Case 10: Lucy's Dilemma

By Lady of Wolves

This is a story based off of the new game called Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, which was released on June 27th, 2013. It was developed by Level-5 for the apple's iOS, so I claim no rights to the characters in this story. This is a story made solely for entertainment and no profit will be made.

In order to understand the content of this story, it would be better to play the game first. So warning now: Do not read this if you hate spoilers! If you do not care, then please continue! After playing the game, I immediately wanted to write a story over the two main characters, Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker. Also, I know Lucy talks in a Yorkshire accent, so I will do my best to accurately portray it like in the game.

This story will contain mature content and violence, so if you are not over the age of eighteen years old, please do not read this story. If you are, feel free to enjoy my story and to review for me please! I do so love reviews. They warm my heart.

With the mystery of Forbodium Castle solved and Alfendi's innocence proven, it has now been six months since the incident. Alfendi sees Lucy in a new light, which draws out "Potty" Prof even more than ever before. This causes a dilemma for his young assistant; will she run away like the rest, or be drawn like a moth to the flame? Warning: Mature Content and Violence Inside.

Chapter 1: Cat and Mouse

The glass of the window was cool to the touch under Lucy's fingers as she pressed her hand against it mournfully. To her dismay, instead of seeing a clear sky and beautiful, night weather, it was instead pouring heavy, hail filled rain.

There was no way now she would be able to leave any time soon and get home early like she hoped. "By 'eck, doesn't a lass deserve to get some sleep around here?" She thought angrily. Out of nowhere, a loud boom of thunder was heard, causing her to jump in surprise on the sofa she was kneeling on while looking out the window.

Behind her, she heard a gentle laugh coming from the professor, who was still busy working on cases that needed to be solved, even though he had solved seven out of the ten from the pile already. "Scared of a little thunder and rain, Lucy?" He asked playfully. He stopped looking at his current case to look up at her; rewarding him with a lovely view of her ass that was always in those favorite white pants of hers. His eyes lingered for a moment before looking up and viewing the back of her head.

As she was turning her head to look at him, she quickly stuck out her tongue to him before answering his question. "Hardly, Prof! I was just surprised is all." With her head already turned, she maneuvered her body to now fully face the professor. However, instead of seeing him sitting at the desk like she was expecting, he was now suddenly right in front of her.

Gasping in surprise, she sunk back into the leather of the sofa to gain some distance between the two of them. Like a cat following its prey in the wild, Alfendi followed her movements as his arms shot out; his hands slamming into the leather on each side of her head and effectively trapping her between his body and the sofa.

He leaned his body close to hers to the point of having the tips of their noses touching together. With the professor so close to her now, she was able to instantly recognize the bright, red color of his hair that was disheveled all around his face and his amber eyes glaring into hers. "P-Potty Prof! What's got into you now, eh?" Lucy asked in confusion.

"Why do you taunt me, Lucy?" Alfendi asked. "You sit here innocently and yet you still find ways to interrupt my thoughts while I am trying to work. And then you dare mock me?"

Lucy trembled as he spoke; but not out fear. She was quite used to his random behaviors with the amount of time she had spent with him over the last 10 months. Instead, she was trembling from feeling the warmth of his breaths ghosting across her lips from his close proximity. A little closer and she would be able to press her lips against his. A blush quickly appeared on her cheeks from the thought and instantly turned her head to look away from him; completely ignoring his question.

Alfendi growled at her movements as his hands grasped the sides of her face and jerked her back into looking him straight in the face. His fingers were tangled amongst strands of her honey, chin-length hair as he bared his teeth at her in frustration. "Ignore me again, and I will make sure to cut out that tongue you so love to stick out at me, Detective Constable Lucy." He threatened.

Glaring back at him, she was unfazed by his typical threats. "Like 'eck, Prof. Threaten me all you want, but you will never hurt me and you know it." In response to his threat, she stuck her tongue out once again at him to prove her point.

The moment that pink appendage escaped from between her lips, Alfendi wasted no time in coming in for the kill. His lips came crashing down onto hers; his lips surrounding her tongue and biting down on it roughly. The sudden pain caused Lucy to yelp in surprise and to open her mouth against his. The moment her mouth was open to his, Alfendi shoved his tongue deep into her mouth and coaxed her tongue to move with his.

Groaning at the feel of his slick tongue against hers, she willingly obliged with his request; allowing her tongue to do battle with his for dominance. Moaning in approval, Al slid a hand to the back of her head; effectively knocking off her peach colored cap as his other hand slid down her body until it came to the lower section of her back. With his hands in position, he quickly adjusted their bodies on the couch until he had her body crushed against his.

At the angle they were at on the couch, Lucy was now pressed against his body intimately; their groins pressed against each other. Gasping once more, Lucy pulled away from his lips and instantly tried to squirm away from his grasp. The action only caused a hiss of pleasure to escape from Al's lips as her sex was rubbing more against his hardening erection and only making her situation even worse. Realizing her mistake, she instead pressed her hands up against his chest and tried to shove him off of her.

