto sighed, "If you must know, I came by to ask Sakura-chan out to dinner. But like every other time, she said no. And then she told me to get out cause you would be getting home soon. When we collided I was thinking about why I keep asking her. If you asked me a year ago why I liked your daughter, I could have given you a list as long as my arm. Now I don't even know why I consider her my friend." Tears began to form in the blonde man's eyes. "I gave so much for her, and she just tells me to go away. I'm sorry Haruno-Kaa-San, I have to go."

But before the man could leave, Mebuki grabbed his arm and pulled him into a big hug. "Naruto-san, please call me Mebuki. And we are going to talk about this, you are not going to run away." The pair simply stood there embracing each other. After a few minutes they broke apart. "Feeling better Naruto-san?"

"Yes I am Har- I mean Mebuki-san."

"Good. Now I am going out to run a few errands, and you are going to come with me." Mebuki smiled.

Naruto sighed "Do I get a choice in this?"

"No. Now come on." She put her arm thru his. "It's been so long since I've had a good strong man to help me with my errands. Not since Kizashi died. But I should count myself lucky, not only do I have a man to help me, that man is none other than the Hero of the Leaf. I feel like a little schoolgirl." Smiling as she giggled a little, leading the confused teen down the street.

~Sakura's POV~

"God that stupid baka, when will he get it that I will never go out with him?" As the pink haired girl walked into her room she heard two people grunt outside her house. She went to her window to see what was going on and she saw Naruto helping her mother to her feet. As she was about throw open the window and yell at Naruto, she stopped when she saw that Naruto and her mother were talking. Naruto appeared upset and Sakura wondered if it had anything to do with her rejecting his offer. 'Nah. He's probably taking about ramen.' She watched as two different times Naruto tried to leave, and the last time her mother grabbed his arm. 'Oh boy Naruto, I don't know what you did to tick her off but you're going to ge-' Her thoughts were cut short as she watched as her mother pulled the blonde boy into a tight hug. 'What the hell mom? You were supposed to hit him, not hug him!' After a time, the girl began to become annoyed at how long her mother and teammate were hugging. 'Ok mom time to let go. Why are you still hugging that baka?' Just as she was about to lose it and confront the two, her mother put her arm thru Naruto's and began leading him down the street. The only thing that stopped Sakura from jumping out the window and beating Naruto to a pulp was the fact that she heard her mother giggling as they walked away. Sighing Sakura stripped down before hopping in the shower. 'I hope you know what you're doing mom. and Naruto if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your hands off my mother. Cha!' After showering the pink haired girl dressed in her civilian clothes, pulling her hair up into a short spiky ponytail. She walked out the door locking the house and she headed off to the hospital for her overnight shift. Groaning she lamented 'Darn you Tsunade-sama, why can't you give me a day shift, I am your apprentice for Kami's sake!'

~Back with Naruto and Mebuki~

Despite his apprehension, the afternoon Naruto spent with Mebuki was actually quite normal. They went shopping, picked up some flowers from the Yamanaka flower shop (much to Ino's confusion), and checked in with the carpenter. As they were leaving the carpenter's Mebuki turned to Naruto. "Thank you for coming with me today Naruto-san."

Smiling Naruto turned to the older blonde. "It was my pleasure Mebuki-san, I'm not going to lie, I was quite apprehensive about spending the afternoon with you. But I have actually had a great time."

"Well it makes me happy to hear that. So it's getting a little late, what are you going to do for dinner?"

"I don't know I had reservations at the Silver Swan, but those got canceled. I'll probably just go to Ichiraku Ramen like most nights."

"Is that offer of a dinner date you gave my daughter available?"

"Umm sure Mebuki-san, are you asking me on a date?"

Mebuki sighed "Yes Naruto-kun, I'm asking you on a date."

"Well alright then. Where shall we go?"

"Can I tell you a secret?"

"Of course."

The blonde woman smiled. "I actually love Ichiraku Ramen, I used to eat it all the time. Then when you became teammates with Sakura, she started hating it and would make such a stink when I ate there. I have eaten at Ichiraku's in years."

Stunned Naruto stated. "Dear Kami, to have been away from Ichiraku's for so long, it must have been terrible. That settles it; we are eating at Ichiraku Ramen. My treat, come on." Taking Mebuki's hand, he began to lead her towards the ramen stand.

"Um Naruto-kun, the groceries."

"Oh right, I'll take care of the that." The blonde formed the cross hand-seal that signaled his most famous jutsu. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu)" Creating five clones that carry all the groceries to her house. Offering her his hand, "Shall we?"

Taking his hand and intertwining their fingers hugging close to his arm, the pair walked to Ichiraku Ramen. Entering the stand the pair were both greeted by owner like old friends until he noticed that Mebuki was latched onto Naruto's arm. Eying the boy carefully he took the two's order. They sat at the end of the stand with Mebuki wrapped around Naruto's arm resting her head on his shoulder. After the two ate their fill of ramen, which in Mebuki's case (and Naruto's surprise) was quite a lot. After paying the couple walked back to the Haruno residence hand in hand. Arriving at the door Naruto was just about to say goodnight when Mebuki turned to him. "Would you like to come in? I can warm up some coffee, Sakura won't be home till late. I don't like being alone in this big house at night."

