Stay with Me!

Jason was sitting in his apartment, staring at the ceiling. He didn't have a TV, or a date, or something to blow up at the moment. In short, he was bored. That's when the phone rang. He lazily moved to pick it up, and was surprised to hear Dick's voice when he did.

"I love you Jay, you're my brother and I really, really love you."

"Dick, are you okay? You're not like... hurt or anything?" he didn't get an answer, "Oh my God, are you dying?" Jason paused for an answer again, "Dick!? Answer me?!"

"No, Jaybird, I'm fine. Everything's gonna be alright... everything's gonna be alright," Dick's voice began to trail off as if he were drifting to sleep.

"I swear on my life, Goldie, if you die, I will come after you," Jason paused again but didn't get an answer, "Don't. You. Dare. Hang. Up." Jason grabbed his helmet and headed out to his motorcycle and began to trace the call.

It was from Dick's apartment in Bludhaven. He switched the call from his phone to the wireless in his helmet and headed over to the apartment. He was already in Bludhaven.

A million things ran through his mind, was it Joker toxin? One of Scarecrow's formulas? Maybe even something from Poison Ivy...

"Dick? Keep talking to me."

"I... I..." Dick's voice trailed off. Oh God, Bruce is going to flip if something happens to his favorite bird. Jason's thoughts ran rapidly.

"Jay?" Dick said weakly.

"Ya," Jason answered.

"I... I want you to know that I'm proud of you. And I always have been."

"Come on Golden Boy, stay with me, Dick! Don't get off this line!" Jason's bike was now only a few blocks from Dick's apartment. He spent a few more moments in a panic until he saw the apartment building. He started to skid into a parking spot, when he heard giggles coming from the other side of the phone line.

"Dick?" He narrowed his eyes. He couldn't quite get rid of that feeling in his stomach of complete panic. Bruce will not be able to handle this, and if I let him die, he'll blame me. That's the only reason I'm concerned... Ya, that's the only reason. He rationalized as he ran up the stairs to the floor he knew Dick would be on.

When he reached it he opened the door with his shoulder (No time to knock!) and ran into the apartment. He found Dick, lying on the ground. He ran to the man and held his head up.


"Jay?! You came?" Dick's eyes were closing.

"Ya, Dick, I... " Jason started out with sincere gentleness, "Wait... why do you smell like... alcohol...?" It was that moment that he heard full out laughter from the other side of the couch that Dick was lying next to. He narrowed his eyes and threw off his helmet. Roy and Wally came around the other side of the couch, clutching their stomachs.

"Oh my God! You actually showed up?!" Roy spoke up. Jason stood up quickly and gripped the shirt of the closest laughing person, it was Wally.

"What did you do?!" Jason spit out between gritted teeth.

"Nothing! I swear! We just came over and Roy brought the beer and we kinda spiked all of Dick's drinks and we wanted him to drunk dial someone so we put in your number and told him to talk and -" Jason let go of Wally's shirt to cut off the words the Speedster was slurring together in one run-on sentence.

"So he's drunk?" The two men in front of him nodded,"Not dying?" The two men nodded to him again.

"I told you I was fine, Jay," Dick mumbled from the floor.

"I am so done." Jason raised his hands up and turned to leave.

"Hey wait! Come on Jay, we put in your number and handed him the phone, and he really wanted to talk to you. Who are we to stop a man from calling his little brother?" Jason didn't like the way Roy put emphasis on the word 'little' but he let it slide for the moment.

"Ya, we thought he was going to say something embarrassing while drunk dialing, not deep and philisophical," Wally piped up. He was obviously the most intoxicated one there, except for Dick, because his words were coming out slurred and he was swaying a little bit in the spot he stood.

Suddenly Jason had an idea.

"Hey, Roy, got any more beer?"

"Sure." Roy tossed him one.

"Let's make Dick call Barbara."

Author's Note: I love your guy's review ideas! Special thanks to HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack and 5-STAR for the idea of calling Bruce! I already have that chapter written... ;)

Now I'll write Barbara's and post it as the next chapter, if anyone has a suggestion of another person to call (I might do Commissioner Gordon!) leave a review!