"Instead of cutting out that tongue of yours, I think I found a better use for it, Lucy." Al purred out; ignoring her attempts at freedom. With his hand at the back of her head, he quickly grasped strands of her hair and jerked roughly; forcing her head to lean backwards as he kept a firm grip on her hair to prevent escape. With her neck better exposed to him, Al quickly swooped down and pressed his lips against her neck; trailing kisses gently up and down the flesh.

Tired of just kissing her neck, he started to nibble on the skin until he reached her ear. Taking the earlobe into his mouth, he suckled on the flesh until deciding to bite down on it roughly. The sensations of both pleasure and pain caused Lucy to cry out as her hands gripped the material of his stripped shirt. Encouraged by the sounds coming from her lips, Al began to grind his now fully erect member against her own sex to relieve the ache he was feeling.

His movements caused waves of pleasure to shoot throughout her body; causing her pussy to start to become wet from arousal. She shuddered against his body and made whimpers of need as her legs quickly wrapped his waist and tightened around him. Suddenly wanting to feel flesh, she surprised him by sliding her hands under his shirt and moving up his firm chest; causing the material to bunch up and expose his chest to her red, lust-filled eyes. Her hands ran along his bare flesh as she took in the sight of his body. As a virgin, she had never seen a naked man before, so just seeing his chest made her desire to see more of him unclothed.

Alfendi shuddered at the feel of her hands on his body, but made no attempts at stopping her innocent touches. If she wanted to explore his body, then she would be welcomed to do so.

"How corruptible she is, wouldn't you agree, Al?" Potty Prof asked.

"She is not ready for something like this! And she is my assistant. This sort of behavior is not allowed between colleagues and you know it, so stop this at once." Placid Prof replied.

"I do not plan to let her go, so everyone else can go fuck themselves. Try anything to make her leave, and you will regret it. So how about just join the fun and stop always being a pussy." He dangerously said.

At hearing no response back, Potty Prof smirked in triumph and took in the sight of his lovely assistant. Her face was flushed with innocent pleasure with her hair in a tangled mess; her lips plump and red from being kissed. It reminded him of that night five months ago in this very room, when things started to change drastically between the two of them.

It was a month after the Forbodium Castle disaster, and things were finally starting to get back to normal at Scotland Yard. The commissioner was hounded by paparazzi and any other form of news media for information about former inspector Justin Lawson and Keelan Makepeace, who turned out to be involved together with the Jigsaw Killings. Lawson never said why, but Alfendi assumed it had to do with using his power to get rid of criminals for the greater good of the innocents on the streets. Whatever his reasons, Lawson was convicted to prison for the remaining years of his life.

Thinking of Lawson only made Al's blood begin to boil; causing his hair to change color. To think that a man could use a pitiful brainwashing book on a mind like his while he was injured infuriated him beyond belief. If it was not for Lawson, he would not be stuck having a weak side of himself. Needing some kind of release to get rid of his pent up anger, he suddenly snarled and threw a book across the room while sitting on his chair behind his desk. The crashing sound caused his assistant, who was sitting on the couch looking at a file, to jump in surprise. The action caused the papers in her file to fly out of her grasp and to scatter messily all over the floor in front of her. "Bugger!" She cried out.

Getting on her knees, she started to scoop up the papers and bring them into her arms, but the professor chose that moment to walk over to her and suddenly shove her roughly against the couch; forcing the papers to return back to the ground. Looking up at him in surprise, she saw his amber eyes glaring daggers down at her as he stood there. "How many times have I told you to stop being a clumsy fool, Lucy?" He snarled.

Huffing in annoyance at his behavior, she stood up from the ground and brushed off her clothes. "Summat wrong, Potty Prof? You have been popping out more these days." She asked.

His amber eyes peered at her from behind his hair; his mind moving a mile a minute. He was still not used to having someone brush off his behavior as if it was nothing. Everyone else either cringed or ran away from him as if he was the plague, but not Lucy. In fact, if it was not for her, he would be in prison this very moment instead of inspector Lawson. Her desire to never give up and solve a case attracted him to her; it did from day one in fact. However, he expected her to leave once she saw his real self and tried not to think much about his attraction to her. But seeing her standing there in front of him still made him suddenly burn with need to touch her.

Suddenly smiling at her, Alfendi gazed into her eyes. "Lucy, I have a new case that needs solving immediately." He said out of the blue.

Wary at the sight of his smile, Lucy's right eyebrow rose in question. "What kind of case?" She asked. Usually a smiling potty prof never meant anything good for her or anyone else at the receiving end of it.

Quickly moving forward to her, Alfendi wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his face down close to hers. "In this case, I need to discover whether or not you desire me as much as I desire you, my little assistant." Without waiting for an answer, he pressed his lips firmly against hers and groaned at the taste of her. She tasted as exquisite as he imagined for their first kiss.

