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~Their Move~

Two bored chunin sat watching the gate nearly falling asleep, when they saw two men wearing black cloaks with red clouds and straw hats. The chunin leapt to their feet but before they could do or say anything one man locked eyes with them and before they knew it they were unconscious. Seeing that their presence was safe the two men leapt thru the village scanning for the signature they were looking for. Sensing a weak version of it, they headed towards the forested area. Landing on a branch they looked down on a clearing where two older women and a young boy and girl were playing.

Mebuki and Kurenai sat together as they watched Naruka and young Asuro playing in the sunlit clearing of Jiraiya's memorial. The two were close before, but after the birth of their kids they grew even closer. Watching their kids play the pair were discussing plans for when Naruto returned from his mission.

The two men leapt back deeper into the trees. The shorter of the two spoke quietly. "The young girl is the one, it seems our little friend has passed his legacy on to the next generation. I think the new master would be very interested in that little one."

The taller one smiled showing two rows of pointed shark-like teeth. "Oh I bet he would. So I say we take the young one to meet the master." The taller one chuckled as her pulled a massive bandage wrapped sword off his back and then vanished. Reappearing in the middle of the clearing only to have to leap to the side to avoid the dozen shuriken thrown directly at him. Looking up he saw both women standing in a combat stance with kunai drawn and the kids standing behind them. He reached up and lifted his hat from his head. Kurenai shouted.

"I know you! Kisame Hoshigaki. What are you doing here?"

"Felt like stopping by for a visit. Wanted to have a chat with our friend Naruto, but I guess he's out of town. So I thought I'd say hi."

"Shut up! Where's our mutual friend Itachi? Not like you to go out alone."

"Oh he's not with us anymore. His adorable little brother finally got to him."

"Well I guess it's just the three of us then."

"I guess it is- Oh Zetsu why'd you have to ruin the surprise?" At his word the two women turned to see the aforementioned black half of the plant-nin standing behind them with young Naruka in his arms. Before Kurenai could even say anything, Mebuki rushed the missing-nin and stabbed him in chest. Only for the man to disappear in a storm of leaves, in moments Mebuki and Kurenai realized that they were under Zetsu's genjutsu. However by the time they released the jutsu the men were gone and so was Naruka. The women stood in stunned terror, until Mebuki broke down crying and screaming. After a time Kurenai spoke.

"We have to tell someone. The Hokage, no she's away... Shizune! She's in her place." Helping Mebuki to her feet she urged her. "Come on, we have to go." Once the blonde was able to stand they both rushed to the Hokage Tower. Arriving at the tower they rushed past everyone and headed straight to the top office. Bursting thru the doors Kurenai shouted.

"Shizune! Shizune are you here?"

The brunette walked out from the side room. "Kurenai-san, what's the matter?"

Mebuki suddenly screamed. "They took my little girl! They took her right from me!"

"Woah woah woah. Slow down what happened?" After calming Mebuki down, Kurenai told Shizune the whole story. After she finished Shizune sat back and thought for a moment before flashing thru the hand signs Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram, followed by biting her thumb and placing her hand on the desk and saying. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Tsukai." A small yellow and white slug appeared on the desk, speaking quickly Shizune told the slug to get to Tsunade and relay the information. The slug nodded and vanished in a puff of smoke.

"All we can do is wait."

~At The Summit~

After a long silence the one in coffin stepped out and the box slid back into the ground. Cracking their neck side to side, they pulled a pair of black gloves out of their pocket and pulled them onto their hands. The leaf shinobi stared in awe as their friend, family and student stood there back from the dead.

"Hello there Tsunade-sensei, how have you been? Knowing that your orders got me killed."

"I never ordered your death. Only the death of Sasuke Uchiha."

"But your orders let a member of our team use a jutsu that was far more destructive than should be allowed."

"You stepped in between them. This is on you!"

"I really don't care. All I care about is seeing you dead."

"Is that so? Well I may have taught you everything you know, that doesn't mean I taught you everything I know."

The two women stood across from each other the tension in the air growing by the second. But before anyone could make a move the white haired member of Taka shouted.

"Ugh! Come on! Let's just kill the bitch and be done with it!" He launched himself at the Hokage drawing his huge sword but before he could even get halfway to the Hokage, Kakashi appeared in his path blocking his sword with his two before delivering a powerful kick that sent the young swordsman thru the wall into the next room. With a nod to the Hokage, Kakashi followed after the man.

