"Do not, and I mean it, do not, spike Tim's drinks. Don't 'accidently' forget to tell him that you put alcohol in a drink, and do not let him have any of your drinks. Do I make myself clear?" Bruce was glaring at Roy, Jason and Wally with the rath of Batman.

"Why are you looking at us like that, Bruce? Dick was drunk last week when we called the Commish too," Jason pointed his finger at Dick, who was holding his arms across his chest as he stood behind his father with Tim. They were standing in front of Bruce's car, outside of Dick's apartment.

"Yes but I assume it was because of something you three did, but I can't remember because I, unfortunatly, was drunk as well," he glared pointedly at Roy and Wally, who at this point looked like they were going to wet themselves. Jason rolled his eyes, and Dick stuck his toungue out at him. Jason narrowed his eyes and threw his hands up in exasperation.

"Fine, I, Jason Peter Todd, do solemnly swear," Jason put one hand over his heart and one hand up in the air, "That no attempts will be made by me-"

"I want all of you to promise," Bruce practically growled. Jason sighed and nudged Wally and Roy, who were still looking at the very angry Bruce Wayne with wide eyes. Once they realised what he wanted they mimicked Jason's hand gestures, one hand over thier heart and the other raised in the air.

"Repeat after me. I, 'Your name'-" Bruce sighed when Wally repeated the words 'your name' instead of adding his name. Roy hit Wally in the arm.

"Oh, uh, Wallace Rudolph West..." Wally corrected himself.

"Swear on my life," Bruce paused to let them repeat it,"that I will not corrupt the mind of the boy who is currently under the age of 21:," He paused again and glared when Jason rolled his eyes, " Timothy Jackson Drake."

The three men finished their oath at slightly different times, and when they were all done, Jason clapped his hands together.

"Alrighty then! Come on Repla-" He changed courses when Bruce gave him a glare, "Timmy. We're gonna have a blast this weekend."

"Your supposed to take care of him, not 'have a blast,'" Bruce said dryly.

"Oh, have some fun once in a while Bruce." Jason rolled his eyes again.

"You have his emergency contacts and phone numbers to call if something happens. You have his inhaler-

"Bruce, I don't have asthma..." Tim tried to protest.

"You have directions on what to do if-"

"Bruce, chill out, I'll make sure Timmy stays super safe. Trust me." Dick gave Bruce one of his most disarming smiles, but the Billionaire wasn't buying it, "If things get out of hand, I'll call Barbara, I know she doesn't exactly owe me any favors right now, but she's not going to turn little Timmy away." Tim raised his hands up in exasperation as he stood behind Dick.

"Guys, I'm eighteen, why does everyone think I'm eight?" he sighed to no one in particular.

"Your eighteen?" Roy asked as he looked between Tim and Jason with a sly look.

"Um, ya..."

"You can get into all the best places when your eighteen..." Roy winked. Dick glared at Roy and made a motion of cutting across his throat to signal that the conversation needed to end right there. Bruce gave the group of boys one last glare and got back in his car. They waved as he sped off down the road, leaving Tim behind with an overnight bag.

"This was a great idea! Tim, have you ever been to a nightclub?"

"No. No, no, no, no, no. That is not happening. I swear if I wake up in some weird place again, I will call the cops and have you arrested," Dick threatened Roy.

"Aren't you a cop in Bludhaven..." Tim asked.

"I'm not on duty tonight. That doesn't mean I can't call another cop and have him charge you with drugging me."

"No, drugs. I promise," Roy said seriously, "That's not a joke." Dick nodded, satisfied with Roy's answer. They made their way inside and up the stairs to Dick's apartment.

"Tim you can set your stuff in the guest room, and Wally, Roy and Jason can all leave, because there is going to be no partying tonight."

"Can I have one beer before we go?" Wally asked.

"Ya, can I have one shot, just one," Jason asked his question with the same innocent tone.

"No, nobody's doing shots! Get out of my apartment."

"Umm, Dick... where's Roy?" Tim asked innocently. It was that moment that Roy came out of Dick's room with a can in his hand.

"Roy, where did you find that?" Dick asked cautiously, he had a feeling that he knew what it was.

"By your Nightwing costume, which, by the way,you really need to put where no one can see it," Roy answered. Jason, Wally, Roy and Tim were looking at Dick strangely.

