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~"Normal Speech"~


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~7 Choices (Part 1)~

As Mebuki finished telling her friends about how she spent the day, and night, with Naruto, she watched her friend's faces to see their reactions. Yoshino seemed shocked and awed, Kurenai was simply looking down between her knees blushing, and Anko looked like she was about to climax right then and there.

"So girls, have I satisfied your curiosity?" Mebuki asked.

At first none of the three spoke up, then Anko excused herself to the bathroom. She returned after several awkward minutes of silence, looking quite refreshed.

"Ok I am better now. But I do have a question. Mebuki, what led to this? If I remember correctly, you always blamed Naruto for Kizashi's death?" The other two nodded and looked at Mebuki waiting to hear her answer.

"Yes I did, for a long time I wanted him dead to atone for Kiza-kun's death. But when he returned from his time away with master Jiraiya, and then after the mission with Sakura, and his team and I saw how hurt he was for injuring Sakura. I just couldn't blame him for anything anymore, he was already blaming himself for everything."

~Flashback Time~

Mebuki was waiting in her living room. She knew that her daughter's team would be returning today from their mission. She stood when she heard a knock at her door, going to the door and opening it, she was surprised to see the Hokage standing in front of her.

"Hokage-sama, what a surprise. I was expecting Sakura."

The older blonde sighed, "That is why I am here Mebuki-chan. Sakura did return today, but she was injured during her mission and is currently resting in the hospital."

"What?! How did it happen? Who is responsible? Did they at least defeat the one who hurt her?"

"Slow down Mebuki-chan, I am sorry to say that she was not hurt by the enemy."

"Then who?!"

"Her teammate Naruto Uzumaki, lost control of the Kyuubi spirit inside of him and unknowingly attacked Sakura-" Before she could finish, Mebuki pushed her way passed the Hokage and ran to the hospital. Rushing up the stairs and entering her daughter's room. She found the captain of the team sitting there watching.

"Yamato-taichou, where is Naruto Uzumaki? Where is the Kyuubi brat who hurt my Sakura?" Mebuki practically screamed at him. All she received in response what Yamato looking out the window, following his gaze she saw the boy in question sitting on the rooftop across from the room. She started to shout at the blonde, but before she could say anything he vanished in a swirl of leaves. She decided she would deal with him later. Turning her attention to her daughter she saw that she was sleeping peacefully, and uninjured. She then sat across from Yamato and asked for the full story.

As Yamato told Mebuki what happened on the mission, Naruto reappeared atop the Hokage monument. Sitting on the head of the Fourth Hokage, he began to break down and cry. He remained there until the sun began to set. But before he went home he stopped outside Sakura's window, he saw her sleeping peacefully, no evidence of the attack. Her mother was slumped over the bed, she looked up with so much hatred in her eyes. But when she met his eyes, all she saw was pain and sadness. And in that moment she realized that everything she has ever blamed him for, Kizashi's death, the deaths of her friends and family, Sakura's injuries, everything has never been his fault, it has always been the fox.

~Flashback Over~

"So I forgave him then and there." Mebuki sighed as she finished the story. The three sitting across from her were surprised at what they had heard. All three were old enough to have been told the truth about Naruto, namely that he had the Kyuubi sealed inside him. However before any of them could say anything, the aforementioned blonde shinobi appeared by their booth is a swirl of leaves. Causing all four women to jump. Mebuki was the first to respond.

"Kami! Naruto-kun, you scared us half to death."

"Oh I am sorry Mebuki-hime. I wanted to let you know I am leaving on a mission in 20 minutes. I don't know how long the mission will be. So I can't say when I will return."

Standing Mebuki wrapped her arms around the blonde man. "Oh ok. Thank you for telling me Naru-kun. What is the mission about?"

Hugging her back Naruto sighed. "It's complicated Mebu-hime. I'll explain it when I get back." As he kissed her forehead he hugged her tight.

"Ok Foxy. I'll see you then." After she hugged him back he said his goodbyes and vanished. After he left Mebuki sat back down and spent the next hour or so answering all kinds of questions from her friends.

~With Naruto and co.~

After returning to his home, which was the same rundown apartment he had always lived in. Despite being the Hero of the Leaf, most landlords still wouldn't rent to him. Naruto gathered his ninja tools, and started to gather his camping gear, but then he remembered that Yamato would be coming with and would probably just use his wood style to make a house for them to sleep in. Once he was sure he had everything together he jumped his way across the village to the main gate. Upon arrival, he discovered he was only the second member of his team to arrive; Sai had beat him there. The Anbu ROOT member had always been the first to a mission. This was because he had no personal possessions and thus did not have a lot to pack. He and Naruto exchanged greetings. Despite everything that had happened, the two were still not on the best of terms. Normally Sai would have taking this chance to rile Naruto up, however due to the nature of their mission he decided that it might not be best to. Not long after Yamato and Sakura arrived. As Naruto and Yamato began to discuss how best to engage Sasuke, Sakura at first went to talk to Sai but seeing that he was drawing, decided to sit alone and wait for Kakashi. As she sat her mind couldn't help but think of the past night's events.

