Ōkoku no Shōtotsu


Chapter Three: Demands


The moment Aomine had let go of Kasamatsu and rolled over on his side, facing the mostly blue room, Kasamatsu had slowly got up.

He tried to be silent and gentle as he moved himself off the bed. Sparing a glance back at the blue haired male, he quickly turned on his feet and tip-toed for the door. He unlocked the latch, and slowly twisted the handle. The door opened with ease, and he slinked out, closing it with a soft click behind him.

Kasamatsu looked down the long spacious corridors, wondering which way he should be going. If Aomine seriously lived on the top floor along, he had a hell of a lot of room all to himself.

Choosing the right, he went on his way, trying to find anything that would help him escape.

With no such luck, Kasamatsu soon found himself in a large spacious living room area. The linoleum floors shined a silvery-white, reflecting the surrounding images. It had about three stairs that lead down into a dip in the center, where a large screen TV was placed, along with two large blue couches. One was a warm, plush love seat and the other was a soft looking sectional that could hold up to five people. Kasamatsu wouldn't deny that it looked really comfortable.

Behind the TV there was the normal floor level, and it had a railing attached to the floor. It leads to a smaller seated area that had a bookshelf and a desk, which then lead to a large balcony.

Curious, Kasamatsu walked towards the balcony area. He opened the door and stepped out into the chilled air. 'Who knew the "demon world" could be so cold?' He snorted, crossing his arms in an attempt to keep the heat in his body.

A soft biting wind nipped at his exposed face and hands, making a shudder rack his frame. Almost carefully, Kasamatsu walked to the edge. He let his hands rest on the chilled white railing, and for the first time, he saw how blue this strange place was. There wasn't anything like this in his own World, dare he say. The landscape before him reminded him of a game he remembered playing when he was younger.

Doubts were beginning to vanish, as he was beginning to believe that what his insane kidnapper told him was nothing but the truth.

"I have no reason to lie to you." Aomine's words echoed in his mind, making Kasamatsu sigh out irritably.

"Of course you do. I'm a complete stranger." The words left his mouth in more of a whisper than anything.

"Then I suppose I should get to know you better." Aomine's deep voice pulled Kasamatsu out of his thoughts. His steel blue eyes flitted to meet royal blue orbs, startled. "I thought you were taking a nap!" He huffed out in an argumentative tone.

"My teddy bear left me." Aomine retorted with an amused check.

"Not your teddy bear, idiot." Kasamatsu snapped giving Aomine a dark glare as he pushed past the blue king to head back inside for more comfort than warmth.

Once inside, he paused, to look around for a clock of some sort. Annoyed when he found nothing of the sort, he turned to Aomine. "Don't you carry any source of time around here?" He inquired.

Aomine had followed him inside and motioned to the left, past the small room to get to the balcony. "In the kitchen." He answered. Kasamatsu wordlessly walked past the living room area as instructed after passing through the small work room and then straight towards a brightly lit room; the Kitchen.

Kasamatsu scanned the walls, before finally spotting a small round baby blue clock which hung just above the silver tinted fridge. He gave the clock a blank stare, before turning to Aomine furiously, which had entered the kitchen behind him.

"What kind of stupid shit is that!?" The human exploded, clenching his fists as if getting ready for a fight.

The clock was indeed a clock - it just didn't tell time. Where the numbers should have been, they were instead all jumbled up in a pile on the bottom of the clock, accompanied by the hour and minute hands.

Kasamatsu had immediately recognized it as some stupid clock from a store just down the street of his school. Every single time he'd jog or simply walk past the store, he'd always turn to glare at the clock. It shouldn't even exist. That was how much he hated it. No wonder when one day, it was randomly gone. That had somewhat been one of the best days for Kasamatsu, oddly.

"I had one of my men pick it up for me from the human world." Aomine nodded at the clock. He supposed he should refer to Momoi as a woman, but it didn't really matter.

"Yeah, obviously." Kasamatsu jeered. "Do you have the time, at all?" He stressed the last two words, fists shaking in anger.

Aomine nodded and pulled his cellphone from his pocket. "It's ten to 2:00." The blue king revealed. Kasamatsu stared at him.

"Unbelievable. You had your stupid little cell phone this whole time and you couldn't bother checking the time?"

"I just wanted to get you in position."


Aomine was silent as he slowly cornered the confused boy. Kasamatsu took a few steps back, until his back hit the wall with a soft thud. Aomine leaned forward, as the human was shorter than him, until he could almost feel his lips press against a warm ear. "Make me food."


I put a bit of myself in this chapter. There is this little gift shop, for tourists mostly, and it has that exact same clock. Pisses me off every time I pass by there. Lol xD

Anyway, I'm sorry the chapters seem to be getting shorter and shorter D; I'll make the next chapter longer, I swear!

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