"Why are you freakin' out, bro?" Jason voiced their questions.

"That is not a beer, don't open it! It's a toxin that Poison Ivy slipped in my costume and I have no idea what it does."

"How did Poison Ivy slip something in your costume?" Wally asked with a sly glance at Dick.

"That's what your worried about?! What about the fact that Roy, the most irresponsible person I know, is holding something that has the potential to kill us?!"

"Uh, guys... I kinda already opened it..." Roy pointed to the hole at the top, where a gas was leaking out.

"Well we're not dead yet," Wally said, genuinly optimistically.


Dick sat up. He was on his couch. Oh thank, God! We just passed out! He looked around and noticed it was daytime. There was a broken lamp on the ground, but other than that nothing seemed to be to out of the ordinary. He couldn't see Jason, Roy, or Wally. Maybe they actually left like I asked them to...

"Tim?" He started to call out for his little brother,"Timmy?" He repeated when he got no reply. That was when he saw Roy walk in from his room. He had a giant red mark on his cheek that looked like he had been sleeping against something.

"Roy? Are you ok?"

"I dunno... Why do I always wake up in your closet?"

"I don't know, but what the Hell happened!" Dick was beginning to panic. He had no idea what that toxin did. He ran into the guest room and was relieved when he saw a lump under the covers, and heard light snoring. He took in a big sigh of relief.

"Timmy, I'm so glad your safe. Bruce would literally murder me if... Wally?" He drew close enough to the sleeping figure to notice the red hair. Wally sat up and rubbed his head. Dick noticed the bruise forming over his eye.

"What happened to Tim?"

"I dunno, I just woke up here!" Wally replied. Dick ran out of the room, straight up to Roy.

"This is your fault!" He punched him right in the nose. The blow was so unexpected that Roy ended up falling to the ground, "You made me lose my little brother!"

"Dude, chill out! He's probably with Jason somewhere," Roy suggested. That is the moment that Dick realised that he still hadn't found Jason. He breathed another sigh of relief and helped Roy up.

"Sorry, Roy," He apologised and hoped that he didn't break the man's nose.

"It's fine, it was kind of my fault..."

"Kind of?" Dick gave Roy a look.

"Okay, it was my fault, but we're going to find Tim and return him to Bruce, safe and sound." Wally entered the room and groaned loudly.

"Guys this is just like that movie! I'm gonna see if there's a tiger in the bathroom!" Roy and Dick gave him a look as he used superspeed to run out of the room.

"What the Hell is wrong with him?" Dick asked, rhetorically.

"I dunno," Roy rubbed his head.

"You deal with the Speedster, I'll find Tim," Dick suggested.

"Oh, no! You are not sticking me with babysitting!"

"He's not much younger than you are!"

"Doesn't mean he acts like it!"

"Roy, do you remember what you did on the night of May 7, nine years ago?" Dick looked at Roy expectantly.

"What?! No, I don't remember what I did on a specific date nine years ago!" Dick began pacing as if he were beginning a police investigation.

"Nine years ago, on the date of May 7, you were with me."

"The why are you asking?"

"Because, nine years ago, on the date of-"

"Alright I get it, spit it out!"

"You convinced me and Wally that taking the Batmobile out for a joy ride was a great idea. As we stand here today you remember that it was, in fact, a terrible freaking idea. So I took the blame because I was the one driving, and my father is freaking Batman, and you said, and I quote 'Gee thanks, Dick, you are by far the coolest and greatest person ever to live on-"

"I don't think that's a quote, Dick."

"Okay, but to the point, you said 'I owe you one, bro,' and now I'm calling you out."

"You remembered the exact date..." Dick nodded, "Because I said I owed you one..." Dick nodded again, "You are something else, Dick, but I suppose if I was raised by Batman I would have my quirks to." Roy sighed.

"Also I'm going to bring up the fact that for the past few Fridays you have spiked all of my drinks and made me drunk dial several of my friends and family members."

"Okay, okay, I get it. I owe you a few favors, I'll stay here with Wally and you go use your detective skills to find Jason and Tim." Roy nodded to Dick and they searched the apartment before coming to the conclusion that Tim and Jason were not there. They also came to the conclusion that they would only ask Barbara for the security footage of the night before as a last resort. None of them wanted any more people involved.

