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Chapter 14

One week on and Ichigo was well past the point of being pissed at getting kept in the hospital. Between the tests on his cognitive abilities and his physical capabilities, he was badgered by several 'medical professionals' about his special abilities. Thankfully he had a superhot body guard who was more than willing to kick them out of the room the moment the kid looked stressed.

The meeting between Ichigo and his father had taken place the day after he'd woken up. I had taken him into the shower - keeping the boxers on, come on folks he was just in a comma – and we had both enjoyed getting refreshed properly. I did indulge in a long kiss after the water was turned off; pressing him against the warm, wet tiles as I explored his mouth, lapping up the small gasps and hitches in breath as I ran my hands over his wet skin. Cupping his ass and lifting him slightly, he wrapped his long legs around my waist, pulling my lower body into his. As tempting as it was to go a bit further, I kept my hands out of his boxers, just enjoying the feeling of him pressing against me.

Anyway back to the meeting with his dad, it was a bit stilted at first, both just looking at each other, like they were searching for some connection they felt they should have. I was sitting on the bed next to Ichi, where he'd wanted me for this, and I could feel a fine trembling in his body. Isshin approached the bed slowly, his brown eyes shining slightly.

"Ichigo, you can't understand how sorry I am that this happened to you. I should have been there for you; I should have protected you from everything."

Ichigo cut him off by grabbing his wrist, fury written across his face. Isshin's face paled as whatever Ichigo said to him cut him to the bone. The first tear to roll down Ichigo's face nearly broke my heart, and it was followed by many more. It seemed like Ichigo was letting ten years of fury and pain loose on the man he felt abandoned him. Eventually Isshin ripped his hand away, sinking to the floor holding his face in his hands. The shoulders I could see were heaving as he sobbed, unable to forgive himself for his actions.

Ichigo was still trembling in my arms, shock now written across his face at the sight of the man before him. He reached for my arm that lay in my lap.

"Shit Grimm, what the hell do I do now?"

"Eh, what the fuck did you say to him?"

"I told him what had happened, what I'd been through. Well some of it. Kinda glad now I left some of the worst of it out. Does this mean I'm supposed to get down and hug him and tell him everything is going to be fine just cause he's crying?"

I considered mentally sending him my answer but I felt it needed to be said out loud. "It's his job to forgive you unconditionally, it's up to you where you go from here but remember you might regret any decision you make here. He might not have been there for ten years, but he came for you this time. It's got to count for something."

Ichigo mulled that over, breaking contact with me as he gazed at the unknown father figure, still in the floor. I reached out and pressed my lips to his throat, kissing the soft skin there. "Whatever you decide, I'm with you."

Ichigo nodded before scooting forward to hand his legs off the side of his bed nearest his father. It allowed him to press his hand onto the man's back, the dark haired head snapping up at the touch. Ichigo's hand skimmed along his shoulder before pressing into his throat.

Again I wasn't privy to exactly what was said but it clearly gave Isshin some hope for the future.

Later that day the tests started up, Isshin involved in some of them meaning he could act the grizzly mamma bear if he felt the docs were being insensitive to his son. He got a specialist in to look at Ichigo's vocal chords to see if the procedure could be reversed and give the kid back his voice. After an ultrasound, the guy said he was hopeful and would schedule the consultation and surgery for the next month, Ichigo still recovering from his trauma and would need a general anaesthetic.

It wasn't all tests and medical prodding, my mum came everyday with either a bunch of flowers or a bunch of grapes. She also supplied him with puzzle magazines and even sharpened his pencil for him. She spent a good five minutes agonising over the fact she should have got him a propelling one that didn't need sharpening. He'd pulled her into a hug then, one fully returned and he lay back grinning. I enjoyed watching Ichigo lap up the attention, his dad even sat with him and worked through a crossword, me googling anything they didn't know on my phone.

No it's not cheating, especially as I was feeding the answers to my gorgeous boyfriend sometimes without speaking. Ok maybe that is cheating a little bit.

One week and I was taking him home. After days of tests and interviews the docs came back with no definitive reason for his special abilities, nor the reason why each generation they got stronger. It made me think of Ichigo's little sisters, and wondered if they had picked up anything but Isshin said it was unlikely, it only affected one or two in a generation of their family, and it had been historically males that had shown it.

Ichigo's first lesson from his father had been interesting; the 'move shit with your mind' bit resulted in one broken window, three smashed ornaments and a dent in the plasterboard before Mum suggested they moved outside. Ichigo would pick something up, then have to pretty much imagine where he wanted it to go. Problem was the path it took seemed to be random at the moment, other times the thing just wobbled before jetting across the room, nowhere near its intended destination.

When Isshin had tried to get Ichigo to practise using his abilities on a person, he totally froze up, unwilling to subject his guinea pig to any part in his worst nightmare. Said guinea pig trusted him completely and although I tried to assure him of that, he nearly broke down, clutching my wrists as images of times he'd been held down, thrown aside or forced somewhere against his will flooded my brain. I grabbed him up, holding him bridal style as I walked away from his dad, orange head pressed into my chest as he tried to contain his grief.

