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Chapter 1 - Mysterious Silence

I could always remember the first time I set eyes on the tall orange haired boy. It sucked to be a transfer student in any high school. But to be a transfer student in the final year, and to have such a stupid as hair colour, that had to come in the top five of any life sucks chart. Not that the kid did himself any favour though. The moody little fuck snubbed any and all signs of friendship or companionship from all the students in his year. Even the sweet, and large chested Orihime, a more enticing strumpet didn't exist and she got a look of incredulity and a stare that made her back up, literally, until she could hide behind the largest member of our class, Yasatoro Sado. Big Chad didn't like the new guy's rudeness but, being the pacifist he was, Chad chose to do nothing about it.

Now, if that had been one of my friends who had been rudely ignored, I would have had something to say. And the kid was lucky that Tatsuki, Orihime's best friend, was absent that day. The little firecracker would have chewed him up.

Kurosaki Ichigo, god those parent's didn't give the guy much of a chance did they? I guess he'd been on the receiving end of unwanted attention too often and now rejected all teenage social advances. At least that was the current story circulating the masses. Two months ago the kid joined the school and the stories had drifted from the subdued to the ridiculous. I severely doubt that he was a mob child here to hide out and was too worried to make friends as they could be targeted. The most interesting thing was that no one knew anything concrete about the boy, not even where he stayed. Every day he jetted off on a little yellow crotch rocket that seemed to go much farther than the legal limit on a minor's bike and he was untraceable.

Now, I know you're probably wondering why I was so interested in the guy; well I wasn't, really; at least not at the start. Yeah I was the same as everyone else to begin with, new guy and all, but that didn't last. He drifted into the back of my mind, like all the others who weren't in my group as we tried to do our best in our final year, knowing it was our last chance to make an impact on all the colleges and universities we were interested in.

One of the best early impressions I got of the new kid was that he was smart, not that that was an exclusive property in our school but when the preliminary exam results came in to level us, the kid's name was at the top of the list. Again, it didn't make much of a difference to me; I was in the top twenty but nowhere near the top. It was just worth it to see Uryu Ishida nearly have an aneurysm when his name was second.

Ichigo was a hot topic for conversation that lunch time and even my group of mismatched friends couldn't resist gossiping about him, especially my cousin Nel.

"Did you know he hasn't even gone to look at his scores? He came in and went to homeroom without glancing at the board! Do you think he knew he was going to ace it?" Nel chewed on a clump of her hair, a habit she'd had for years, disgusting as it was.

I pulled the clump out of her mouth and gave her a dirty look, pushing her lunch towards her. I think one of the reasons she was so skinny was because she didn't pause talking to actually eat something most meal times.

One of my other friends, the small quietly spoken Ulquiorra commented next. "I believe he just doesn't care about his results, like they don't matter." The black-haired man was one for few words, but they tended to listen to him, as he picked up things others didn't.

"What eighteen year old doesn't care about his future?" Nel had a small crush on the new guy, purely down to his mysterious nature and, according to the girl, an incredibly hot ass.

"Maybe one who doesn't have a future? Maybe he's got like a disease that's going to kill him before he grows up? Maybe he's just trying to live normally before he dies young." Luppi, the group's dramatic little emo loved to look at the dark side of things. As far as I was concerned he could die young, I certainly wouldn't miss him.

"Nah, if you were dying, you'd life to the full, not hide away and shun the world, he'd be out drinking and sleeping around, enjoying his last year." Nnoitra basically described himself, without the dying part.

I was quiet during the exchange, mainly due to the fact that the man in question was sitting off to the side, out of hearing range thankfully, but close enough that I could make out his expressions. I really looked at him properly for the first time that day, took in his sharp cheekbones and delicate jaw. His lightly tanned skin seemed smooth from this distance and his warm brown eyes were staring out of the window, a million miles away. His hand was mechanically feeding him the canteen's spaghetti and he didn't seem to even taste it.

I realised that the guy was attractive, even with the perpetual scowl and well built, not like me obviously but not everyone is born with broad shoulders, or could carry them off. The guy stood and lifted his tray over to the depository and left the room. As he turned, I was still staring at him, and for a split second, our eyes met. His eyes had an amused tint to them, like he'd over heard something, he even raised his eyebrow in a slight question as he continued turning and he just kept walking.

It was then I decided to unravel the mystery behind the guy. He didn't seem to be anything more than a normal guy with an attitude problem but maybe there was more to him.


