This Story contains Drama, Romance, Mystery/Horror, Humour, Swearing

Warnings: SLASH, MALE/MALE: LV/HP if this offends you please do not read.
Other Pairings: SS/HG
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'Bold' = Mind Link Speaking

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Servants of the Malleus Maleficarum

The Resurrection

'Send him back, do not kill him.'

Voldemort slowly turned his head from staring at his beloved, but dead, Nagini, to stare into Potter's eyes instead. He stepped closer to the Tombstone he was bound to. The boy wasn't aware anymore. The intense piercing gaze of earlier was completely absent. Instead his eyes were empty, lifeless. Diving into his mind he came up against an impenetrable suffocating darkness. He withdrew quickly. Impossible. Something, someone, was blocking him and it wasn't the child. He felt a certain dread that was alien to him, yet he knew instinctively that he was not in any danger.

'We are mind linked?'

'Send him back, you have the power to do it. I have another gift for you.'

With a thought and a flick of the Dark Lord's wand, Cedric Diggory, who had fainted as the top of Voldemort's head had began to rise from the cauldron, vanished.

'Who are you? What are you. What is your gift?' Voldemort asked, frowning heavily at Potter.

Empty eyes stared back at him for long unnerving moments then filled with an amused malevolence as a cold sly smile tilted the boy's lips. 'Timueruntque... Dominus meus Tenebrosus?'

Voldemort stiffened. His heart paused for a second before it picked up an erratic heavy beat. 'Nequaquam'. He replied smoothly. His long hair fluttered and was lifted back from his face as a breeze seemed to sweep by him.

'Perbonus.' The boy ripped through the bindings holding him to the gravestone as if they were paper. 'Non estis timor maxime favebat.'He walked to a clearing in the Graveyard with Voldemort by his side. 'Resuscitabo tuus baculum.'

Voldemort stopped and raised his wand.

Potter walked a few paces on then turned back to face him. Without moving his head he suddenly shot a spell off to the side and slightly behind him. Wormtail collapsed to the ground.

He raised his wand and pointed it. Magic, so pure and bright, blasted from its tip into Voldemort's wand, raced up through his arm, and into his core. It took the Dark Lord all of his strength to keep a firm grip on his wand as his left hand joined his right in the effort. The night air around them glowed, pulsing with static and power. Just when he thought he would fall to his knees at the sheer force of the magic filling him, it was over.

It was Potter who sank to his knees and fell forward onto his hands, panting shallowly.

Voldemort sheathed his wand. He felt the boy's consciousness returning, distress and fear, but not of him, came crashing through the link. Voldemort walked over to him bathed in an aura of such power that the air around him crackled. He put a hand under Potter's chin and lifted his face to study his eyes, which, though filled with panic at what was happening to him, were once again intense and aware. He ran a finger over the lightening bolt scar feeling a peculiar throb of heat and magic vibrating into his finger.

Potter was shaking as the maelstrom of magic within his core threatened to overwhelm him. 'Calm child. There is nothing to fear in your magic. It is uncontrolled and wild, but it will settle shortly.'

'Don't... leave me on my own... don't..'

'I wont child. Breathe deeply. Try not to panic.' He stroked a hand down the boy's cheek and felt him relax slightly. As the boy's magic slowly settled, Voldemort searched his mind. Potter was barely aware of what had just taken place. He only had memories of powerful magic draining out of him, then replenishing with a strength and speed that had left him on his knees in near terror.

Voldemort searched for any lingering trace of the one who had gifted him. He could find nothing.

What he did find, however, was that Potter had kept the strength of his magic completely secret from Dumbledore. And the boy had been a willing participant in his resurrection as soon as he had arrived here, his magic soothing and reassuring him. His only distress had been a deep rooted disgust and loathing of Wormtail. Disturbingly, the rest of Potter's mind seemed quite barren, apart from one thing that was bathed in a blinding light. A girl. Love interest? Voldemort frowned... no, a friend. A true friend. She held his secrets too.

As the boy settled completely, Voldemort took a step back. 'Keep your secrets from Dumbledore, Potter, I think it wisest. You and your friend have nothing to fear from me. I am certain we will speak again.' He summoned the Triwizard Cup over to them. 'Go now. You are becoming disorientated.'

Harry looked up at the Dark Lord and frowned. 'I don't have to speak, to... speak, just think?'

'We have a curious mind link. How strong it is I cannot tell. Go back now and we shall see.'