Sitting, leaning up against the house, with him on my lap I looked off into the distance, letting him get himself together. When he seemed to have calmed down I stroked my hand through his hair. "You know you need to talk about this more. This is eating you up inside."

"What am I going to go to a shrink and sign at them? Did you know it's not possible to say half the shit that happened in sign?"

"Then when you get your voice back we can look into it. You know if you can do that shit too it can never happened to you again? I know you don't want to hurt me, but you wouldn't."

Ichigo had just sighed and rested his head back onto my chest. The conversation might have been over but the subject hadn't gone away.

It was a Wednesday, about a week after he'd come home that he stormed into my room. Our room I guess is more correct, and no, at that point we still hadn't broken that promise to my mum, not that she'd have believed me if I'd told her. I'd been sitting playing GTA with Nnoitra while Ichigo had his flying lesson – what I'd started calling the telekinesis lesson cause he made stuff fly, sometimes his temper. Anyway, his face had been stormy, not in an upset, traumatic way, but in a teenager, petulant way, it was a novel change to be honest.

"Eh, I'll catch you later Blue, I remembered I told Hal I'd meet up with her later. Take it easy Ichi." Nnoitra had got up quickly, walking with great purpose to the door before turning back to gesture at me behind Ichigo's back, something along the lines of good luck.

Ichigo waved to him distractedly. I got up and walked to him, drawing him into my arms. "What's up babe?"

Ichigo didn't answer at first, just ran his nose along my collarbone, nuzzling at the base of my neck. I tilted my head back a bit and felt teeth graze at my skin. He seemed to be avoiding any communication, keeping away from my pulse point as he laved at my throat. His sinful tongue ran up behind my ear, tracing the lobe and outer shell giving my goose bumps. It made be hold him tighter, pressing him against me. I broke my ear away from his mouth, capturing it with my own, immediately pressing my tongue against his. We'd been very PG since he'd got out of hospital, even though we were sharing my nice big bed, the closest we got was spooning in underwear. His ass really fit perfectly in my groin. Through the connection in our lips I got the gist of the temper he'd come into the room with. Isshin had attempted to have a 'father/son' conversation with him regarding relationships, namely ours. He didn't have a problem with his son's preference, or his choice in partners – which was a good job cause that would not have ended well – but the fact that we were 'sleeping together' – if only – seemed to get him a bit annoyed. Isshin had even suggested that Ichigo move to a separate bedroom or even out of the house entirely.

Ichigo had set him to rights – and by that I mean totally kicked his ass, figuratively and a wee bit literally. By the former, I mean he told his dad where to stuff his sex talk and that he'd be staying exactly where he was – not his exact words but you get the idea. By the latter I mean he threw the garden spade at him, without touching it. It knocked him to the ground, but won't leave a mark; Ichigo was pretty sure about that.

Clearly that had led Ichigo to storming up here and throwing himself at me. I pulled away, raising an eyebrow at my still scowling boyfriend. "Do you really want our first time to be because you're trying to piss your dad off?"

"I want our first time to be because you can't help but fuck me into the mattress. Isshin is away to do some stuff, your mum is out with your brother and now that Nnoitra is away, we have the house to ourselves for the first time." Ichigo pushed himself away from me, standing about a foot away before peeling his t-shirt off. His jeans followed after, leaving him standing in a tight pair of blue boxers. He looked me right in the eye before running his hand down his front, sliding it past the black elastic of the boxers before fondling himself. He reached out and pressed his hand to my throat, my gaze alternating between his half-closed eyes and his hand clutching his semi. "Don't you want to touch me?"

Well folks, if you could have resisted that you must have the sex drive of a stick. I grabbed him to me, pillaging his mouth as I lifted him into my arms. I loved the feeling of his legs automatically wrapping round me as both his hands clutched at my shoulders, one sliding up to grip a handful of my hair. I turned slightly before dropping him to the bed, pressing myself on him the whole time. Rubbing my nearly full erection against his had us both gasping and he peeled my shirt off throwing it before attacking the buttons on my jeans. They were soon cast down and I crawled the pair of us onto the bed more fully. Ichigo had spread his legs wide, letting me lean fully onto him. I ran a hand down the soft skin of his inner thigh before sliding my fingers into the leg of his boxers and along his perineum. I knew when I'd hit his entrance by not only the change in texture, but by the deep shudder that went through his entire body. I ground down into his member as I circled the little pucker, tickling it gently. I couldn't help the smirk on my face as he pressed his face into the mattress, his lower half squirming away from the feeling one moment before pressing onto it.

