Hello everybody. I'm Mr. Poll and just as my name suggests, I'll be conducting polls. I'm not going to post any stories of my own but instead, I'll conduct polls to find out which stories you think are the best in the fandom.

Since Jerza is my OTP, the first poll I'm going to conduct is to figure out which Jerza oneshot is the best.

I want you all to tell me the names of the stories you think are the best by posting a review. Then I'm going to conduct a poll (which you will find on my profile page) and everyone's going to vote for their favorite fanfic. After that's done, I'll reveal the results of the poll and we'll all be able to know the names of the best Jerza one shots out there.

So here's what you have to do.

1. Post a review giving the names of the Jerza one shots you think are the best along with the names of their respective authors.

2. You can nominate as many stories as you want.

3. Do not nominate your own stories.

4. Do not nominate crossovers.

5. Only nominate Jerza one shots. The stories must have Jerza as the main or one of the main pairings. They must also be one shots, i.e. the fic must be a complete story having only one chapter. It doesn't matter how long the story is as long as there's only one chapter.

I'm sorry that this poll isn't for multi-chapter fics but most one shots won't stand a chance if they're going to be compared with multi-chapter stories. So this poll is only for one shots.

I will let the authors of the top stories know of their success by PMing them. There will be no prize except for a huge ego boost. Though that's probably not too bad of a reward... Don't you agree?

So everybody, let's figure out which Jerza one shots are the best!

Mr. Poll