Welcome to the sequel of Cedars and Wheat. Enjoy!

It replays in my mind. No. it can't be…snow promised…he said it wouldn't happen. There's no way.

I slowly walk towards the stage, my mouth open a little. I climb the few stairs and onto stage next to lane. I find Haul in the crowd and see he's petrified. Tears in his eyes, I think I have them too. But I wont let them fall until im away from everyone. I can't cry in public.

I look behind me and see Holden is surprised too. It's then that I realize Lane had been talking. "shake hands now you two" she says. I look into the boys hazel eyes and see the fear he's holding back. I take his hand in mine and shake it.

As soon as I let go a peacekeeper grabs my arms and pushes me into the justice building. I put into an elevator and taken into a small room. the door shut and I'm left alone.

This is when I get to say goodbye, I have a whole hour. The only person I really know is Haul so we get an hour to say goodbye. I sit on the old couch and wait. I think it's been about four minutes but it feels like ten. Where is he? I need to see him!

The door burst open and haul runs in. he shuts it and I throw myself into his arms. I let out all of my tears and we sink to the ground. "he said it wouldn't happen Haul" I cry. "I know, I know. I'm so sorry. Im so sorry" he says hugging me tighter.

"what am I going to do, im going to die!", "no" he says, tears streaming down his face, "you are not going to die, your going to survive. You're a surviver remember. You went the last fourteen years on your own, you kept yourself alive once, and you are going to do it again", I see him swallow. "You do whatever you need to do to stay alive, form a strategy. I don't care what it is, you do it!".

"You kill if you need to, kill them all. Just make. Sure. You get back to me. Please" he begs and crashes his lips into mine. "I love you, I love you so much" he whispers between kisses. "I love you too" I say and hug him again. He takes my left hand and gestures to my ring, "this will be your district token" he says looking me straight in the eyes. "you wear it as a sign of our love and as a memory of home, okay" he says and I nod.

He takes hold of my face, and strokes my hair, "Frent will be your ally, I talked to him he said he'd do whatever he could to get you back", "what if he's ly..", "he's not" he cuts in. "I know that kid, I babysat for him once, he's not lying". He better be this sincere for Haul to insist on giving him my trust.

"alright" I whisper and press my head to his chest. We stay that way for a long time, and stop occasionally to hug and kiss and say we love each other. When my hour is up a peacekeeper comes in, "alright you love birds time is up" he says. I kiss Haul one last time and hug him before he's taken out.

The peacekeeper comes back for me and takes me out back to a car where Lane and Frent stand waiting. I wipe my face and try to disguise my tears and red cheeks. Frent still has his feeling locked inside, and I admire him for that. Im to sensitive to hide my sadness for very long. Sooner or later I have to let it out.

Lane looks at me and takes my face into her purple hands, her nails are freakishly long and painted a bizarre orange color. "oh sweetie, no need to cry. Your flushed. There will be camera's and you wouldn't want to get your picture taken looking sad do you". I just shake my head.

The two climb into the car and before I do I pull the bun out of my head so my hair falls and covers my face. I slide into the car and lean on the window with my head down. I cross my legs so I don't look upset and wait as we pull off.

Sure enough there are cameras. Lots of cameras. People swarm the car, snapping pictures, flashes of bright lights in my eyes. Lane surely waves at the camera's but Frent and I don't budge.

It takes a few minutes for us to reach the train station but when we do Lane has us board as quickly as possible. The train is what I expected, fancy and over decorated, the usual for capitol décor.

Lane offers us seats but I stay standing and Frent goes to sit on the floor. "would you like anything to drink" she asks us. I shake my head again, "I'll take some water please" frent says. He has a pretty deep voice. Im shocked and look at him as he patiently waits for Lane to hand him a glass of ice water.

"how old are you" I ask. "fifteen" he says. I nod and then turn to look at the door when I hear it open. Holden walks in and throws his arms around me. I sigh out of relief, "he's my mentor. I know he'll help me.

"Holden, get off of her!" Lane orders. "She's like my sister" he says and hugs me tighter. I never really hugged him before, it's different then when I'm hugging Haul. "are you okay" he whispers to me, bending to my level. I nod. "im gonna do whatever I can to help you out okay" he says taking my face in his hands. I nod and thank him.

He pats my shoulder and stands up straight, "alright guys we'll be in the Capitol in a couple of hours so prepare to get comfortable" he announces with a smile to lighten the mood and even Frent chuckles. We sit in chairs finally and talk about the opening ceremonies. "I'm sure you both know how the ceremonies work right, costumes and horses and what not. Now when you meet your stylists, DO NOT. GIVE THEM. A HARD. TIME. Let them do their job and you are to be seen not heard. You don't complain about your outfit and don't smart talk them, Rye" he says adding my name quickly. I smile and roll my eyes.

"after the ceremonies you two are to eat and go to bed. Got it" he says and we nod. "after that you have two days of training, then a session with the gamemakers to determine your score. From one to twelve" he says. "next you have your interviews with Ceaser, and then…the arena" I can see him swallow.

"will we practice strategy" frent asks. "yes you have strategy with me, and manners and stuff with Lane" he says gesturing to her. We look and see she's in the mirror trying to find any possible flaws in her purple face. Great, that should be a blast!

Suddenly I feel sick and vomit comes up my throat. I cover my mouth and run to find something like a bucket or trash can but I end up puking in a potted plant.

"are you okay" holden asks rubbing my back. "yeah just morning sickness" I say wiping my mouth. "it's the afternoon" he corrects. I nod, "I know, but you can get it any time of day, I get mine in the afternoon" I say. "doesn't morning sickness happen when a woman is pregnant" frent asks. I nod, then freeze. He's right. Im so use to getting the morning sickness I had forgotten what it meant. I open my mouth to talk but my voice comes out as a whisper, "I'm pregnant"