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One: Decisions of the mind.

"Come now child, we must hurry there isn't another second we can waste!" An elderly man whispered urgently as he and a much younger girl walked and at times, ran through the citadel's hallways and corridors, taking every opportunity to dodge being seen by uncaring eyes.

"Grandfather, I don't think I can go on much longer." The girl whimpered, the elderly man by this point practically dragging her behind him. She wanted so badly to stop for a moment and relax her tired legs, but she knew even a moment could cost them everything, so she continued on, doing her best to ignore her the straining pain of her legs.

Eventually they managed to slow at the other side of the citadel, the elderly man taking a moment to look all around before quickly tapping the entry code into the door's key code, the old door creaking slightly as it shot upwards, the brief stench of stale air wavering from the action as the girl pulled a brief face, the contents of the room apparently not sitting well with her.

"Type 40's? But they haven't been in commission for centuries, besides I doubt there will be one that would agree to help us Grandfather." The white haired man just tuttered at his grandchild, leading her into the old room, peering curiously at the silent silo representations of the Time Machines, each one looking exactly like the other, yet each one seemed to tell a completely different story to the old man. Stories of old damages and dangerous adventures that sounded completely like the grandfather's cup of tea.

He was still contemplating the right silo to choose when he felt a foreign feeling tugging at the back of his mind, demanding his attention. The feeling was immediately categorized as another mind, and the man was immediately insulted enough to drag the surprised mind to the front of his thoughts to tell it off.

How dare you sir, invading my thoughts like this. Well, hmm? What do you have to say for yourself?

The other mind was not swayed in the slightest from the sudden attack and instead spoke, his voice for some reasoning felt short coming and rumpled to the elderly man.

The one on the end by the wall, take that one.

The man raised a physical eyebrow, confused by why this other mind would want to help him and his grandchild, outcasts that they were.

Well that's a little ungracious isn't it? Just immediately assume that I'm another mind? Have you never had these discussions before? He did have to admit, well at least to himself, the voice did feel familiar, but not in a way that the man had expected.

No I'm sorry to tell you young man that we have not met before, now if you could explain what you're doing here, that would be most kind of you.

(Please excuse the little fellow, he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, it's the one on the right that you want.)

The man managed to stop himself from groaning in annoyance as he felt another mind peer into his, this one was more refined, yet somehow still managed to retain the same kind of rumpled intuition that the latter carried.

And who was asking you, you Dandy Fancy Pants! Besides, I remember this perfectly fine and it was the one at the end!

(It was the one on the right!)

No it wasn't!

Enough! The other voices stopped as the man snapped at them, aggravated that at such a serious moment, these strange voices were babbling about something that didn't concern them.

The both of you will stop in this charade, neither of you are welcome here now be off on your way! The choice is mine and has nothing to do with the either of you! There was silence for a moment, and the man was almost lead to believe that they had left him in peace.

#Well now, this seems awkward. #

Oh dear, now look what you've done, you've brought out the scarf.

(I had nothing to do with that, he came of his own accord.)

Humph, seems that's the only way to get him involved.

Then again, he had been taught to not always believe the expected. The new voice, if possible was even wilder in thought and practice than the others, as he would often feel this one's presence slip in and out every so often, as if this mind was incapable of keeping one thought in one place.

#And its fortunate that I stepped in when I did. Don't listen to these two, one can barley even remember how to drive the old girl, the other just couldn't.#

(If we could just remember correctly, it was because of the Hobo that I forgot.)

I am perfectly capable of piloting the TARDIS!

#I'll believe that when I see it.#

*Now, now there's no need for this is there. After all we were supposed to help him find the TARDIS in the first place.* Another voice, younger and well mannered with a constant sense of urgency.

But that didn't matter, what mattered was there was now at least five different voices occupying his conscious mind with their arguments, filling his once clear thoughts into a muddled mess. And he was just about finished with it.

Do be quiet all of you! The voices stopped again and listened to him as he continued. Now, before this can continue, can any other beings that would like to drop their own unnecessary comments in, please step forward.

He was being sarcastic of course, so it really was a surprise when other voices, sheepish in their own ways, stepped forward from out of the blue. Each personality more puzzling than the last in what they would have in common.

^Ah yes, I thought he might figure that out. ^ Brash, egotistical with a bit of an Over-dramatic flair.

-Can you blame him? I mean we are rather problematic when we're involved-

A Tellurian Scottish accent which seemed simple, yet held a mystery to it.

_Very sorry about this, but they wanted to make sure_

Another polite one, this one less innocent that the last however.

{It's not as if he couldn't figure this one out for himself. }

Rude, tough and what he believed to be the Tellurian accent of Northern.

&Oh brilliant I was wondering when the next discussion would be! What's going on?&

Another earth accent, this time Cockney and easily over excitable.

+Ah, sorry I'm late, some problems with the direction, now I think we were helping him find the right TARDIS.+

Young again, this seemed to be the favorite pattern, but this one still had a good deal of mystery to it.

Yes and I've already given him the answer so you can all leave.

(My dear fellow, the only answer you've given is the wrong answer.)

