Sirius Black looked up at the three men; he stood up on shaky legs and hit Voldemort knocking him to the floor. Snape rolled his eyes "Black will you calm yourself or you won't see seeing Harry!" Snape said, the man looked back at him as he hovered over the Dark Lord with his fist raised

"Harry." He whispered

"Yeah he wants to see you." Luicus said, Sirius looked down at the man on the floor before he stood back up and walked up to Snape

"Then take me to my cub."

Snape walked into house dragging the other man "What the fuck are you living my house!" He yelled

"It your godson's house your fucking mutt, you died!" Snape yelled back as they stood in the hallway, Charlie walked up to the pair and smirked

"Having fun there?"

"Charlie?" Sirius asked as he ran up to him and hugged him "Oh god it's good to see your face." The dark hair man said, the red head chuckled and hugged the man back, Snape rolled his eyes and walked off

"You deal with him I'm going to Harry." He said

"What no no you don't!" Sirius yelled as he pushed the man against the wall, he started to run up the stairs before running back down "Where is he?" He asked

"Come on I will show you, you just in time tho you will be shocked."

Charlie open the door to Harry's bed room, Sirius stood there with wide eyes as he watched his beloved godson sat there on the bed holding a child in his arms "Oh damn I missed it." Charlie said, Harry looked towards the three men at the door

"Sirius." Harry whispered

"Harry?" The dark hair man whispered back as he walked into the room, teen had dark bags under his eyes and his hair was more messy than normal

"I want you to met my son." He told him "Jamie." He said Sirius walked over to him blinking at the child and then to Harry

"W...What?" he asked looking at the other men in the room "What the hell is he doing here?" point to Fenrir

"He's the child's father." Remus said, Sirius looked at him

"Remus...I don't understand?" He said, the wolf cupped his face and kissed him before he smiled at the man

"I think we will leave the room Remus, you lot should talk." Bill said as he dragged the others from the room, Fenrir sat closer to Harry and looked at the sleeping baby boy.

Harry looked up at Sirius, the man didn't look any different from when Harry last saw him, Remus lead the wolf to the bed and made him sit on the bed closer to Harry "What happen?" he asked

"My uncle was going to rape me, Fenrir saved me and I let him bite me." Harry tells him, Sirius gasped

"What that fat fucking arse hole!" he yelled, waking Jamie up the baby started whimpering then let out a all might howl

"Shhhh its okay shhh." Harry said rubbing his back

"Urrrh? Sorry." Sirius said looking at Harry; the teen gave him a soft smile as he calmed Jamie down

"It's okay." Harry told him "It's all okay Sirius, I like my new life, I like my mates and I would like you to be part of that." He asked with a bashful smile

"Are you telling me you sleep with every male that was in this room?" The dark hair man asked, Harry looked down at the baby in his arms

"Sirius, Harry just wants comfort from those he loves." Remus told him, Sirius looked at him with a confused look

"Yeah okay I can understand." He said looking at him and then back at Harry "But Snape?" he asked

"He's good in bed." Harry told him with a smiled; Remus held Sirius' hand and smiled at him

"Listen Padfoot, we need to be here for Harry to keep himself safe to love him."