Taking it as a signal that the fight was on, the tall one with the orange hair rushed the Raikage. As he neared him his arm suddenly transformed growing several large jet ports caped with a large armored fist. With chakra rushing from the ports he aimed to take the big man's head off. Just as the punch would have connected, A ducked under the punch and caught the big man before lifting him up turning and planting him thru a table with a bone rattling spine buster.

With a shrug Sakura disappeared before reappearing in front of the Hokage throwing a massive right hand only for it to be blocked with two fingers from the blonde woman, and be followed by a thunderous right hook of her own sending her one-time student thru the wall. With a nod to Naruto the Hokage followed the girl thru the wall. Leaving Naruto the only leaf shinobi in the main room with the other Kage standing against Sasuke and Karin.

~Kakashi Vs Suigetsu~

Kakashi stood in the hole in the wall created by Suigetsu, watching the swordsman climbing from the remains of a stack of chairs in the room. Glaring at the jonin the young man stood up and hefted his massive sword and smirked. Kakashi leapt down into the room and readjusted his grip on his two strait blade ninjatos. The blades began to glow a soft blue color as Kakashi began channeling Raiton chakra through the blades. Before settling into a loose stance with one blade held near his thigh the other held in a backhand grip near his shoulder.

Suigetsu rocked his neck back and forth and then vanished thinking he would catch the leaf nin off guard, only to find that he was the one caught off guard when the silver haired man appeared behind him swinging his swords at the mist-nin's neck. Suigetsu ducked and tried to take the legs out, only for Kakashi leap and stick one of his blades through the hole in the massive sword causing the blade to jar loose from Suigetsu's hands. Dropping the sword and leaping back Suigetsu eyed his opponent wondering how this man could counter his attacks so easily. That's when he noticed that his left eye was covered by his Hitai-ate. His mind rushed back to when Sasuke warned Taka of the dangers of facing certain Leaf shinobi.

~Flashback On~

Sasuke sat in a cave looking at his three comrades. "Now what I am going to tell is vital to your survival should you ever encounter members of Konahagakure. Three key people at Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Hokage Tsunade Senju. Naruto is dangerous because is completely unpredictable and while he might appear as a dobe, but he is in fact a creative genius, and able to come up with strategies in seconds that most people couldn't come up with in months of planning. Avoid him at all costs."

Taking a breath Sasuke continued. "Now Kakashi is a big threat for three major reasons. One; he is a veteran of the Third Shinobi War and battle hardened. Two; he has a jutsu repertoire wider than anyone alive. and that is because of the third reason. Three; he is the only man alive that is not an Uchiha to possess a sharingan. Now I have no idea how he got the eye, but I know he can't shut it off like I can, that is why he usually keeps it covered with his Hitai-ate. Avoid him at all costs as well."

Watching the looks his team was giving him he finished. "Now despite how dangerous those two are, Tsunade is by far the worst to face. First off she is one of the three legendary Sanin, much like Orochimaru. That alone makes her one of the most dangerous people on the planet. On top of that she has strength beyond that of any living being. And finally she has a very scary understanding of medical ninjutsu, a level that makes Kabuto look like a novice."

~Flashback Over~

Suigetsu looked at Kakashi and smirked. "I know all about your special eye there Kakashi, so why don't you just lift that Hitai-ate and show me if it's true."

"If you think I'm staying ahead of you now? You'll be completely in over your head if I unveil my eye."

"I'm willing to take that risk."

