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This story takes place after the sailor moon sailor stars season.

Serena's Decision:


"Where is that meatball head? I thought after everything that happened, she was going to become more responsible. She is twenty minutes late" complained Rei.

"Come on Rei you have to admit, until now she has been on time" said Amy

"Yah Rei" everyone else said in unison.

"I Guess" Rei replied with a defeated look on her face.

"Hi guys sorry I'm late." Serena apologized as she ran into the room. "I took a nap and I slept right past the alarm because of this terrible nightmare. It had to do with us all being in danger. It was so real. Once I had calmed down I came right here. I was hoping that you could do a fire reading Rei. Maybe you can tell if there is any real danger?" Serena asked hopefully.

'I can't believe Rei let me finish. The others must have made her fell guilty because I've been a little more responsible lately.'

"Sure Serena" Rei said, a little surprised.

'Wow she looked really angry. They definitely talked to her.' Serena thought smiling a little to her self.

An hour later Rei returned from the fire reading looking very distraught and upset.

"Serena is right the evil we are going to face is going to be even stronger than Galaxia. Also it will be the last battle we have before the world goes into its next ice age, which will cause the creation of Crystal Tokyo I just don't know if this battle will be the cause of the ice age, or just the last battle before it though. The good new is that thanks to Serena's dream we will have plenty of time to prepare because the battle is some time away. The sacred fire showed me that the evil force is gathering its powers." Once Rei was done speaking everyone sat in stunned silence. They settled in and began to discuss what to do. They finally came to the conclusion they would have to train, and train hard. Especially Serena, she is the most uncoordinated and worst fighter of the group. They would have to spend a lot of time on her. They also needed to inform the outers and Darien. If the new enemy is as powerful as the sacred fire indicates they will need all the scouts to fight this battle.

It has been three months since Serena's dream. The outers decided they should go and train their own way. Of course what else would you expect? Serena's training was going badly. She has barely improved. Lately before the training session ends, she has been running off crying because everyone's yelling, and pushing her to hard. She would run for what seemed to be hours somehow always finding her way to the park and her favorite tree near the lake. She would sit and think about that if Darien were here he would not let them treat her like this. Too bad she had encouraged him to finish off the trip to Harvard that was interrupted earlier. She was thinking how he would be back soon though. He has been gone several months and will be back soon to train.

Training sessions continued to go badly for Serena but she stuck it out because Darien would return and help and be someone she could talk to and comfort her. After everything that happened with Galaxia, and how he finally told her how he felt after words, it has to be different right. It had been a year since she has seen Darien and four months of training that is going very badly for Serena. Darien is finally coming home. He said he would meet them at the scout meeting today after his plane arrives. Three o'clock came too slowly for Serena. The scout meeting is starting and Darien will be here soon. Serena sat ignoring the lectures and yelling about her performance that she always received. She had nothing else on her mind except Darien. Finally Darien arrived, and the room goes quite. Before Serena could do her usual running start hug, he simply said that he needed to talk to her about the training and their relationship before the meeting continued and he wanted to take a walk outside for a few moments. The scouts went silent and became worried for Serena.

Once outside she tried to hug him again, but he pushed her away.

"Serena, I need to tell you something." Darien said in a cool and even voice.

"What, what is it. You know you can tell me anything Darien." She replied trustingly.

"I, I've met someone else. Someone who is everything you're not. She is a beautiful and mature woman, not at all a child. She is brave, strong, smart, as well as equal to me in fighting skills and intellect." He told her still using a cool and uncaring voice, by this time Serena was desperately fighting the tears. Then he gave the final blow. "The love that I thought I had with you was what Endymion felt for Serenity, not me for you. She has everything that had been in Serenity; to bad none of those qualities appeared in you. Maybe if they did, I would love you; instead it is these missing things that have always driven us apart. The only reason I never broke up with you before is because I kept hoping they would show up. To bad they never did. I'm sorry that you've died, and come close to death before, because of me, but I just don't love you." And with that final phrase Darien walked away leaving the temple behind.

