It felt like forever to wait for Remus to wake up, Harry was worried he said the spell wrong and killed him or put him in a coma but the man was a sleep, Fenrir told Harry that the spell works better when the wizard or witch was in a sleep it helps their minds fix the wrongs, it took three weeks for the spell to do its job and in all that time they stayed in Grimmauld, Harry clean the places he got rid of that horrid portrait of Sirius mother.

Fenrir chuckled as he heard Harry shout her "LISTEN YOU CARZED BITCH, NO ONE CARES IF YOUR GOING TO SCREAM AT EVERY ONE WHO WALKS PASS THESE HALLS YOU DEAD AND THIS IS MY HOUSE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yelled as he pulled he portrait off the wall and set it on fire, Harry let out a hiss of happiness, by the time Remus woke up the whole of the house was transformed and the rest of Fenrir's pack had claimed the rooms and knew rooms.

He woke up with a the worst headache he has ever had in his life, it was worse than the headache he got at James and Lilly's wedding when him and Sirius started a drinking game, he heard a noise at the door and looked up to see Harry walk in "You're a wake!" he called out loudly

"Ahh god Harry not so loudly!" Remus said covering his ears as he fell back onto the bed

"Oh sorry Remmy." Harry moved into another room that was a bath room and then he came back "Here drink this." He said as he sat on the bed, the wolf sat up and looked at him as he took the potion and down it in one go, the dark hair teen waited for Remus to finish his drink, looking up at Harry the wolf blinked with a frowned looked "H...How are you feeling?" he asked

"Good, Harry…"

"I want you to really remember what happen." He said looking up at him shyly

"I do, thank you." He said, "My mind is a jumble at the moment."

"It will take time I know Fenrir told me." Remus froze and looked up at him

"He's here?"

"Yes." Harry said, Remus stood up with a bit of a sway before he got his bearing right, he walked to the door and walked out into the hallway.

He stopped and looked confused at the colourful hallway, he turned back to Harry and then back out "I would have done your room but I didn't want to wake you." Harry said

"You did all this?"

"I had help." Harry smiled, Remus sniffed the air and found it smelt like pack

"There are other wolves living here?"

"Ummmm the whole pack." Harry answered as he walked passed Remus and took his hand and lead him down the stairs into the kitchen, Remus was amazed how beautiful this home could look, gone were the dull greys and black and icky brown colours, the dead house elves gone and the Mrs Black gone, he smiled briefly before he Fenrir in the kitchen talking to Luicus Malfoy.

Harry smiled and kissed Luicus on the cheek and then kissed Fenrir on the lips "Guess who's awake." He beamed as he sat Remus down,

"Remus are you well?" Luicus asked

"What are you doing here?" he asked

"I am visiting Fenrir." He said with a smile as Harry hands in a cup of tea "Thank you Harry." The teen giggled and then hands Remus a cup of tea

"Why is Fenrir here?" he asked looking up at the alpha

"Because where Harry goes I go." He said with a smile as he watched the dark hair teen sit in Remus' lap, the wolf looked at the pair

"My head is a mess right." He said burying his head on Harry's shoulders, the green eyes teen ran his hand thought Remus' hair and smiled softly

"It will be alright soon." He whispered, he took a deep breath of Harry's scent and then looked up at the Fenrir

"You got him pregnant?" he asked

"The pup wanted a family, he has a large list of those he wants kids from." The alpha wolf chuckled; Harry looked at him with a frown

"I didn't say I want kids from all of them just to be loved by them?"

"What's the differences?l