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~"Normal Speech"~


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~Old Wounds~

After several minutes of an intense silence, where the two women stared daggers at each other and Naruto waited to see who would make the first move. In the end he decided it should be him. As he started to stand and stuff his dick back into his pants he started to say "Well I think I should be going now..."

"Sit down Naruto!" Both women said simultaneously, Mebuki pulling his dick back out and begins stroking it still staring at her daughter.

"Stop that Mother, please."

"Why? We are both adults, and you turned him down. So why do you care if I get with him? You always said how he was nothing but a tool for you to get Sasuke back." Seeing Naruto's face she says "Yes Naru-kun she said that, many times, among other things. So tell us Sakura, why do you have such a problem with me and Naru-kun being together?"

"Because he already took one from me..." Sakura's voice trailed off.

Confused Naruto finally spoke up. "'Took one from you.' What does that mean Sakura-chan?" Naruto stood up in front of the couch, Mebuki continues to stroke him.

"How can you not know?"

"Sakura you aren't making any sense."

"Now you are just trying to make me mad."

"No I am not. I just want to know what you meant."

"Fine. You want to know? I'll tell you." Suddenly Sakura lunged at Naruto preparing one of her Tsunade style enhanced punches. "I hate you because you already took my dad from me, I won't let you have my mom too, YOU FUCKING FOX DEMON! DAMN THE FOURTH HOKAGE FOR NOT TAKING YOU WITH HIM WHEN HE DIED!"

~Flashback Time~

"Momma, where's Daddy?"

"Daddy isn't coming home."

"Why not? Is it something we did?"

"No no no, it's not our fault honey. Daddy was fighting the Nine Tailed Fox and he died in that battle. A little before you were born."

"What's the Nine Tailed Fox?"

"The Nine Tails is a demon that attacked our village."

"Is that the thing that's inside that boy Naruto?"

"Sakura where did you hear that?"

"Ino's Mom told us to stay away from him. He has a demon inside him."

"Yes dear, Naruto has the Nine Tails inside him, and you should stay away from him."

'So that boy Naruto killed my daddy. I'll get him one day, I swear it dad.'

~End Flashback~

As she spoke the last few words, Naruto stood completely still. As he closed his eyes, Sakura believed he had consigned to his fate and pushed forward with her punch. Just and the shot should have connected with his face, her fist was stopped in mind-air. "What how?" Looking at Naruto she discovered the answer. With his eyes still closed, Naruto had caught her punch with one hand. Raising his face and opening his eyes, she knew how he did it. His eyes were surrounded by a deep orange eye shadow, the whisker marks were more pronounced, his canines had elongated, and his eyes were now a deep red with cross pupils. All these things signified one thing; Naruto had entered sage mode with the influence of the Kyubbi. Pushing her back he turned to Mebuki.

"I'm sorry Mebuki-chan, but I have to go. If I stay I will say thing to Sakura that you shouldn't hear." As he went to leave, she put her hand on his abdomen.

"No Naru-kun, you are going to stay right here and tell Sakura how you feel, about everything. You can say whatever you want. I won't hold it against you."

"You sure Mebuki? The things I am going to say are pretty bad."

"Yes I'm sure now do it."

"Alright." He leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Then he turned to a stunned Sakura, who was still trying to comprehend how he had stopped her punch with one hand. "Oi, Sakura snap out of it. I have some things to tell you."

The sharpness of his voice and the fact that he didn't use the 'chan' suffix on her name, was enough to snap her out of her trance and look at the blond man standing before her. And that is what she, a man. Every other time she had looked at Naruto, she had only seen the obnoxious little kid that had left with Jiraiya. Now because he stood there shirtless showing the many scars he had gained, angry, and his semi-erect cock hanging out, she saw that while she had been obsessing over the moody, arrogant, and possibly gay, Sasuke. Naruto had become a gorgeous hunk of man meat. Her mother had seen it, most of the women in Konaha had seen it, but she hadn't. Hoping it wasn't too late she started to speak, but he cut her off.

"Sakura, for once in your bloody life, Shut the Hell up." What he said stunned her into silence. "Now then, it's time for you to hear the things I have been feeling and wanting to say for so long. Sakura I loved you, once. But I've come to realize that you would never have returned my advances, you're too obsessed with Sasuke. So I'm moving on. Another thing even if you never would have gone out with me, you could have thanked me for all the times I saved you, or Sasuke. But neither of you ever said anything. Then when Sasuke left, I kept going after him to try and save him, I kept risking my life for two people who didn't even like me, all for a promise I made as a child. Well I'm changing that promise. If I ever find Sasuke, I'm going to kill him, collect the bounty on his head, and then I'm going to treat Mebuki-chan here, to a romantic dinner in celebration. And you can believe that.

Now you said you hate me cause the Kyubbi killed your dad. At least you grew up with one parent, I've been alone from the very begining. I'm not even mad about that, I got used to people thinking I was the fox a long time ago. I've been shunned, outcast, attacked, hunted and beaten ever since I was a baby, all because of the fox. What I am mad about is the fact that you bad mouthed the Fourth, who also happens to be my dad. If it wasn't for my dad, this village wouldn't be here. But that isn't even what is making me the maddest. You wanna know what is? It's the fact that you are just such a colossal BITCH! For the love of Kami, why don't you pull your massive head out of the clouds, think about someone other than yourself for ten seconds, and then you can kindly shove it right up your self-righteous, insecure, self-centered, arrogant, up-tight ass, and GO FUCK YOURSELF! Now if you'll excuse me, my girlfriend in sitting here naked and we have some things to do. So if you'd be so kind as to get whatever you came for and go the fuck away." With that he turned pulled Mebuki to her feet and began kissing her passionately while massaging her ass never making eye contact with Sakura.