"Alright you asked for it." With that he reached up and lifted his Hitai-ate to reveal his sharingan eye. Yanking his sword from the ground before kicking the massive dantō to Suigetsu. Catching the sword, the mist-nin vanished. Reappearing behind Kakashi swinging the sword in an arc set to take the jonin's head off. Only for the man vanish just as the blade would have touched him. Suigetsu only had enough time to bring the blade up to block the incoming kick from Kakashi, who was moving far more faster than he had before. The kick stunned Suigetsu to the point that he didn't see the raiton infused ninjato swinging down until it hacked the top six inches off the sword. That was followed up by another slash with the second blade that hacked another couple inches off on a diagonal. What followed was forty-five seconds of Kakashi's two swords became a blur of spinning blue chakra and steel, that left Suigetsu holding nothing more than two-thirds of the hilt. In shocked awe the young man was unprepared for Kakashi's foot planting itself in his chest launching him back. Landing after the kick, the silver haired shinobi threw one of his swords at Suigetsu before channeling chakra to his feet and dashing towards the white haired ninja. Arriving at him just after his sword buried itself into his left shoulder, he brought his other blade across in a vicious slash that took his flailing right arm off halfway to the shoulder. Stopping just passed Suigetsu, Kakashi spun his sword in his hand so he was holding it in a reverse grip. Just as the mist-nin turned a full 180 degrees, the leaf jonin buried his sword straight thru the chest of the young man and then channeled enough raiton chakra to kill a man instantly. What he wasn't prepared for was, the fact that Suigetsu's body was made of water amplified the attack and fried the young man alive. Yanking his sword from his opponents chest, Kakashi quickly pulled his other blade from the shoulder and sheathed them both before Suigetsu's body even hit the ground. Certain his opponent was dead Kakashi leapt back thru the hole in the wall to join Naruto in his battle against Sasuke.

~Tsunade Vs Sakura~

The blonde Hokage walked thru the large hole in the wall just as her former student was climbing to her feet. The two women locked eyes for a second before the pink haired one rushed her master. Readying another massive chakra enhanced punched, Sakura neared her teacher. As the punch closed on Tsunade, the blonde simply batted the punch away as one would shoo a fly away. This only seemed to enrage the young girl more as she began to strike faster and somewhat wildly. While her strikes would have floored most living beings, the Hokage continued to just bat the strikes away. But once one punch pulled the pinkette further than planned, the blonde delivered what appeared to be a light back-handed shot with her left to the younger girl's stomach. Although the shot was enough to double the girl over. Tsunade followed it up with a straight downward punch to the back of the head, driving her opponents face into the floor creating a sizable crater as a result. Stepping back she sighed.

"Sakura, please stop this. You know if you just accept defeat, this will all end."

Struggling to her feet, Sakura shouted. "The only way this will end is when I tear your shriveled old heart out of your chest, you stupid old hag."

"Poor child you lost the moment you came out of that pine box. You will neve-!" Tsunade's words were cut short by the arrival of Tsukai. "Tsukai, what are you doing here?"

"My lady, Mistress Shizune sent me. Something has happened in the village, two Akatsuki members infiltrated the village and attacked Kurenai-san and Mebuki-san. They then kidnapped young Naruka Haruno."

Sakura's eyes grew large before slipping back into her head and then snapping forward. She then asked one question. "Who is Naruka Haruno?"

Tsukai was about to speak when Tsunade cut her off. "Naruka is your sister."

"I don't have a sister."

"She was born after your death."

"Who is her father?"

"Naruto, but she does not know him."

"Why? The Naruto I knew would've wanted to be there the entire time."

"The Naruto you knew disappeared for two years after you died. He blamed himself, he thought your mother and the rest of the village would've hated him. He only learned of his daughter when he returned."

"No... I never blamed him, or you, or anyone. In my moment of death I realized my own mistake and accepted it." As she finished her sentence her skin began to turn to ash. The two women locked eyes again, only this time the pair smiled at each other. "Sensei, please find my baby sister and keep her safe. I will be watching. And tell Naruto I'm sorry, and be a good father."

"I will Sakura, I will." With a sad smile and tears running down her face, Tsunade watched as the last remains of her student turned to ash. Saying a silent prayer, the blondes face turned to one of grim determination as she stepped thru the hole in wall to join the others and tell them the news.

~With Naruto & The Others~

After the Hokage and Kakashi disappeared through the walls, Naruto turned towards the raven haired man who was once his best friend. The two stared each other down as they both gripped the hilts of their swords. Sasuke drew his Sword of Kusanagi and fell into a loose stance rocking back and forth with his sword held in a reverse grip. Naruto on the other hand slid his longsword out and over his shoulder, stepping out into a solid forward stance holding the sword out in front of him in a two-handed grip.

Observing the two the Mizukage's aide Chōjūrō asked. "Why isn't Naruto-san moving?"

The samurai Mifune was the one to respond. "He is becoming as still as possible. It is an old swordsman technique, by stilling his body and mind he will become aware of even the most subtle movement. It is said that the most skilled swordsmen could even hear their opponent's muscles flexing as they began their attack."

