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~"Normal Speech"~


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~7 Choices (Part 2)~

The shockwave was so unexpected, that Sakura and Sai were knocked off their feet. Feeling the impact, Kakashi and Yamato focused chakra to their feet to keep themselves standing. As the dust cleared Naruto and Sasuke stood in the center of a massive crater. Leaping apart they vanished yet again, only to collide again above them. They would continue to slam into each other over and over again. After 5 minutes they separated, Naruto summoned three shadow clones and each began to gather chakra around the original Naruto's hand. Sensing the impending attack, Sasuke flashed thru hand signs before shouting.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu! (Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu)" He then put his hand to his mouth and launched a massive fireball setting the surrounding woods on fire. As they burned storm clouds began to gather overhead. As he straightened Sasuke looked up to see the Narutos gathering chakra in the form giant Fūma Shuriken. Smiling he said. "So this is the infamous Rasenshuriken. Let's see if its stronger than my strongest jutsu." Gathering lightning chakra in his hand, preparing his Kirin. When Naruto shouted.

"Now Fūton: Rasenshuriken! (Wind Style: Rasenshuriken)" With that he prepared to hurl the jutsu at the Uchiha.

"This jutsu's name is Kirin. Now vanish with the thunderclap!"

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!" Sakura suddenly screamed as memories of the day Sasuke and Naruto fought atop the hospital flashed thru her mind. She began running towards them. Kakashi watched helplessly as the scene played out in front of him.

Having already released the Rasenshuriken, Naruto watched as his pink haired teammate ran right into its path. 'No I can't stop it. It's going to hit her.' "Stop Sakura!" Sasuke on the other hand seemed unmoved by her intervention and sent out the lightning charge that guides the bolt from the heavens.

Time seemed to slow as Sakura, the Rasenshuriken, and the lightning of Kirin, grew closer to each other. Then time stopped all together just as they are about to collide...

~With Mebuki~

As Mebuki walked thru the village she thought of everything that had transpired over the last few days. Particularly a question that Kurenai had asked her.

~Flashback Time~

"Well while I am glad that you are happy with him Mebuki. And that you are finally moving on and letting Kizashi rest in peace. But I have to know, do you love Naruto? Like truly love him?" Kurenai looked at her with those piercing red eyes. Mebuki had no answer.

~Flashback Over~

Walking around she tried to find her answer. She visited sites that had memories; first was the memorial of the Nine-tail's attack. Engraved there was the names of everyone that had perished in the attack, one of those names was Kizashi Haruno. Running her hand over his name, Mebuki said her final goodbye. her goodbye to her best friend, her partner, her husband, her everything. While this filled her with great sadness, it also lifted a 16 year old weight that she had been carrying.

Next she visted her childhood home. Which had been bought by a young couple following her parent's death. Smiling at the memories she had in this house, she turned to walk home but stopped. 'I just realized that I have never seen Naruto-kun's house. If I remember correctly he still lives in the slums.' Walking towards the poor district of town, she looked around perplexed at the neighborhood that Hero of the Hidden Leaf, still lived in. Many people believed that he deserved to have a mansion built in the rich district. However as Mebuki arrived at Naruto's apartment, she realized that there were still a lot of people that thought Naruto didn't even deserve to live in the village. This fact was evident by the amount of graffiti that covered the entire building. She also noticed that there was no other residents. Either they left of their own volition, or they were driven away by the other people. She began to grow scared of those that did live here. So Mebuki hurried out of the district and somehow wound up in the forest. While she walked around she happened upon a small clearing, sitting at the far side of the clearing was a small memorial. Approaching the shrine, she saw one word engraved on it; Jiraiya. In that moment she realized that this was the memorial to Naruto's mentor, the legendary Sannin Jiraiya. It was a simple memorial. It was accompanied by a copy of his first book, and surprisingly a trident kunai. And then Mebuki noticed that there was a headband lying with the kunai. It was a Leaf Village headband, but what made her scared was that it was attached to long black fabric. Kneeling down she found a scroll on the ground. Hesitantly the blonde picked it up and opened it. Reading it she gasped and rolled it back up and grabbed the headband and ran as fast as she could to the Hokage's building, hoping that the Hokage might be able to send someone to stop him.

~2 Years Later~

Mebuki Haruno quietly walked into the Ichiraku ramen stand. Smiling softly at Ayame, Mebuki ordered. "One regular Misu Pork bowl, please."