I spent a couple of days pooling what information I could about the guy. Even had Ulquiorra take me for a drive around town in his shitty Astra to see if we could spot the guy's bike somewhere but I couldn't see any sign of him. Then again, if I had a decent bike, I'd keep it out of sight too.

So far I had collected fuck all about him, no one knew anything! Not that I personally asked around, that's what gossip queen cousins were for. Nel was all too willing to help me, probably due to her little crush but I was willing to accept help via any means. When she asked me why I was interested, I didn't have much of an answer except to say I was curious. When I asked myself the same question, it always brought that image of an amused face quirking an eyebrow at me, daring me to.. Well when I could finish that sentence maybe I could concentrate on my upcoming exams.

It was a Friday I decided to find out about the guy, and a weekend of researching and pimping out my cousin on her gossip chains but it was the Tuesday after that I got my big break. School sports day.

Usually every high school kid's worst nightmare, getting picked last, hanging out in your gym kit in front of everybody and looking like a fool in front of any potential crushes.

I didn't mind so much, being athletic and knowing I looked good in a pair of shorts. It didn't hurt to know I also had a big group of friends that would pick me quickly at any opportunity to use my skills.

The morning was all silly junior games, three legged races, egg and spoon and sack races, nothing that actually needed skill and the afternoon was given to team sports, football, basketball and hockey games taking part simultaneously on the schools extensive playing fields, the majority of the school getting to spectate for a few hours while those that actually enjoyed sports got to reign on the fields. I was planning on a game of football then basketball for the afternoon, two sports that I played well and was in the school teams for.

I laughed along with my friends as we watched the first of the three legged races, people falling left right and centre with poor coordination and bad team work. I actually didn't like this race much, you needed to have a partner who was about your own size, and all of my friends were either a lot shorter, or taller, Nnoitra's only option to get a like-sized partner was Chad, and they had gravitated to each other. Ulquiorra had teamed up with Nel, and others were milling about, not having decided. It was then I saw my opportunity to move in on my target. ALL students had to take part, unless they were physically unable, and off to the side was our grumpy newcomer, looking unhappy at the situation. I heard the teacher call out for the next six pairs and I marched over to the orange haired guy, judging correctly that we were about the same height, though I was at least an inch over him, grabbing him by the upper arm and dragging him to the start line. The guy might have my height, but he was a lit skinnier and lighter, making the dragging that bit easier. He still hadn't said a word to me, but the trademark scowl was attempting some grievous harm as he glared at me. I dropped his arm at the starting point and raised my own eyebrow, daring him to walk away as I took the green sash from the teacher to tie us together. Bending down, I tied my left ankle to his right, yanking the knot harshly to make him jerk, just a bit.

"Well partner, I'd like to win this, so a little cooperation would be nice." I didn't look at him as I spoke to him, knowing his scowling face wouldn't have changed. I reached my arm round his waist, pulling him right against me, as I snagged a handful of his white t-shirt at his hip. "Better grab hold, wouldn't want you to fall."

He actually responded, wrapping his arm around my lower back and gripping my shorts. I felt his hand skimming the skin just above my blue shorts, his hand under my shirt, but I ignored the sensation. I eyed my cousin and her partner, two couples over to the left, giving her a wry salute before paying attention to the starter. I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to win, and I was pinning a bit of my reputation on an unknown, but it was worth it. I felt him steady himself, ready to take off at the signal.

"Centre foot first ok?" The kid actually nodded back to my, the first sign of communication he'd given in over two months, maybe we had a competitive spirit in common.

At the bang of the crappy pistol, we surged forwards. Even though I was a bit taller than the guy, his legs were a lot longer than mine, evident to the fact that his hipbone was nearly under my ribs as we pressed against each other, I had to stretch my legs out to match his stride a bit but he lacked power and we managed to not break rhythm along the track. We came in an easy first, outpacing most of the others. Nnoitra and Chad were still picking themselves up not far from the starting point, having difficulty with the centre of gravity between two giants.

I turned to my partner and saw a victorious smirk on his face, even though he kept it turned from the crowd. "Hey Ichigo, thanks. We made a good team." I waited for a response but none came. I bent down to release our ankle, a bit frustrated that he still wasn't talking. I felt the guy bend over, stopping when our faces were almost touching. His hand reached out and held my wrist, thumb pressing at my pulse point.

"No, thank you."

I'm not sure, but I could swear his lips didn't move.

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