Harry sat on the bed, his arms around the pillow sniffing as tears rolling down his face, he heard the voices outside the door and waited for Snape to walk in and soon enough he did. He walked in the door slammed shut behind him and locked, the dark hair man looked at the teen on the bed and sighed "I didn't mean what I said."

"Of course you meant what you said; you always mean what you say." Harry said not looking up at him, the tall wizard looked down at the young wolf,

"Harry, please don't make a drama out of this." The teen looked up at him his green eyes filled with tears it tore his heart out, swallowing the lump in his throat as he looked at teen

"A drama, I am a young werewolf who is pregnant don't you think my hormones are having a play in this."

"Why do you care about wanting me?" Snape hissed "You have 7 men fucking you very day like whore why the fuck do you want to add me into his!" He yelled, Harry threw the pillow at him knocking Snape of his guard and onto the floor, Harry got up and walked over to him, his bare feet sticking to the wooden floors Snape looked up at the teen looking down at him

"Did you hit your head?" Harry asked softly


"Good now get off my blood floor we haven't finished talking?" Harry growled his eyes turning amber as Snape got up off the floor.

Severus stood back up looked at the teen "I spend most of my live with no form of love Severus, then I met my friends and I started to feel loved but it wasn't enough I need to know I have someone there for me someone to whole me when I am scared or when I have one of my nightmares. I don't think if I was still human I would be able to have all those I want here, being a wolf had let me freer." He said looking up at him. Snape walked over to him and touched his cheeks with the back of his hands slowly "I want you here I do." He whispered

"Harry Harry you are nothing but a minx." Harry gave him a shy smile

"Does that mean you will love me?" Harry asked

"If I must." He smiled at him, Harry sat there as the potion master lowered his head and placed his lips onto Harry's parted lips as Severus tangled hand into Harry's black locks, pulling his head back making him look up at him

"Severus." Harry whimpered

"Your under Fenrir's protection."


"That mean's you're also under the Dark Lord's protection."

"How does that mean I am under the Royal dickness protections?" he asked feeling put out and wanted to get back to making out

"Because you shagging Luicus, Fenrir and about to have me fuck you into oblivion, your pregnant to add to that and it's driving Dumbledore around the bend."

"So just for that he's keeping me alive?"

"No, I think there is something else."

Harry nodded and looked down at his lap "Look as much as I llllove talking about snake face can we please get back to you stuffing me with…" Snape stopped him by kissing him again, pushing Harry flat onto the bed and attacked his lips, slipping his tongue into Harry's mouth making the teen moan, the teen let him take over his mouth and let his hand's travel over Harry's form moving over his clothes. Severn watched Harry pop the buttons off Snape's shirt letting his hands touched his pale skin "You need more sun." Harry said "You spend when too much time dungeon wearing all this black." He said



"Shut up."