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It was his uncles fault, his whale of an uncle has no idea who Fenrir Greyback is, but he lets his man no monster into his house, the wolf it seem moved in next door at the being of the summer holidays, Harry had no doubt that it was a plot by Voldemort to find out where the boy lived, but the wolf now had his luck he found where Harry was, having someone as dangerous him watching him knowing where he lives set Harry on edge, he sent owls to Dumbledore telling him even to his friends but they haven't answered back, he knew he couldn't contact Remus as he was out of England doing some for the order, but still as he looked out of his bared window to see the large wolf watching him from his garden.

His uncle has seen how he looked at his nephew and a plan form in his head, he was not allowed to touch him, he tried one and his wife took a frying pan to his head, but this man wanted Harry, so whose stopping him form letting him have his own away and blame the man next door, (clearly he has never seen CSI) he was alone with Harry for the day, Harry was doing the washing in the back room of the house, Vernon walked into the room after waving good bye to his wife and son, he open the door to the washing room and walked in, Harry looked at him and him locked the door.

Fenrir was sat in his house a sleep, he has spent all night watching the boy, he notices odd things about the house and the people who live there, they all treated Harry like crap he could hear it through the walls of his house, the yelling and beatings and the orders, he let a anger growl puff though his sleep, a cry for help woke him up he bolted up right and listen to the cries, it felt like a pack member is being hurt, he looked at the wall that next to the other house and let a growl leave his lips…Harry is pack…he thought to himself, he stood up and walked out back.

He hopped the bushes that cuts his house off from their's back garden, he found the back doors were open and he let himself in, he notices the lack of photos of Harry anywhere, there was nothing here to say the boy even lived here, he sniffed the air and under all that flowery scented crap there was the smell of blood and pain, misery, hurt and no comfort, he let a snarl from his lips …Pack should not hurt pack…he thought as he believed family are packs and respect each other as such, he heard the pain cries and the smell of fresh blood and hurt he followed Harry's scent found him in the back room, pinned under his uncle.

His eye was back and puffy where he has been hit and bruise littered his arms and his neck, his rose lips has a cut down on side he walked in and snarled, Vernon looked up at him his face red "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!" he said turning red in the face, Fenrir looked at Harry looked up with fear passed thought his pretty green eyes as he silently begged him to help him,

"You are a horrid disgusting muggle I've ever met, how could you do something like this to family!" he growled at him, he pulled away from Harry pushing the boy to the floor, Harry pulled himself away from both men and into the far corner covering himself with a bed sheet,

"Muggle? You're a freak like he is, should have known you were, your eyes never left him." He pulled his paint and trousers up and picked up his mobile "I'm going to call the police and say my next door neighbour has broken in and raped my nephew!" he said trying to dial with his fat fingers, Fenrir chuckled Darkly as his eyes turned amber

"You think your muggle police scare me please, even if they come here and took DNA from the boy what would they find, ummmm your hand marks all over him, your seaman inside of him, the fact that he is the only one with bars on his window and locks on his door, they would take one look at this place and know you raped him." Vernon stopped as he looked at the wolf that was inches away from the foul smelling muggle, his grinned as he showed him his fangs

"What do you want?" he snarled back at the wolf, Fenrir turned to Harry who watched him with slight fear on his face

"What do you think I should do to him Harry?" he asked

"What he said but you saved me instead." Harry said to him but his voice was horsed


"Wonderful plan." Fenrir said banging Vernon's head against the wall knocking him out.

The police came and found Harry next door in Fenrir explaining to the police what happen, they said that Fenrir notice some odd things when he moved in, in how the family treated him, the bars on the window in his room, and he felt worried when he saw Harry's ante and cousin leave for the day without Vernon, but the thing that got Harry was when they said he need to go to the hospital and Fenrir said he would do that as he put a spell over them letting him, Harry now thought he is doomed.

He took Harry way leading him deeper into the wood, the teen had been given some potions to help with the pain and the cuts, Harry looked up at him with a scared look on his face "Is this his plan let you kill me not himself?" he asked, Greyback looked over at him with a bemused look

"He doesn't want you dead." He said, Harry snorted and winced at the pain in his jaw, okay so he was still in pain, the potion didn't heal all of it

"Of course he does."

"He doesn't, he wants you out of the way." Harry looked up at the silver hair wolf again

"Then what are you going to do to me?" he asked

"Turn you." Harry blinked in shock but stood where he was either too afraid to move or knows he has nowhere to go, tears started falling down his face as he stood still, Fenrir stopped and looked at him

"Are you going to do to me what you did to Remus?"

" I only just bite him." Harry snapped his head up

"Lier, he told me what you did to him what you do to other children!" Harry cried out, Fenrir growled as he grabbed Harry and pinned him to a thick tree

"I never did those horrid things you say I did, I bit Remus but I never touched him, those things were planted in his head, a lie to scare him from the pack…Pack is family we don't hurt family, you are pack!" Harry whimpered at him as Fenrir touched the black eyes "I will make you better."

"I want you to touch me." Harry asked quietly as he looked at his chest

"Touch you? After what happen?" he looked shocked

"Fuck me, I want to feel it before you bite me." Harry tells him

"Is this what you dream off pup?"

"I... I know it sounds odd even to me, but when Voldemort is not in my head I have these odd dreams and in them I know I feel save, loved protected." Fenrir tilts his head

"With me?" Harry looks up and smiled

"No always with you, sometimes it was my late godfather, Remus and both of them, Luicus if you can believe it, Charlie and Bill, Fred and George or all four of them. Some times in the dreams I am pregnant and being with people who love."

Fenrir let out a low growl as he listen to the boy talk, he leaned down and sniffed his neck taking in his scent "Good news for you pup, I can give you all of those things even some of those people , just promises one thing?" Harry looked up into his face and watched him closely as he touched his arm and kissed his neck

"What?" he asked willing to give him anything

"You help me get Remus back." Harry nodded and tilted his head to him, Fenrir growled and placed his mouth over his neck and mouthed at the skin.