As Harry Potter disappeared, Voldemort drew a deep breath and summoned a mirror. Hard sculptured features and blood red eyes stared back him framed by thick black hair. Well, that wouldn't do. He vanished the mirror and concentrated within himself, his mind so sharp, his focus sharper, and never had he felt so strong. Looking within his core he marvelled at the power that was barely contained there. He morphed into the image he desired, enervated Wormtail and called his followers.

As angry clouds rolled across the dark sky and the first of the billowing black streaks of mist hurtled towards him, Voldemort turned to look at Wormtail for a moment before raising his wand. The green light sprang from its tip at barely a thought from him. Wormtail fell to the ground. He couldn't afford to have him speaking about the events that had taken place here. Besides, a mind that held only one light in a void of darkness should not further be infected by the rat. He would tell the boy that Wormtail was no more. It was the least he could do.

Thirty minutes later he ended his speech to his Death Eaters. He concentrated on the link and pushed forward. The image of Dumbledore leaning over him asking questions filled his mind. He was seeing through Potter's eyes! Voldemort smirked.

"I can't remember anything and if Cedric said Lord Voldemort is back, I know nothing of it. And if Cedric is correct, and he is back, why didn't he just kill me... sir."

"It is strange, my boy, for Cedric said a man who looked remarkably like a rodent sliced into your arm brutally with a knife and used your blood."

Harry's naked arm shot up into Voldemort's vision, waving around in the air. "Well, there is nothing there as you can see. Madam Pomfrey says I'm fit and healthy, she just wont let me leave, as usual."

Dumbledore sighed. "I suppose you heard that Professor Moody was entrusted with Cedric after he got back and... it hasn't actually been Alastor Moody teaching Defence?"

"Yes. Very odd. But you know, this Barty Crouch chap? You really ought to offer him the position permanently."

Voldemort laughed out loud startling the men around him.

'I can hear you laughing.'

'I will speak to you about this link we share later child.'

'Fine, but one thing before you go. I am not a child.'

The Summer Harry turns Sixteen

Harry sighed softly floating within a fine rainbow of glorious hues of colour. As his mind turned fully inwards Magic began to sing in her high pure notes of flawless beauty. Bones straightened and fused, and bruises faded. The scars though, they remained, a reminder of the map of pain that seemed to be his lot in life.

An odd life to be sure. One that he had contemplated endlessly, until after years of fear, rage, betrayal and burning helplessness, he had now finally come to understand, in this time, in this place, in this cupboard, that fate was inexorable.

Magic. All he was and all he truly cared about was magic. It was manna to his soul, it was the key to his existence, and the elixir of his life. Sometimes it burned within him so brightly he could barely contain his sense of self. There was no Harry Potter, there was just the prism of colour, and magic so pure and brilliant and wild that it had its own sentience and he was a mere vessel it used to hide in until, sometimes, he could no longer control it and it sprang free in all its wondrous and terrifying glory.

Why he had been chosen, he could only wonder. He was nothing. He was hated, and scorned, and beaten by the people some would claim were his family. It had taught him from a very early age not to expect anything from life.

But She had chosen him – him, and Harry would cherish and protect his gifts, growing alongside them, keeping them secret and safe. And keeping Magic safe was something Harry would give his life for – if She asked it of him.

Later that Year

Bellatrix Lestrange dodged the green spell flying towards her. This was not going well, three of their number were dead, another two badly injured. This was supposed to be an easy assignment, guarding the perimeter of a remote Normandy farmhouse while The Dark Lord held talks with the leader of the balanced French Party.

She cast an entrail expelling curse at her opponent and laughed as he went down in a mess of blood. She ran to Rodolphus' side and started battling alongside him and Rabastan, crucioing one wizard after sending a strong confringo at two others.

"Get out of here Bella." Rodolphus gritted, "there's too many of them!"

Bella twirled and stood pressed up against his back, facing the threat of more French Hit Wizards as they advanced on them from behind. "Never dear husband. If we go down, we go down together!"

The Carrow twins were struggling a few feet away as they levitated their two injured wizards and tried to keep their defence shields up long enough to reach the others. Antonin Dolohov and Lucius Malfoy covered them. Within minutes, the seven Death Eaters were in a tight back to back circle, their two injured lay on the ground between them.

"There must be at least two dozen of them! Thank the gods Narcissa got away to warn our Lord!" Amycus shouted.

"Kill as many as you can before they take us!" Antonin snarled. "I just hope the bastards haven't ambushed the farmhouse too..."

