It Can Wait

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A/N: This story will be told Alejandro's P.O.V. This font is Past time, This font is the TV, and this is present time.

"I'm on my way" Heather texted me. I smiled I never thought we'd be together after the lave incident but I'm perfectly back to normal after my surgery and I forgave Heather I love her too much to stay angry at her.

"Okay mi Amor be safe on the road" I texted Heather back I couldn't wait to see her that would be my first time seeing her after Total Drama.

"I will and I can't wait for our date" Heather texted me. I decided that day was going to be the day to give Heather the ring I was going to purpose to her make her Mrs. Alejandro and have her all to myself.

"Me either I can't wait to see you and I have a surprise for you" I texted Heather.

"I can't wait to see you either and what's the surprise and occasion?" Heather texted back making me smile.

"Well if I tell you then it wouldn't be a surprise would it and no occasion just love" I texted Heather back.

":p" Heather texted me.

";)" I texted Heather back. This went on for hours until Heather finally stopped texting me "Heather?" I texted still no reply. I waited for hours for Heather to show up at the restaurant "Heather are you still coming?" I texted still no reply. I gave up and went home calling Heather over and over straight to voice mail and no reply I picked up the little Tiffany Co box and put it in my back pocket. I couldn't believe she stood me up I drove home not knowing rather to be angry or sad right when I walked into the living room. My mother Maria, my papa Alexander, and my brother Carlos and Jose ran over and hugged me which was new especially for Jose.

"Your okay my hijo is okay" my mom cried hugging me tightly.

"What's wrong with everyone?" I asked first Heather now my family.

"I'm so sorry" my dad said patting my shoulder.

"Sorry for what?" I asked confused.

"You don't know?" my crying mother asked me.

"Know what?" I asked still confused.

"Hermano your chica is..." Carlos started beating around the bush. The family guided me to the living room and turning on the news I raised a brow and got up to leave until I heard my niñas name.

"The queen of mean from the Total Drama franchise has been found dead in a car accident " the news reporter said.

"No" I shook my head I was just texting Heather that can't be true.

"The cause of Heather's death was caused by this" the news reporter showed Heather's phone "many drivers die because of this it can wait her last words were Your si-"

"No. no, no" my eyes watered this was way worst than the time Heather rejected me on the volcano. My chest heaved up and down a I couldn't swallow and I couldn't fight the tears pouring down my face. My face was hot this was all my fault. "This is all my fault!" I screamed out shoving my head between my lap. My brothers tried to comfort me including Jose. "Don't touch me!" I yelled throwing up my hands and running upstairs and slamming my door words couldn't explain how I felt. I took out the ring that was supposed to be on Heather's delicate finger I flipped my bed over, I broke my lamp and broke my closet door I thrashed my entire room reacting like a kid I kicked, cried, and screamed.

"I'm sorry Heather" I said looking above me. "Mi amor por qué, por qué did you leave me?" I asked looking for answers that couldn't be found I cried over and over never sleeping for a minute since that horrid day.

...Two years later...

I come to the graveyard every night the same exact time Heather died seeing her, talking to her, letting her know how much I miss and love her it might sound crazy but her spirit talks to me every night. Some say I went insane, some thought it was romantic, some say I'm seeing things but only I see Heather's spirit and I talk to her every night. I walked up to Heather's grave and put flowers on it every night and her ring sat on her grave with the roses I give her each night. I always thought back to that day I could have changed that night by being more of a gentlemen offering Heather a ride she's still be here on planet Earth. I know one day we'll be reunited and when they day comes we'll be together forever and ever.

I don't know where I was actually going with this story but I hope you liked it because this is a valuable lesson that can be avoided it can wait and so can you. R&R (read and review). I actually hate the way this turned out but it'll do.