We'd never got to penetration of any kind and I wanted to prepare him fully before going any further, plus I wanted to make him squirm even more. Sitting up suddenly, I grabbed his legs up in front of me, peeling the tight fabric off his ass quickly before pressing his legs open, pushing his thighs up so he was fully on display for me. He gazed up at me, eyes fogged with want. I just grinned down at him. Slinking my body down, I pushed his thighs apart more, bringing his balls up to display his entrance more. Thankfully Ichigo was a man of little body hair, apart from his snail trail and nest at the base of his cock; he had only a dusting on his balls and little strips down each side of the trail of skin behind them. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth, lapping at it before repeating with its partner. I ran my tongue up the proud member to sweep the beads of pearly liquid off it before returning south. Ichigo was writhing about a bit but stopped instantly as I pointed my tongue and flicked at his ass. The little pink ring quivered as I ran my tongue round it, pushing the very tip inside before twisting it out. I flattened my tongue out, running it over the ring of muscle to get it nice and wet before spearing it, sinking into the tight muscle, fucking him as far as I could go. Ichigo started gasping wantonly, still not moving his pelvis as he dealt with the new sensations. Pulling out, I flicked at the muscle again before sinking my middle finger in, having to take a moment as it seated fully to appreciate the tightness. My cock bounced with the thought of those walls around it nearly making me go. A few thrusts of my longest finger allowed me to slip in another, widening the tight muscles to get him ready for me, it would take more than two fingers though. He started to more with me as I slipped in my ring finger, fucking himself on me. I let out a groan at the thought and he gasped in response. I wished he could scream for me, the thought of him screaming my name as he came turned me on. I swallowed is member down, bobbing my head a couple of times before holding his bell end in my lips and sucking on him like a straw. This let him communicate in his way, the press of the skin flooding my head with his thoughts, all of which centred on the general idea of gah.

I reached across to my bedside table, fumbling in the top drawer with my free hand, Ichigo still fucking himself on my other as he watched me pull out the easily identifiable bottle of lube. Unscented, not flavoured just enough to make the ride silky and not hide anything from either participant.

I flipped the top, looking down to get some reassurance that this was wanted when Ichigo pulled off me, sitting up and pulling my boxers down. He looked straight in my eyes before taking the bottle off me, squeezing some onto his hand before slathering over my overheated and neglected member before lying back, pulling me by the cock. I fumbled to pull me boxers off and not fall off the bed at his advances but soon he had me back between his legs, knees hitched up as he positioned me. He kept hold of my cock as I slipped past his first ring of muscle, eyebrows knitting at the sensation. I pressed my nose up into his throat, hand wrapped around his cock as I tried to ease his discomfort. Pressing my lips to his throat I told him I'd pull out if it hurt but I didn't get a chance to as he sank onto me, taking more and more of me without, me doing anything. I couldn't help myself as I thrust into him all the way, the sharp intake of breath telling me to stop for a moment, my balls brushing his ass cheeks.

He grabbed my face and kissed my lips, tongue dancing into my mouth to get stimulation he clearly desired as he started to move again. I happily obliged, sucking on the muscle in my mouth as I slowly impaled him with my own.

The pace sped up naturally, him begging for me to fuck him just a little harder with each thrust as he nipped and kissed my lips. I pressed his thighs up, pulling them onto my chest as I rose up onto my knees slightly. I gave me the opportunity to obey his wishes for a harder fuck as well as changing the angle I'd been penetrating him at. He screwed up his face and opened his mouth, screaming silently. Every thrust now brought a similar reaction, telling me I'd found his prostate. Grabbing at his cock, I mercilessly brought him to release, loving the look of fury as he approached his climax being replaced by bliss as he came down from it. His face and body relaxed, a strict contrast to the silken walls surrounding my rod as they clenched at me, riding out his release. Pressing in one final time, I clutched at his legs, the feeling of filling him making me cum harder.

I sat back on my haunches, panting slightly as I gently lowered his legs back to the bed. He attempted to stretch but as I was still deep inside him, not yet totally soft, he just drew a massive groan from me, making him freeze. He looked a bit worried but I smiled lazily at him, leaning down for a kiss as I pulled free of him, wincing slightly at the final bit, the feeling of my own fluids following me out. His were coating our stomachs, leaving us both in desperate need of a shower.

There was no round two in the shower, disappointing I know, but the silence was broken in the house as my mother came home, banging in through the front door just as I pressed in for a serious kiss. The steamy scene was cut short as we washed ourselves before I dived to the room in a towel to bundle the duvet cover off and into a pile on the floor, hiding all evidence. Ichigo joined me a second later, also clad in a towel, his still too long hair hanging in his eyes.

He wrapped his arms around me, pressing his damp front against my damp back and kissed me between the shoulder blades. I gripped his hands, allowing for enough touch that he could communicate if he chose.

"Trying to hide our dirty deeds?"

"Yup, don't fancy a lecture today."

"Next time we should put a towel down or something, otherwise you're going to be changing that bed a lot."

Needless to say, I found that a fine idea.

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