This was inspired by...*snort* *giggle* oh what the heck. Did anyone of you ever or almost walk in on your parents doing what every offspring should'nt be allowed to see?

Look out! we got sweet Kaihil in the end!

Take two: squeaky noises at night *wink* *wink*

It was a regular day at the breakfast table until Gou spoke that will shock both his parents.

"Mom, Dad, why there where squeaking noises in your room?"

Kai nearly chokes on his coffee. Hilary's face was red and felt scandalized. What else does Gou knows what they're doing in the bedroom? Both parents could only hope he didn't peek at their private intimate moment or else their little boy will be traumatize.

Hilary tries to make a story albeit unsuccessful "well you see... ummm..w-we. Me and your father we were-". She turned to Kai for help but all Kai could do was covering his face with his newspaper and continued reading as if saying to her 'You're on your own.'

'Unbelievable!' Her face turn back to her children still staring at her with their curious little eyes and waiting for answers. Since her husband won't be helping, she might as well lie like hell "We were jumping on the bed" she said with a straight face.

the children blink

Kai lowers his newspaper to look her with a face that says 'What!?' because that has got to be the silliest excuse he have ever heard. Hilary shrugs and made a face that Kai can read 'well I didn't see you come up with a better excuse'.
Her husband made a body gesture saying 'how the hell he is suppose to know it was that loud?'

Oblivious of her parents' secretly talking to each other in body language, Mikoto reacted with a huff "That's so unfair mommy! You never let me jump on my bed. How come you and daddy are the only ones allow to do it?". Her older brother can only nod in agreement.

Hilary explains further for her children to understand "oh no honey. You see, me and your daddy are doing a special kind of jumping that only adults can do". Kai knew where this conversation was going, so he stood up, grab the keys and packs the children's lunch boxes.

"Okay, I think they heard enough. Time to go or you two will be late for school"

His two kids complains "but dad"

"No BUTS. Get in the car"


The next night, Kai and Hilary bought a new bed. Hilary was the first to give it a try "wow this feels nice!" she patted on the bed for Kai to lay down beside her "C'mon, give it a feel". Kai did so and took a few moment to absorb feeling the comfy mattress and she was right this felt better than the old one.

Hilary comments "This was a good idea, getting rid of the old broken down spring bed and bought this strong and sturdy one"

Upon hearing her comment, Kai smirks "speaking of strong and sturdy". Kai maneuvers himself to be on top of her "Wanna give it a try?".

Hilary giggles knowing what he meant but decided to play along " the new bed or you?"