I slam my backpack on the table as I slip into my seat next to Kenzie, turn in her direction and shoot her a glare she cant see with her hands covering her still-red- from -laughing face, her body rocking with silent laughter. Still.

I blush. "S'not that funny, kenzie..." More laughter.

"T'was ya'r ph-" Gasping for Air. "Ya'r phone!" she sqealed, lifting her head away from her hands and looking at me with amusment.

I sigh, looking at the wrinting on the board up in the frount of the class room as the last of the class shuffles in as I start writing down the 'Plan' for the class today as a distraction from looking at her pink, tear stained face. "I know.."

"But ya DIDN'T!" She chuckles. "That's what makes it so freaking funny!"

I turn to glare in her direction, staring directly into her ice blue eyes as she sobers up, her smile dropping. I smirk. "Just do your planner, Kenzie." I say darkly, Pushing on my hood to cover over my head, coming down a little over my eyes.

Searching in my pockets of my hoodie for my earphones and putting them in my ears one at a time when I find them, I sigh happily and stick the end of the cord in my pants pocket, just enough to keep in in without falling.

I look back to the front of the room and finish writing in my planner, watching as Mr. WhatsHisName opens the door and walks in late. As uaual. s'not really motovational to come to class on time when the teacher cant even do it...

"Hello class, sorry I'm Late. I could give you an excuse but...That sounds like a little to much work for me." he chuckles and plops down in his chair behind his desk, looking at a paper in his hand and scratching his orange stubble. Maybe stubble isnt the right word? its grown out some, maybe he's growing a beard ot somethin..? huh, i wonder what he would look like with a full out beard? probably like a homeless dude. he already dresses like o-"

"What are ya smilin' about?" A extremly whisper from my right blows hot air through my jacket, breaking me off from my genius musings.

"Our teacher as a homeless guy with a beard." I whisper, turning to smile at her.

She giggles and whispers back. "What? Why?"

"Because I'm weird." I Whisper, grinning.

"But what is weird, really? Are we not all weird in our own way?" Booms a loud voice from infront of us, slaming his hands on our table making me jump a little in my seat and accadently making eye contact with the owner of the voice before I slam my eyes down to their shoe's. Boots. I think to myself. I never realized how fucking huge his feet are. well, I don't go around looking at random peoples feet all day, probably why i've not noticed before.

"Ya tryin to be poetic again, Mr. James?" Kenzie asks in fake exasporation, Going all out and pretend sighing.

He chuckles and sits on the table.

My hearts thumping fast and I'm rambaling. To myself. In my head. trying to distract myself from how close this person it. To close. In my bubble, close. My head spins as I take a deep breath, and choke on it. 'Howt.' I think to myself bitterly as i try to get myself under control. 'Just as long as he doesnt talk to me.' I think to myself. 'just as long as he keeps a little distance...i think i can cope wi-'

"Alice!" He booms, turning to me as I shut my eyes tight for a second before opening them and looking at him, meeting his green eyes. Shit. "My favorite student!"

I lean in my seat, scooting as far back into my chair as i can, shifting my bangs to cover more than half of my face and try to put my very minamal acting skills to use. Smiling up at him I point a finger to the ear phones and say a little to loadly, "I cant hear you, sorry!" and look back down at my planner, hunching over it and writing random words in it to apear busy.

He chuckles, "Alright." He says as he gets off our table and pats it goodbye and walks off. "Thank god." I breath, letting out the breath of air I could not five seconds ago.

"I cant believe that works!" Kenzie squeals, leaning closer to me with a huge smile. "Ya ok?"

I smile up at her and take out and ear phone. "Sorry, what?"

She slaps me on the arm and giggles. "Like its plugged in to somethig!" My eyes fallow her hand as she tugs the cord out of my pocket, and smiles at me.

I grabbed it back and shove the end back into the emty pocket, and the ear peace back into my ear. I look back up at her, Smirking and answer her question. "I'm fine, and of course it works. No one attempts to talk to a person who they know aren't listining."

"Sept Jake." Kenzie jokes, actually making a good point.

"Course, that boy can't shut his gob!" I murmur to her.

She props her head on one hand, her elbow on the table and stares at a blank peace of paper with a small smile on her lips, brushing an orange curl behind her ear. "He kinda reminds me of a certain favorite Doctor of mine." she murmurs.

I make a gagging sound and she looks at her hands and blushes.

"He does not, he's not- just. ew! Kenzie!" I whine her name.