I was asked by Alfred to bring him a whole truckload of tomatoes from a farm in Colorado to Utah; he asked me because he knew how well I knew the conditions that tomatoes had to be in apparently. One thing he didn't warn me about was that I would be driving on Route 666, the devils highway. Anyway back to the story I started my journey to Colorado; it was dark out when I came to a dangerous road section that went up through the mountains, Alfred had warned me about this road and its twists and turns.

I was having a sort of difficult time getting through the curvy and dangerous mountain road; I was exhausted from driving all day, while me eyes were on the road the cab of the truck suddenly turned cold which was odd because I had the heater on full blast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a…. what should I call it? Ghost? Spirit? That was right next to me in the cab!

I looked at it but it was staring ahead into the darkness; it must have sensed that I was watching it because it pointed to the road; I just nodded quickly and turned my focus back on the road. But every few minutes I would glance at the figure; the figure was male about my age with a plaid shirt on and jeans, it was wearing a hat with a logo on it that I couldn't read. The figure face was from the chin to almost the eye torn off! You could see the skeleton and everything!
The shivers stayed with me until the dangerous road ended and I stopped the truck; I turned to say something to the male but he had disappeared! Faded away in front of my eyes! Out of fear and stepped on the gas and flew all the way to the nearest trucker station where I went in and started talking with other truckers about my experience.

The truckers explained to me that the man was the ghost of a trucker who had gone off the cliff on the dangerous road of Route 666 and that he comes back to guide truckers safely down the mountain.

I was stunned by the story; He was a guardian Angel? That's why when I had turned my eyes off the road he pointed to the road, maybe I had been making the mistake he had and he was warning me so I wouldn't end up like him!?

I had drunk down three cups of strong coffee before I left; I felt refreshed and actually happy. I looked back up at the mountain road and smiled.

"Thank You Mr angel!" I yelled as loud as I could, then I swear I saw someone standing on the entrance way to the road as I got into my truck and road off.

Alfred was amazed by my story when I told him; I had thought that story was phony at first but then after my real life experience with the Ghost I realized that it was real…

Maybe Alfred's stories are true!

That opened my eyes to the fact that there may be things that we don't know about out there. And the Nice trucker who had led me safely out of the mountains was proof of it!

A short and cute story about Spain's experience~!

I know this one isn't scary but whatever *Shrugs* This Collection needs short cute stories like this!

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