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Hello readers! here I am writing yet another Kaihil story for every fans to enjoy. This is a collection short stories of the Hiwatari family as fellow author Zulka requested. Enjoy reading their daily lives!

Take 1: Kai can't get out of the crib

Doing overtime at home finishing a project for his business partners that late afternoon. Kai was confident that nothing will disturb him until he's finally done. Except for one.


At the sound of his baby girl crying, Kai slowly stood up and stretch a little. He looked at the time and it was almost getting late, he really overworked himself this time. While his wife was out to fetch Gou from school there was an emergency at her parents house and Hilary might come home late.

Since He was the only one around, he went into his daughter's room and there she was, standing on the rail of her crib and crying. Mikoto raise her arms as a sign that she wants to be picked up and carried.

"Bad dreams again?" Kai softly said as he comforted her and rocks her slowly to sleep. When the baby seems to settle down and relaxed, Kai slowly puts her down to her crib and quietly walks towards the door.

Feeling her father's warmth was no longer there, she opened her eyes and saw Kai was about to leave. She cries again, begging for him not to leave. Kai picks her up and again cradles her back to sleep. He slowly puts her back in her crib and put a blanket and her teddy for extra warmth. That should do the trick.

But his baby girl really wanted her daddy to stay, once she opened her eyes and saw him leaving again, she cried even louder. Kai tried the usual method but now it wasn't working for her this time and she kept crying. In a desperate move, Kai entered the crib and made his daughter lay on his chest like a pillow . Good thing Hilary though of purchasing a large crib that even an adult can fit in.

The crying eventually turn into small sobs and Mikoto slowly drifted into sleep. Kai hasn't got a clue how long he's been stuck in this room, he has a work needed to be done. Maybe if he carefully put her aside and slowly gets up...

Mikoto stirs in her sleep and tightly grabs her father's clothes with her tiny hands, this further disabling her father to escape. The only solution Kai can come up was for him to wait for his baby to fall into deep sleep.

After waiting for almost an hour

Kai again makes his move, slowly, he pulls her grip away from his shirt and put her on the other side, slowly he was almost out and...

Mikoto cried again. Kai mentally swears 'damn she's a light sleeper'

Defeated, Kai surrenders and hopes Hilary could come home as early as possible from visiting her parents.

Another few minutes later, Hilary came home late that night and bought take-out dinner with her "We're home" Hilary announces when she and Gou got in. No one answered.

Hilary starts to look around "Hon?"

Gou looks at his father's office "He's not in here"

"Let's go check at your sister's room"

When they got there, they were surprise to see Kai in a crib with the baby and the look of Kai's face was desperation. He mouthed the words get me out of here.

And what's the first thing Hilary does? she took a picture, not just one but several pictures and she was giggling "ohhhh you two look so cute".

Gou stood there and watch "Dad, how did you end up in there?"

Kai gave a deep sigh "It's a long story. Now help me up, my back is starting to hurt"

This was inspired by a youtube video where the father can't get his baby to sleep and she kept crying and crying. So he lies down with his baby and got stuck there when his kid refuses to let him go. It's was really cute

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