HI THERE~! This is a Dino x Hibari Fanfic (D18)



Yaoi- Boy X Boy Fanfic

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I gently placed Kyoya on the king sized bed.

As I was about to take a shower, when I suddenly thought of a brilliant idea that I will surely enjoy.

I took Kyoya and went inside the bathroom, I slowly placed him on the chair at the corner.

I opened the shower in room temperature, went back to Kyoya and slowly stripped him.

I took his pants off and slowly brushed my knuckles on his sensitive spot, I heard him moan quietly.

I threw his pants somewhere on the floor, and slowly pulled his boxers and purposely brushed my finger on his member making him shudder, I threw the boxers somewhere on the floor, exposing his member.

I blushed as I stared at his exposed body, I gulped and gave his cock an experimental lick at the tip.

"Nghn.." Kyoya moaned.

My eyes were wide, I can feel my pants tighten, I can't take it anymore, I licked Kyoya's now aching member.


I gulped once again, I had my hands placed on Kyoya's sexy thighs, staring at his aching member; I'm quite surprised his not awake yet.

I licked Kyoya's member once again.

"Ah!" Kyoya moaned in his sleep.

I snapped and suck him. I licked his aching member hungrily, like a lollipop, I sucked on the tip.

I bobbed my head up and down, I can taste Kyoya's leaking pre-cum, I slowly licked the aching member, not letting a single pre-cum drip off.

"Hmm...ngh...ahh!" Kyoya panted.

I swiftly sucked his cock, hard. Sucking his balls and fondling his cock, and finally Kyoya moan as loud as he could and came right in my mouth.


I licked all the cum off my lips and swallow.

"He's still not awake?" I thought.

I carried him towards the shower and gave him a bath, but I couldn't help but get hard, so I took my pants off throwing them somewhere on the ground and went inside with Kyoya.

I can't help but be naughty.

I slowly pumped my aching member, when suddenly a naughty plan popped in my head.

I slowly opened Kyoya's mouth and placed my aching member inside the hot cavern.

"It feels so good!" I thought as I slowly moved in and out of Kyoya's mouth.

The friction of his tongue underneath my cock, the way the tip of my cock touches the back of his throat, it's all too exciting.

This time I moved in and out of Kyoya's mouth, deep and fast.

"Ahh...Kyoya it feels so good!" I thought as I picked up my phase, making me want to cum.

"Ahh!" I swiftly took my cock off Kyoya's hot cavern and came all over his beautiful sleeping face.

"Hah..." I panted as I bent down and helped Kyoya take a bath.

I sat down on the bed with a towel around my neck, wearing nothing but my pants.

As for Kyoya, well he's completely naked. I like it that way. I took the towel around my neck and used it to dry Kyoya's hair.

"Hngh.." Kyoya stretched as he woke up "Huh?"

"Oh, you're awake!"

"Dino?" Kyoya asked and he turned around rubbing his eyes like a kid.

"Adorable.." I thought.

"Where are we?"

"At a hotel." I replied as I continued to dry his hair with the towel.

"Okay...Why is my hair wet?"

"Oh, I gave you a bath!" I smiled.

"You what?!" Kyoya shouted as he stood up blushing, but what he hadn't noticed is that he's completely naked and I'm now staring at his member.

"Kyoya, you did know you're naked right?" I smirked.

"Ah!" Kyoya took the towel off his head and covered himself "You didn't do anything weird right?!"

I blushed "No! Why would you think that?" I asked "Unless you want me to do something weird..."

"No!" Kyoya blushed even harder "Where are my clothes?!'

"I gave them to the maids for laundry!" I explained "They gaveus these yukatas instead!"

"Hmph! Fine, I'll go change into this!"

He stomped into the bathroom to change, "I still find it adorable!" I chuckled.

Well...It's not really smut, but I guess you could call it LIME~

There will be more chapters coming up...so...yeah, sorry it was a bit short...

So I hoped you enjoyed it and tell me if there's anything I can improve on, Thank you~