So Dick went outside and got into his car to start his search. He didn't start it, first he would make a couple phone calls. Beginning with the obvious: Jason and Tim's cell phones.

"Hey, leave your name and number after the beep and I'll call back if I feel like talking to you." Jason didn't say his name in his voicemail, but Dick could easily tell he had the right number. Tim's phone was next. Dick was expecting a polite voicemail from Tim, something like 'Sorry I missed your call!' but what he got was something else entirely.

"Shots, shots, shots, shots!" It was Jason's voice.

"Do not give my little bro alcohol, I will... umm... I dunno... something bad will happen to you." Dick cringed as he heard his own, drunk sounding, voice.

"Your drinks," Dick sat upright when he heard a woman's voice,"Thanks for coming into Candy's bar, it's not every day we get big names in here like Richard Grayson," the woman all but purred. That was when the beep sounded. Tim must've accidently hit something on his phone that changed his voicemail to the recording of the night before. But Dick didn't care, he had a name.

He started the car and made his way to Candy's Bar. He didn't think he'd ever been there before, but if it would lead him to answers, he would go. Once he got there, he parked in the front, and made his way inside. It was so early in the morning, it looked almost closed.

"Hey hon! I'm so glad you came back!"

"You recognize me?"

"Sure, everyone recognizes you, hon. You were just here yesterday anyway." Dick put a hand to the back of his neck.

"Yaaa, that's the thing... we don't remember anything, I was hoping you'd know where we went after this. I'm trying to find my little brothers."

"Oh my... this is just like that movie! You didn't find a baby in your closet did you?"

"Umm... no." Dick didn't understand. First Wally's worried about tigers in the bathroom and now there's babies in the closet...?

"Oh that's good," The woman breathed a sigh of relief, "I think you were going to go to the park... something about... the red head shooting trick arrows at homeless people? I don't really know..." Dick nodded to the woman and all but ran out of the nightclub. He jumped in his car and headed to the park.

After searching the area for a few minutes he decided he had no choice but ask the homeless man on the bench for details. It was when he got close to the homeless man on the bench that he realised that it wasn't a homeless man at all.


"Dick! I woke up a little while ago on this park bench! Where the Hell did you guys go?"

"I don't know, we woke up at home... where's Tim?"

"I thought he was with you!" Jason stood up quickly.

"No! I don't know where he is!"

"Oh my God, Dick, I don't wanna die! Not again! Bruce is going to murder us!"

"Only if we're lucky, Jason. Only if we're lucky," Dick answered with complete seriousness.

"Did you call the Manor?"


"Did you call the Manor?" Jason repeated.

"No one's there, Bruce is on his business trip and Alfred's helping his mother in England..."

"Ya, but what if Tim made his way back there, he's a smart kid." Dick's eyes widened as he realised that Jason could be right. He pulled out his cell phone and put in the number.

"Wayne Manor, how can I be of service?"

"Oh my God, Tim! Thank God! Are you really at the Manor?"

"Ya, I woke up here and found out that I had ordered myself pizza last night."

"Are you okay?" Jason pitched in.

"Ya, I'm eating pizza," Tim said, it was obvious that he had his mouth full. Dick and Jason gave a huge sigh of relief.

"How did you get home?"

"I think it has something to do with the note I left myself that says, "Kill Roy, hit Jason, apologize for hitting Wally... by the way, did I hit Wally?"

"Ya, he has a black eye, that's probably what it's from," Dick answered.

"Oh, anyway, it goes on to say, fix tire tracks on the grass left by taxi, and order pizza," Tim continued.

"You took a taxi?"

"I guess."

"And made a to do list?!" Jason asked.

"Hey, I like being organized!" Tim defended, "Also by the way, if you don't want me to tell Bruce that you all totally broke your promise, you will be nice to me."

"Fine," Jason and Dick agreed.

"So I can cross off 'Order pizza and fix tire tracks' so all I need to do is murder Roy, hit Jason and apologize to Wally," Tim smirked to himself.

"Okay, you can start by calling Wally, I'll help you assasinate Roy and if you want I can hit Jason right now for you...?" Dick suggested seriously.

"No that's okay, I'll hit Jason when I see him."

"Alright, bye Timmy!" Dick hung up happily. He turned and found Jason staring at him.


"Did you just offer to hit me?"

"It's for Timmy!"

"Just start the damn car. Let's go," Jason grumbled.