'How could all this have happened? I mean I can't even understand it all. My mother and Naruto are together, and he doesn't love me anymore. This can't be possible, Mom hated Naruto for killing dad.' Her thoughts were cut short as Kakashi uncharacteristically arrived exactly on time. "Hello there Kakashi-sensei, this is strange you being on time."

"I know I know. This mission is a special case. With all the elements involved I thought it best to get this underway as quickly as we can." Turning to the rest of the group. "Alright everyone. Here's how we are going to proceed. We will form up in a loose wedge. I will take point, Yamato will be on my left, Naruto on my right, Sakura you will be behind Yamato, and Sai you will be behind Naruto. In the event we are attacked, Sakura you will back up Yamato and Sai you will for Naruto, I will engage the strongest enemy by myself. Now as for if and when we encounter Sasuke, Do Not Attack first. We must still try to get him to come with us willingly. Now I do not believe this will be possible, in that case; myself, Naruto and Sakura will engage him directly, with Sai and Yamato in reserve. I chose this plan because the three of us have had the most experience fighting Sasuke. Now should I give the kill order, I want everyone to fall back and allow Naruto to engage him. Now Naruto, I know how you feel about Sasuke, and about the power you hold inside, but in this fight you cannot hold back. Yamato will be here to suppress the Kyuubi. So give it everything you got. Got it?"

Nodding Naruto responded. "Hai!"

"Ok so does everyone else understand?"


"Good now let's get going." With that the squad left the village and began hurrying towards the last village Sasuke had been seen in.

~That Night~

The group had traveled for several hours. When the sun began to set they found a clearing by a lake and just as Naruto predicted, Yamato used his Wood Release and raised a two story four bedroom house for them. After eating a sparse meal most of the members said their good nights. Naruto stayed awake to take the first watch. This was really easy as he simply created a group of Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones), and set them in a perimeter around the house. His not actively needing to keep watch, gave him a chance to meditate and build up nature chakra. Knowing that he would need Sage Mode to defeat Sasuke. Sitting in a tree near the house, Naruto focused his body and became completely still. He sat there for the entirety of his shift. Only when Sakura came out yawning did he move.

Leaping down he decided to leave his clones out, having then sit and store up nature chakra. He headed inside not saying a word to Sakura, who looked very much like she was in a trance. However before he could enter the house, she called out to him.

"Umm hey Naruto, could we talk?" Sakura asked nervously.

Annoyed and tired the blonde turned. "What Sakura? I need to go to bed. Or did you forget about the fight we will probably have tomorrow?"

"No I didn't forget. That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. Do you really think Kakashi-sensei will give the kill order? I mean even against Sasuke-kun."

"In all honesty, I hope he does."

"But why?"

"I made a promise. Or did you forget that too?"

"I didn't forget..." Sakura's mind flashed back to the previous night.

~Flashback Time~

"Then when Sasuke left, I kept going after him to try and save him, I kept risking my life for two people who didn't even like me, all for a promise I made as a child. Well I'm changing that promise. If I ever find Sasuke, I'm going to kill him."

~Flashback Over~

She still shuttered at the memory. "I remember your promise."

"Good then you should also remember that I will go thru hell and back to keep a promise. Now I'm tired. Goodnight Sakura." And with that Naruto turned on his heel and walked into the house. Leaving a stunned Sakura standing in the moonlight.

'Was that really Naruto? That couldn't have been him. That was a mature guy who knew what he wanted. Naruto is hyper and unfocused and still a kid.'

~The Next Day~

After everyone had gotten ready, Yamato released the house and they set out again. Several hours into their journey they were approaching the village where Sasuke had been spotted. They stopped just outside the village to assess the situation. However there wasn't much to assess, the village was gone. Burned to the ground, and by the looks of it there were no survivors.

Sakura and Sai looked on in awe. They alone were surprised at what they saw, Kakashi and Yamato had seen the horrors of war and were battle hardened. Naruto on the other hand wasn't fazed because he had seen the kind of devastation Sasuke was capable of. Sakura finally managed to choke out a few words.

"Who? How could this happen?"

To everyone's surprise Naruto answered. "Simple, Sasuke doesn't care about other people. If something is in his way he gets rid of it plain and simple. I should know, he tried to do it to me, several times. Let's get going." He then stood up and leapt into the ruins. The rest of the group sat there stunned at what they had just heard. Even Kakashi was caught off guard. But soon they followed him into the burnt remains.