"Still ordering his favorite?"

"Yes, I will continue to eat it till he comes home. I miss him so much, though I can understand what made him leave." The blonde woman sighed. As Ayame turned to her.

"I've always meant to ask. What did make Naruto leave the village?" At first Mebuki didn't answer, causing Ayame to believe she had struck a nerve. "Did I ask too much?"

"No sweetie, it's just no one has asked. Everyone who Lady Tsunade thought should know was there when we read the letter...

~Flashback Time~

Once everyone had assembled in the Hokage's office, the Godaime Hokage unrolled the scroll that Mebuki had brought to her.

"Everyone I have in my hands a letter that someone very close to all of us wrote. It reads..."

Dear everyone,

I am deeply sorry for not saying this in person, but I had to make sure I would be gone by the time one of you found this. And yes, I am gone. I am going to keep this short.

I have loved, do love, and always will love the Hidden Leaf Village. It is my home. But I have come to realize that a lot of the people in the village won't ever accept me. And after what happened on that mission, I seriously doubt anyone will be happy about me being in the village. That mission also showed me that I am nowhere near as strong as I need to be.

To my friends, I am sorry I am leaving and you will be in my thoughts always. I will miss each and every one of you dearly. One day we will be together again, I promise.

To my family, you have been a source of strength for my entire life. And each and every one of you will continue to give me strength till the end of my days. When next we meet I hope to be a better man that you can be proud of.

To Mebuki, no amount of apologies can atone for what I have done to you. Me and my eternal companion the Kyuubi, have taken everything from you. I can only hope that you keep our night together as the one happy memory you have of me. My only regret is that I let you get close to me. Everyone who ever gets close to me always gets hurt. I will miss you most of all, you will forever haunt my steps. I never got a chance to say this to you in person, and it may not matter any longer. But Mebuki, I love you. I only wish fate had given us the chance to explore the depths of that love. Goodbye.

To the Village, goodbye. My only regret is that I will never get the chance to be your Hokage. My dream is dead.

And finally to Sakura, I am truly sorry. Everything I have ever done has only ever brought you pain and suffering. I wish I could say that we will get a chance to speak again after I fight my last fight, but I fear that I will never go where you have gone. I am sorry.

Well that's it. I have said everything I need to say. There will come a day when we meet again. But until then, Goodbye.

Yours always,

Naruto Uzumaki

The room was so quiet, you could have heard a tear fall. Speaking of tears, they were flowing freely from every eye in the room. Even those who never cry, Kakashi, Yamato, and even Shino, had tears pouring from their eyes. The man who had affected everyone he ever met, was now gone from their lives. And as if he had died, people were seen dressed in mourning attire, no one in the village had to ask why. Even those in the village that didn't know Naruto, could feel the effects of the loss of the blonde sage. It was as if someone had taken the light from the village.

~Flashback Over~ (Heavy wasn't it?)

As Mebuki finished the story she looked up to find Ayame's eyes filled with tears. Wordlessly the brunette placed Mebuki's food in front of her and quietly excused herself to the back.

~At Village Gate~

The two chunin, that were working the gate check-in, looked up as they felt someone walk in. They however only caught a glimpse of a man before a massive gust of wind blew thru the area and filled the gate with leaves. Looking at each other, before deciding that they had been seeing things, and went back to filling out paperwork.

~Back at Ichiraku Ramen~

Ayame had returned and was now making casual conversation with Mebuki, when a man walked into the stand. Ayame greeted the man.

"Hello sir, and welcome to Ichiraku Ramen. What can I-" She stopped when she looked at the man. He was clad in a pair of plain black pants, and a black flak jacket. Over that he wore a tattered beige cloak with the hood up. As he pulled the hood back he revealed a white mask that covered the upper half of his face as well as his cheeks. The mask bore very little decoration only some deep red eye shadow, and the kanji for kitsune on the forehead. The man sat at the bar and ordered.

"One regular Misu pork bowl."

Mebuki dropped her chopsticks. 'That voice! It's deeper, harder, but there is no doubt its him.' She turned to look, at first he looked nothing like him, and then she saw the hair. It was longer, sleeker, far less wild than it had been, but no one in all of the elemental nations had blonde hair that color. She had to know. "Naruto-kun?"

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It has been two years, two years since Naruto left the village. Many have moved on, many have forgotten, many have grown to hate. But Mebuki has never lost faith, never changed, in two years she has felt only one way about Naruto...