Rye won the games! This chapter will be Haul's point of view, or just half of it I don't know yet. Alright enjoy!

Haul POV

Rye won! She won! Oh my god! I'm so overwhelmed with joy that I'm crying. I'm extremely sad that we lost Frent…and Basil, but I'm glad that rye is coming back to me. Snow has to keep his promise. If he doesn't, I'll spread the news and it'll spark up a rebellion…just like Rye wanted.

The television shows a hovercraft landing in the arena and peacekeepers coming to get her. They put her on a stretcher and wheel her into the hovercraft. The anthem plays and the screen goes black. Tomorrow they'll interview her, she'll be put in some slutty outfit and will probably have to lap dance Ceaser again. I was very upset when she did that, but I overlooked it because when she did that she got more sponsors. It's strange though that they didn't send her anything. Snow probably didn't allow it. It doesn't matter anymore though because she won.

After her interview tomorrow she'll be sent home. i can't wait to see her. I shut off the TV and head upstairs. I go into the bathroom and shave off the beard I'd begun to grow. I never bothered to groom myself these last two weeks because I was in front of the television the entire time. These last fourteen days were the longest of my life, so suspenseful, I didn't know if I was going to lose her or not, and if so how. By fire!? That would have scarred me for life.

The next day.


Kern has dressed me in a golden gown that drags three feet behind me. I have on platform shoes that match the dress, and lace gloves that swirl up my arms.

My leg is fixed, in the hovercraft I was healed, and fed, then taken here; to the tribute apartment.

I'm being interviewed today, and then they'll take me home. To haul. Just the thought of him brings tears to my eyes. "No crying you'll smudge your mascara" kern says gently wiping my tears away with a cloth. When he turns his back I make a face at him. He's from the capitol, he has no idea what life is like for a tribute. Or should I say victor. I can't believe I did it!

I wonder what snow thinks. He's probably furious that I didn't die.

Just then there is a knock on the door and Holden comes running in. I haven't seen him since I left for the arena. I run into his arms and cry; I don't care what kern says. "it's okay, you're safe now" he says rubbing my back soothingly. "You're messing up her hair!" Kern complains. We ignore him. "The interview will only be an hour long and then we're off to nine. Okay" he says. I nod. Holden lets me go and leaves out.

I turn back to my stylist and he calls my prep team back in to fix my hair and makeup all over again.

When im done being pampered im taken behind stage and wait impatiently as Ceaser introduces me. "Rye hemlock everybody!" he says and the crowd screams. I walk out onto stage, my dress dragging behind me.

Ceaser holds his hand out and I take it and we sit in our chairs. "Congratulations rye!" he exclaims. "Thank you" I say smiling. "I have to say I didn't think you'd make it but when I saw your determination in those last few minutes I thought…rye is going to win this one. Did anyone else think that" he asks and the crowd claps. "Always expect the unexpected is my motto" he announces and the crowd laughs. I laugh with them.

"alright now, here is the recap of your games" he says gesturing to a large screen behind us. Our chairs turn to face it and I watch my games all over. I watch the bloodbath and how frent and I escaped, how we had that talk about our lost siblings and I comforted him while he cried. How I killed raff then tricked Lartius, then killed him. Frent and I do a lot of walking and only stop to eat and sleep. It shows how we killed the four tributes then are attacked by the bear. The tornado appears and frent and I are running up the mountain away from skene. It shows how we plummet hundreds of feet. I land in the water and frent is pierced by the stalagmite and is killed.

I look away and wipe a tear quickly before ceaser notices.

It shows me crying and looking for my axe. Skene comes up and teases and taunts me. I get to my feet, he attacks, my axe flies up then lands in his head and he's dead. The anthem plays and it's over.

The audience applauds and our chairs turn back around. "so, rye I remember you telling us you were pregnant. Was that pool of blood..", "yes Ceaser I miscarried" I say annoyed. "I fell off of a mountain and now my baby is dead." I cry. "oh. Im sorry rye. But now that you're victor you get to go home and reunite with your fiancée. Hopefully you'll be impregnated again. Just remember to tell us about your pregnancy during the victory tour" he says happily.

I forgot about the victory tour. That just means that I'll have to come back here in six months.

"I might" I say trying to pretend like I'm joking. Everyone laughs. Just then a young boy walks onto stage with a velvet pillow in his arms carrying a golden crown. President snow walks up behind the boy and takes the crown with two hands. I stand before him and he places the crown on my head. "Congratulations" he says dully. "are you going to leave us alone, I won just like you said" I say so quietly only he can hear me. "a promise is a promise" is all he says, then exits the stage.

After my interview is over I'm taken back stage and kern changes me into a sun tile print maxi dress, my hair is combed out so it looks natural and my jewelry is removed. i sit next to Holden on the train ride leaning into his arms. I'm going home. It doesn't exactly process, but Holden helps me through the three hour long ride back to our home district.

When we pull into our little station I can hear the roar of people outside the train and haul is in that crowd. "make sure you smile and wave" Holden says bringing me to the door.

I stand at the door and it slides open. I step out and the crowd gets louder. They clap and congratulate me. I wave and smile just like Holden said to. I look around and in the very center of the crowd I see him. Dark hair at his chin now, a large smile on his face, and tears in his eyes. Holden walks out and takes my wrist and throws my arm into the air. Haul claps now, he puts his hands down and starts pushing through the crowd. I watch as he makes his way over to me. He wraps his arms around me and lifts me off of the ground and hugs me tight. "Don't you ever leave me again" he cries. "I won't" I promise him and cry into his shoulder. I missed him so much. Feeling his touch seems so foreign, it's been a while. Haul wipes my tears and kisses me longingly.

Holden puts his hand on hail shoulder and he whips around and hugs him, "thank you so much holden" he thanks. Holden just smiles, "you're welcome little brother" he says. I wrap my arms around haul and lean on his shoulder, "welcome home baby" he whispers to me, and the three of us take off towards the victors villiage.

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