In response, Lucy could only stand still in shock as the professor was kissing her. Her body had no idea what to do, but her mind was screaming in excitement. She had feared that the professor was attracted to Hilda, so she never made any moves out of fear of rejection and ruining their working relationship. But now that the professor was making the first move, she knew her answer at last.

Lucy tentatively pressed her lips back against his; doing her best to copy his movements. The moment Al felt her responding back to him, he was inwardly smirking in victory. So the feeling was mutual between them then; wonderful! Growling in satisfaction, he deepened the kiss between them before his tongue escaped from his lips in order to lick at her bottom lip. After licking it, he brought the lip between his teeth and nibbled on the tender flesh. Satisfied that her lips were now swollen, Alfendi pulled away from her and smirked at her half-closed eyes while sporting a blush on her cheeks.

"Just as I thought; 100% sure. I am never wrong." He laughed deeply before releasing Lucy from his grip. His words suddenly made her scowl in annoyance. Her first kiss and of course he has to act like it was nothing. Huffing, she threw up her arms and stalked away from him. She slammed the door behind her as hard as she could, but she could still hear his laughter ringing in her ears.

From that moment on, Alfendi was constantly keeping Lucy on her toes while he was the potty prof. He found every moment he could to touch her, especially when left alone together in the Mystery Room, which was quite often. He wanted his intentions made clear; he would have her; sooner or later. The sexual tension between them was building up over the months as a result.

Brought back to the moment, Alfendi eagerly removed his white coat from his body and allowed it to fall to the ground around his feet. Once the coat was gone from his body, he immediately went to working on removing his shirt.

However, the sound of knocking at the door instantly made his hands pause at what they were doing. Snarling in anger at being interrupted, he yelled as loud as he could at the person behind the door. "Unless you wish to forfeit your life at this very second, I suggest you leave immediately and do not bother me again for the rest of the day!"

For a moment no sound was heard until a trembling voice was at last speaking. "I-I am sorry, sir… But I was told to come down here to tell you that the commissioner wishes to speak with you and detective Lucy about an important case. He says to come as soon as you can." As soon as he was finished, the man ran off down the hallway to escape the wrath of the inspector. Recognizing that the voice belonged to junior detective Hague, Al snarled in annoyance at the commissioner sending a lapdog to deliver his news.

Looking down at Lucy, he could clearly tell that she was embarrassed about almost getting caught at work with her boss. Her hands were fumbling with her clothing and hair to try and straighten up as if nothing had happened. Never one to be ignored, Al surprised her by thrusting his groin against hers roughly. "Do not think for a second that this is over between us, Lucy. I will have you under me and screaming my name." He growled huskily.

Blushing at his bold statement, Lucy simply turned her nose up at him in defiance. "If you think I will be easy, prof, then you have another thing coming to ya. I expect to be treated like someone who is your lass and not some lady of the night, so off you go." She quickly pushed him off of her and stood up from the couch; her eyes completely ignoring his face. Now free, she used her time to put her cap back on and get rid of the wrinkles on her clothing.

However, she felt a hand slip into her own and grasp her fingers gingerly. The action made her look back at the prof, whose hair was back to being a burgundy color and no longer looking disheveled, indicating that placid prof was back in control. "Lucy, I apologize. You are right, of course. You are not some whore, and I should not be treating you like one. I truly care for you and I want things to be right between us, so how about we do this right? We could go see a movie tomorrow night and see how things go from there."

A nervous blush was on his face as his other hand rubbed at the back of his head sheepishly while awaiting her response. Pretending to think it over, Lucy hummed thoughtfully and brought her other hand to her chin; one of her fingers tapping away at it. "Deal." She finally agreed. "I get to pick the movie though, so until then, keep your hands to yourself, prof. Also, get to looking proper. The commissioner is waiting for us!"

With the professor thoroughly chastised, she immediately made a beeline for the door and escaped into the hallway before he could do anything else to her. Releasing a breath once she was outside, she shakily brought her hands to her face and sighed. "Aye, Lucy. You got yourself into a mess now." She thought.

While Lucy was hiding outside, Al was staring at the door as a smirk slowly appeared on his face. A dangerous look came across his face for a moment before disappearing.

"She says she does not want to be treated like a whore, but yet her body cries out to be shown all the pleasure that I can give her." Potty Prof said.

"This is Lucy we are talking about. I won't scare her off just because of how you treat her. She deserves to be treated better; even made my girlfriend first." Placid prof said.

"I saw the way she looks at me. She enjoys the way I treat her, while you act like a ten year boy that has no clue about what he is doing. It is no wonder women have avoided you the last four years. Grow a pair!" Potty Prof hissed out.

Shaking his bright, red hair out of his eyes, potty prof brought his hand to his face and gazed at the door once more. "Ready or not, here I come." Uncaring that the commissioner would be waiting for him, he took his time adjusting himself back to looking normal until he felt ready to leave. Whistling a tune, he grabbed the door handle and exited through the door; his feet carrying him along to the office he needed upstairs and to the one thing he desired most; Lucy.

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