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Serena's Decision: Chapter 1

A few days ago…………….

The day was just beginning; Kami and Mr. PoPo were on their way out to see how everything is going on this beautiful morning, when a black portal began forming in front of them. Two figures begin to take shape in the portal, one tall figure, and one figure slightly shorter than the other. The portal stopped growing, and the two figures steped out. Kami immediately recognized the first figure that steped out as his old friend Sailor Pluto. The second he did not recognize, but the hairstyle seemed familiar. Kami reached over and put a reassuring hand on Mr. PoPo's shoulder to tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of.

"Hello Sailor Pluto. It's been a long time." Kami said speaking up.

"Hello Kami, and Yes it has. I would like you t meet a very special friend of mine, Serena Tsukino." Pluto replied smiling.

"Hello Serena, It's a pleasure to meet you." Kami said greeting the younger girl.

"Thank you, It's nice to meet you to Kami." Serena replied.

"Kami I to speak to, in private please." Pluto said after introductions.

"Very well. Mr. Popo, could you take Serena in and get her something to drink and eat." Kami answered.

"Of course Kami. Right this way Miss Serena." He replied and led her away. Serena readily followed as her stomach rumbled at the sound of food.

"It's strange, I've never met that girl before, and yet there is something very familiar about her, especially her hair style." Kami said as he watched the two walk off.

"I have a favor to ask of you concerning Serena. The reason she seems familiar is because she is the daughter of Queen Serenity."

"She must know her past then, to be here with you, which means Beryl has returned. Does she need training to help her defeat that witch?" Kami asked.

"She is here to train, but Beryl has been dead for two years. Since Beryl's death, groups of new and more powerful enemies have appeared for her and the Sailor Senshi to fight. She has been able to defeat them so far, but only by her sheer power and love of her friends and family, not skill. However, this new enemy that is coming will require both her power, love for everyone and skill. Skill is something Serena is in great need of. That is why I have brought her here.

She could not receive the training needed form her Senshi, due to the fact that they have previous histories in fighting and she does not. They just were not able to give her help she needed. Serena's family was not one to support her in fighting at all, so there fore she really has no training what so ever; leaving her completely unprepared both mentally and physically for battle. She hasn't quite grown into herself yet either, causing her to very clumsy at times. The scouts do not understand and were unwilling to listen to her, and thus have pushed her to her breaking point. They are of no use to her if she does not feel trusted and secure. They only see her as the whiney and uncoordinated Serena and not the princess and queen she will become if they are patient.

Her situation was also affected greatly by the betrayal of her once true love, and the loss of what would have been her future daughter. She needs someone that will see her potential and not punish her for how she is at the moment because she will become the queen she is meant to be with patience and understanding." Pluto finally finishing her story looked at Kami with hope and trust that he will be able to help.

 "I understand." he answered. "I really don't have the facilities or the time to train her but an old student of mine does. He is one of, if not the strongest and best fighter around. He is also one of the kindest and most patient people I know. I'm sure he will want to help." Just then Serena returned.

"Is everything settled Puu?" she asked hopefully. She really didn't want to face the Senshi or Darien yet.

"Yes Princess, everything is set." Pluto replied with a smile.

"Now follow me, and we'll get you settled." Kami said stopping Serena from reprimanding Pluto, leaving the two dumb-founded as he began to fly off. Kami looked over his shoulder at the two still standing there, before realizing that they didn't know how to fly, and returned. "I'm sorry, I had forgotten that you could not fly. Mr.Popo, may we borrow your magic carpet."

"Of course Kami." Mr. PoPo replied, "Magic Carpet!" and 'POOF' the carpet appeared. The group took off then, soon arriving at Goku's home in the mountains. Goku, Gohan, and ChiChi were outside having a picnic when the trio arrived.

"Hey Kami! How are you? What brings you here, and who are these people with you?" they quickly assaulted him with questions. Happy to see him, but curious as to who these two women were.

"Goku, Chichi, Gohan. I'd like you to meet Serena Tsukino and Sailor Pluto."

"Hello." Responded Goku and Gohan.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Added Chichi.

"Serena, Pluto I'd like you to meet Son Goku, his wife Chichi, and their son Gohan.

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you." They both replied, giving a bow of greeting.

"Goku, I have a favor to ask of you and your family." Kami said getting to business.

"What is it Kami, you know we'll do whatever we can to help." Goku replied speaking for his family.

"I'm glad. You see, Serena needs training, I thought it best if you helped her." Kami then told them.

"Sure, we'd be glad to help. Just one question; why does she need training?" Goku answered, still a little curious. With that Kami began to retell the story that he had just heard from Pluto while Pluto stood silently giving Serena support as she relived the events as they were told. When Kami was finished, they stood shocked and speechless.

"Wow." Was all the Gohan could say, his parents still to shocked, finally Goku spoke up.

"Well in that case we will be more than happy to help when the Earth is in danger, even if it is in a different dimension."

