Ōkoku no Shōtotsu


Chapter One: The Demon World


Aomine stared at the ceiling, ignoring the dull itch on his nose as he broadly counted the small holes he had created a while back. 'It's so boring down here...' He thought, finally reaching up to cure the itch. He scratched his nose, sniffled, and went back to counting the tiny, almost non-existent holes on the dark blue ceiling. That was the thing about the kingdom he ruled. Everything was blue. Well, mostly. For example, a demon must wear a thing of blue. It could simply be a bracelet, a scarf, a hair-pin, a t-shirt, shoes, anything along those lines. As long as the demons in his kingdom wore blue, they were free to stay.

The only thing that they allowed, was your hair color. Why? Because you were born with it. You didn't have to change it, but could if you wished too. Many of the demons did, but there are those others who choose to keep what they are born with, if any hair at all.

Also, the clothing was the hardest. It had to be white or grey, but never a different color. You may wear blues, which is probably best.

Next, was the buildings, they were also mostly covered in different shades of blue, and where there wasn't any blue, there was silver, white, or it was clear. The buildings couldn't have anything to do with the other kingdom's colors, and it has been like that since the Demon World split into seven different Kingdoms.

The streets were a dull grey color, just like in the human world, but were streaked with blue. The sidewalks were also a dull white color. The lights that shone on the street were tinted blue, and in all honesty, Aomine was bored of it.

Whenever he got bored of his own kingdom, he would travel to one of the other kingdoms, mostly the closer ones, which were the Yellow Kingdom and the Purple Kingdom. Sometimes he would travel further to visit the Green or Black Kingdoms, even the Orange and Red.

But, thankfully, not everything was a dark shade of blue, there were many different shades of blue; Teal, Periwinkle, Persian, Denim, Navy, Sky, Sapphire, Royal, Midnight, Steel, Blue-grey, and tons more. He thinks that that is what keeps him half-sane, most of the time, anyways.

For some reason, he always laughed when he reached the Red Kingdom, as it had many rosey-pink colors in it. Being in the Yellow Kingdom hurt his eyes. The shocking yellows always burned, but you would get used to it eventually.

None of the other kingdoms could compare to the Black Kingdom, because, half of everything was almost all black. It may sound scary, but it's actually pretty cool. The sun shone a pale white artificial color, illuminating the kingdom.

A sudden buzzing noise pulled him from counting, and he turned his head to look at his cell phone. Of course, the cell phone was a dark royal blue color, outlined in silver. He let it ring a few times, just for the hell of it, as he stretched. His back gave a satisfying crack, and he finally grabbed the cell. He flipped it open, and held it to his ear.

"B- Boss!" A voice stuttered into the phone, hitching for a moment, waiting for an answer.

"I told you, Ryou, you don't need to call me Boss." Aomine drawled lazily, lying back down on his bed.

Sakurai Ryou; one of his trusted followers. One of the four he almost always kept by his side. The boy, even though his age, treated him to much with respect, was polite, was great at making food, and always apologized too much.

"I'm sorry, Aomine-san!" Ryou gushed, voice wavering slightly. "I just wanted to tell you that we found a human!"

Aomine's interest was piqued suddenly, and he pushed himself up into a sitting position. "A human?" He questioned.

"Y- Yeah. Sorry! A human male. We've tried questioning him, but he kept yelling and shouting at us... Then Wakamatsu-san had to knock him out because he was creating a disturbance in the area..."

"Where did you find him?" Aomine asked, now standing. It was very rare for human's to stumble through one of the seven demon gates. So, of course this was a perfect opportunity to finally kill his boredom.

"By the gate. He seemed very confused at first... then he got all angry." Ryou murmured into the phone. Aomine nodded, knowing the short demon boy couldn't see him at all.

"Bring him to me."

"So- Sorry!?" The boy sounded shocked.

"You heard me, Ryou, bring me the human." A wolfish grin appeared on Aomine's face as he pressed the blue 'end' button on his phone, before dropping it on the bed.


"Holy mother of crap." Wakamatsu scowled, spitting a dark black blood like substance out onto the ground. "This brat is stronger than he looks, especially for a human." He growled, heaving the boy further up on his shoulder as he carried him.

"Light, too." He added, looking at the shorter boy beside him. On his other side, stood a slightly taller male, who had a notebook in his hands.

"I guess it's a good thing you dropped the human disguise and showed your true form. Since the human freaked out and then fainted..."

"Right after he smacked you." Wakamatsu turned to glare at Momoi, a pink haired demon, who also wore a human disguise.

Of course, there were those who preferred to look more human, than stay in their true gruesome-hideous forms.

Wakamatsu, Momoi, and Ryou were three of them. Imayoshi did both, because he always said that his demon form was beautiful. But, if it was so beautiful, then a simple human being wouldn't faint at the sight of it, right?

"We'll be there soon." Ryou announced, his soft brown eyes looking to the highest, largest, bluest building of them all. One of the seven Demon Towers. The very one that Aomine, Imayoshi, Wakamatsu, Ryou, and Momoi lived in. It had about fifty floors, most of them unused, which seemed like waste all in all.

Just a few minutes later, the four, or five, including the human, stood in front of the tower. Imayoshi walked forward, his demonic black skin seemingly melting off to reveal a pale milky-white skin color, that of a human's, and more human features. He smiled, and pushed the revolving door.

Momoi then stepped in, followed by Ryou then Wakamatsu who still held the human in his grasp. The pink haired demon-girl smiled sweetly, pressing the button for the elevator.

The doors slide open with a ding, and the four stepped inside. She then hit the button for the top floor, level fifty, where Aomine lived. Strangely enough, they all had their own separate floors, and it was only the four of them that lived in this massive tower.

Only a few seconds passed, as the elevator was a high-speed one, and once again the familiar ding sounded as the doors gently eased open.

Ryou was the first one out, followed by Momoi, Imayoshi, and then Wakamatsu. The taller boy stopped for a moment, shifting the weight of the human that hung limply on his shoulder, before catching up with the other three.

The stepped up to Aomine's door, and without even knocking, the door swung open. Aomine stood there, a small curious smirk on his face. He wore a soft blue silk dress shirt with the top few buttons un-done, revealing a tanned chest and a very dark blue, almost on the verge of black, dress pants.

Wakamatsu was the first one in, and he not-to-gently dropped the human boy onto Aomine's bed, earning a glare from the Blue King. "That is all." Aomine said, motioning for the four to leave.

They all nodded, and turned to leave, but Momoi paused, turning to look at Aomine. "Dai-chan, be careful." She smiled, sharp fangs glinting in the light, before closing the door with a soft click behind her.

Aomine rolled his eyes. He pushed the pink demon's words away without any thought, and turned to face the human.

The human had short spiky black hair that seemed to have a bluish tint in the light. Curious, Aomine poked at the human's side. From his 'studies', it was obvious that this human was a male.

But, just to be sure, his blue eyes wandered downwards. He bit his lip, and slowly reached his hand forward.

Just as the tip of his finger brushed against the human's private part, the boy's eyes snapped open and a soft groan of pain escaped his lips.

Aomine froze, his eyes darting to the boy's. The boy also seemed to stop, noticing the change in his surroundings. Slowly, his eyes followed Aomine's extended arm, which lead down to his private area, then quickly to look into the eyes of Aomine himself.

Aomine's breath hitched, cold blue-grey eyes stared up at him in shock, as a dark red blush formed on pale cheeks. "P- PERVERT!" The boy shouted, and before Aomine knew it; he was on the ground.


An idea I got from watching the first episode of Blood Lad. Only... this idea is a little more warped. Heh... heh. Yeah.

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