His actions had stunned Sakura so much that all she could do was numbly walk to her room and grab her report. As she was leaving she was brought out her daze my the sound of her mother moaning his name and saying things she couldn't believe. "Oh Kami yes Naru-kun, lick my dirty pussy, lick it so it's all soaking wet for your huge cock. I want you to fuck me senseless tonight. If I can walk straight in the morning I'll never speak to you again." As Sakura entered the hallway all she could see is the light coming from the living room, and on the floor in the light was her mother's red thong and Naruto's green boxers. Scared of what she might see, she slowly approached the entrance to the living room. When she looked inside the sight she saw nearly made her vomit. Her mother was now sitting on the couch fully naked with her legs up in the air playing with her breasts. While Naruto, who was also now naked, was kneeling in front of her viciously licking and fingering her pussy. From her vantage point Sakura could now see the blond man's fully erect cock and balls. The simple sight of it was enough to make her terribly wet. Her mother then looked up from watching her lover eat her out, to look at Sakura. "Sakura, I thought Naru-kun told you to get the fuck out? If you aren't to listen to him, you can come over here and start sucking his cock, it looks so lonely. It's the least you can do for all he's done. Mmmmm don't you dare stop doing that Naru-kun, that felt sooooo good." Her voice jumped a little as the blonde began lightly licking her anus. "Oh Naru-kun, its dirty there, clean it up for me baby. Sakura why are you just standing there? You have your choices now pick one. Get out, or get to sucking."

Shocked at what her mother had just said Sakura took a step back. "Ah mother that is so disgusting!" And with a huff she ran out from the room, only to turn into the bathroom and start furiously masturbating to the sound of her mother and Naruto's love making. She quickly stripped out of her pants and panties to discover that she was soaking wet. Softly rubbing the lips of her pussy she listened as her mother instructed her teammate on what to do.

"That's it Naru-kun, I can't take it anymore. I need you inside me." Rolling up onto her elbow, Mebuki stuck her ass in the face of her lover and spread the lips of her sopping wet pussy. "Stick that big thick cock in me right now Naru-kun." Naruto stared in awe at the beautiful sight before him. Mebuki's pussy had gone from the soft pink color it normally was, to a deep red. The entire organ was dripping in her juices. Her clit, which was an adorable little red nub, was twitching in anticipation. As Naruto leaned close to give it one more lick he could actually feel the heat coming off of it. Standing behind her, he began rubbing his shaft up and down on her to coat it in her juices. Meanwhile in the bathroom next door, Sakura had now stripped completely naked and was furiously rubbing herself. And as Naruto slowly slid himself into Mebuki, Sakura slid two fingers into her own soaking cunt. Both women released a deep guttural moan as they were penetrated. As their moans died down, Naruto began slowly sliding in and out of his blonde lover's pussy. With each thrust a wet sound would exit her. As he slowly began to gain speed, Mebuki suddenly turned to look at him. "Naru-kun, I love the feeling of you inside me, but I am not a young girl, you don't need to go slow. Now FUCK ME NARUTO UZUMAKI!"

At her instruction, Naruto began feverishly pumping in and out of her. With each thrust his balls would slap her sensitive clit sending shudders thru her body. After a minute or so he slapped her right ass cheek, earning a feral moan from his lover. "Yes Naru-kun, spank your naughty Mebu-chan while you fuck my dirty pussy. Do it!" To her pleasure he obliged and began a slow spanking of her backside as he slid in and out of her with thunderous force. Soon her ass was flaming red and so sensitive his breath on the sink was enough for her to groan in pleasure. After about 15 minutes of his relentless pounding she heard her lover groan. "Mebu-chan. I'm gonna cum!" She felt him begin to pull out, she wrapped her leg around him. "Oh no you don't. You are gonna cum inside me. Now pump me full." Not wanting to disappoint, he grabbed her hips and thrusted three more times each deeper then the last. and then with one final thrust he forced himself past her cervix and into her womb. Sudden entrance caused her to suddenly clamp down on him, which sent him over the edge. He exploded inside her, and in a matter of seconds he had filled her to capacity and far beyond as his seed began pouring out around his shaft and onto the carpet. His explosion inside of her sent her into her first orgasm of the night. As she came down from it she reveled in the feeling of his warm seed filling her belly. The she was treated to a feeling that her late husband had never given her. She felt the amazing feeling of his hot jizz running down the inside of her thighs, and she was loving it. As he exited her womb she quickly clamped it shut to hold as much of his seed inside her as he could. This however, did not stop a massive amount from pouring out of her. Not wanting anymore to end up on the carpet, Mebuki quickly grabbed her empty coffee mug off the table and held it under herself to catch his semen. When the flow finished the cup was easily two thirds full. Holding the mug up to her face she took an experimental sip and smiled. "It's so delicious, I'm gonna save this for later." Smiling as Naurto pulled out of her and rolled back onto the couch. "Hah Hah. That was amazing Mebu-chan."

"It was Naru-kun ." Smiling she rolled over onto her knee and threw her leg over his lap. Rubbing him between the cheeks of her ass, she purred into his ear. "Ready for round two Foxy?"

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