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*Knock, Knock, Knock, knock*

"Damn it." I mutter to myself; looking up from my laptop and across my bedroom to the door just in time to see my poster with David Tennants face vibrate from another round of knocking coming from other side.

"Coming!" I shout, closing my laptop, setting it down and jumping off my bed, dodging all the clothes and crap lying on the floor on my way to the door.

yanking the door open almost violently, I glare at the person on the other side.


"Mum wants to know if you're on Netflix..?" she askes. craning her neck, trying to look over my shoulder and into my room.

"Uh, no." I glare; shutting the door in her face, locking it.

"Well its not working!" she shouts from the hallway.

Jumping back on my bed, lifting up my labtop from where I abanded it on my blanket, and setting it back on my pillow at the end of my bed, I respond with a loud "Not my problem!" grunting as I fell onto my stomach infront of my computer.

I hear her sigh through the door. "But it says more than one person is on the account Alice, and you are the only other person who has the passw-"

"Im. not. ON IT! Now leave me alone!" I grumble, glaring at the door.

finally satisfied when I here her retreating footsteps, I reopen my laptop with a sigh.

Now back to business. scrolling down a online list of "recommended" Doctor Who fanfictions I mutter to myself slowly, "where are you..? ah hah!" Found it.

"Crossing Timestreams" I read aloud. "A malfunctioning vortex manipulator. A confused girl. Lots of spoilers.." I grin. sounds good. My friend (a mutual Doctor Who fangirl) recomended this Fanfiction to me long ago. supposed to be about a Whovian somehow finding herself in the whoverse. I've been looking for this one ever since I finished reading my last fanfic.

Clicking on the link that sends me to the persons account, I excidedly select the story and start to read the First Chapter.


Six hours. I've really Been up all night?! looking at my clock on my night stand again, hoping I'd seen it wrong but no; it is in fact 5:00am. Damn, I was really going to try and get some sleep tonight. well 'last night', now.

Sighing, I close my laptop and roll off my bed; heading towards my bathroom. "Might as well get ready for school." I grumble.

The good thing about getting up earily, or uh, not sleeping at all; Long hot showers. After washing my hair an body and relaxing under the warmth for a while I hop out of the shower, Humming the Doctor Who Intro while drying off with a nice white fluffy towel. I hear something, stopping my humming and holding still, I listen closely.

"That sounds like...? it can't be..." heart rapidly thudding aginst my chest, I wrap my towel tighter around myself and walk towards the bathroom door, throwing it open. I look around my room franticly, trying to find the sorce of the noise.

I know this sound. heard it a million times! its the sound of a TARDIS materializing! but where? I look around my small room wide eyed. searching. coming up with a lack of the real TARDIS quickly, skipping over all the posters on the walls and the toy TARDIS on my desk, I could still hear it! I ran to my window. eyes scanning across my frount lawn and around the sleeping neighborhood, the light from the rising sun in the east spilling gold across houses and streets.

'Where is it, where is it?!' I think to Myself. And then. Nothing. No whirring sound of a Landing TARDIS. No TARDIS to even be seen. Sitting on my window sill; naked, with just a small towel around myself I chuckle. 'I must be going mental.' I think to myself. I laugh again. this time louder, feeling it vibate all the way through me.

Still staring out the window, I sigh. this is what I get for staying up all night reading Doctor Who fanfiction. Shaking my head and standing, I walk to my closet to find something to where today.

Throwing on my favorite dark blue jeans and a Tenth Doctor t-shirt, I walk back to the bathroom and peer into the mirror. 'Should I wear it up or down?' I smirk at my reflection. My dark black hair is to short to wear up, framing my heart shaped face, stopping right after my chin. With my light brown eyebrows its obvious that I dye my hair. I love my hair. One of the only things I love about myself...And it's easy to take care of. quickly brushing it, swooping my long bangs sideways to cover most of my left eye. grabbing a black eye liner pencil, I trace it on darkly. I've gotten so good at this over the years, I had managed to apply it on quickly, making no mistakes and with minamal effort.

Watching my reflection as I blink my dark brown eyes hard, then glaring at myself in the mirror. I admire my work. "Raccoon Eyes" Mum calls it. truthfully, it is a bit much. But she is over reacting with calling it that.

'I wonder if i imagined it, or if i did really hear the TARDIS?' I wonder to myself. with one last look in the mirror I walk out of the bathroom and back into my room. The sun is casting its glow through my window now as I pull on my socks and sneakers, grab my backpack from the desk chair in the corner of the room where I left it the day before and my cell from the charger on the desk.

With one last glance around the room for good measure, I shut the door.

whatcha think? My first fanfic! :D