As the words left his mouth, Narcissa Malfoy and Voldemort appeared in a swirl of black smoke. Instantly the whole feel of the battle changed. The aura and dark power of their Lord engulfed the entire battlefield and, drawn to that power, the French Hit wizards turned in his direction, their fear palpable at his arrival. He slashed his wand at his Death Eaters and a strong defensive shield formed over the entire group that enemy curses were unable to penetrate.

The battle raged on, the inky sky alight with bursts of explosive sound and colour. Voldemort was ferocious, his red eyes on fire, and his snake like features set in a rictus of utter rage. He cut through his foe with relentless and impeccable accuracy. This was a set up! When he was finished here, he would go back to the farmhouse that was currently a prison to the Party he had been having talks with, and he would kill every single one of them! He felt a fluttering across his mind and swore inwardly. 'Not now child, I'm busy!'

The seven Death Eaters battled with renewed vigour under the protection of their Lord's shield, Bella killing as many of her opponents as she could, laughing every time she hit home. She danced and twirled and sang her curses, only to come to an abrupt halt as more of the bastards apparated into view. She screamed a warning to the others.

Voldemort roared his rage and one mighty Avada Kedavra enveloped a tight cluster of the new arrivals sending them into oblivion. Suddenly he felt a clamouring fear scream through his head. He gritted his teeth trying to concentrate on the task at hand. But it grew, he could taste the pure magic, wild and uncontrolled. 'I'm quite safe child, calm down!'

As the thought left him two masked figures appeared, 'stepping' into the arena. The taller one, standing directly in front of him, made a savage sweeping gesture with his hand, and half a dozen Hit wizards blasted away through the air. The smaller of the two covered him, deflecting and dodging curses while sending streaking colours of malicious light back, duelling with a fast and deadly efficiency.

'I am not a bloody child! How many times do I have to tell you this! Are you hurt...' Another explosion of angry panicked magic erupted from the tall wizard and screams rent the air as several more of the Hit wizards were spinning away into the distance as if jet propelled, most of them unfortunate enough to slam into the trees. 'Are you hurt..., why aren't you speaking..., you are HURT!'


The tall wizard startled and spun around almost bumping into him. Voldemort took a sideways step, gritted his teeth, and got back into the battle.

It didn't last long. The tall wizard and his accomplice circled the cluster of Death Eaters, systematically removing their foe. Soon, those still standing were disapparating leaving the fallen behind.

"Au-revoir, bloody cowards!" Shouted the shorter of the two in a high feminine voice. "How typical." She sneered.

In the silence that followed Lucius caught his wife up in an embrace as she flew to him. "We came as soon as we could!" She gasped.

Lucius peered over her shoulder at the two masked and robed 'helpers'. "Who..." he began.

"Leave it Lucius." Voldemort snapped at him. 'Not. A. Word.' Voldemort growled. 'From you or your companion.'He stalked away to inspect the battle field in an effort to 'cool off' and escape from the wizard he couldn't see, but could feel in the very vibrations of the air all around him.

'No. I told her, we sweep in, help, leave anonymously... did you get hurt at all...'

'Do I look hurt? Calm down! Your distress is giving me a headache.'

'I am not in dis...' The tall wizard suddenly cut off and dived at Bella, knocking her to the ground as a green light sailed harmlessly over their heads. At the same time the shorter wizard sent a killing curse at the hit wizard who had regained consciousness. She didn't miss.

"What's French for 'sneaky bastard'." She said, pulling the tall one to his feet.

Rodolphus helped his wife up and held her tightly. "Gods Bella," he breathed shakily. "I almost lost you!"

'While I am eternally grateful that you saved Bella's life,' Voldemort began pleasantly, 'if she had not been staring at you, open mouthed, SHE WOULD HAVE KILLED THAT WIZARD BEFORE HE HAD LIFTED HIS WAND!'

"Lets go." The tall wizard said quickly to his companion.

"I'm ready, Harry."

"Hermione! You just said my bloody name!"

"Oh, sorry, I forgot. But you just said mine too!" She grabbed his hand and held on tight. He stepped forward and they were gone.

'Er, Sorry, Hermione is useless at keeping a secret.'

Voldemort stalked back to the group and Lucius cleared his throat. "My Lord, It was Harry Potter and Hermione Granger! Marvellous in battle, absolutely useless at keeping their identities 'secret'," he added dryly.

"Indeed." Voldemort took another look around and shook his head. Totally uncontrolled power, and they'd given themselves away. So much for sweeping in, helping, and leaving anonymously.

