X-Files: Joseph's Rewrite: Pilot

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Files. I only own my OC.


(A woman runs through the forest, grunting as she trips and stumbles over logs and rocks. She is wearing a nightgown and runs through the foliage. She falls over a tree root and stumbles into a small clearing. A loud roaring starts and the wind grows stronger. She looks up to see a light growing, shining through the trees. A silhouette steps out of the light, walking towards her. The leaves around her begin swirling up in a circle, like they are in the center of a tornado. The figure stands over her as the light engulfs them both. Morning. The girl is face-down on the ground, dead. Officials walk around, murmuring to each other. The assistant coroners lean over the body as coroner John Truitt and Detective Miles walk over to the body.)

JOHN TRUITT: I put the time of death between eight and twelve hours ago. No visible cause, no sign of battery or sexual assault. All we have is this.

(He pulls up the back of her nightgown to reveal two small bumps on her lower back. Miles looks at them.)

MILES: Can we turn her over?

(They do so. Miles stands.)

Karen Swenson.

ASSISTANT CORONER: Is that a positive ID?

DETECTIVE MILES: She went to school with my son.

(He walks away as Truitt stands.)

JOHN TRUITT: Would that be the class of '89, detective? It's happening again isn't it?

(Miles keeps walking.)