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Chapter 1

My eyes were drawn to him - ever since walking into the throne room I felt as if I couldn't look away. They were the brightest red I had ever seen - and they seemed to be just as drawn to me as I was to them.

I wondered idly if this was a predatory response. If everything about them was designed to draw me in, and he was the most powerful vampire on earth... perhaps that explained why I couldn't look away.

I wanted to believe that - but I felt an insane attraction that went far beyond what he would need to just drink my blood.

I blinked hard trying to dispel the feeling. Looking to my left, I saw Edward. Apparently, he'd been speaking the whole time and I could only hope he hadn't noticed my preoccupation with who I could only assume was Aro - the sinfully delicious dark haired man sitting in the middle throne.

Of course, if I had been paying more attention I would probably know the answer to that already. I steeled myself to look back at him, and actually take in his words this time.

I caught him mid-sentence, "...I do so love a happy ending."

Wait was he talking about me? My happy ending with Edward? Uh - I don't think so. Should I interject? I decided he deserved to be let down in private...

Seconds later, before anything else could be said - Alice gasped and so did Edward. I involuntarily winced, knowing it was my decision that prompted it.

Oops. I refused to feel too badly about it, though. It's not like he didn't break up with me first. Did he really expect me to reconcile with him just because he admitted he lied?

I rolled my eyes. Probably. This was Edward we were talking about.

Aro apparently couldn't stand to be kept in the dark, and walked right up to Edward, grabbing his hand with no preliminaries. His eyebrows rose, and he looked at me speculatively.

"Well, that changes things..." he murmured. His eyes roamed my features for a second, before he seemed to come to a decision.

Alice gasped again, and this time Edward's whole body cringed from what he heard. Aro still hadn't let go of his hand, so he was also aware of the vision.

I wondered, morbidly - if they just saw my death. For some odd reason, I wasn't terribly alarmed. I figured it was the vampiric hypnotism I was obviously a victim of. If Aro had reached out to kill me at that moment, I would have gone into his arms willingly.

"Isabella," Aro spoke again, and I swear if it felt like I melted into a puddle, right there, "you are immune to Edward's gift. I wonder if you are also an exception to mine?" He raised his eyebrows, and held his hand out.

I assumed I needed to touch him for his gift to work - and I didn't mind at all.

I reached out, eagerly. Perhaps, a bit too eagerly - but I officially had no shame it seemed.

His skin was colder than Edward's... but smoother and I felt tingles shoot from my palms all the way up my arm. I wanted to stroke his hand, but even in my muddled state I knew this would be too much.

I think he enjoyed my touch, as well. He seemed to linger for several beats before finally saying, "Fascinating. I wonder if you're immune to all our gifts..." his voice trailed off, and he gave a significant look to someone standing along the wall behind me.

Edward's whole body tensed with a growl, but this didn't seem to faze anyone, least of all Aro. He must have realized the uselessness of the protest, because as quickly as it began, it stopped. And I waited with bated breath for something to occur.

After an excruciating 30 seconds, Aro burst out into laughter.

"Well. I suppose that's a yes." He clapped his hands, and glanced over at the thrones. I couldn't see his expression, or any discernable reaction from either of the kings, but whatever he saw seemed to please him greatly and he dropped his gaze and turned back to me.

"Isabella," he purred - and my stomach tightened, "you are staying here, it seems."

My eyebrows wrinkled in confusion, and I glanced at Alice and Edward. Their resigned expressions indicated this was indeed a fact, and I decided not to fight it. Not only was I extraordinarily attracted to Aro, but I knew the law, and since Edward and I were no longer together - Victoria continued to hunt me, incessantly and there were no other vampires willing to turn me... what were my other options anyway?

I managed to think it through in record time, and found myself simply nodding. It wasn't a question, anyway.

I heard a quiet gasp from the direction of the thrones - and glanced sharply in tandem with Aro - towards the source.

The dark haired king, Marcus was it? - seemed speechless as he looked between Aro and I. Edward made a noise and glancing back at his face, I could tell whatever he heard pissed him off all the more. His jaw was clenched, and his eyes black, and I found myself involuntarily stepping away from him.

This seemed to bring him back to his senses - but not in time to avoid my instinctual cringe when he reached for me. I saw the flash of pain on his face, and schooled my features to look apologetic. But, truthfully I was starting to care less and less for his feelings. Much, I think, as he'd already done with mine.

So - we weren't together anymore. It's not like we both hadn't had months to acclimate to that new reality. I was starting to get annoyed with his attitude and he hadn't even said anything yet.

I had a feeling we needed to wrap this up, before it got ugly.

I turned my attention back to Aro with what I hoped was an expectant look - and not a lustful one. His eyebrow went up at this - so it really could have been either.

"Jane, dear - why don't you get Isabella settled into a guest room." He commanded. She slithered up to me, without making a sound, and just held her hand out for mine.

I spared Alice and Edward another glance of goodbye - and found them both looking at me with worry. I couldn't decide what would be appropriate for this scenario, so I let it go with nothing - simply turning and following Jane from the room.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind us, two voices seemed to start shouting simultaneously. I knew it was Edward and Alice, and I purposely tried to tune it out.

Jane and I walked side by side, still holding hands - down a dark corridor. The hall seemed to go on for miles, but we suddenly took a left and then a sharp right and I stopped trying to remember the way. Everything was so beautiful here. Art dotted the entire path. Vases on pedestals, paintings, sculptures, I felt my eyes glaze over from entirely too many beautiful things in too short a period of time. My eyes continued to sightlessly wander, until we suddenly came to a stop. We must have walked for at least 15 minutes! I found myself, once again, in awe. And I hadn't even seen my room yet…

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