"He saved my life!" Bella said, somewhat dazed. "Harry Potter saved my life?"

"Hmm, and Granger killed the wizard who almost killed you." Rodolphus said. "And a lot more besides. She went for the kill every time. I saw her. She's a ruthless killer?" He shook his head at the absurdity of it.

"She can certainly duel." Antonin commented. "And what the hell was Potter doing? He didn't even have a wand! He was blasting wizards all over the place!"

"Why did they help us, and how did they know where we were?" Alecto Carrow asked frowning. "I know he's turned his back on the 'light' but this..." she looked around at the devastation. "And isn't he still at Hogwarts? How did he get here so fast?"

Voldemort swallowed his fury. "I asked him to help, through the link we share." He lied. "He can 'spirit walk' as he calls it. No wards, even Hogwarts, or apparition shields can stop him, all he had to do was see our location through my thoughts. When Narcissa came to fetch me she said you were greatly outnumbered. However, your 'helpers' were supposed to be more... discreet."

Rabastan had been walking among the dead and dying. "Potter has managed to kill most of them. I saw him take at least six out before his feet had hardly touched the ground."

"Kill any survivors in case they overheard the names of those two. We cannot afford anyone knowing what they did here today. I will see you all back at the mansion. Alecto and Narcissa, take the injured home now. I have six Traitors to speak to." Voldemort disappeared, leaving a swirl of black mist behind him.

Later that night, Voldemort forced his way none to gently through the mind link as he sipped a glass of whiskey in front of his fire. 'How dare you appear at a battle to 'rescue' me as if I were a damsel in distress! IN FRONT OF MY MOST FAVOURED!'

'Well, I wouldn't say that was what...'

'Lord Voldemort is the most powerful wizard in the world! He does not need a child to look after him!'

'I AM NOT A CHILD! I NEVER HAVE BEEN!' Harry roared, and closed the link.

Voldemort took deep calming breaths, swallowed his whiskey and forced his way through again.

'Your power, Harry, he said pleasantly. 'You must come to me for training during the summer holiday, it is only two weeks away.'

'Must I. Well I can't. I'm staying in Muggle London all summer. I've got my inheritances to sort out at Gringotts as soon as I turn seventeen.' Harry said stiffly. 'I want to... to play Cricket for a local London club if I can get in.'

'Cricket? Are you mad child?'

'Why? Do you prefer football?'

'Do not be facetious! I ask again, are you mad?'

'No,' Harry said defensively, 'I'm a good batsman – I've been practising here at Hogwarts. I don't play Quidditch anymore so I set up some nets on the sports field and have the ball magically bowled at me. Spin and Pace, I can hit them all – for six. And will you stop calling me a child! I am not a child!'

'Are you not? No, I suppose you are not anymore. Yet you continually act like one by avoiding the inevitable!' Voldemort sighed. 'Although I did not ask for it, and it was completely reckless of you... thank you, for your help. If the battle had gone on for longer we would have lost our two injured. As it was we were able to save them.'

Voldemort felt a fissure of Harry's earlier panic as an image of the Dark Lord, mortally wounded on the battlefield, flashed through his mind. 'Why are you tormenting yourself, Harry. I am perfectly safe, and would be even if you had not so heroically arrived to 'save me'. I am more than capable in battle.' he added dryly.

As quickly as the dark emotion had appeared, it was smothered and ignored. 'Have you returned for good now? No more travels abroad?'

'I have.' Voldemort purred. 'I have all the time in the world for you, Harry. 'Which is why you should now come to me for training!' He finished with a snap.

'You were gone a long time this time, almost the whole year. Apart from our discussion about the Prophecy last June, you haven't made contact. Did you achieve all you set out to?'

'Yes. Apart from the French obviously. I will resolve that situation in the coming week. Why do I get the impression I missed something, Harry.'

'Because you did. A lot actually. I understand, you were busy. I was too. Now I'm going to have a holiday and play some Cricket. I think I am due at least a few weeks of normality in my life after Seventeen years of anything but!'

'What did I miss, Harry. Why did you not contact me through the link?'

'I... I'm glad you're home, and... safe.' Then Harry was gone. The link closed.

Voldemort sighed deeply and poured another drink.


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Translation of Latin:

Timueruntque... Dominus meus Tenebrosus? - Scared... My Lord of the Dark?

Nequaquam - No

Perbonus. - Good

Non estis timor maxime favebat - Do not be afraid most favoured

Resuscitabo tuus baculum -Raise your wand