"I'm very grateful Goku. She will need a place to stay, and a tutor to help her continue with her school work." Kami told them happy they were so willing to help.

"I'd be glad to help. If that's all right with you Chichi?" Goku replied turning to his wife.

"It's okay with me Goku. We need another girl in the house. Besides it will be just like having the daughter I always wanted." She answered with a warm smile and a wink at Goku. Goku blushed brightly.

"Well It looks like It's all settled then. Gohan and I can help train her, while Chichi will help her with her studies as well as Gohan." Goku said finalizing it.

"Wonderful, I well leave you to get acquainted then." Kami said and turned to Sailor Pluto.

"Thank you very much for your help, and please take good care of the Princess. Now I must return to guard the Gates of Time. I will return from time to time to check on her progress." She answered, before disappearing into a swirling black portal; leaving Serena with three sets of staring eyes. Before she could even say a word Chichi had whisked her off, getting her settled, telling her that they would go shopping then figure out where she stood with schoolwork.

"Are you hungry Serena, we can eat first if you like?" she asked as they entered the kitchen.

"Did you say Eat?" Serena asked hopefully. Chichi just smiled and sat her down at the table.

"Gohan! Help me set the table!" she yelled. While Chichi and Gohan were busy Goku began to talk to her about where to begin with her training.

"The training will probably be easier at Capsule Corp. We can go over there after lunch and you can meet the rest of the Z Senshi. I'm sure that they will be willing to help train you as well." Goku said stopping as Chichi and Gohan began to bring in platters of food. When Goku and Serena began to eat, Chichi and Gohan stared in shock wondering how such a small girl could eat so much, if they didn't know better they would have thought that she was sayian. They were brought out of their thought when both Goku and Serena asked for more, they just laughed.

"Sure Serena, and you're definitely going to get along well with Goku." Chichi answered just smiling at their lack of understanding as she went and got more food. Soon Lunch was finished and the family, plus one headed off to Capsule Corp. 

They arrived at Capsule Corp. and Goku went about assembling the gang to tell them the story he had been told, and ask for their help. He came back a little later with the rest of the Z gang.

"Okay everyone this is Serena. Serena the green guy over there is Piccolo, the short guy is Krillon, Yamcha is next, and that's Puar over his shoulder. The tall guy with three eyes is Tien and the one next to him is Chao-tsu. The gal with blue hair is Bulma and the guy standing against the wall is Vegeta." Goku stated pointing out each member of the Z Senshi, "Serena is a guest at our home and Gohan and I will be training her, and we thought you might like to help. Before you give your answer I'd like to tell you why she needs our help training." And with that he began to tell the story that Kami had told him earlier. Everyone stood stunned, their reaction to the story the same of the Son family's earlier. Once they had gotten over their shock, they quickly agreed, all except Vegeta, who said nothing.

"Well Vegeta what do you say?" Goku asked.

" Why should I help that girl if she is such a weakling crybaby. Using love to win battles is just ridiculous and no place in war. No wonder the boyfriend dumped her and her friends gave up." Vegeta answered.

Serena was fuming. How could he say such things he did not even know her. This is why she made the decision to train with someone else. Rei had treated her the same way. She wouldn't take it any more. This is her chance to become what she needs to be. She not going to start off by showing everyone she is just as bad as the scout thought. She is not going to cry she is going to stand up for herself starting now. Then it came out.

" How dare you say such things to me? You don't know me, or what I have been through. Besides maybe I don't want your help. You don't look so strong. You don't even look like a warrior. You're to short, rude and ill tempered, and not much to look at. I don't need your kind of help. I don't need lessons in how to be a loser like you." Serena replied with a hard edge in her voice, just barely keeping herself from yelling.

Everyone stared, completely stunned. They could not believe she said that, and that Vegeta took it. Soon everyone was laughing except Goku, who was worried about Vegeta's reaction. Then he started saying something.

"How dare you speak to me like that I am the prince of all Saiyans? The most powerful race in the universe." Said Vegeta fuming, his fists clenched at his sides. Before he could say more Serena began to speak again,

" Prince of the saiyans huh. I would believe that of Goku before I would believe that of you. He is a saiyan all right, and he is more the prince type. He is kind, and great warrior according to Kami. I don't seem to remember him saying that about you. He is also handsome like a prince should be." said Serena with a smile on her face, proud of herself for standing up to him. Everyone was rolling in laughter know.

" How dare you say that I am …." Said Vegeta when he was cut off in mid sentence by Serena,

 "Yeah yeah prince of all saiyans. Blah blah…..most powerful sayian. Yeah I heard that the first time. Haven't you got anything new?"

Vegeta was so mad and had already turned so many shades of red, and everyone else was still laughing. Then what Goku was afraid was going to happen, happened. Vegeta was charging up a ball of energy. The laughter stopped as it was sent out toward Serena. A look out fear for her crossed everyone's face, as the ball of energy got closer, and closer, What should she do?



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