"That is amazing, do you think Naruto-san is that skilled?"

"I do not know." As the blonde stood completely still, Sasuke began to grow impatient and soon lost his cool. Grunting, the Uchiha rushed his adversary. Yet as he grew close, the blonde did not move. Certain that he had outmatched the leaf-nin, Sasuke swung his blade in a upward diagonal that would've sliced the blonde from his left hip across to his right shoulder. However Naruto simply leaned out of the way and parried with his own blade. His sword being the larger blade, his block was stronger than the Uchiha's attack. Stumbling back the rogue-nin grunted before rushing the blonde again.

Swinging his Kusanagi across to take his adversary's head off, Sasuke watched as Naruto only moved his sword slightly over his shoulder to block. Smirking as he channeled Raiton chakra through his sword, only to be blown backwards. Looking up he saw Naruto's blade surrounded by a jagged, light blue aura.

"Fūton chakra I see, very well." Standing up the Uchiha sheathed his sword. "A battle of our blades would prove useless. This battle will be decided our knowledge of jutsu." Naruto shrugged and slid his massive broadsword into its sheath. Smirking, Sasuke began flashing thru hand signs finishing on the Tiger seal. Taking in a deep breath he exhaled shouting "Katon: Fumouchi no Jutsu! (Fire Style: Wasteland Jutsu)" Flames burst from his mouth and began covering the ground spreading everywhere. Many of the others ran from the flames, Naruto simply began a series of hand signs ending on the horse seal before calmly saying.

"Suiton: Gouka Yawarageru Nami. (Water Style: Grand Relieving Wave.)" Spinning in a circle at high speed, Naruto sent a wave of water out from around him quenching the flames. Enraged Sasuke roared as he activated his Mangekyō Sharingan. His left eye widened, as the unquenchable black flames of the Amaterasu raced towards Naruto. The blonde's eyes narrowed and he flashed thru several hand signs before placing his hands, open palmed with his thumbs and fingers forming a triangle, out in front of him. Moving his hands apart he spoke.

"Fūton: Soujikiwokakeru Uzu Zero. (Wind Style: Vacuum Vortex Zero)" In the space between his hands a circle of swirling air formed and began spinning faster and faster. Soon a hole formed in the middle of the circle and grew wider. Suddenly all of the Amaterasu's flames began rushing into the hole and vanishing. Sasuke's eyes widened in horror as the mythical black flames, were snuffed out like a common match.

"How is this possible?!" The Uchiha screamed in range.

"The Amaterasu flames may not be able to be quenched, but it fire, and all fire needs oxygen to burn. I developed this jutsu for the sole purpose of stopping the Amaterasu. It's useless against me and now it's my turn." Forming the cross seal, two shadow clones appeared and all three began a sequence of hand seals. Finishing at the same time they all initiated their jutsus. Shouting in order.

"Fūton: Susamajii Tatsumaki! (Wind Style: Fierce Tornado)" A large tornado began forming in the room.

"Suiton: Iraira Nagare! (Water Style: Raging Current)" A rushing jet of water shot from his hands and joined with the tornado forming a huricane.

"Raiton: Tengoku Juusei! (Lightning Style: Heaven's Shot)" A bolt of lightning shot from his hand striking the hurricane turning it into a massive storm. Then in unison the three shouted.

" Ninpō: Umi Ikari! (Ninja Art: Ocean's Wrath)" As they shouted the storm rushed towards Sasuke. He attempted to leap out of the way, only for the storm to grow and catch him in its walls. The storm sent spinning round and round while simultaneously being bombarded by rushing water and shocked with thousands of volts of electricity. After a short time the storm through the Uchiha out, slamming him into the far wall. Releasing his jutsu Naruto watched as Sasuke slid down the wall to the floor landing in a heap. As he moved to finish the rogue-nin off, Kakashi and Tsunade returned to the room and the Hokage shouted.

"Naruto! We must leave now!"

"Why Hokage-sama?"

"The Akatsuki have taken your daughter!" The blonde's eyes went wide as his head hung down. Just as this was happening, Jugo was crawling from the wreckage of the table he had been put through. Seeing that Naruto wasn't looking he rushed the blonde...

Ok so I know I have been leaving you with a lot of cliffhangers but I promise you, you will hear from me again soon.