"Oh ok Mebuki-san. I'd be more than happy to stay with you till Sakura gets home." Smiling he held open the door for her to enter and followed after her. Walking in she instructed him to make himself comfortable in the living room while she got the coffee. Before moving to the living room he hung his orange and black jacket on the coat hanger and he moved to the living room sitting on the couch. Only a few moments later and Mebuki entered the room carrying two mugs of coffee. At first glance Naruto felt that there was something different about her. After looking closer as she walked over her noticed three things; she had fluffed her hair out, put lipstick on, and slid the zipper of her qipao dress, down about four or five inches revealing a substantial amount of cleavage.

"Here you go Naru-kun." Smiling Mebuki handed him a mug and snuggled up against him. "Hey Naru-kun can I tell you something?"

"Sure Mebuki-san."

"My daughter is a fool for not responding to your advances. All she does is faun over that Uchiha boy, between you and me, I think he's secretly gay. Hehe."

Naruto laughs "You're not the only one, I think every member of the Leaf 12 has thought that at one point or another."

"Well I say that because... if my fool daughter won't take the hint and make a move, I will." and with that she leaned up and kissed him full on the lips. This at first caught him off guard but he quickly caught on and returned the kiss. Pressing his tongue against her lips, to which she willingly opened her hungry mouth and let his tongue slide in and begin the battle for dominance. Unknown to the blonde couple, a certain pink haired kunoichi was rushing home at that very moment.

~Sakura's POV~

'Man how could I forget my report? I blame Naruto. Getting all friendly with my mom. I'll kill him.' Sakura ran down the street unaware of the events unfolding between her mother and teammate.

~Back at the house~

After a few minutes of tongue wrestling, the younger blonde had clearly asserted his dominance. Pulling back in defeat, Mebuki finished unzipping her qipao dress and was sliding it down. While she was doing this, Naruto took this opportunity to strip his t-shirt off and toss it on the floor. His shirt was soon joined by Mebuki's dress and bra. Stradling the boy he got a good look at her body. Despite her age Mebuki Haruno had the body of a 20 year old girl and Naruto was loving it. Seeing his staring the blonde woman grinned and said, "If you can make me cum, you can use this body however you like, whenever you like."

"Believe it!" Naruto shouted before pulling her down into a deep passionate kiss. While he was doing this he reached around to get a firm grip on the toned ass of his new blonde lover. Not to be outdone, Mebuki swiftly undid the boy's pants and had her hand down his pants rubbing his thing thru his boxers. The heat and passion clouded both their senses, this meant that neither could sense the chakra signature approaching the door.

~Sakura's POV~

'Alright that didn't take too long, if I hurry Tsunade-sama may never know I was gone.' Turning the handle on the door which opened much to her surprise. 'I thought I locked this? Mom must have gotten home.' Walking in she noticed a jacket on the coat rack, upon further inspection she knew it could only belong to one person. 'Did mom let Naruto into our house? Is he still here?' Both her questions were shortly answered, when from within the living room, Sakura heard her mother shout "That's right Naru-kun, let your Mebu-chan suck that thick cock of yours!"

With that Sakura raced down the hall to the entrance to the living room and was greeted by the sight of her mother, clad in only her red lace thong, on her knees in front of the couch, between the legs of one blonde haired shinobi, and was feverishly sucking on his cock. "Wha... What is going on here?"

~Narrator's POV~

Even thru the heat and lust of the moment, both blondes heard the stunned reaction of one pink haired kunoichi. Who was standing in the entrance of the living room with an expression that was a cross between shock, anger, and hurt. Looking up at her, Naruto looked as if he was seeing a ghost. Mebuki on the other hand, simply turned her head never taking Naruto's dick out of her mouth. She flashed a smile around the object in her mouth before sliding it out with an audible 'Pop'. "Oh hello there Sakura-dear. How has your evening been?"

There you have it the first chapter of my new NaruXMebu fic. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Author's Notes

On the point of the Sakura bashing. I have written Sakura the way I did because of some serious sub-text that stems from a scarring event from her past. This sub-text also has a massive influence in her attitude. So I am not being super antagonistic towards her. She has some serious emotional issues. This will be revealed in the next chapter.

Now some of you have given me crap about the fact that Kizashi is dead. Yes I know that he isn't dead in the anime. But I killed him off to create an interesting dynamic between Sakura and Naruto. Which will also be revealed in the next chapter.

Now the last thing I want to address is some of you have asked where I will be going with Naru and Mebu's relationship, as in how far will it go. And I can tell you that I have no idea. My writing technique is very organic. Now I know that some writers like to lay out their entire story before writing, kinda like building a skeleton and then fleshing it out. I prefer to write as if I plant a seed and see how it would grow naturally.