I watched as the tears slipped from my eyes and gathered on the cold stone floor. My heart was broken. Every time I saw them a new knife flew into the gash that had already bled my heart dry.

I felt numb yet the tears kept coming. Darkness surrounded me, loneliness pushed in around me.

Logic was lost to me.


I looked up to see Harry. He walked over and pulled me close, I just cried. What else was there to do?

There was laughter and then, 'Hermione?' I knew that voice, my heart grew hard and I looked up with venom.

'What?' I snapped, pulling away from Harry. Ron and Lavender stood before me. It was almost if I was blacked out: I didn't know what was being said. I didn't know what I was saying. My wand was out and small yellow canaries were flying forth to attack Ron before I had even though the curse. I knew I had thrown the curse but I couldn't remember why. Pain and anger filled in what was once numb

Ron sprinted away, the birds following after him. I turned back to face Harry, he was as lost for words as I was. His best friends were fighting and he was caught in the middle. It was all my fault, Harry was hurting because of my stupid actions.

The tears came back full force. Harry sighed, mumbling something about Ginny. I knew I should care but I just didn't. I was hurting my best friend again but I couldn't seem to help it. I was a terrible person.

I kept thinking, why was it always left up to me it figure everything out? Why did I have to be the logical one and fix everything and everyone? It wasn't fair.

When was someone going to step forward and fix me?


I rubbed my eyes and looked to Harry. He, however, was looking at something over my shoulder.

I slowly turned, whipping at my nose. I froze. An older tall, slender man stood dressed all in an odd outfit with pointy ears. His eyes were dark, almost as black as his hair, and his eyebrows were in a straight line going up instead of curving around his eye lid. Time and sorrow had carved away at his face. He looked as gentle as Dumbledore, just as intelligent too.

A small smile flitted across his face before he controlled it once more, 'Are you Hermione Granger?' He asked in his monotone voice.

I backed up, my eyes wide and hand reaching for my wand, 'W-who are you?'

'My name is Spock and I would like to request your presence aboard the starship USS Enterprise in star date 2258.42.' His eyes were strong; they held a memory of remembrance. Did I know him? Did he know me?

'I would like you to accompany me to the year 2258. Precisely 261 years in the future to this date.' The man continued. He slowly reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small, silvery trinket.

'She isn't going anywhere with you.' I hadn't realized Harry had gotten up let alone moved in front of me. My eyes were locked on the intelligent brown ones of the man's. There was just something about them…

'Hermione,' Harry glowered, 'isn't going anywhere with you.'

My eyes moved to the trinket and my brow rose, 'A…time turner?' I couldn't piece anything together.

The man smiled, holding the turner as if it were his most precious treasure, 'Yes, it was given to me by someone very special.' He gently placed it in a nook of a mechanic device he pulled from his cloak.

He offered me his hand, 'Will you come with me?' I couldn't help but feel a pull to him, I know I knew him. My heart beat strong; I was feeling something other than the pain that had consumed me. I felt hope.

'She won't.' Harry had his wand out, ready to fire. I studied every inch of the man's face, I could trust him.

His eyes grew gentle as he pleaded with me, 'I will fix you.'

Without thinking, I took his hand. It was the chance of a new start, a place without the heartbreak.

He would fix me.

'Hermione! No!' Harry reached out for me but he was too late.

Golden spheres encircled me and I was Apparated away.