{Right because you were any closer to the answer than he was.}

&Oh I don't know, it does look like her...&

Look like whom? In fact who are all of you? Don't you know it's rude to enter one's mind without permission? He finally managed to get a word in over the noise and the voices stopped again. He noticed at this time that every time he spoke, they would immediately listen. Which was a completely difference from when they spoke to each other, one had to cut off the other just to have a few seconds chance to be heard. Unfortunately the silence did not last and they were speaking again, except this time in more of a hushed volume, supposedly they thought that he would not hear them.

He really doesn't know, I thought he was just being grumpy as usual.

(Perhaps this will pass more easily if we just tell him who we are.)

#Quite right, after all this is, chronologically, the very first discussion.#

*Exciting isn't it? The very first we ever spoke to each other.*

^Speak for yourself, I myself try to stay out of these things.^

-You must admit though, it is better than Contact.-

_The last Contact left me with the largest migraine that lasted a week..._

{Anyone else worried about how easily someone could mistake Contact with a hangover? }

&No, I think that's just you Nine.&

+Anyway, back to the original topic I believe our first man is waiting for an answer. +

(Quite right Erm...sorry old chap but which incarnation were you?)

+Eleven, the newest. +

Ah delighted to see we at least made it to the double digits!

The man coughed loudly, unaware that his granddaughter was not that far away and staring at him in obvious worry, wondering exactly what had been making him silently stand there for the last few seconds, his face often scowling in annoyance.

"Grandfather?" The voices seemed to recognize the child's presence and without their intention, spoke.

+And there's Susan, she looks so young. +

#Wonder if she still has that incarnation.#

(You mean you haven't checked back on her yet?)

*Well you know how things are in the TARDIS-*

Yes, but that still doesn't excuse it!

_Well of course it doesn't but we thought that she was happy where she was._

Immediately he knew who they were. The concern in their voices for his granddaughter, the upset from the way she was treated in her time. He had heard it many times; he had heard it from himself.

And these men were him.

The voices had continued arguing without him while he was left stranded on this thought. During this time he sent a look at his granddaughter, watching her inspecting each and every one of the Type 40's, sharing the exact same look of mischievous curiosity that he had always seen in his wife all those years ago, and wondered deep in his hearts why he would ever, ever want to leave her behind.

No, no impossible he would never leave her behind. She was all the family he had left. His wife was gone; the rest of his family had turned on him for his 'ridiculous' plans to see the universe. She was the only one who had agreed to go with him as he couldn't bear the thought of going alone, he would never dare do that to her.

She won't be alone you know, we would never leave her like that either.

But now I'll always know during our travels that I'll have to leave her behind, and maybe never look back.

+Not true there Doctor, after all one day you will go back. +

&and when you do she will be different, but she'll still be the Susan, the Arkytior, that you met when she was just a tiny Time Tot. &

*I can't wait for that day.*

Neither can I. The newly dubbed Doctor felt the his other voices, or as they like to call themselves, regenerations, pull away from his mind and back into their own time stream, their farewells echoing for a few seconds before disappearing altogether.

-Farewell for now One can't wait for the next meeting!-

^I must say this one went down a little quicker than the last, either way goodbye and good luck, we'll be meeting again soon. ^

#Ditto my dear fellows! #

*Delighted to hear from you all but I must dash, lord knows what Tegan and the others will get up to without me watching them.*

&Oh speaking of companions, Donna's not gonna be happy with me...&

{See ya.}

_I have to go, but don't worry, you'll know what you're doing when the moment comes._

Well then, that was interesting wasn't it, but I'm afraid I must leave as well, sorry that we couldn't be of more help to you but-

(I wonder who's to blame for that.)

Don't you start with me Fancy Pants!


Eventually one by one they all pulled away and he was left alone again, his thoughts clear once more as he looked back to his watch, surprised to see only a few minutes had gone by and the alarms of their escape were only just being sounded.

The Doctor looked about the Type 40's, now completely unsure of which to choose, so he quickly picked the one right next to him, Susan running eagerly into the grey silo. The old man himself was about to enter the machine when he felt someone else's presence.

"Doctor." He turns to see a younger, brunette Time Lady and inwardly sighs, happy that it wasn't one of his future incarnations returning in the flesh just to make sure that he made the right choice.

"Yes what is it? What do you want?" He walked a bit forward and stares her in the eye, not really in the mood for pleasantries what with the whole self discussion that had just happened and the fact that alarms were going off all around them.

"Don't steal that one," She purposely leans against the Type 40 next to her and grins before continuing, "Steal this one. The navigation systems knackered, but you'll have much more fun." With that she turns and walks away, leaving the old man in silence for a moment before the calls of his granddaughter reached his ears.

He thinks about turning away and choosing the one next to him but falters when one of the voices returns.

+Trust her; she knows what she's doing. +

With that the first incarnation of the soon to be Oncoming Storm quickly collected his granddaughter from the other machine and quickly stepped into the next one the girl had suggested, knowing that it was probably always better to trust a future judgement.

"What do you think Grandfather?"

"Yes...yes," He places his hand on the console in the center of the room, feeling it grow warmer under his touch. He once again thinks of his wife, but that thought is pushed away by the beautiful simplicity of the time machine in front of him. He could already feel a place growing for it in his hearts.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever known."

Hah, told you I was right.

(Oh be quiet.)

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