They found Naruto kneeling before the burn remains of house. As they approached him he stood and dusted off his knees. Turning he spoke.

"He headed west. He can't be far. If we hurry we might beat him to the next village."

Surprised and proud of how far Naruto had progressed, Kakashi smiled as he ordered everyone into formation and to move out.

~20 minutes outside the next village~

One black haired shinobi landed on a branch and laughed a little as he sensed several chakra signatures he hadn't felt in a very long time. Turning he smiled at the site before him, five members of the Hidden Leaf Village had caught up with him. Laughing on the inside he greeted them.

"Why hello there everyone. Based on your eyes I would guess you saw my little demonstration back there. Tell me what did you think?"

"Sasuke you rotten piece of shit. I'm gonna kill you." The rage in Naruto's voice was palpable. Feeling it Kakashi stepped forward.

"Easy Naruto, you know the procedure. Sasuke I have to ask even though I know the answer. Would you be willing to come back to the village peacefully?"

Laughing Sasuke looked at his former sensei. "Hmm let me think. Of course not, I only care about one thing. Killing Itachi, that's the only thing."

"That's what I thought." The silver haired jonin sighed as he lifted his headband from over his eye. Drawing a kunai from his leg holster, Kakashi settled into a combat stance. Seeing this Sakura pulled out a pair of black gloves and pulled them on and steeled herself against her feelings. As Sai and Yamato leapt back into the trees Sasuke laughed.

"I see you know who will be useful Kakashi. But even I'm surprised that you want Sakura in this fight. I mean I know you can hold your own against me, and Naruto I know you'll surprise me. But Sakura, you have never been able to anything."

Sakura glared at the Uchiha and began to speak but before she could the branch Naruto was standing on exploded. A second later Sasuke's hand shot up and caught the blonde Jinchūriki's foot a moment before it connected with his head. In response Sasuke tossed Naruto upward to punch him in the gut, however the shot never connected. Using the momentum from being tossed up, Naruto swung his legs back and flipped his body over and connected a swinging ax kick with Sasuke's neck, shattering his left collarbone. Grunting the raven haired man leapt back clutching his collar, he wasn't given a respite as Naruto flashed and appeared behind Sasuke. Slamming his elbow into the Uchiha's right shoulder dislocating the joint.

Groaning in pain, Sasuke spun lashing out with a kunai, Naruto jumped back to avoid the blade. Seeing his opportunity Kakashi shot forward throwing his kunai at Sasuke. Drawing his katana to block the knife, the motion forcing his arm upward leaving his body open. To his surprise Sakura appeared in front of him throwing a punch at his face. Spinning to his left to avoid her fist, as he turned 180 degrees Naruto's forearm connected with his throat in a devastating clothesline. The impact sent Sasuke flipping head-over-heels backwards, after bouncing along the branches Naruto flashed behind him grabbing his collar and threw him to the ground. The moment he released the fabric his hands flashed up into his trademark cross hand sign.

" Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu)" As he shouted four shadow clones appeared around him. Planting his feet with chakra, one of the clones grasped wrists with the other clones with the real Naruto on end. Swinging themselves around and launching themselves down at Sasuke. Each clone slamming into his body and disappearing. And then thru the smoke the real Naruto appeared with a kunai in his hand, slamming to the ground over the Uchiha with the kunai at his throat.

He was soon joined by Kakashi and Sakura. Thinking they had won Sakura dropped her guard only to be pushed out of the way by her sensei as a bolt of lightning shot passed the pair and destroyed a nearby tree. Seeing that he was distracted, Sasuke took his opportunity to force Naruto off of him and leap away. As Kakashi saw the destruction of the tree, the jonin realized that his former student was intent on killing them. Which meant that if they wanted to defeat the Uchiha they couldn't fight to subdue, they had to fight to kill. Leaping back he yelled out.

"Sakura pull back! Naruto! You have the kill order! Take him down!"

Looking up the blonde yelled back, "Hai!" Dumbfounded Sakura silently leapt back.

'Did I hear sensei right? Did he just order Naruto to kill Sasuke?'

At a loss for words Sakura watched as Naruto summoned one of his clones who had been gathering nature chakra. As he dispersed it his eyes were surrounded by a deep orange shadow, he stood with his eyes closed. Sasuke soon stood up and popped his shoulder back into place. As a mirror he had his eyes closed. As the two of them stood apart from each other, the silence was so thick it was oppressive. After several seconds, a stray breeze blew thru the area, accompanied by a swirl of leaves. As the final leaf dropped to the ground. Both opened their eyes; Naruto revealed his yellow irises with the horizontal pupils, Sasuke revealed his Sharingan. The pair locked eyes for half a second and then vanished. The collision that followed, leveled every tree within a hundred yards.

And there you have it, Part 1 of 7 Choices. Part 2 will be up in the next few days.