Serena stared at his back as he left, tears pouring down her face. Slowly she walked back into the temple dragging her feet as she went, Her eyes only staring at the ground. She entered the room that the girls were in only to have them assault her with more questions as to where Darien was? Had she driven him off? That she didn't deserve him? The tears came faster and with one heart-wrenching sob, she whirled around and ran. Ran and ran, ran away from memories, duties, destiny, and the pain.

Somehow she found her way to the park, through tear stained face. She wanted to just die. However she knew she could not because who would stop the new evil that is coming. She continued to run until she reached her favorite spot under a tree by the lake. She let all her emotions out and thought to herself they are right. That she was all that they said and more. Darien had been right in saying that she was not the strong brave person she was in the silver millennium. He deserved someone who was strong, not a weakling crybaby, meatball head. Wait no she is still thinking of him too kindly. 'He is a jerk and a rotten human being. It his fault I'll never see Rini, and that the future Tokyo that will be gone and that there may never be peace. How dare he say those things to her! How dare he lead her on!' She thought, then started to hope that his plane crashes or his new girl friend leaves him, and tells him that she was just using him. She does not love him and never did. Just like he had told her.

'I have other things to worry about then him; and the scouts are no help. They just do not understand they have to be patient and not rush me. I'm not like them, I did not grow up with a family that helped me train in martial arts. I had no one to inspire me to be a better student and not just yell and tell me that I need to be better. The scouts wont even listen to me. They wrote me off long before they even began. They don't even trust me or notice how hard I am trying. I need to train with people who are all the things the scouts should be; kind, patient, and someone who recognize my effort. The scouts still don't trust me, because just like Darien said I'm not the princess everyone remembers. I wish there was a way to show the scouts I can be everything that I used to be and still be me. If they would only give me a chance.'

Suddenly a portal opens and out stepped Sailor Pluto.

" I believe I can help you with that my princess." She said.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that" says Serena.

"Sorry" Pluto said smiling. "I'm sorry everything has turned out this way. I saw it coming a long time ago, but hoped it would work out on it's own, since there was a Rini and a crystal Tokyo. Although, even I know that the future is not set in stone. Don't worry Princess, things can only get better from here, and I have an idea of how to help."

"How?" Serena asked willing to do just about anything to help ease the pain she was feeling and to patch things up.

"I have a friend in another dimension named Kami, he is the guardian of Earth in that dimension. He can help to teach a new and stronger way to fight, and treat you as you should be treated." Pluto told her. 'And I'm going to have a nice long chat with those so called 'Scouts' about how to treat their Princess.' She thought to herself before continuing, " I can take you to the Dragon ball dimension, there you will be able to learn how to be a strong and skilled fighter, unlike how you were never really trained in this world. Will you go?" Serena thought carefully about this.

"Will I be back in time to fight this new enemy?" she asked.

"Yes you will." Pluto replied.

"Then yes I'll go. And when I come back I will prove to everyone that I can be strong. That I'm not a weak little crybaby." Serena replied in determination.

As the next few days passed with no sign of Serena, all the scouts began to get worried, and were starting to think they had been were too harsh with Serena. They shrug it off thinking she is just hiding out because she can't face the facts. But they were very wrong. The phone rang. It was Serena's Mom asking if they had seen Serena. She said she has not been home in days and none of her other friends and seen her either. They told her that they had not and hung up, the entire room completely silent. They did admit they went over the line with the Darien comments and are feeling very guilty. They also admitted they should have not have been so tough, but they though it would force her into becoming more responsible. Now they were beginning to realize how wrong they were and were going to try and make it up to hr as soon as they found her. They should have listened when she tried to tell them to slow down, that she is not used to all the martial arts stuff. She was right, and they should have taken it slow. She did not grow up with the training like they did. Then to make it worse they rubbed Darien in her face. They would find her and make it up to her some how, though Rei was still stubborn and blaming it mostly on Darien. She said Darien was such a jerk she could not believe that he did that to Serena. He had sacrificed all their futures. Rei was still unwilling to admit her part in this like the other did. At this, Mina, Ami, and Lita all started yelling that the next biggest part of the problem was her, because she was the meanest to her. Suddenly the argument was interrupted by Sailor Pluto's arrival with a little girl who looked like Rini.?

"No way!" the scouts shouted in unison how is it possible she is still here

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